Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron: Comparison Guide

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A top-quality chair provides ample support to your neck, back and arms. It is essential that the chair is sturdy and comfortable enough to withstand several years of usage. This is the Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron review, I’ll go over the reasons behind why both chairs are an excellent choice for anyone looking for the best work chair.

It’s a Herman-Miller Sayl that is compared to Aeron that is fair, factual and based on the actual specifications and characteristics of each chair. In this context let’s look at the distinctions and similarities between the two chairs.

Herman Miller Sayl Review



Sayl is an artful masterpiece, in that it’s an efficient office chair that offers much in terms of comfort, along with support, flexibility and ease of use.

Models of the Sayl family are lightweight and compact. They are perfect for home use, they’re perfect for study and office use.

A very popular feature that is a highlight for the chair is how it can make you feel more involved and user-friendly.




The principal characteristics of the entire collection of Sayl office chairs include the Harmonic Tilt, as along with the 3-D Suspension technology and patent-pending PostureFit technology, an adjustable height of lumbar support, and a cushioned seat pad.

The Harmonic Tilt feature makes it easy to make a smooth natural transition between different positions, and the Herman Miller PostureFit technology offers unbeatable spinal support that encourages more upright pelvis posture and reduces fatigue caused by sitting for long periods of time.

3D Suspension is a feature that is unique to Sayl. It’s basically instead of toggling back adjustments, the chair that has frames that support the spine’s most vital parts adapting to the body position of the person sitting in the chair. Its 3D suspension design offers Sayl to have its own distinctive mesh-back design. It is shaped like its predecessor that is that of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The amount of back support it offers is remarkable, Herman Miller does offer the alternative for lumbar support with this chair. This feature is especially beneficial to those who suffer from back pain as well as older office workers.

Furthermore, the seat pad that is contoured is a comfortable design that makes Sayl that is suitable during extended periods of time. It’s an amalgamation with soft foam and injection molding for durable comfort, as well as toughness and endurance.


  • This is available in 12 different styles
  • Excellent supportive capacity
  • Adjustable back adjustability
  • A contoured and cushioned seat pad
  • Flexible and mobile extremely adaptable.


  • No footrest
  • Short armrests

Herman Miller Aeron Review


Herman Miller Aeron is undoubtedly one of the most adaptable office chairs that the current market has to provide. The Aeron has been among the most popular models over the past decade, and was completely revamped and substantially enhanced in the year 2016, its a revolutionary office chair. It was completely redesigned and upgraded with a fresh set of technology and features.

The Aeron series consists of only two models which come in three sizes and have distinct specs. It’s made of two models: the Aeron Work Chair as well as Aeron Stool.

The major features of the Aeron chair are defined by the design that is used to design its chair. The support strength of Aeron A is 300 lbs, while Aeron B & C support 350 lbs.

Height and seat depth differ for various versions. Aeron A is equipped with a seat height range of 14.80 – 19 inches, whereas Aeron B and C have an incline of 16 – 20.4 inches. What differentiates these three models the most are their seat depth spec; Aeron A comes with a seat depth of 15.75 inches, Aeron B 17 inches, Aeron C 18.5 inches.

The adjustable features of all 3 Aeron chairs include identical characteristics. You can choose tilt settings to choose from among them those that are Standard Tilt, Tilt Limiter with an inclined seat. Arm Options include an arms-free style, fixed arm that has adjustable height. Fully adjustable arms, as well as an arm with a pad that can be adjusted.




Herman Miller Aeron chairs come with contemporary useful and practical features. Some of them have a lot in common with the features found by Sayl. Many of the features are improvements in the styles of the chair.

One of the most important features that are unique for Aeron is the new edition of the Harmonic Tilt. In essence, the adaptive help of the original Harmonic Tilt was taken one step further, offering individual ease, extremely comfortable reclining positions, as well as an effortless and smooth process. The chair is beautiful with its recline-reflex function. This is certainly one of the most effective recline options I’ve tried.

The 8Z Pellicle has an elastic mesh back which can be adjusted to the Aeron. It offers you an all-around user experience and ease of use. The chair has a floating feel.


