12 Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers

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Best speaker gaming chairs

X Rocker 51398 Pro Series Pedestal – One of Best Gaming Chair


Finding the perfect gaming chair with speakers is usually an issue of price and quality. The higher price the higher quality equipment you will usually get, but it’s not always.

Sometimes, the most comprehensive solution is the one you’re looking for and, if that’s the scenario this X Rocker 5139 is perfect for you. The chair is built with substance and class. It’s not the most portable choice, but it’s an excellent quality construction that lets you play for hours in total comfort. There is cushion that is tufted to an inch of their lifespan covered in soft black leather that’s comfortable and tough.

Two speakers, an inbuilt subwoofer, along with an all-over vibrating function. The most notable feature that you’ll love but haven’t thought of for while you shop is the wireless connectivity that X Rocker offers. It has strong connections to the majority of your equipment as well as the added benefit of removing wires. Regarding cost, this gaming chair will set you at around $250. This isn’t much, however, it’s not cheap either.

We believe it’s the right thing to do across the board, but it’s your decision.


  • High-Quality Materials
  • Comfortable, Ergonomic Design
  • Easy to Move But Limited Mobility


  • Limited Mobility
  • Pretty Big Footprint
  • Fairly Pricey

Respown Fortnite OMEGA-R Swivel Gaming Chair


If you’re looking for a brand-name chair the OMEGA-R is impressive. It’s true that the main drawback is the Fortnite branding however, if you’re a fan of Fortnite, then it could be a major plus.

Who can we blame for it? So, let’s go to brass tacks and ask: What exactly do we get from the Fortnite gaming chair? It’s a sleek, contemporary design that is a blend of an office chair and a gaming chair design with cushioned bolsters and armrests.

There’s a sense of cohesion in the design here that a lot of the other chairs don’t have and we are happy about that.

The silver and yellow highlights create this chair an extremely stylish gaming chair. It’s gone are the bold neons, brash and unsettling palette colours. Instead, you’ll get an extremely adult chair which combines a gamers design with contemporary, stylish interiors. On top of an unidirectional swivel pedestal hair isn’t as mobile. Another thing to note is that it isn’t equipped with installed speakers, but instead, it comes with branded speakers which can be purchased separately.

It makes sense since it provides consumers with options. However, at $199, one would like to see less here. We must mention this model because it’s distinctive for its modular design, however it’s not as impressive as several of the all-in-1 units in this list.


  • Cool Design
  • Great Value for the Money
  • Sturdy Pedestal Support


  • It’s not as competitive as some All-in-Ones
  • Fortnite Branding
  • Colors are Taste Specific

Cohesion XP 2.1 Lightweight Gaming Chair with Audio


Next option on the list due to reasons, and the reason is that it is the minimum required to make this list and also the minimum that you could ever require from a gaming chair with speakers.

The Cohesion is an upholstered floor (naturally) gaming chair with two speakers, a basic volume control , as and an outlet for headphones.

In a thin polyester fabric, the cushions appear stiff and flat. The chair appears more like a toned-athlete instead of a bouncy and cushiony similar to the other chairs that we’ve talked about here.

The good thing is that it’s very light, and assembly is a breeze and doesn’t take any time whatsoever. It’s also priced at about $99 , making it the most affordable alternative on this list.

For the downsides, it’s not expensive on this list and is a mess and that’s the problem. It’s not very comfortable, it’s certainly not sturdy, and its speakers aren’t very good. It’s it’s a gaming chair, but that’s all there is to it.


  • Cheap
  • Decent Speakers
  • Lightweight


  • Cheap
  • Awful Cushions
  • Bad Cover

GTRACING Ergonomic Audio Office Gaming Chair


Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

This PU leather upholstery featured throughout is accented with any color of your choice. The attention to detail is what will make this GTRACING choice a cool chair that you’ll be proud to show off to your online audience. The sturdy base is covered with a high-density foam that will keep your lower part in place throughout the day. The casters for rolling comprised of five, are made from nylon to ensure quiet, smooth moving on hard flooring as well. These caster wheels are also the same color that is used for other parts of the chair which creates a great sense of cohesion.

