Best Purple Gaming Chair (12 Reviewed)

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The best gaming chair is worth searching for both offline as well as online. However, testing a variety of gaming chairs could be an unproductive exercise considering that new models come out every day.

We’ve picked the top 12 best purple gaming chairs with royal features to create yourself gaming with the royal family.

All contain a hint of purple which is a major attraction, especially when they are paired with the best gaming table and other accessories.

Purple Gaming Chairs Price Table

GTRACING GT002 Racing Solid Purple Gaming Chair

The GTRACING GT002 racing-inspired purple gaming chair is the most coveted games chair for top-level athletes. The ergonomic masterpiece is constructed on a solid frame that helps keep your body in a perfect place to ensure you are at ease for hours at a time. The GT002 features extra-thick padding which offers you extra support for long periods of gaming sessions.

It’s impossible to call a gaming chair “the most effective” without it having excellent functionality and the ability to be flexible. This GT002 gaming chair offers adjustable armrests and seat height, allowing for up to 170 degrees of recline. The GT002 gaming and office chair offers a complete 360-degree range of motion and a five-point roll base which is able to support up to 300lbs.

GT002’s super-soft skin makeup, made from PU, is soft for your skin and won’t sweat or stick on the body. The purple chair comes with an upholstered seat that provides lumbar support and a built-in headrest. The warranty is valid for one year.


  • A vast array of movement
  • Ultra-smooth game chair surface
  • Superior chair padding
  • Full-time adjustable chair


  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • No footrest

TECHNI SPORT Purple Gaming Chair

Techni Sport ensures unchallengeable comfort for your back, butt and arms during the game.
If the game increases, don’t reduce your energy to avoid breaking the chair as it’s made of 100% steel and is built into its base and skeleton.

The dual casters of the chair also promise not to damage your floor. The cushioning of memory foam in back and seat lets you move around during games without harming your body. It is made of synthetic leather with a superior finish, making it skin-friendly, and attractive to have.

Techni Sport gaming chair comes with a lumbar and headrest that can be adjusted. support to create an ideal curve to your back when playing. It can be lowered to 150 degrees to allow for your resting position, then it is reverted to 90 degrees for a working position.


  • It is constructed from solid, soft polyester upholstery
  • Its seat can be adjusted to by a specific height
  • It features premium foam that gives you greater ease of use
  • The robust steel frame for extra support
  • It comes with a guarantee that lasts for 2 years


  • It may require assembly

MERAX High Back Ergonomic Purple Leather – Best Budget Gaming Chair

Merax has done it again with a different quality, budget purple gaming chair. The chair is a bit more expensive than the earlier reviewed Merax and it’s not without reason.

It includes some extra features and is more user-friendly.

The most important feature that the gaming chair offers which does not have before is adjustable armrests. If you’re seeking to change the positioning of your armrests, you are able to change the angle of the armrests, adjust the position of your armrests.

It also is equipped with slightly more lumbar support too.


  • A mix of PU leather and mesh material
  • Adjustment of height, tilt and armrest functionality
  • Built-in headrests and lumbar support
  • Durable, chrome-plated base


  • None

HOMALL S-Racer Leather Purple Gaming Chair

One of the most unique purple chairs you’ll ever find is the Homall S-Racer purple gaming chair. This enthralling gaming chair is made from carbon fiber style PU leather, which is extremely comfortable and durable, while also being wear-resistant.

Homall chair feature is excellent ergonomics, which is ideal to be used at your computer desk or in the entertainment center and is suitable for use no matter the type of gaming experience.

Built on a 5-point foundation steel frame and reinforced wheels make the Homall S-Racer is one of the most robust and supported gaming chairs available today. The top-quality design conforms to a variety of specifications for certification, which makes it a perfect chair for use in the office, game room, or even in the living room.

The Homall has the ability to recline up to 170 degrees, and also the capability of being able to adjust seat height.

