13 Best Gaming Chairs for the PS5

Best PS5 gaming chairs

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic – Gaming Chairs for PS5


Herman Miller Aeron Chair 200x300
Max Weight Capacity: up to 350 lbs.

Because the PS5 is brand new and its graphics are amazing, it’s likely that you’ll spend some long hours playing the console. Aeron from Herman Miller can accompany you as you travel through the vast realm in Night City in Cyberpunk 2077. This is definitely among the best gaming chairs that money can purchase.

Aeron is available with three different sizes: Size A, Size B Size C, as well as Size C. Size A chair is 16.75 inches in depth, 25.75 inches wide, and 38.5 inches tall with a seat in a height of 14.75 between 19 and 14.75 inches. The second largest dimension, Size B, is 16.75 inches deep, 27 inches wide as well as 41 inches tall, with the seat height between 16 and 20.5 inches. For Size C, which is the largest model of Aeron size, it is 16.75 inches deep, 27 inches wide as well as 41 inches tall, with an seat between 16 and 20.5 inches.

It’s even better while sitting on the Aeron because it’s eco-friendly since it’s made of recyclable materials. The armrests are highly adjustable and allow you to elevate the height of 6.8 inches to 10.8 inches high. Additionally, you can move your arms 17.5 degree inwards, and 15 degree out or move in and out 2.5 inches. There is also a tilt limiter to adjust your posture in three positions.


  • The adjustable PostureFit is included in Aeron’s Adjustable PostureFit feature. Herman Miller Aeron boasts lumbar and sacral support. Dual pads support the natural curve of your spine. If needed the pads are able to move in a single direction.
  • You can choose from three different colors for the color of your Aeron: Mineral (white), Graphite (dark gray) as well as Carbon (black).
  • The ability to shop 3 different chair sizes make this Aeron among the more accessible PS5 gaming chairs on this list, if not even the most accessible


  • In comparison to other chairs, the Aeron is quite expensive (think more than 1,000 dollars). It could be too expensive in your financial budget

Homall Racing High Back – Great Price Gaming Chairs for PS5/PS4


Homall Racing High Back Chairs 178x300
Max Weight Capacity: up to 300 lbs.

On my second checklist is the gaming chairs from the company Homall. We all know that the PS5 wasn’t cheap. If you’re looking to reduce your spending yet still have a great gaming chair, the Homall S-Racer is the best choice.

The chair is 19.8 inches by 20.5 inches by 47.8 inches. This chair’s seat can be adjustable between 17.3 up to 21.5 inches. It’s not the only thing that you can alter, however. There’s also an adjustment knob underneath your seat to turn the S-Racer. Relax back during the toughest games with the recline, which is set from between 90 and 180 degrees.

The multi-directional caster wheels allow you to roam around your room without restriction. Also, the 360-degree swivel in the S-Racer. The chair is covered with PU leather that isn’t prone to wear and will not adhere to your skin when you sweat during gaming. The chair is also features an ergonomic chair as well as back support pillows for your relaxation.


  • The S-Racer logo on the top of the chair will let anyone viewing your channel know you’re most fond of chair company is
  • The base made of five stars is solid, durable and reliable There are a variety of colors to choose from when you purchase your Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair.
  • They include black with red and black, as well as purple white with pink, black with green, and electric teal and black


  • A few users have reported that they have heard that the chair rattles when it’s moving and it is squeaky

AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair For PS5/PS4


AKRacing Chair 180x300
Max Weight Capacity: up to 350 lbs.

What if you don’t require an leather gaming chair? I suggest this model: AKRacing Core Series EX, which I consider to be the top material PS5 gaming chair. The streamlined chair is 27 inches wide, with the width of its back that is 21.25 inches and a back high that is 32.75 inches.

The fabric used on this chair’s Core Series EX is on both sides of the chair. AKRacing states that the fabric will endure even hot climates because the fabric is soft and comfortable to breathe. The armrests are also comfortable since they’re 3D. They are adjustable from left to right as well as back and forth or upwards and downwards.

Two pillows bearing the AKRacing logo are included. One to provide back support and the other to provide head support. Similar to the other chairs I’ve mentioned each pillow is removable which allows you to personalize the PS5 gaming chair experience your way.