The Bluetooth speakers integrated inside the GTRACING chair can play for up to six hours of audio or music constantly. You can also alter this gaming chair to your specifications such as swivelling 360° and rocking, recline from 90 to 170 °, as well as adjusting to the seat height. The lumbar support cushion and headrest can further enhance the support, but they are both removable.


  • There are a variety of colors of the GTRACING chair such as white with black accents and black accented with red black accented with purple black with blue accents and all black, as well as baby pink accented with white.
  • The Bluetooth adapter is compatible with PC and Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. It is all you have to do is plug it into the device and start blasting games audio or playing your favorite music to prepare to go!
  • The 3D armrests can be adjusted to raise or lower to allow you to be seated however you’d like to


  • A few users have experienced issues with the chair in a certain direction or dropping to a level it shouldn’t

VON Racer Rocking Audio Speakers and Subwoofer Gaming Chair


Weight Capacity: 270 lbs.

The VON Racer Rocking Gaming Chair with Speakers, which comes with an inscription that says it all. The gaming chair is 37.8 inches tall, 34.3 inches wide, and 27.3 inches long. This chair’s seat dimensions measure 20.5 inches wide and 20.8 inches wide.

It has 360 degree swivel this VON Racer also features adjustable armrests (which are able to flip up) tilting and rocking. The metal base that is integrated is covered with high-density sponge, with back and head lumbar support. The design of the gaming chair also boosts comfort and ergonomics.

Its high-end pedestal gaming chair includes a backrest subwoofer, headrest speakers along with wireless transmission of audio features. You can enjoy movies or play games, or enjoy music from this chair with high-quality sound all the time. Once you’ve completed your day, take down your VON Racer and return to it the next day.


  • You can also get more ergonomics with VON Racer
  • The armrests are cushioned and the headrest pillow can be removed and the bottom of the chair was designed specifically to ease the pressure
  • The red and black color scheme will never go out of fashion
  • VON Racer offers a warranty valid for one year on all parts included in this chair


  • Certain gamers have experienced problems with the rocking feature

ACE X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III 2.1 Foldable Gaming Chair


Weight Capacity: 275 lbs.

Moving forward to the right direction, this X Rocker Pedestal Extreme 2.1 takes elements from its predecessors, the Pro Series 2.1 and the SE 2.1 combines them into an chair that is sure to make an impression. The gaming chair is 29.13 inches by 16.14 inches by 30.91 inches. This chair’s seat dimensions include 11.8 inches high 21 inches wide as well as 25 inches in depth, while the seatback is 20.07 inch wide, and 25 inches tall.The sleek faux leather exterior has a top and back made of fabric that allows for a the airflow. You should not get out of your gaming chair feeling sticky even when you’ve had an long gaming session.

You can adjust the Pedestal Extreme III 2.1 as you’d like, by shifting the swivel, tilt and height of the back. Get ready to dive in the action as never before thanks to an integrated subwoofer in the back of the unit and speakers mounted in the headrest. If you have a moment of drama during you game, bass sounds emanating from the subwoofer will produce an unsettling rumble that makes the moment seem incredible.

It is possible to connect the Pedestal Extreme III 2.1 with other gaming chairs within the X Rocker family of chairs so that your family members can share the same amazing technology that you enjoy every when you play. With audio force moderation and an optional side panel with a variety of controls and jacks, as well as connections and outputs keeping connected is simple.


  • The X Rocker gaming chair has neck and lumbar support built into the design to allow for years of playing without pain
  • The red and black color scheme is pretty elegant
  • As with different X Rocker offerings, the Pedestal Extreme III 2.1 chair connects to MP3 players, Blu-Ray CD, DVD television, smart devices as well as a variety of console gaming systems


  • An RCA adapter isn’t included in the X Rocker chair, so you’ll need to buy an adapter separately if you require it

Healgen Rocking Massage Bluetooth Speakers Gaming Chair



  • Dual Bluetooth Enabled Speakers
  • Metal Pedestal
  • Ergonomic Comfort
  • Larger Dimensions
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Lumbar Pillow

Healgen Gaming Chair is a popular brand in the contemporary furniture market. There are a few games and office chairs included within their line of products with reviews that are well-known too. This is the sole gaming chair with speakers from Healgen Gaming and it does have some very favorable reviews from customers.

