Office chair wont lean back: How to fix an office chair

Reclining is one essential element of an well-padded office chair. The office chairs might possess smaller reclining space than gaming chairs however they are nevertheless essential. In the case of a reclining chair, we are able to determine the ideal position which gives us the most comfortable experience through reclining the backrest.

In the office, when we’re exhausted due to our work, we would love the idea of reclining our office chair and then take time to rest on it. However, since your office chair becomes old many issues began to surface during reclining. If the issue isn’t addressed at the appropriate time, your office chair won’t recline after certain time.

This is the reason that’s why office chair won’t recline problem must be addressed in the shortest time feasible. When you’re office chair tilt mechanism not working, you can solve this issue on your own. You don’t require the most knowledge of the office chair or to be mechanic.

It is important to ensure you are sure that your chairs do not have an vibrator attached to the lumbar cushion or any other place. If you may end with a damaged office chair rather than repairing it.

Before you begin the reclining process, be sure to identify the principal location or component that causes the issue.

Strategies to Solve Office chair Won’t Lean Back Problem

Recline Office Chair
Office chair won’t lean back | office chair won’t recline

Tension Adjustment Knob

The most common reason why the office chair won’t recline is because you’ve turned the knob clockwise to the point to the fact that the knob is getting too tight, which is the reason that your office chair won’t lean back from its position even a to a degree.

So, don’t fret you only need to turn it counterclockwise and boom! Now you’ll be able easily relax in your office chair. Be careful not place the knob too loose because it could cause problems because you have put it too loose.

The best thing to remember is not to set it too tight or loose. A tension knob can be found on the side on the back of your office chair. You can access it by turning the direction of your office chair. If the issue is resolved then that’s great, but in the event that it is not, other suggestions might be helpful.

Look for the primary cause of the issue

First, try to adjust the height of your office chair height by pressing the height-adjustable lever. If your height increases and decreases smoothly, then there’s no issue with the cylinder. However, If you can notice an odd noise then the root of the issue is the cylinder and not the recline mechanism.

After that, you can clean the cylinder, or simply replace that cylinder by putting in a brand new one. If all is well it is time to sit in the seat and turn the tilt knob and check whether it is if your chair is tilting in a smooth manner or not? However, before you do that, make certain that you have your tilt tension knob is not too tight or loose.

If all is well when you turn this knob then you can conclude that your issue could be caused by other issues. Do not give up hope, as below, we’ve provided additional solutions.

Is the recline lever is broken or not?

Don’t forget to verify if you can tell if the recline lever is broken or not. If the lever is stuck in the same spot or is moving without a problem, there could be two possible causes.

The first is that your levers are broken. Then the recline lever is displaced from its initial position. However, don’t be concerned, simply comply with my advice as they can fix the problem easily. Turn your chair to the side and then screw down bolts which are located under the seats.

Make use of an drilling machine to speed up the process If you don’t have an instrument, then make use of the screwdriver. Then, you’ll be able see recline lever and another mechanism. Then, you can determine if it is broken lever or not.

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In the event that you find that the lever is broken, you can replace the broken lever by a brand new one. However, if the lever has been moved from its position then just put it back to its previous position. Also, if the lever or another mechanism has gotten rusty, you can use oil or grease to smooth it. After that, tighten the bolts correctly and you’re all set to go. Just pray that your office chair won’t recline issue will be resolved.

Tips for resolving tilt tension not working problem

  1. Before making any modifications or repairs, be sure you’ve checked the positions of all the parts. You may even take photos, to ensure that if you’re not able to resolve the issue you know the position of every part and will be able to put them back in their positions where they were simpler. If you aren’t able to remember their locations, you could be able to cause more problems.
  2. Use an instrument or drill when removing bolts or other nuts. This can assist you in resolving tilt tension not working properly within a shorter time.
  3. If any components or bolts are going to rust, be sure to apply grease or oil to the area. Because rusty parts can be damaged quickly and you do not want to risk it.
  4. Clean properly all components like cylinders, knob after you have completed your work.
  5. Make sure to read the instructions or installation guide for the chair that is provided by the firm. It will provide you with an idea of the locations where all parts are placed.


Ball bearings appear broken can I make use of them?

A few ball bearings may be broken particularly in the event that an office chair recline starts to make popping noises. However, they may be functional and free from irritating noises after lubrication.

What is the best grease to lubricate?

Any good grease is good enough to lubricate an office chair recline mechanism or its gas cylinder. White grease is especially beneficial for office chairs that don’t recline because you can verify if the grease has coated the gas cylinder properly.

The chair tilt lock isn’t operating, does it require assistance from a specialist?

As mentioned above, if it is apparent that an office chair tilt lock is not functioning, it can be fixed at home. Office chairs that feature electronic recline can’t be repaired at home. But, prior to fixing the office chair yourself, it is important to ensure that it’s not within the warranty.

The gaming chair will not recline, so are the solutions different?

Gaming chairs, as well as office chairs, utilize similar principles for recline function. They can also be fixed by following the steps mentioned above. The cylinders in the office chair and a gaming chair are identical.

Tilt tension stuck. Which wrench do I require?

Any wrench that is adjustable will work well to push an stuck tension knob. One tip is to apply an insulating layer like cloths to avoid scratching or damaging the knob. A few tension tilt knobs have been located on the opposite side from the office chair and are easily visible all times. What you do not want is to have them appear tired.

I have no prior experience or information about this stuff. Do I have to do it?

The most straightforward answer is yes You don’t need to be a mechanic in order to be able to do it. The procedure is simple. It is all you need to do is go through this blog and follow it as stated above. Then you will be able to complete it by yourself, without requiring help from anyone else.

How long will the office chair last?

It is mostly dependent on the chair. If you purchase a low-end office chair and it doesn’t last longer than two years. A good, high-end chair could last for more than four to five years. Additionally, it depends on how you manage your chair. If you would like the chair to last, make sure you keep it clean.

What is the reason Office chairs offer less recline as gaming chairs?

Since you’re not planning be able to turn in your chair 180 degrees within your office and take napping. If you do, you could be dismissed off your work. But that’s not the situation when you have gaming chair. Gamers can recline their chair and take a time to relax or nap in their chair. This is why when you sit in gaming chairs there are many more recline zones than the typical office chair.

Do I need to clean my chair using a moist or dry cloth?

It can be done using both. However, it is best done with just a bit of wet cloth. It should not be too dry or wet. If you do decide to wash your chair using a damp cloth, ensure that your chair is water-proof or not. You could end up ruining the appearance of your office chair.

In this segment, I’ll attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions that people frequently ask regarding office chair won’t recline. I hope that your question will be addressed in this section.


An office chairs ability to recline among the most important features to consider for those who want to enjoy a relaxing sitting experience.

If you experience a problem and your chair cannot recline anymore it is necessary to have it fixed. The good thing is that it’s simple to fix.

This article should have given you the knowledge to be able to fix the issue with your office chair when it can not be reclined anymore.

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