12 Best Tall Office Chair for Standing Desks

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It might appear strange, standing desks aren’t designed for those who sit for lengthy periods of time. As with sitting for long durations, or sitting for prolonged periods standing can result in lower back pain or varicose veins. Additionally, it can cause problems with the heart.

If you’re a frequent user of as well as standing desks, you’ll need a tall office chair or stool to accompany it. This will let you regularly take breaks and stand. They have an ergonomic workstation to keep your body and mind active throughout the day. This can boost the efficiency of your work.

In this post, we’ll take a look at twelve of the best tall office chairs for standing desks that are available along with a brief summary of the best attributes to look for!

The Best Tall Office Chair for Standing Desks

Safco Products Vue Extended Height Breathable Mesh Back



This item has a stylish style and is ideal for clinics, offices of corporate and labs.

If you work for a long time and want to enjoy the ultimate in comfort, invest in this product since its airy mesh back and height-adjustable seat with footrests ensure the most comfortable experience. The product also comes with the ability to rotate 360 degrees, which is a unique feature that is not typically found with other types of products.


  • A thickly padded seat made of black vinyl
  • Padded vinyl back
  • The adjustment is made with a single click for seat height
  • 360-degree smooth 360-degree smooth
  • Gorgeous teardrop footrest
  • Chrome base polished to a high gloss
  • Dual Wheel Carpet Glides and Casters


  • This product is praised positively due to its height which can be increased to 36 inches, and also it has a foot rest which is highly sturdy
  • Its seat cushion is very firm and therefore it’s not recommended for long-term use because it could cause problems for those who are susceptible to body pains or backaches
  • When you consider the cost of the product compared to other products on the market, It is priced on the high side and has features that aren’t extravagantly expensive, but

SMUGDESK Write Chair Chair tall Office Chair to Standing Desk



If you are being extremely hot while when you sit on the chair particularly in the summer months, think about providing this chair an attractive look. It was created to offer an air-tight seal. This drafting chair made with a mesh back will help to improve air circulation, which permits you to sit and relax for many days. It’s not essential to feel that you’re sweating even though it’s very hot.

Additionally to breath capacity, in addition to breathability, this chair is also equipped with an excellent lumbar support. It is able to reduce muscle strain and fatigue and this means that even if you sit within this chair for a couple of hours, you should not feel discomfort in your back. The chair is also comfortable and well-padded ensuring that your back is at ease while you sit.


  • Breathable mesh back
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Height adjustable seat height
  • Included foot ring
  • Swivels a full 360 degrees
  • Durable nylon base
  • A soft-caster surface can help to ensure that your floors are safe


  • The chair is very breath-friendly it is compared with other chairs
  • It’s extremely simple to install thanks to the directions that are included
  • A footrest can be very practical, however, some are of the opinion that an additional footrest lower might be helpful

Herman Miller Aeron Stool – Most Comfortable Chair to Draw on Standing Desks



Aeron Herman Miller Aeron It is frequently regarded as the top choice when it comes to office chairs due to its high-end construction, sophisticated ergonomics, and most comfortable design. The Aeron stool will give you all the benefits of an Aeron but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of the higher seat height adjustment and a footrest that lets you sit on your feet.

The most well-known characteristic is the unique 8Z pellicle, which uses an elastic suspension. The mesh is created by varying degrees of tension. It’s more flexible in its middle and less flexible around the edges, which helps to alleviate pressure and decrease the strain on your hips, your tailbone, and your spine. Additionally, the suspension’s flexibility increases circulation and aids in supporting your body during movements.

The backrest comes with PostureFit SL that are cushions for the lumbar spine that can be adjusted independently. This will assure you of the right fit to help in lowering your back and reduce back pain.

In contrast to the other stool types, Aeron stool is available in range of sizes that will be adapted to your height and weight. Size A is designed for those who have smaller bodies. The B size is designed for those with average sizes, and the C size is for larger and heavier people. We like the fact stool has a wider foot ring, which helps to increase the size of your hips and improve posture.