The chair comes with a removable neck lumbar support pillow allowing you to alter or increase support in accordance with the requirements. Overall the Homall is less cushioned than similar chairs and results in a firmer and more comfortable feel. It keeps you focused and alert, yet relaxed.

Homall S-Racer purple gaming chair is covered by a one-year guarantee against defective or damaged components. You can purchase with confidence as it comes with a money-back assurance of one month in case you think the Homall S-Racer isn’t for you. However, don’t fret about it. Certain that you’ll love the sturdiness and versatility of this gaming chair.


  • It’s fairly easy to put together and the majority of reviews are swift to praise the benefits of this technology
  • When you look at its features it’s a good value.
  • Its strong metal frame can handle heavier weights
  • The addition features of lock and unlock functions along with rocking are additional benefits


  • Rubber cushioned armrests aren’t movable, but they can be removed should you be uncomfortable
  • It is equipped with the gas lift class 3 but it’s not as effective as the class 5 model that is used in the higher-end models

OFM ESS Collection Purple Gaming Chair

If you’re trying to stay within your budget then you can choose The OFM ESS Series Gaming Chair, it can be an affordable and reliable choice. It can support up to 275 pounds and is, therefore, a very extremely durable.

The chair is stylish yet subtle, making it the perfect choice to be used in your virtual battlefield or the boardroom.

It is possible to adjust to the height you want, to tilt and also pivot 360 degrees with this racing automobile style chair. Arms are cushioned to provide comfort. They also open upwards when you use. This is a great option when you want to sit on your feet and your feet are in the air.

It is possible to play for hours in comfort because of the cushioned segmented seat. Furthermore, the purple desk chair is made from SofThread leather as well in purple-colored upholstery.


  • Flip-up, with cushions for armrests
  • Segregated seat with cushioned seat
  • Affordable


  • There isn’t a lumbar pillow and headrest
  • Assembly necessary
  • It is able to lean back, but it doesn’t feature an adjustable recline

FICMAX Footrest Massage Purple Gaming Chair

A few purple gaming chairs on the market have more premium cushioning, padding and more comfort as that of the Ficmax massage gaming chair with added footrest. It’s the Ficmax is a very practical and flexible gaming chair that lets you move around freely and adjust to precisely the preferred position.

It is constructed of an ultra-premium PU leather cover that is resistant to wear, fade and also repels dirt and sweat. The chair is cushioned by 4.8-inch high-density foam, which offers ample soft support which will keep its elasticity and cushioning for many years.

It is whole chair is built to be extremely sturdy, resting on a solid steel frame and wheel that is strengthened. The hydraulic piston system of class 4 is able to support the maximum weight which could reach 300 pounds.

The multi-faceted gaming chair can be used with an entire 360-degree recline and the possibility for a footrest. The user can enjoy the ability to move freely matter what position you select for gaming. No matter how you like to sit and the way you prefer to sit it is possible to find the right chair in the Ficmax.

The Ficmax’s most well-known feature is the lumbar massage cushion powered via USB. Feel the comfort of a soothing massage while you battle your opponents on the virtual battlefield. Gaming has never been so comforting and relaxing as it is in the comfy Ficmax purple gaming chair.


  • The chair can be fully reclined and has a backrest
  • It includes Massager which can be operated using USB
  • The chair has a capacity for heavy weights
  • It is equipped with high-density Padded Seat Cushions
  • Easy to build
  • Five Smooth Casters that make it easy to move


  • The warranty on the chair is one year
  • A chair armrests aren’t cushioned

DXRACER Race Series Newedge Edition Bucket Seat Purple Gaming Chair

DXRacer is said to be the premier high-end gaming chair company. They produce some of the most premium PC gaming chairs known to mankind, and they also happen to be the creators of the purple gaming chair the ultimate in gaming.