  • A range of attributes that can be altered
  • Unique 8Z Pellicle Mesh Seat
  • Enhanced functions for the Harmonic Tilt
  • Three sizes are available
  • Optional footrest
  • Stable, solid base


  • A little more difficult to utilize
  • The seat is not as padding and a little more solid in comparison to Sayl chair is equipped with.

Comparative Guide – How we compared the performance of Sayl and Aeron by Herman Miller Chair


Every one of the Sayl as well as Aeron office chairs allow you to select and choose the amount of features the specific chair will come with.

For Aeron, there are only two models to select from that are available in 3 dimensions (which are simply referred to by the letters Aeron (A, B and C). The two models include the multi-functional Aeron Work Chair as well as the basic Aeron Stool.

the Sayl generation has twelve different styles. Each model is equipped with the same features except for four-legged stool variations. You’ll have the choice of selecting from those that are the Sayl Work chair with suspension back, mid-back chair, bases with four legs, sled base, stools and others.

Naturally, Sayl offers loads of variants and a vast array of colors available for materials. The Aeron is more limited in terms of styles and color options.

If you’re looking for a classic for an old-fashioned piece of furniture design the Aeron is an outstanding chair. If you’re on the other side, you’re seeking a striking and distinct chair that offers a range of customizable choices. The Sayl is the ideal choice to go.

Winner: Sayl Chair


The PostureFit SL back support is one of the most amazing features about the chair. It offers advanced features that assist your posture in a more active way. Moreover, it also plays a great role in reducing muscle fatigue and minimizing the circulation-restricting pressure points.

But, Herman Miller Sayl chair do not come with lumbar support; however, there are alternatives. Furthermore, the excellent adjustable armrest is superior in comparison to the Herman Miller Sayl. The armrests on Sayl can only be moved up and down and the pads for the arms aren’t well-padded.

While you can buy additional headrests to go together with Herman Miller Aeron chair, Herman Miller Sayl doesn’t come with a headrest.

The two chairs come with three recline options, as well as a tilt limiter. The recommended height for the Herman Miller Sayl includes the entire range of heights recommended from Aeron chairs. For help you understand, take a look at the following table :

Herman Miller Aeron
Herman Miller Sayl
Small (Size A)
Medium (Size B)
Large (Size C)

5’10” and under

5’10” – 6’5”

5’10” – 6’5”

4’11” – 6’2”

This means that If you are looking for a chair that can be used by people of different heights, it’s possible to avoid Aeron and choose Herman Miller Sayl Chairs.

Winner: Sayl Chair


The most important selling point of this chair is its ease of use. The level of comfort is distinct in comparison to Sayl as well as Aeron models. Although there are gorgeous furniture on the market, only a handful of chairs are as comfy. Each major brand of furniture places the greatest importance on the level of comfort that is derived with its chair. For example, Herman Miller office chairs offer comfort levels that allow you to sleep in the position that you like.

The Sayl model by Herman Miller offers you a balanced , intelligent 3D back, capable of combining stability and flexibility. It allows you to stretch your spine as well as has an ergonomic style. Your natural shape that your spine is can be preserved thanks to its ergonomic shape. The Sayl back support is unframed, and the armrests don’t rise.

The alternative can be that Aeron is a distinct model. Aeron design comes with an upholstered back support, making it more comfortable than Sayl model. Aeron also has a posture-fit design, adjustable armrests, and a normal tilt. While Sayl isn’t equipped with lumbar support, Aeron includes lumbar support and helps to reduce back discomfort.

Winner: Aeron Chair


The material used in the chair contributes significantly to its attributes. It’s not only about durability or comfort, it is an established fact that you should not ignore the material. Furniture brands use various materials to make the various components in the chairs. This can affect the warranty too. What can you do to make sure that your chair will have a sturdy shell, if it’s constructed of inferior materials? Let’s take a look at the material that is utilized to make Herman Miller Sayl and Aeron.

Herman Miller Sayl

The main components which make up the Sayl model are sponge and plastic cells. The plastic allows the maker to do many experiments with its style and design, the material can cause back pain since it’s extremely tough. Its spongy seat isn’t like leather or mesh models.

