Streamer Chair: 12 Best Chairs for Long Streaming Sessions

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There are many streamer chairs that claim to be appropriate for gaming. However, there is one thing that can be said for certain. An ergonomic design is needed for the gaming chair. The market is full of products that claim to offer the most comfortable desk chair. It is a challenge difficult to choose one right chair difficult.

But, picking which good chair is an ergonomic gaming chair shouldn’t be difficult. This is the reason I’ve written this article to help you make the right decision. You can purchase one of the excellent gaming chair that offers incredible relaxation while you play. The well-designed gaming chairs is crucial as it enhances the gaming experience and provide you with an impressive gaming setup.

Streamer Chair: List of the Best

Devoko Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair

The cheapest chairs designed to be ergonomic gaming chairs are generally associated with poorly-designed chairs and less expensive materials. The design and comfort of the chair are often viewed as inadequate. But it isn’t.

The Devoko Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair gives users the best of both worlds. The chair is reasonably priced and ergonomically effective. The padding is substantial and is integrated into the structure to guarantee the user’s comfort, even in a sitting posture for long periods of time.


  • This comfy gaming chair can hold up 300 pounds
  • The backrest provides ideal assistance for the lower lumbar area as also neck support, along with an additional structure that curves towards the rear


  • The armrests don’t come with an adjustable feature

Secretlab Titan Office/Gaming Chair

Secretlab Titan is a premium high-end gaming chair that offers high-end build quality, adjustability and comfort, a variety of designs, and numerous sizes.

Secretlab Titan is a step above other gaming chairs when it comes to the top quality materials used and design. Overall, it’s a fantastic combination of tough, soft synthetic leather that has plenty of cushioning. The price is higher, however, it’s a top-quality product with more durability.

We’re loving this lumbar support mechanism. The Titan includes a knob on its right side which allows you to adjust the firmness of your area of the lumbar spine and provide as little or as much support as you need. It’s a much more personalized alternative to a standard lumbar pillow which is movable.

It also comes with a memory foam lumbar pillow. It feels very comfortable and supportive to the scalp. A majority of other chairs use PU-leather pillows which are more firm, however, they’re less comfortable.

Of course, there are many options to alter the position that this chair gives. The Titan comes with a tilting function that lets you move back and forth, and the lever is fixed in the desired position. The armrests can be adjusted in 4D, which allows you to move the armrests left to right, up or down and reverses and forwards and also at angles.


  • Highly well-constructed and top-quality chair
  • Very comfy to sit in for long periods of time
  • It has a five-year-long guarantee
  • It is equipped with an array of adjustments like the option of reclining up to the angle of 165 degrees
  • The leather material is durable and won’t peel
  • Uses internal lumbar support to support the lower back


  • A little more costly than the majority of gaming chairs

Furmax High Back Footrest Racing Gaming Chair

This Furmax High Back Racing Chair with a Footrest feature provides players ultimate comfort with the inclusion of super-thick padding within the design of the whole comfortable gaming chair.

In addition, the lumbar, as well as neck support cushions, are used to protect your less able areas and help you maintain good posture while spending your time gaming. You are able to play long gaming sessions, knowing that your spine and back are well-supported.

But the element that makes this particular ergonomic gaming chair apart is the footrest. The footrest supplies the user with the possibility of enhancing your gaming experience and offers exceptional ease of use.


  • Its stylish gaming chair offers a three-inch cushioning on your footrest

* The design of the traditional gaming chair for posture support is accompanied by the neck and lumbar support pillows.


  • The backrest may not be suitable for taller individuals

NOUHAUS Velour Office/Gaming Chair

It is Nouhaus Velour is an enormous racing-style chair that offers supreme comfort. Like an automobile, It has bucket-style seats which is deep and low with a raised back that will make you feel comfortable. After you’re seated, you’ll be able to get away from the world and play your games at your own pace.

In terms of the structure the seat bolts onto the base using five points, like other racing style chairs. The rollerblade wheels are strong and have five points that are able to handle up to 250 tons. It’s important to be aware that the width of the seat is quite narrow although it’s designed for those who are taller than 6.

The most striking features, you’ll find a one-35 degree pivot locking system, flip-up armrests as well as a hydraulic gasoline lift that lets you slide between the two in a secure manner. The most well-known feature is the cushion made of Velour that is a cover for the top of the seat and behind.

Overall, this is a top-quality right chair with fantastic materials.


  • It is covered by a 5-year warranty
  • Fantastic Value for Money
  • Easy to build
  • Additional cushioning for extra comfort


  • There isn’t any assistance for the pillow made of lumber
  • One-color is accessible

DXRacer Sentinal Series OH/SJ08 Gaming Chair

Jacksepticye is an Irish gamer who is famous for his YouTube videos on Let’s Play. His chair of choice is DXRacer which is a well-known brand for streamers and gamers. The model that Jacksepticeye employs is no longer on the DXRacer website, however, their Sentinel Series provides a range of similar chairs for those looking to replicate the set-up of Jack.