  • Elastomeric suspension decreases pressure points throughout your buttocks and in the tailbone region to provide a more comfortable sitting position.
  • Pellicle mesh allows air, water, and body heat escape and help you stay cool throughout the day.
  • PostureFit SL has to a lumbar pad that is adjustable which can be adjusted in a way to maintain good posture and prevent back discomfort.
  • The HTML0 foot ring is three times larger than normal footings. It provides one of the best and spacious cushioning for your feet.
  • Herman Miller Aeron provides an extended 12-year warranty


  • The price could be too costly for some people

Steelcase Fabric Stool – The Most Comfortable use along with Standing Desks



If you’re in search of ease of use, you won’t find anything more comfortable than the steel case leap fabric stool. Its distinctive feature is its distinctive LiveBack technology that replicates and adapts to micromovements in the spine and body. As your spine moves, it assists in supporting it to ensure that it’s within good posture.

Customers can choose between 3D knit and fabric upholstery options. This is an upholstery fabric that has three layers which offer the ability to breathe and provides the feeling of comfort. The top layer is like a mesh which allows air to move throughout. Then, it’s followed by a solid layer to give support, and the bottom layer is padding made of polyester for greater ease of use in addition to relief from pressure.

The chair also had a variety of choices for adjustments, including the seat’s depth and the lumbar. The ability to adjust the depth of the seat will ensure that you receive the ideal spinal support as you shift the pan towards the side. In addition, the lumbar adjuster assists to ensure that it stays in the correct position. lumbar support directly within the curve of your spine. At the end of the day, keeping your posture straight is simple.

The benefits:

  • They have their own trademark LiveBack technology that is fixed to your body. It can strengthen your spine while it is moving
  • Natural glide helps keep your posture is in straight lines whenever you recline. It also prevents your neck, your eye and arm from becoming strained
  • This chair ships fully assembled and can hold up to 300lbs.
  • The height-adjustable of this foot ring ensures your feet are properly nourished and prevent your feet from hanging
  • It is available in range of colors


  • It’s quite expensive when compared with other stool designs and drafting chairs


Full Hag Capisco Chair – Ideal for Standing Desks



Saddle chairs can be thought of as one of some of the most comfortable office chairs in the market and this is why that a large number of medical and health professionals use these chairs for their sitting. This Fully Hag Capisco comes with a number of ergonomic features to ensure you’re in a healthy standing position all entire day. It offers an increased hip-to-knee space than the conventional office chair, improving leg circulation, as well as enabling the most natural posture for sitting.

The chair provides a range of possibilities to sitting positions where users can sit forward, backward, or even the other way around. Through a variety of sitting positions it assists in keeping blood circulation and gives an active sitting experience. The reduction in blood flow and increased pressure on one area is the main reason for muscle pain when sitting.

Furthermore it also comes with a Capisco offers a variety of adjustments such as the ability to slide the seat forward or backward, and raising your backrest. When you move your seat forward, you will be able to move further from your workstation and be more focused and still have an adequate backrest.

The advantages:

  • The height of the back and seat are adjustable to ensure that you’re in the right position.
  • Its backrest is turned around to shift it sideways, backwards or forward. This allows users to alter the seating position quickly.
  • The backrest assists in maintaining the good posture and supports the back.
  • The backrest is made to follow the natural curve of its back to prevent back discomfort.
  • Casters are employed to create hardwood and soft flooring


  • Isn’t this the chair that is the most comfortable chair


Steelcase Series One Office Chair One of the Best for Standing Desks under $500



Steelcase has always been an excellent office chair brand that offers modern ergonomics in their furnishings. Steelcase Series 1 Steelcase Series 1 is the most affordable price and gives office employees of all ages the chance to get access to a costly chair.

Regarding comfort when it is about comfort, Steelcase Series 1. Steelcase Series 1 offers plenty of ergonomic and modern options. They have a distinctive seat cushion with built-in air pockets that are adjustable to your body’s shape and posture. This helps ease the pain and pressure caused by sitting for long periods. Their backrest is fitted with a distinctive LiveBack flexor system that conforms to your body’s specific shape and adjusts to your body’s movements in order to make sure that your spine stays in an ideal S design.