Herman Miller Aeron

The Aeron model is made up of mesh and pellicle for the main components. The seat is constructed of mesh that is very comfy. Mesh is stronger and more durable when compared to sponges because it can withstand rigorous tests for endurance. The pellicle allows Aeron model to be cool and maintain the pleasant temperature of the skin.

Winner: Aeron Chair


Herman Miller has wanted to develop distinct designs. There is a distinct style that is better than one model over the others. Learn who won the award. Sayl can be the best chair at your office, the Aeron could be the most costly. Sayl chairs are made by Herman Miller are the latest of a collection that includes furniture items.

Herman Miller has provided the Sayl model in a range of vibrant colors and a unique style that will appeal to the young generations. This chair’s back support is unframed, making it stand out from other office chairs. Colors such as hot pink, rusty orange, royal blue, and other colors are attractive and vibrant for Sayl Model.

If you’re feeling down at work, all of these colors are bright enough to boost up your mood.

The style provided through Herman Miller Aeron is more traditional. The colors offered in Aeron are mostly graphite, carbon and mineral, with minor deviations. They could make your office appear more professional and less casual.

Winner: Sayl Chair


A chair must have an armrest that can be adjusted and comfortable, that conform according to your physique. What can you do to sit in the chair in a comfortable manner in the event that the chair doesn’t allow you to relax your hands comfortably? Not possible do you think?

This is an important element to think about when buying an office chair. Let’s look at which of these Sayl as well as Aeron models come with an ergonomic armrest.

Herman Miller Sayl

The arms of Herman Miller Sayl could be adjustable. They’re too high for you to use as a workstation. Additionally, they’re not cushioned. Armrests that aren’t cushioned can hurt your armpits and elbows as you are sitting for long periods working at your computer.

For a relaxing hand, Sayl is not the best choice for the marketplace.

Herman Miller Aeron

Aeron is the exact opposite of Sayl. Aeron is padded with adjustable armrests.

They can be adjusted so that you are able to change how tall your arms are in accordance with your preferences. Imagine spending long hours sitting in an Aeron and lying your arms in the most comfortable position – fantastic!

Winner: Aeron Chair

Durability and Build Quality

Nothing will beat the Herman Miller Chairs’ quality are they Aeron, Sayl, or different types. That’s why deciding between two Herman Miller Chairs can be a challenge to select one based on the quality of construction.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair is made up of the shape of a frame made of plastic, as well as a spongy seat. It’s gorgeous, however, the majority of people who have it report that they are uncomfortable.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair’s Seat is made of the most comfortable and air-tight mesh. Additionally, it is made up of a pellicle, which assists in keeping a cool and comfortable temperature for the body.

Winner: Aeron Chair

Customization and Adjustment

Both versions Aeron as well as Sayl have adjustable lumbar support. Aeron comes in different sizes. The armrests of Sayl can be tilted towards the inside and outside and are able to be moved between the front and the rear. Both seats can be easily adjusted in angles and the tilt limitation devices.

Aeron provides a number of enhancements for the PostureFit SL that provide better support over standard models or the ones with adjustable options. The depth of the seat pan is adjustable, as is the depth of the seat pan. Its seat depth can be also adjusted upwards and downwards. Also, tilt tensioners are used to control the tilt in your chair. The seats are offered in various sizes that can be used by smaller or larger individuals.

Sayl vs Aeron: Size comparison

While the Sayl office chair is only available in one size, Aeron can be found in 3 sizes.

Features Herman Miller Aeron Herman Miller Sayl
 Sizes: Size A Size B Size C  –
Chair’s Dimensions: 38.5″ H 26″ W 16″ D 41″ H 27″ W 16.75″ D 43″ H 28.25″ W 18.5″ D 40.75″ H 24.5″ W 26″ D
Chair Height: 38.5 inches 41 inches 43 inches 40.75 inches
Chair Width: 26 inches 27 inches 28.25 inches 24.5 inches
Chair Depth: 16 inches 16.75 inches 18.5 inches 26 inches
Seat Height: 14.75-19 inches 16-20.5 inches 20.5 inches 15.5 – 20.5 inches
Recommended Height: 5’10” and under 5’ – 6’4” 5’ – 6’4” 5’10” – 6’5”
Chair’s Weight: 40 lbs. 41 lbs. 43 lbs. 54 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. 350 lbs. 350 lbs. 350 lbs.