Sentinal Series are specifically designed for big and tall gamers, which is ironic given that the height for Jacksepticye’s is 5’8″. The chairs offer a great option to players seeking high backrests and high weight capacity.

The other chair features you will find in Sentinal Series chairs includes multi-directional adjustable arms in 4D, as well as a sturdy T-tilt mechanism as well an immense adjustable angle.

Jack picks a black and green look that could be in keeping with his hairstyle. DXRacer offers a range of color options.

The most significant drawback to the DXRacer Sentinal series is the price. If you’re an avid gamer looking to make it as large as Jacksepticeye, this is a good deal.


  • A solid and sturdy body
  • A lifetime warranty is given for the metal frame
  • HD Mould Shaping Foam
  • Adjustable 3D armrests


  • Overpriced

Hbada Ergonomic Office/Gaming Chair

The Hbada office chair is a blend of modern ergonomics. The design is inspired by the aircraft It features a distinctive “Y-shaped” chair back that adds strength to the structure. One of the primary reasons for this is to support the fully reclining mechanism which can be flexed back from 90-150 degrees.

The chair is made for relaxing streaming sessions lasting up to 8 hours. It features an extremely high-density cushion, which is breathable and comfortable. The back can change according to the posture of your spine and allows it to keep your spine in the best posture. Similar to the cushion which is porous, the mesh back allows body heat and air circulate around.

As for the materials used, the Hbada is built using solid stainless steel bases and polymer (or nylon) on the back and arms. This makes it light and easy to move around with or put together. A person will be able to put together the device in no more than fifteen minutes.

It’s an impressive, (and stylish) ergo chair that resembles the word “racer”.


  • A great tilting angle. 90deg for working or relaxation, 120deg to enjoy relaxation, and angle of 155deg for relaxation
  • It gives you the experience of sitting on a couch because it comes with an anti-collapse cushion measuring 8cm
  • Back angle features a Y-shaped, which is ideal as a back-support device
  • Headrest angle, as well as the height of the headrest, can be changed. You can alter the angle of the headrest by 30 degrees, and alter the size to 7 centimeters
  • The mesh used to make the chair is extremely strong and breathable. That means that it won’t let you sweat


  • Manual tilting, no rocking function back system

Herman Miller Aeron Office/Gaming Chair


The Herman Miller Aeron is one of the most famous and ergonomic office chairs ever made. Its top-of-the-line build quality along with its adjustable and comfortable design makes it perfect for any desk at home as well as gaming setup.

Although Herman Miller Aeron has the highest price, the chair is now the symbol of quality and has features that support it. We’ve noticed that the chair is equipped with distinctive ergonomic characteristics, which is an important reason behind the price.

It is a chair that features their own PostureFitSL mechanism which is based on the shape of your back, which could be helpful in correcting posture, ensuring the spine in the right alignment. Furthermore, its lumbar support is made of high-density foam that’s soft and comfortable.

Aeron has replaced foam padding with a new design by introducing a brand new, flexible membrane that breathes and is made of pellicle fibers. The material is designed to hold the 8 points of tension and offer the necessary rigidity in these zones however allowing for ease in all others.

It’s also very comfortable and has an elongated design that improves circulation. This increased circulation and blood flow provide your mind with greater oxygen, which helps you to concentrate better.

Aeron is equipped with standard features that you’ll need for gamers or streamers. It comes with the ability to tilt angle that can be adjusted to the seat, and armrests that are fully adjustable. Leather arm pads and silent-rolling casters.

One thing we love about the Aeron chair is the assurance that the chair will last for a long time. Herman Miller offers an entire 12-year warranty for its chair and this is a testament to their confidence in the quality of their product.


  • It comes put together
  • Flexible and robust mesh backrest for great air circulation
  • Extremely comfortable armrests
  • Reclining very easily
  • It also provides lumbar support for people with back pain that is chronic


  • It doesn’t come with the headrest

GT Omega EVO XL Racing Gaming Chair

DanTDM is well-known for his Minecraft video content and has been among the creators with the highest number of subscribers on YouTube. DanTDM’s chair is made by the company GTOmega racing. It offers players the chance to purchase an attractive and practical racing-inspired gaming chair.


The EVO XL Racing model comes in a wide range of colors. Dan opts for the blue and black leather model. It is a chair that is built to be able to accommodate players of every shape and size and has a weight capacity of 335lbs. This makes it an ideal alternative for those who play with larger players.

The chair comes with various comfort features such as ergonomic design, adjustable armrests, and free lumbar as well as a cushion for the head.

In need of a stylish and durable chair at a reasonable price, it could be the ideal choice to consider.