This Series 1 also comes with remarkable specifications, including an astonishing seat height of 41.25 inches and a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs that is greater than most tall office chairs. With nine distinct colors, as well as a variety of frames and fabrics to choose from, it’s guaranteed to be a great option for offices with various areas.


  • They provide their exclusive LiveBack Flexor technology that is perfect for your body, and also supports your spine as it is moved
  • Mesh backs keep your cool all day long
  • Many adjustments are offered, such as seat height, seat depth and lumbar recline tension
  • Steelcase provides a 12-year guarantee
  • The edges of the chair is bent so that there provide pressure-relieving surfaces


  • It is a requirement for assembly


Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Chair – One of the Best Tall Office Stool for Standing Desks Under $300



Are you searching for an affordable but cozy drafting stool? This Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Stool is an ideal all-purpose seating choice that comes with a variety of adjustments and ergonomic features that put you comfortable. To ensure you are sitting in the correct position for your drafting standing desk, it uses an adjustable pneumatic seat height adjustment. Armrests are adjustable in both width and height that lets you keep your arms supported. Furthermore, armrests aid in easing tension on shoulders and neck.

The seat comes with an extremely cushioned and thick cushion that provides the best comfort while sitting and will ease strain on your back and neck. Furthermore, the cushion’s dense foam helps in reducing pressure on your tailbone, back and your hips.

It is the Eurotech stool is made of an adaptable mesh material allowing air to flow throughout. Body heat is the main reason for sweating out, which is why mesh backrests reduce sweat and helps keep cool.

The benefits:

  • Armrests are adjusted in height and width to make sure that you have your arms supported
  • The waterfall design along the edge of your seat improves circulation under your legs
  • A thick and cushioned seat can aid in maintaining a good posture and keep you at relaxed
  • Mesh backrests allow air to circulate, preventing sweat from building up.
  • The foot ring supports your feet when you use standing desks


  • It isn’t as good as lumbar support



NOUHAUS ErgoDraft Chair – Best Cheap Drafting Stool for Standing Desks



Drafting chairs are typically expensive, however, the ErgoDraft drafting chair is relatively affordable without sacrificing quality. Its distinctive ElastoMesh fabric is superior to the standing mesh material because it feels more comfortable and flexible. It is designed to reduce pressure on your body and is flexible enough to aid your body when it moves. Furthermore, mesh material prevents excessive sweating and helps keep you cool throughout the daytime.

A unique characteristic that is exclusive to ErgoDraft is the synchro-tilt feature that works at 1:1. For every 2 degrees, the backrest gets in a recline, the seat pan will tilt by a single degree. This will aid in keeping your feet on the ground, and ensure that your eyes remain in an upright position. Additionally, keep your chest up and allow you to keep your posture in a straight line while not putting excessive strain on your thighs.

Neck discomfort is the most common complaint for those who sit for long periods of time. The ErgoDraft includes a headrest that is 2D that lets users alter the height and angle of it is positioned in relation to the remainder is can be adjusted to. chair. This ensures that your head stays in a straight line, and your neck is straight to your spine.


  • It comes with a 2-D headrest which you can change its height as well as angle
  • It comes with the synchro tilt of 2:1 which implies that your seat raises at the same time that the backrest relaxes to aid in maintaining the proper posture.
  • The flexible foot ring to rest your feet
  • The anti-caster wheel locks prevent you from moving during work
  • ErgoDraft makes use of an ElastoMesh backrest that keeps you cool


  • Lumbar support isn’t adjustable.


Vari Active Seat – Best Tall Stool for Active People



If you enjoy sitting at your desk, then the Vari Active Seat is a good choice. It’s a chair that is similar to a standard stool, but it comes with a brief rise in the back. The idea behind the design is to strengthen your core and back and legs. Vari Active Seat offers the flexibility to move throughout the daytime. It permits you to remain active even while sitting or leaning.

Its base large and is constructed of a robust rubber that stops its sliding on the ground when you are sitting. Furthermore, the pedestal base allows users to tilt 20 degrees from side to side or forward, so it keeps your lower body engaged. In addition, it also comes with an Vari Active Seat features a tilt guard to prevent it from leaning over 20 degrees. It can return to its original position.