  • Its gaming chair is made by using an aluminum base that is covered with anti-corrosive paint. The padding of foam on top of the base is high-density.
  • AKRacing Core Series EX comes in a variety of colors, such as black with red accents the blue color with black accents as well as all black.
  • The fabric upholstery has been made to last and is designed for comfort and durability


  • People have commented that they think the chair color in the pictures do not necessarily reflect the colors you’ll get

Vitesse Racing Style Recliner Gaming Chair Sofa


Vitesse Racing Chair Sofa 300x300
Max Weight Capacity: up to 300 lbs.

The Vitesse Gaming Recliner is a racing-inspired or lounge chair to enjoy long PS5 sessions. It is designed for multi-purpose use (with the ability to adjust from 90 degrees to 180 degrees), it provides three seating places. They include gaming mode (upright) as well as television mode and relaxing napping mode.

To offer the most optimal ergonomics in all three positions the Vitesse Recliner features numerous places of support. When in gaming modes, cushioned pillows made of PU strengthens the lumbar region. In Napping and TV modes an extra-large headrest, as well as an upholstered footrest, give extra stability.

With a sophisticated sliding mechanism, this chair can be assembled in a matter of minutes build. It’s made of four major parts: the base, backrest, along with the backrest and arms. After fixing four casters on the top of the seat and then place the backrest on the seat and then slide put the armrests on the backrest.

While the assembly is extremely easy, the construction is extremely durable and gives comfort in every position. This is due to the high-resilience sponge which covers both the seat as well as the back. For resistance in terms of resistance, the seat is somewhat soft and the backrest fairly sturdy.

Another great benefit for the chair is how simple it is to change between different seating places. All you need to do is press on the backrest and it snaps into position. There isn’t any recline lever and you need to select a location from the three options mentioned above.

The good thing is that on the bright side, the Vitesse Gaming Recliner is surprisingly comfortable in both reclined and upright positions. It’s important to note that in the upright configuration, it can have some slight downwards. It’s therefore not suitable to sit at a desk or at the table.

Overall, it’s an excellent chair considering the price cost.


  • Gamer Aesthetic
  • Affordable priced
  • Comfortable


  • Arm rests quite skinny
  • There is no reclining lever
  • Smaller than tall men

X Rocker Leather Pro Series 2.1 with Subwoofer Chair


X Rocker Leather Chair 230x300
Max Weight Capacity: up to 275 lbs.

The X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 is a supremely comfortable multi-purpose gaming lounger. With many more features over any other pedestal chair would ever require. It is equipped with an 2.1 audio system with wireless connections along with vibrational motors, which work with your music’s bass tones.

It’s not a surprise that the incredible audio system that is built into the chair is definitely the main attraction in this chair. To provide a full audio experience when gaming, the backrest features stereo speakers mounted on both sides. In addition, a powerful 10-” subwoofer is integrated into the middle of the backrest.

The speakers on board are of high-quality and the sub-woofer has a fantastic bass and vibrates. It’s important to remember that the vibration is only generated via the audio that is coming through the subwoofer. Thus, increasing the bass can increase the vibrations to give a stronger full-body experience.

In terms of construction Pro Series 2.1’s build, uses high-quality materials. In order to provide the comfort of long hours of gaming, soft and durable foam covers the interior. The foam is then covered with tough, faux leather. We love the fact that the leather is easy-care and wipes clean.

With an attached metal frame, this Pedestal chair can also be folded and that’s how you’ll get it right out from the box. It is, of course, easy to do. When the seat is folded position, you can simply fix the brace mechanism onto the bottom of the seat before putting the pedestal onto top.

When you’re enjoying music or watching a movie or gaming playing games on the PS5 it is easy to be part of the fun with the new Pro Series 2.1 chair.


  • Comfortable
  • Great Speakers
  • Durable Material
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Wireless adapter


  • Short power cord
  • There is no adjustable headrest
  • Vibrates through sub

RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style Reclining Gaming Chair


RESPAWN RSP 900 Chair 221x300
Max Weight Capacity: up to 275 lbs.

Respawn900 is a robust console recliner made to allow gaming while taking a break in the style. The chair is focused on maximizing the comfort of users and adjusting their settings. To assist you in achieving this the chair features an enormous uninterrupted leather surfaces (with no spaces open) and a movable base for the pedestal.

As opposed to the other recliners in this list, the best thing with Respawn 900 over the other recliners on this list, that it lets you operate independently both the back travel as well as footrest. Because of this, it allows you to find the best posture for your body easy – since it doesn’t have any pre-set settings.

With the two levers on each side, changing the chair is simple. The first one reclines the back 135 degrees so that you can sit straight or lie down, and the second lever lowers/ raises or extends the footrest. If you want to sit straight, and extend the footrest it’s feasible using this chair.