  • The primary reason to choose the chair is the high quality of comfort it gives. Its ergonomic design with optional cushions as well as adjustments to height that can be adjusted to allow you to unwind for hours even when at work! The new gaming chair is also easy to clean, keeping clean of any spills or bacteria. It also can tilt or swivel and has the capability to lock the tilt so that it will be reclined, and stay in place.


  • The main issue in purchasing this chair to play in is that it lacks certain features which aren’t included. This includes things like cup holders or pockets, in addition to the audio system in many chairs. If these things aren’t crucial for you and you’re more focused on the convenience of this chair, then it’s the perfect gaming chair.

Herman Miller Embody Chair – High Quality Chair


If you’re looking to find top-of-the-line you should definitely look into this Herman Miller Embody. Its top-of-the-line quality of construction and unique design make it an ideal contender for one of the best office chair ever made.

Similar to Herman Miller Aeron, The Embody is priced expensive and is able to weed out the majority of competitors. However, this top-of-the-line chair features an exclusive ergonomic design that offers numerous benefits for health and allows long-lasting sitting.

The Embody has an innovative support system that is pixelated. It comprises four distinct layers which provide support and flexibility. The multi-layer system is comfortable and offers the support you need to various areas depending on your body’s movements and weight.

Its chair features an even slimmer backrest to ensure the spine stays properly aligned and supports the full curve of your spine. Its tinier backrest has greater flexibility, which means it is able to stretch and move more comfortably in comparison with other chairs.

The reclining backrest allows you to bend toward the top, which allows having more flexibility while you are locked in the upright position or completely reclined.

Another unique aspect of these chairs is their focus on being environmentally friendly. They are chairs are produced at a greenhouse production facility that is powered by 100 percent renewable energy sources. It is also shipped completely assembled, avoiding the effort of trying to install the chair on your own.


  • Is ergonomically designed to guarantee good posture and health
  • Provides a 12-year guarantee
  • Many modifications
  • The design is futuristic on this chair
  • Ample padding to ensure the greatest comfort


  • A lot more expensive than other gaming chairs

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NR Newedge Edition

If you’re the type of player who goes into outrage at the slightest hint of a glitch you’ll need a chair that is able to withstand the temperatures. What better person to draw for your gaming chair inspiration from than the most popular rager on the internet The Dr. Disrespect.

Dr. Disrespect

Dr. Disrespect, along with many gaming professionals has picked a DXRacer chair for gaming setup, and specifically, its Formula Series DOH/FH08/NR Newedge Edition.

Its chair comes from Formula Series. Formula Series combines a sleek high-backed black and red style with a range of comfort features, including an adjustable seatback and 3-dimensional adjustable armrests.

The chair comes with a 360-swivel base as well as two casters that are smooth makes it perfect for angry or nerdy gamers.

Dr. Disrespect’s chair isn’t quite as expensive as others of the chairs that are listed, however, it’s not the most budget-friendly choice. This chair is a great choice for those who are looking for an excellent chair at a reasonable price.

DXRacer is one of the most popular gaming chair brands in the market and is a reliable option for people looking to purchase a high-quality, long-lasting chair.


  • Cool breathability
  • Superior durability
  • Excellent build quality


  • High cost
  • Flexible features which may be restricted
  • Fat lumbar cushion

GTRACING Gaming Streamer Chair

The unique layout of this gaming chair provides some color to your gaming environment and provides incredible comfort for users. It comes with additional cushions for lumbar support as well as neck support for the office chair. The additional cushions can be removed. This allows you to remove the cushions if you don’t require more support.


  • The seat height and armrests are adjustable
  • Frame and base both are very sturdy


  • Note that the cushions do not exactly conform to the curve of the spine

XUER Ergonomics Office Chair

The XUER is a comfortable and comfy office chair. The chair is notable for its ergonomic design that mimics the structure of the back. Additionally, it has a “W-shaped” cushion in the seat that is designed to place you on the center of the chair to have the proper support by the backrest.

In contrast to cheaper chairs, The XUER has adjustable lumbar support. It can be lifted up to 1.97 inches in the vertical range, and 1.18 inches in between the front and back adjustment. Additionally, the armrests that are filled with PU are able to be lifted as high as 2.7 inches. The headset can be rotated at a maximum of 45 degrees.

The XUER has been constructed with high-quality materials. It can hold up to 325 lbs. Under this chair is a solid steel plate, which is secured by an aluminum alloy foundation. The aluminum base is fitted with huge industrial PU wheels (and are not really casters) that can smoothly roll over any surface without harming surfaces.

It’s definitely the next step following the chair at an affordable price.