Thanks to the piston used for airlift, passengers can adjust the seat height anywhere between 23 inches up to 32.75 inches. This allows you to find the most comfortable chair for breaks when standing.


  • Motion that rock feature was specifically designed to work your back, core, and legs muscles.
  • Capable of tilting upwards of 20 ° in all directions.
  • It is the chair is put together
  • Simple adjustable seat height
  • The seat is large with cushioned seats for support and ease of use.


  • A greater price range in comparison to other stool kinds


SONGMICS Standing Desk Stool – Best Quality Tall Office Stool for Standing Desks



The Songmics standing desk chair offers an elegant and contemporary design. It has an auto-return function, which will allow you to enjoy the advantages that come with active sitting. As opposed to other stools offered, the Songmics come with two handles on either side, which allow you to move the chair effortlessly or transform it into an armrest.

The stool features an ergonomic design that is slightly inclined towards the back and front of the seat. This stops your body from sliding forward. It also supports your backbone and helps maintain good posture. The seat is also equipped with 3.1 inches of cushion foam, which allows you to sit comfortably and relax.

The users are able to adjust the stool as much as 8 degrees and pivot it in 360 degrees. Given its ability to tilt forward as well as the backless design which helps maintain good posture. It also aids users in focusing on their tasks more efficiently.

The advantages:

  • A chair is able to pivot or tilt any way, allowing active sitting
  • The accessible button lets users reduce and raise seat height
  • The seat cushion is 3.1 inches thick, which can increase comfort and ease tension
  • The chair has two handles located on the sides of the chair to allow for the user to shift the chair
  • Very affordable desk chair


  • Not the best choice for people with legs that are shorter

Learniture Active Learning Stool – Best Cheap Wobble Chair for Standing Desks



The prolonged time spent sitting long duration can cause health problems like neck, back, and hip pain. Yet, active sitting with a wobble stool can be a fantastic method to exercise your muscles, thus strengthening various muscles in your legs, core as well as hips. While it may sound strange, the backless design gives you more mobility and promotes good posture.

This Learniture Active Learning Chair you can tilt forward, sideways, backward, or in any other direction, you wish to increase blood circulation. The base is rounded, giving it the ability to rotate and aids in stabilizing the chair to prevent its risk of falling off.

The seat is 13 inches in length and features padding to ensure that you’re comfortable when you sit. With just one push you’ll be able to increase the height from 23 to 33 inches. If you are looking for a low-cost active sitting chair, we suggest the Learniture Active education stool.


  • Backless helps strengthen core muscles and improves posture
  • The seat is height adjustable
  • The is accessible in three colors
  • A seat upholstered in vinyl with a huge plush cushion can ease pressure and make for a comfortable sitting
  • Very low cost stool


  • The stool doesn’t come with a foot ring
  • Without wheels


Seville Classics Airlift Stool 360 – The Most Amazing Variety of Motion



The movement range is vital to ensure that joints and muscles are in good shape. If you are sitting for long periods of time, muscles could get stiff and cause discomfort. The Seville Classics Airlift 360 can tilt up to 10 degrees, and it can rotate 360 degrees. This range of motion is perfect for leaning stretching, rocking, and swinging. Training for balance with active mode allows you to move freely while strengthening muscles in the leg as well as core muscles.

The ability to adjust the height of your chair is an important feature for standing desks. This chair has a pneumatic lift to adjust the seat height from 20 to 28 inches. It can be used by people who have a height greater than 6 feet.

In addition, the seats are cushioned to ensure that you are comfortable and assist in relieving tension in the tailbone. Its base is non-slip and the chair is able to support up 250 pounds. Overall, its modern design is an ideal choice for offices.

The advantages:

  • Ten degrees leaning either way and rotating 360 degrees to permit active sitting
  • Seat height can be adjusted from 20” up to seat height can be adjusted from 20” to”
  • This seat constructed of mesh that’s air-conditioned to help you stay cool.
  • The basis of the circular design is made of non-slip.
  • The seat is fitted with an equilateral cushion which can relieve pressure on the buttocks, as well as the tailbone region


  • A small amount of assembly is needed


The decision to buy Best Tall Office Chair for Standing Desks


Standing desks provide many advantages for health, such as less risk of obesity-related elevated blood pressure. They also aid in boosting levels of energy and lessening back pain. However, standing for extended periods of time may not be pleasant. This is the reason tall office chairs like balance seats or draft chairs are used. There are many factors you need to take into consideration when choosing the right chair to put in your workplace.