One of the first things you’ll be able to notice in the adult gaming chair is its basic design and functionality. The reclined back is padded all the way around, meaning that the chair is suitable for 6 ‘ plus people. It can recline until 60deg. It comes with a lumbar pillow included however there is no vibration function that you can enjoy.

Armrests are stylishly cushioned too and are tilt-able, however, they are not removable unless you follow the instructions for the disassembly. This pedestal features a 360deg swinging in all-metal designed to last as durable as the upholstery on the seats.

When it comes to the audio configuration, it’s simple but extremely useful. It’s an 2-speaker set-up with plenty of volume for gaming, but you should use an gaming headset. The good news is that it is a chair comes with Bluetooth equipped which means you can purchase a headset with a cord and pair it with the chair. The audio panel slots to the right. It’s a great place to plug into the headset cable, but it’s not the most user-friendly to make use of.

Overall, with a price of approximately 200 dollars at the time of purchase, the Blue Whale gaming chair is worth the money. If you are looking for a large gaming chair with speakers, this is your best option.

FANTASYLAB Rocking Audio Speakers and Subwoofer Gaming Chair



  • 2+1 Bluetooth Audio Setup
  • Tiltable Metal Pedestal
  • Full Tiltable Armrest
  • Thick Cushioning
  • Lounging Chair Design

FANTASYLAB is among the largest gaming chair brands out there with a large portion of their annual sales coming into their account. The VON Racer video gaming chair equipped with speakers is one of the most sought-after products in their line and among the most comfortable gaming chairs with Bluetooth speakers.

It is designed to be intended to be a gaming chair, this might not be suitable for people with 6 feet and more. The steel pedestal can be used for the 360deg swivel. The chair can be described as being extra comfortable due to the extra cushioning that is added to the seat as well as the backrest and side cushions. The armrests can be tilted and retractable them should you need to.

It’s worth mentioning that the VON Racer is a foldable gaming chair. The backrest is able to completely fold to the seat. Unclip the pedestal and then you can slide the chair away, too.

Audio setup on this chair is a lot superior to the Blue Whale gaming chair. The chair comes with an Bluetooth equipped 2-in-1 speaker set-up. Two speakers are placed to either end of the seat and a subwoofer behind the seat.

Audio outputs are rich and have lots of bass and pitch. You can hear a distinctive sound from the subwoofer that echoes throughout the room, and it is pleasing to not the least. Its audio control panel can be logically located to the left of the seat.

At around about 200$ mark, the VON Racer gaming chair sells well and is praised highly. If you don’t need the big and tall gaming chair with speakers and a sound system, this VON Racer offers a powerful audio system as well as a wide range of lounge comfortable features.

Ace X Rocker Vibe Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Chair


Weight Capacity: 275lbs.


  • 2.1 Bluetooth Enabled Audio
  • Breathable Mesh Seating Material
  • Foldable and Portable
  • Floor Rocker Design
  • Audio Force Modulation
  • Ergonomic Comfort

A different X Rocker, but this one is manufactured in conjunction with Ace Bayou, a major brand in the home furniture market. It’s an ground gaming chair with speakers and comes with a couple of cool add-ons.

First of all, unlike the majority of other gaming chairs in this category, you will receive an breathable mesh fabric. It’s a great way to play to long hours on the chair is now more enjoyable, minus the discomfort. It is designed to be similar to that of the X Rocker Surge as a floor gaming chair with speakers, however, you get an armrest set.

Additionally, it has a taller back than the Rocker Surge. This is among the few gaming chairs that are ideal for those who are 6′ or more.

The Ace Bayou XRocker Vibe is equipped with the 2.1 Bluetooth enabled audio setup exactly like Pro 2.1 and the X Rocker Surge and Pro 2.1. It’s exactly the same configuration but you also receive Audio Force Modulation via subwoofers situated at the rear of the chair and two speakers located to each side of headrest.

The price is a little higher, above $225 the main benefit you’ll get is the more spacious seating area. It’s an adult gaming chair suitable for floor setups that are definitely worth purchasing.

Shiatsu Full Body Electric Massage Bluetooth Speaker Chair



  • Dual Bluetooth Enabled Speakers
  • Multi-Functional Massage Chair
  • Upright Couch Design
  • Utilitarian Add-ons
  • Ultra-Comfortable

If you’re searching for an gaming chair with massage functions, this is the one for you. Shiatsu is an old Japanese method of massage. It is a traditional Japanese massage technique. Shiatsu massage chair is quite different from those gaming chairs we’ve examined so far, however it covers the fundamentals very well.