  • A variety of segments of the backrest
  • This is reclining feature
  • The motion of 3D armrests


  • The armrests do not appear to be locked
  • It is uncomfortable for somebodies

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Gaming Chair for Twitch Streamers


If you’re in the market for a gaming chair, there are many brands to pick from. Different brands differ in terms of their quality and price. Certain brands such as Herman Miller prioritize ergonomics and comfort, while other brands like DXRacer and Secretlab are more focused on gamers. When you are considering purchasing a chair you must be aware of the features the brands are recognized for.

For example, Herman Miller chairs typically are more expensive and are marketed as high-end chairs. They have special technology and materials that aren’t found elsewhere. They have outstanding ergonomic features that can help correct and prevent bad posture while sitting.

In contrast, X Rocker chairs are concentrated on console rocker chairs which are lower in comparison to the floor. These chairs are not as focused on ergonomics, however, they enhance gaming experience through the addition of motors and speakers that give the impression that the gaming experience is real.


You can feel at ease in many ways, as a person may discover the chair to be a more comfortable chair when compared to others. But, generally, gaming chairs are designed with the most cushioned backrest, armrest cushion, and lumbar cushion.

This design aids in adapting your posture to an upright position to prevent strains and back pain. The cushion helps to assist in standing in an upright, straight position easier.

Another component to consider is seat padding. The majority of chairs that I’ve examined come with very dense memory foam padding on their chairs that help ease the tension points in the body.

The memory foam also contours to the body’s contours, placing pressure on regions that require greater help. Certain chairs include padded armrests and footrests for people who are using them. The cushions which are built into the chair aid in spreading the weight equally, and they also help to absorb the force of the weight. In turn, it reduces the pressure on your joints and provides a great deal of support for your spine.


Adjustability plays a significant factor in determining if an item will be comfy. The more adjustments you can make, the greater chances you’ll be able to find the right seating. Each gaming chair will include an adjustable height, that allows you to make changes to the heights of your chair to be able to adjust it to what’s on the monitor.

The large majority of gaming chairs also include a reclining feature where you can recline your chair at any angle you wish. The angle can be adjusted between 90 and 180 °. When you sit straight for long periods can feel strenuous on your body. It is advised to break your routine by reclining or engaging in an exercise and streamers.

In addition, certain chairs include adjustable armrests that can be adjusted in multiple directions. The adjustable armrest can be adjusted in 4D. It allows users to alter it horizontally, vertically and from side to side, and at various degrees. Making sure that your arm is properly aligned allows you to easily use your mouse or keyboard and prevents strain that could result in carpal tunnel syndrome.

Material & Quality

The most effective materials will produce all the differences in the design and quality of your chair. There are many common materials like those made of leather, PU fabric mesh, PVC leather and mesh for seating.

A large portion of budget chairs are made of PU leather as it’s affordable to make when compared with authentic leather.

It offers luxuriousness without the cost. It’s also simple to maintain as it doesn’t absorb the water. The issue is that it can tear or break more easily than real leather.

However, the most expensive brands employ mesh materials to give comfortable and cool air into your chair. The mesh lets air move through, which increases the circulation of blood and improves blood circulation. Mesh chairs typically have modern designs and can be cleaned using sponges or abrasive pads.

The issue with mesh chairs is that they’re smaller than leather chairs, which means they’re not as comfortable. In contrast, mesh materials are flexible that allow people to move around more comfortably in the chairs.


Many professional gamers and streamers have been gaining popularity in this gaming chair industry. Many want to emulate the best by purchasing these stylishly designed chairs.

Gaming chairs are designed specifically to feature racing-car style chairs that increase the luxury and comfort of this chair. Gamers are more comfortable when they are sitting in a premium gaming chair than just an ordinary office chair, which improves their gaming experience.


How do YouTubers get the chairs?

YouTubers with a large number of subscribers are frequently given chairs for free by the companies and sponsors of their strategies to promote their products. This is particularly true for brands like Maxnomic and DXRacer which provide chairs and sponsorships for teams from eSports as well as Twitterers as well as YouTubers.

Are you convinced that DXRacer really one of the best gaming chair brands?

DXRacer is definitely one of the top brands to think about in the event that you’re seeking a high-end chair. They have many designs and chairs that are sturdy and appropriate for people who have a large build.

The only problem with DXRacer is the cost, but their chairs will last and be made of top-quality. Additionally, you can make use of their gaming chair selection tool, which can help you determine the best gaming chairs for you.

What is the best price to spend on a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs are available at different prices and it’s a challenge to determine what’s the ideal amount to spend. Many gamers choose to buy cheaper chairs but you might be dissatisfied to learn that they’re not the same as expensive models. There are top-quality, high-end chairs priced between $200 to $300.

If you’re planning to buy a high-end chair that’s of top quality, you could invest up to over $500. It all is contingent on your budget however should you plan playing games for long periods of time, seek out well-designed chairs with a good fit and designed for your posture.

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