Drafting Chair vs. Balance Stool


When it comes to standing desks, the two most popular options are drafting chairs and balance stools. A drafting chair is an ergonomic chair with a higher incline and the possibility of a foot ring. The cylinder and the base are extended to create a seat that is higher than the standard. The majority of the time, it’s the case that where the seat height reaches over 30 inches. Most office chairs max out at about 20 inches.

Because you’ll sit on a higher level, you won’t be able to put your feet on the ground. This is the reason why drafting chairs have a foot ring that you can place your feet on the floor and secure them to the floor to stop feet away from losing their balance.

In contrast, a balance stool is a great alternative chair that has a minimalist design. It has a non-slip top and the seat pan being circular. It doesn’t have an armrest or backrest. The user can make use of their leg, back and core muscles. They also include an adjustable seat height which is ideal for standing desks. The stool can tilt towards the side or to the right and allows you to learn while working. Leaning slightly forward can take the strain off the lower back and spine to avoid back pain.

Seat Height


This seat height is the most obvious feature that differentiates ordinary office chairs from drafting chairs or stools. The chair should have a minimum height adjustment of up to 30 inches or more. It is suggested for Steelcase Series 1 chairs Steelcase Series 1 chair can be raised to 41.24 inches. The lever should be easy to access. Certain chairs come with buttons or levers that can be adjusted to height of the seat height.

Quality of the Build


The better quality of the chair the longer it’s expected to be durable. Office chairs should have steel or aluminum bases since they are the strongest and can support the most amount of weight. Plastic-based or nylon can hold less weight and are more susceptible to wear and wear and tear.

An office chair should use dual wheel casters constructed of rubber or PU. Wheel casters may come with PU covers to prevent wear and tear from rolling.

Another factor that affects the overall quality of construction is the fabric utilized. Consider choosing upholstery options like knitting meshes, knitted meshes and other weaved materials. For example, Steelcase chairs offer their 3D knitted material that has three layers of material that makes it difficult for tearing. If you’re looking to purchase a leather chair it is recommended to select genuine or bonded leather and not faux leather. The faux or PU leather may be vulnerable to tears and scratches in the course of time.

Back Support


The backrest is an essential element of the office chair. There is no backrest available for stool chairs. Backrest. This is why they require the back as well as core muscles to maintain your posture. However, the draft and tall office chairs do have backrests.

All backrests must be fitted with lumbar support. The lower back is often the one to take on the most strain, in addition to being most vulnerable to injuries. It is suggested for the lumbar support should be height and depth adjustable. The ability to adjust the height can make sure that the built-in support is positioned to the natural spinal curves. Furthermore, the depth of your support can be adjusted to determine the amount of support you receive.

In addition many office chairs have a backrest recline function. Backrests can be reclined in order to allow users to take a opportunity to take a break. Reclining backwards relieves pressure on your spine and assists in lowering the back. Some chairs have the synchro tilt feature that raises the seat so that the user is in the proper posture in a reclined posture.



Alongside seat height, there are several other options that tall office chairs can provide. The chairs that are drafty, in particular, can feature an armrest that is adjustable and recline backrests, backrests, the seat’s depth lumbar support, and headrests.

Certain chairs may feature an adjustable seat depth that allows users to adjust the seat’s depth either backward or forward. This allows you to provide back support and also prevents people who have larger legs from being cut off from circulation by the edges of are present in the seat.

Adjustable armrests can ensure that your armrests and elbows are properly supported. Elevating your armrests, they will aid in preventing neck and shoulder tension. The armrests should be at the same level as the desk height so that your wrists aren’t bent out of alignment and you can also prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Seat Comfort


The comfort of the chair is one of the main factors to think about when selecting a chair. A majority of chairs employ foam padding for an seat cushion or a flexible mesh seat. Both have advantages and cons. The cushioning can help to reduce pressure and compression in your hips, buttocks, and your back. It basically takes the stress on your back and allows you to relax on and relax in your chair. The greater the amount of cushion is thick the more pressure it takes away.