Winner: Aeron Chair

Sayl vs Aeron: Price Comparison

The truth is that, even though Herman Miller office chair aren’t cost-effective, the Herman Miller Sayl will be less expensive than Aeron.

Features Herman Miller Aeron  Herman Miller Sayl
Frame Base Black Fog/ Studio White
Upholstery Mesh Fog
Arm Fully Adjustable Arm Fully Adjustable Arm
Seat Depth Not Present Adjustable Seat Depth
Back Support Adjustable PostureFit SL Adjustable Lumbar Support
Caster Carpet Caster Carpet Caster
Price $1795.00 $1055.00

Winner: Sayl Chair


The thing I like the most about Herman Miller Sayl is its ease of use. It is an easy chair that has a variety of options which could make the chair difficult to operate or require a lengthy user’s guide in order to get the maximum use. However, the Sayl is actually very light and easy to operate. That’s something I’m sure will please a lot of users.

Aeron may be a bit more complicated, but that’s not necessarily a negative. It could take a little longer to grasp the subtleties. The Sayl is definitely simpler to navigate.

Winner: Sayl Chair

Return and Warranty Policy

Herman Miller has been on the market for over an century and a half. They’ve always kept their name in the forefront not just through the production of top quality ergonomic chairs but also by providing after-sales support, warranty as well as return policy. Like many of Herman Miller office chairs, Aeron and Sayl are protected by a 12-year warranty from the manufacturer. It includes all components that are defective starting with electrical components and continues to the remainder of the components.

Winner: Both Aeron & Sayl

Herman Miller Sayl Synopsis

The Herman Miller Sayl is an exceptional model of casual office chair. It’s very comfortable, easy to use, and sturdy. It’s more straightforward and more efficient than Aeron in terms of design and capability to choose features.

However, the adjustability options and upgrades aren’t as comprehensive as Herman Miller’s Aeron office chairs.

It’s an amazing chair however, and is perfect for both home and office use.

Herman Miller produces many of the beautiful office chairs available on the market today. Its Herman Miller Sayl is a striking illustration of design that is thought-provoking. The thing I love about the chair is its distinctive design and the variety of chair options available. If you are in search of a comfortable and beautiful office chair the Herman Miller Sayl is an excellent option.

Herman Miller Aeron Synopsis

The Herman Miller Aeron is an amazing piece of furniture that’s stunning as well as versatile. The number of features can make it difficult to use in any situations, but it’s still a beautiful and well-designed chair that is designed to be used as a desk.

It’s an office chair sports advanced posture technology that gives incredible (and adjustable) support for neck, back as well as legs. It is available in three sizes. In addition to that, it’s one of the most

comfortable chairs I’ve experienced the pleasure of using. This chair’s mesh seat and back supports provide a comfy sitting.

If however, you’re seeking to get the most of a chair and its versatility, Aeron would be a better option. Aeron’s top features and the ability to adjust them provide a more personalized experience, but it’s not as effective as Sayl.

If I had to pick between this set of chairs. I’d choose the Herman Miller Aeron. It’s a classic good office chair that offers the most comfortable sitting experience.

Result – Brand Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron

In this bloody fight between Herman Miller Sayl and Herman Miller Aeron, we discovered the truth.

  • Herman Aeron was the winner with 5 of the parameters.
  • Herman Miller Sayl was the winner with 5 of the parameters.

They are both good, like other Herman Miller chairs.

These are the most important advantages of every chair and Sayl is not able to provide any kind of challenge to Aeron.

Though both come from the same company, there is a minor difference in their pricing since Aeron is a bit more expensive – Sayl most affordable Herman Miller chairs

What is the cost? Does mean if it offers you the best comfort and endurance?

The main point is it’s about ease of your back and your tummy and, if you’re willing to shell out some more for this, we recommend that you choose Herman Miller Aeron – one of the great office chairs.

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