Absolute comfort is the primary thing you will learn out of this chair. It is designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit, and it has enough back support and cushions to ensure you feel at ease.

The massage features work by using multiple airbags are placed beneath the padding of foam. The chair comes with 3 massage options each with its own function and different outcomes. This chair will give you a complete body massage while playing.

The Shiatsu massage chair features an two speaker Bluetooth-enabled audio configuration. It’s quite basic in comparison to other chairs we’ve reviewed to date. The speakers are placed in the shoulder area. They will provide enough volume, even though the quality of the audio is rated as poor.

There are some additions to the design, too. Control panel easily integrated into the armrest. It functions as a single control hub for audio and massage functions. There’s a handy gap over the armrest for you to place your smartphone in, and also the charging dock, too.

It is the one gaming chair with speakers that really provides massage functions. If you’re in search of the perfect massage chair that you can use to play then this is the one. It is priced at about 350 dollars. There is nothing else like it Shiatsu massage chair.

X Rocker Ace Bayou II Leather Floor Gaming chair


Weight Capacity: 275lbs.

The comfortable gaming chair with speakers from X Rocker is a great low-cost option for those looking to improve their gaming experience or enjoy time by watching TV, movies or music. The speaker is built in the headrest to provide clear audio, and the backrest’s subwoofer gives a deep bass. On the back of the chair, you’ll find an easy control panel that has the ability to adjust bass, volume and jacks for audio output and headphones. The chair is equipped with the ability to wirelessly stream audio, but since it’s not actually Bluetooth setup, the process of setting up wireless audio can be a little difficult.

X Rocker Pro Series H3 Compatible Leather Gaming Chair


Weight Capacity: 275lbs.

The X Rocker Pro Series gaming chair is like that of the Bayou II but offers a couple of key improvements that true gamers and audiophiles will enjoy: It’s the sole chair that we’ve reviewed with 4.1 audio. It boasts two speakers inside the backrest area, two speakers in the base, and a 4-inch subwoofer on the back. It also has a subwoofer rumble. The chair comes with audio-synthesized vibration motors that provide incredible immersion when playing video games or television show. The impressive tech aside however, the chair is still a pleasure to sit in thanks to its luxurious, ergonomic design to ensure comfort during prolonged gaming.


Does the gaming chair have speakers?

Audio Setup: Typically gaming chairs that have speakers feature two speakers located on the back or the wings on the top of the headrest. Certain gaming chairs have a subwoofer integrated into the backrest, which adds the bass and vibrance

What’s the cost of an gaming chair with speakers?

Gaming chairs cost between $150 to $500 from the style, features, and size. In average, budget gaming chairs range between $150 to $300. Gaming chairs of top brands range from $300 to $500. The most expensive ergonomic office chairs, which are becoming popular among gamers, can be priced more than $1,000.

Which is the most comfortable gaming chair with speakers?

The best gaming chairs with speakers come in various design kinds. For console and PC gamers who have a monitor on their desktop or wall-mounted TVs for displays for their gaming, using the GTRacing gaming chair with Bluetooth speakers is the ideal solution. If you have an on-floor set-up it is possible to consider high-end gaming chairs made by X Rocker and even from Blue Whale. If you’re looking for massage functions along with audio, look into Shiatsu, a Shiatsu gaming chair with massage features and audio.

Are gaming chairs that have speakers really wireless?

Gaming chairs that have audio speakers, as well as Bluetooth capabilities, allow you to listen to music wirelessly via an Bluetooth compatible device. To do this, they connect power via an external cable, making it not fully wireless. The chairs are not equipped with a storage unit for power to function as a battery. It is merely a source of the required energy for the chairs.


Gaming chairs of today aren’t just about playing and sitting and having fun, but absorbing yourself into the entire experience. The gaming chairs that I’ve discussed today include speakers, vibrations and, sometimes, both! The games will be more enjoyable and you’ll feel more enthused. Whichever of these gaming chairs you choose the gaming experience is likely to become more enjoyable.

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