Mesh chairs, on the other hand, do not provide cushions. So, mesh that is stiff may occasionally be uncomfortable. But, the mesh should be capable of bending and bending to a certain extent when being seated. Mesh fabrics let air circulate while keeping your seat cool throughout the day.

Capacity of Weight


When you’re a heavier person who sits for extended periods of time it is essential to determine the weight capacity of the office chair. The majority of standard stools and drafting chairs can support up to 250 pounds. However, certain chairs are able to accommodate a higher weight capacity. For instance, the Steelcase Series 1 office stool. Steelcase Series 1 Office stool could support upwards of 400lbs and The Herman Miller Aeron stool can support 350 pounds.



In addition to but the seat height and backrest, and the armrests, they should be adjustable in nature. The armrest should be cushioned so that while the person who is sitting in chair is sitting, the hands are straight in a posture, and his forearms, starting from the wrist to the palms, will be able to rest in a comfortable position. It would be even better if the armrests were cushioned.

Wheels for casting and swings


It is essential not to forget that the majority of modern ergonomic chairs are equipped with wheels and pivots. In addition, it is important that the chair should be able to move smoothly to ensure that the purpose of buying this ergonomic chair is fulfilled. The wheels need to be smooth so that the user isn’t required to work hard to get from one part of the space to the next. Even though high upright office chairs will not necessarily include wheels, it is important to be aware of the strength and durability that both of the chair as well as the pivot.

Lumbar support


Support for the lumbar region is perhaps the most important thing that you should look for in your chair. If there isn’t enough lumbar support, the individual is more likely to slump, and with time, lose the normal curvature that the spinal column is able to have. In the final analysis, lumbar support is the element that safeguards you from lower back pain. In the case of high chairs, their lumbar support is always not nearly as strong as standard chairs, therefore it is essential to be very vigilant and aware of the length users will be sitting at their desk in their chair at their workstation. The best choice is to purchase the chair after a thorough evaluation of this factor.



Office chairs can be purchased at prices based on the quality and design. We’ve collected drafting chairs and stools in every price range. If you’re in search of an affordable alternative, we recommend stool options like the Learniture Active Learning Stool and Seville Classic Airlift 360. They come with all the necessary features such as seat height adjustability and a tilt function. If you’re in search of drafting chairs, we suggest the Nouhaus ErgoDraft or the Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Stool. They come with a thick mesh backrest, as well as various features that are adjustable.

If cost isn’t a factor, we recommend the Herman Miller Aeron stool. It’s made to aid you in maintaining an ideal posture while avoiding injuries and other negative effects caused by sitting for extended periods of time.


How high would you consider the chair be in order to accommodate your standing desk?


The most efficient method to set your HTML0 is to purchase a tall office chair that can be adjusted to fit the requirements of your standing desk in its standing arrangement. For the majority of those who use it, it is suggested to select the tall chair with a maximum height of approximately 12 inches higher than what the height of your desk is ideal height.

Which is the optimal height for standing desk?


When you first use HTML0 you’ll need to set the timer to start by setting your standing desk at about elbow height. Your elbows should be 90 degrees separation from your floor. To give an idea, the height that is the highest average 5’11” (180 millimeters) is desks that are approximately 44 inches (111 centimeters) tall.

Which type of chair works best for a standing desk?

The Seville Classics Airlift 360 Sit Stand Adjustable Ergonomic Sitting Stool is the best overall standing desk chair. This chair is an active balance chair that can rotate 360 degrees and can be leaned 10 degrees from the center. The chair can be tilted, wobbled, and spun while you’re sitting.



Combining standing desks and tall office chairs can lessen the negative effects of sitting for prolonged durations for long periods. Some stools have tilting features that let you lean forward and reduce the tension on your spine and also lowering the rear. Additionally, they tend to encourage active sitting to increase blood flow and alleviate discomfort. We hope you will find our suggestions useful in deciding on an excellent chair that will meet your work environment.


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