Regarding the construction it is built to last. Respawn 900 offers great quality with a 275-pound weight capacity. The frame is made of metal with an upholstered leather seat covering on top. To support this frame is a sturdy metal and plastic pedestal base that allows you to rotate 360 degrees.

In terms of the sitting, experience is concerned the seat cover is quite rigid, so you may need to put in your own cushions. Additionally, while is durable as well as easy to wash, it’s not very breathable. This is why it’s possible to need a wipe down every two to four hours.

The good thing is that we love the fact that this Respawn 900 considers the user for long-lasting sessions. To help you get your first drink game, there’s a cupholder integrated to the armrest. In addition, a side pouch hangs from the left arm to store food items or games.

Overall this is a top “lazy-boy” chair for gaming on the PS5.


  • Continuous seat cover
  • Separate levers for backrest/ footrest
  • Can swivel 360 degrees
  • Easy to wash


  • The material isn’t very breathable
  • No lumbar cushion
  • One Height

AutoFull Pro Big and Tall Ergonomic Gaming Office Chair


AutoFull Pro Big And Tall Chair 194x300
Max Weight Capacity: up to 390 lbs.

One of the features that many PS4 or PS5 gamers are contemplating when picking their preferred chair is the capability to extend their feet and place their armrests naturally with their console.

The Autofull Mechanical Master is a highly rated console gaming chair, with features that are perfect for both PC as well as console gaming. The chair also supports mobile gaming with smartphone-compatible features in addition to its adjustable footrest, adjustable support cushions as well as support for up 390 lbs.

The thing that makes this chair distinctive is its multi-dimensional, mechanical arms that can be pulled upwards down, backwards, and forwards. The armrests can also be 360 degrees adjustable and can be used to accommodate headphones or other peripherals and snacks, or even your phone. This is much more than a console or PC gaming chair It’s an entire gaming station that we can only dream of.

Apart from the multi-directional armrests, the footrest is an additional feature that is to be mentioned. It retracts and can be used to play games, watch films or simply relaxing. With the 90-155 degree backrest that reclines that you can take a nap on this chair and be sure that you’ll find your ideal place.


  • Foam padding with high density
  • It also includes neck lumbar support cushions
  • Carbon PVC and Black PU leather combination
  • Multi-directional armrests which go in every direction, and can be used for storing your snacks/drinks/smartphone/peripherals
  • Retractable footrest
  • Weight capacity as much as 390 pounds
  • Lifetime frame warranty, and 2 years of warranty on the parts


  • Autofull is a recommendation for this chair for people who are taller than six feet” (182cm) that might be an issue for taller individuals

Best Choice Multipurpose Rocker Floor Chair


Best Choice Multipurpose Chair 291x300
Max Weight Capacity: up to 275 lbs.

If your budget isn’t too big and you’re looking for an extremely comfortable and simple gaming chair to play with your PS5, this is the right choice for you. With a low price, this is among the most affordable options currently available.

It is available in red/black/grey and blue/black, as well as two other colors. It is the Best Choice Gaming Floor chair is among the most popular items on Amazon. The truth is that customers are drawn by its price and the unique position it has.

Contrary to PC gaming chairs which come with casters, this model can be “glued” on the floor using a large support base. It is ideal for kids who wish to lie on the ground and play PS5 or other games, or those who don’t need much of your gaming chair.

The chair to 360 degrees and despite the absence of rocking functions, the chair is comfy and reclines, but not completely to the ground. This chair’s maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs. and is therefore sturdy and suitable for those with heavier weights as well.


  • Great for children
  • Low price
  • 360 degree swivel option
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity


  • Not recommended for use in high volume
  • It is low to the ground which could create problems for certain people

Birdock Pillow 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair


Birdock Pillow Floor Chair 300x271

To add a little extra to the above list I’m including to this chair in the mix. Because of its basic appearance, it’s an extremely popular choice. The model is the second most popular chair on the market. It is the second most popular console chair on Amazon most likely because of its price cost (only just $69) along with memory foam padding, which makes it ideal for children as well as teenagers.

So, if you’re seeking to purchase your children the most comfortable floor chair or purchase one or two it makes sense. It also has an adjustable backrest with different settings and is the sole high-tech feature on this chair. It is a great choice as a basic living room seating option.