However it’s the best purple gaming chair on the market, but it is the most expensive price costs. If you’re capable of paying for it, look into buying DXracer gaming chair and it’s Racing Series in particular. This is the way the purple gaming chair is expected to give:

  • Leather of the highest quality seat
  • Free cushion and headrest
  • Adjustable armrests, tilt and height
  • High-back design gives the most ergonomic support


  • The soft seat fabric will keep you cool and keeps your skin from sticking to the chair unlike other less expensive chair fabrics
  • The soft padding and support is ideal for prolonged hours of gaming or working.
  • Easy to build
  • Excellent customer service
  • It is covered by a long-lasting warranty


  • The armrests aren’t adjustable
  • Not recommended for huge and tall athletes
  • A bit expensive

VERTAGEAR S-Line 2000 Racing Series Purple Gaming Chair

You can take the thrill of gaming to the highest step with the Vertegear S-Line 2000 Gaming Series. Its white, as well as purple gaming chair, is easy to put together, allowing the user to quickly set it up.

The chair is constructed to last and provides durability and stability. It’s built by using a steel frame and high-density foam and stands on a 5 star reinforced base. It can comfortably take on up to 240lbs.

Its armrests can be adjusted upwards and down to suit the ideal height to have your arms. You can also choose to use its tilt feature of the chair or even keep the chair in one place.

Regarding design of aesthetics, the chair is mostly white with the inclusion of a light purple frame that surrounds it. While certain armrests and footrests in the chair are black, they aren’t in conflict with the overall look of an integral part of the chair.

If your gaming room and office are light, the chair is the best option. It will bring a soft hue to a white setup or perhaps add white in its purple setup.


  • The memory foam pillow is provided
  • Large
  • It is simple to construct


  • High-priced
  • Only can be reclined at 140°

OPSEAT Master Series Purple Gaming Chair

In addition, OPSEAT is a fairly well-known brand and stands by their products, this is why they provide one year of warranty on their gaming chair.

Master Series is everything you’d think of from a racer-style game chair It’s the more affordable at the low end in comparison to the DXRacer.

In the end, we recommend that you purchase the purple computer gaming chair and you won’t be disappointed should you choose to buy Master Series.


  • The neck as well as lumbar support pillows
  • Variable armrests with height and tilt mechanisms
  • Created out of a soft artificial leather
  • Design with a high back to guarantee the best posture as providing ergonomic support


  • None

DOWINX Purple Gaming Chair

Certain gaming chairs ignore the fact that there are players with larger shoulders than normal, but not Downix chairs. It features a curved back that provides shoulders with additional ease.

This translates into good spinal health. The lumbar region is supported by large, adjustable massage pillows.

The structure inside this gaming chair lets it carry up to 300lbs of weight due to its aluminum frame. Its strength overall is unbeatable.

The high-density padding is 6.2 inches of thickness in the seat space and the leather finish is PU these chairs offer maximum comfort during long hours of uninterrupted gaming. It comes with a 24-inch seat length and 21-inch seat width.

Dowinx gaming seat can be adjustable in height and allows 360 degrees of swiveling thanks to its racing style comfortable and quiet castors. It also reclines as low as 180 degrees.

The retractable footrest lets you to sit back and relax after returning home. However, while you play the game, this chair assists you in your quest to take that car that you’ve always wanted.


  • Easy to adjust
  • A large capacity that can handle weight
  • Massage lumbar


  • Slides on flooring that is hard

RESPAWN RAVENX Reclining Ergonomic Purple Gaming Chair

Created around inspired by the Fortnite Raven theme, the RESPAWN RAVEN-X is an ergonomic and distinctive purple gaming chair. The combination of colors is great for every gaming setup.

The stain-resistant fabric also ensures longevity of use, with minimal wear and tear. To add to the appeal it comes with a chair that is covered by a limited lifetime warranty for users who weigh less than 275lbs.

The chair allows you to achieve your maximum gaming potential and allows you to keep gaming for as long a time as you would like. The 2D armrests allow users to adjust the armrests to the ideal location.

To keep you comfortable during the intense box fights or build battles, it is made by using the frame of a steel tube. The tube is wrapped with foam which is then formed. The chair can recline with the 90-130 degree range and comes with tilt adjustment. The chair is able to lock in any position within the range.