  • Super affordable price
  • You can also purchase additional items to allow for more children
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Different colors
  • It is easy to store and place it in the mattress


  • There is no frame or other high-tech features
  • A very basic chair to use for leisure
  • Poor posture (especially for adults)

AndaSeat Fnatic Ergonomic Desk Chair


AndaSeat Fnatic Desk Chair 170x300
Max Weight Capacity: up to 441 lbs.

Are you tall and large, looking for the best gaming chair for PS4, PS5, or Xbox?

AndaSeat Fnatic Edition premium gaming chair promises to support gamers with a weight of up to 400 lbs. as well as 6.10 feet high and all other chairs on the market are a part of the agreement.

It features an adjustable tilt mechanism that has 4D armrests providing your forearms and wrist a comfortable fit. It can also be adjusted from 90 to 160° while locking in five different positions. It also allows for reliable height adjustment thanks to the high-quality class 4 hydraulic Nitrogen pistons.

This large and luxurious gaming chair comes equipped with Large XLlumbar pillow as well as a mid-sized headrest cushion; both are adjustable to suit your personal comfort.

Its dense high-density foam contours to fit the contours of your body to ensure an comfortable sitting position.

The final touches are made by the smooth bonding of PVC leather which is guaranteed to be resistance to stain and scratch. This makes it the best gaming chair for families.

Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair with Speakers


Gioteck RC5 With Speakers 300x300
Max Weight Capacity: up to 300 lbs.

Get lost in a brand an entirely new experience by using this Gioteck the RC5 professional gaming chair.

With the strategically placed of its two premium surround headphones that are located where your ears require them, you’ll be able to detect every move of your adversaries and respond in a timely manner.

It takes you to the exact spot of the action takes place.

The subwoofer provides the rumbling bass as well as the vibration feedback needed for the booms as well as the blasts! Gioteck RC5 Professional gaming chair is compatible with many gaming devices at home.

Its audio control panel lets you access the game’s audio control in your hands. It’s compatible with PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, PC, and Mac.

Take advantage of the 15 degree adjustable tilt as well as recline for extra comfort during the duration of your gaming adventures. Its solid base ensures solid foundations and no chance of tipping forward or back.

Its double-foamed padding guarantees total comfort throughout lengthy gaming hours.

X Rocker 5129101 Sound Wireless Bluetooth 4 Speaker Subwoofer Gaming Chair


X Rocker 5129101 Gaming Chair 208x300
Max Weight Capacity: up to 275 lbs.

Contrary to the original X Rocker gaming chair on this list, this comes with a partially webbed foot pedestal that lifts your feet off the ground for greater comfort, while still retaining it’s the 275 lbs.

weight capacity. It can move and tilt your chair as you play.

The breathable mesh and the faux suede-like microfibers will ensure that your back, buttocks and thighs do not get sticky and sweaty during a hot summer day.

Additionally, you will be treated to more comfort due to its thick padded lumbar, head support as well as a backrest seat and armrests.

Its armrests can fold upwards and out of the way to give you greater seat space.

Enjoy wireless audio from the two speakers on the back of the headrest as well as the subwoofer with a 4-inch diameter located in the backrest’s outer area. The second amplifies the volume of your game using an incredibly low-pitched sounding rumble.

It is connected to several chairs via the control panel and is compatible with Blu-ray players, MP3 players and various other gaming equipment in your home.

CORSAIR Leather Gaming Chair




  • Seats in leather
  • Steel frame
  • Relatively light

This chair is a chic leather seat with a sturdy steel frame with a rich black hue. The frame is stylish and sleek however, it’s also it’s strong enough to support the weight of your body. The adjustable height system to control the frame according to your preferences. The system is easy and simple to use. The wheels are made from nylon caster. This kind of material can allow your chair to move smoothly across different surfaces without difficulty. In addition, the wheels will remain solid and steady when you wish it to stay this way. The higher friction limits the amount of accidents that could occur.

The chair can also recline approximately 180 degrees for maximum comfort and also to let you adjust your posture. You can also raise or lower your height on the armrests depending on your personal preference. Additionally, you can also be rotated at various degrees. This can be useful with certain arm movements you’ll need for a specific sport.


  • Simple to relocate
  • Adjustable Height


  • Leather begins peeling off
  • Polyurethane is non-biodegradable


If you’ll be doing nothing other than playing on your PS5 for the next few years then you’ll require an gaming chair that can accommodate your. If you have a modest budget or a large one, you’ll need feetrests, or an recliner-style chair or a recliner, any of these gaming chairs listed here is the right choice.


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