Respawn is an award-winning brand that is well-known for its strength and comfort. This chair is famous as is its purple chair with gray accents is an ideal match right away.


  • The headrests can be supported as well as lumbar support
  • Inspired by Fortnite
  • Armrests, which are able to be adjusted armrests


  • High-priced
  • Reclining only 130°

VITESSE Purple Gaming Chair

The executive gaming chair incorporates the best of durability, beauty, and the ultimate in comfort. The skeleton itself is made of high-quality steel that can be able to support up to 300 lbs of load, despite its weight of only 46 pounds.

While those with heights who are over 6.2 feet complain about less back support, however, everyone else experiences the comfort. In terms of comfort Vitesse’s ergonomic design is guaranteed by the thick cushioning throughout and adjustable lumbar and headrest pillows.

This will ensure you an energized back after you’ve hunted Zombies for hours. The finishing is made of skin-friendly leather. With its silent 360 degrees rolling casters, not just the full swivel covered and the motion around the gaming area is secure and the floor is unharmed.

Vitesse gaming chair allows a recline backward between 90 and 155.0 degrees. It is ideal for office working positions, gaming and watching your favorite films.

This model’s armrests have soft but they aren’t adjustable.
It’s simple to put together and is priced at a reasonable price.


  • Solid material that is able to support 300lbs of weight
  • The coziest
  • There isn’t any unusual sound or sound while rolling
  • Steel body material
  • Adjustable seat height


  • It is difficult for people to adjust the elbows
  • It’s hard to move

Purple Gaming Chairs: Buyers Guide

Every gamer is the same and the most effective way to enjoy all of the advantages of an gaming chair is to pick the one most likely to be beneficial for your needs. There are certain aspects that you must consider prior to purchasing the chair.

Find out more about buying that purple gaming chair.


Recline gaming chairs have the ability to recline up to 180 °. That means that with certain chairs you can lie down on your back which is a great way to relax after a long gaming session. However, certain chairs have a recline limit of to 140 degrees. It is worth knowing the amount to the extent that your chair can recline prior to investing money.

A few gaming chairs have the tilt feature that allows players to rock and then back onto your chair. The feature is locked should you require but certain players prefer the movement. If you’re one of them, be sure to verify that the chair you’re considering allows tilt.


Gaming chairs can support up to 300 pounds. The typical chair can support around 275 pounds. If you’re seeking a chair which can support more weight you should be sure to check this before you buy. Although there’s nothing stopping obese people in sitting at the bottom of the gaming chair however, should they exceed the weight limit, it could pose a danger.

Another aspect to be aware of is that specific chairs are not required to honor their warranty when it is utilized for longer than the weight limit that is set by the chair. There are specially-designed chairs specifically for those who are bigger, and with a bigger seat and backrest feel secure knowing that there is an chair that will suit everyone.


There are a variety of gaming chairs are not created equal. Some have RGB lighting, while others have equipped with features such as massage. A majority of gaming chairs have additional headrests and lumbar support, some even have feet that can be pulled back.

Before you choose the chair to put in your gaming room, make sure you decide on the features you consider essential. They will impact the price so be sure to think about your budget according to these elements.


Gaming chairs are generally made of Faux as well as PU. There are chairs made from materials or other options for upholstery. Leather chairs tend to get hot, especially in hot regions. If you’re in a region with high temperatures, it may be worth considering using an Upholstered chair. However, they’re not utilized so often.

Best Purple Gaming Chair: Conclusion

Gaming chairs are certainly an excellent decision to make. Although they’ve been previously thought of as considered a luxury but due to the increasing popularity of gaming they’ve gained a lot of attention however, becoming increasingly essential.

If you ask a serious gamer about their chair they’ll likely confirm their admiration for it and tell you that they couldn’t live without it. Whatever matter the reason why you require a chair to work from or for entertainment, purple gaming chairs are an excellent choice that won’t be disappointed.

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