Office Chair Height Extender: Easy Steps to Make an Office Chair Higher


How High Should You Set Your Chair?


Most high office chairs are designed with an average seat height of 16″ to 22″. That allows you to sit comfortably on the regular 29″ desk.

A seat that’s at the proper height allows your feet to comfortably reach the ground. Your knees must be bent 90 degrees. If your knees are bent too much the chair isn’t tall enough and it’s a typical issue for tall people. If your feet aren’t able to reach the floor, then your standard office chair isn’t high enough and you might need the footrest.


How to Make an Office Chair Higher: The Steps


Adjust the Height Using the Lever

A height adjustment lever is the most frequently employed height adjustment feature on most office chairs which utilize a gas lift cylinder. This kind of chair allows you to raise the height just by lifting the lever and letting it fall when it has reached the desired height.


Adjustment Lever


Replace your Casters with Larger Ones


The standard size to use for office chair casters ranges from 2″ to 2.5″ in size. If your standing desk is higher and you want to lower it, an easy and cost-effective method to raise the level of your chair is to change the existing casters for new casters larger one. You can choose the 3″ and 4″ wheels, which gives you an additional 1″ to 2″ lift. These large chair wheels manufactured by Miracle Caster for example are massive at 4 inches in diameter.

Alongside offering extra height, larger casters are also able to move more easily. Because of their larger size, they are able to distribute the weight on them with more ease.


Chairs Wheel


Use a Seat Cushion or Pillow


This is straight since you’ll only require throw pillow for your seat to give you just a few inches of height. The issue with this method is that it could cause a misalignment of your body with the chair specifically the lower back support as well as your chair’s headrest. It is crucial to make sure you have an extra cushion isn’t too large or uncomfortable, in order that you do not risk injuries to your back.


Chair Cushion


Purchase a Height Extension Kit


It is also possible to increase the height of your office chair by installing a height extension kit. These kits are available in the local hardware store or at online stores.

Kits are easy to build as well, and for majority of the time, come with a steel foot ring that will provide extra comfort.

To install the chair extender, you will require these tools: Some screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench as well as a rubber mallet. Always read the instructions guide that is included with the extension kit.

It is necessary to take your wheelbase from the gas cylinder by unfastening a couple of safety pins and lightly hitting it with the help of a rubber mallet. After the wheelbase is removed, then you’re able to install the extension.

After your extension is installed, you’ll need to reinstall the wheelbase bolts and you’re done. Be aware that there are additional steps to take based on the design of your office chair. Refer to your user manual that came with the extension kit when you’re in doubt.

Watch this video to gain an idea of how office chair height extension kits are utilized:



Replace the Gas Lift Cylinder in Drafting Chair


Also known as an pneumatic cylinder, a gas lift cylinder is the mechanism used to move your office chair up and down.

The standard dimension of the office chair gas cylinder is approximately five inches. However, you can find models which vary from 4″ to 10″. Therefore, you could upgrade your current gas cylinder to one that’s higher to raise you up onto the office chair. This powerful gas lift cylinder provides you with an 8″ adjustability range.

The replacement of your gas cylinder is actually a relatively easy process. The steps to follow:

  • After that, raise the chair to the height you want it to be and flip it upside down or place it upside-down on the table on top.
  • The first step is to get rid of the cylinder from the 5 star base of chair. Utilizing the mallet or hammer, strike at the top of the cylinder which hangs from the base. After that, attach it to the second. These two must be separated.
  • Next step is to separate the cylinder’s part from the tilting mechanism inside the chair. Make use of a pipe wrench, and attach it onto the steel piece which is component of the piston. Then, rotate your wrench counter clockwise to loosen the piston from the mechanism which tilts it.
  • There is nothing that remains is to place the new cylinder inside the tilting mechanism, as and the chair base and then flip upside down the chair to the upside.



Use wood Pieces to Raise the Height


If you wish to raise the chair only a few inches it’s possible to do it by placing some wood in between your seat and the lower chair part. For this to be possible to use long screws or nuts. Make use of a drill to make holes in the middle of a piece 2×2 inches that are made from wood. It will allow you to easily access screws.

It is important to create these pieces of wood according to the number of screws available. For example, If you have 4 screws to be made, then create 4 screws.

Connect the seat onto the upper portion of the chair by putting the wood pieces between both the seat and the lower part. It will be evident that the chair has been elevated to the required height.


Use the Threaded Post


When the chair that you are using comes with an threaded post under the seat, use these steps to adjust the height of the chair:

  • A. Then turn the chair upside down, to ensure that the chair’s base is facing the upward direction.
  • B. Be sure to grease the threads of posts that connect directly to the base on the seat and then wash off any grease left over. Clean the posts with the rug and make sure to remove any dust that may have accumulated within the threads.
  • C. Secure the chair to ensure that it will not be able to move from one point to another.
  • D. To raise the chair up, turn your base clockwise. It is important to ensure that the threaded post will be moving but not the section which is fitted with wheels.


Threaded Post


Follow these steps to go back in the chair and measure the height to determine whether it’s at the right height. If not then you can alter the height as necessary.


Place Aluminum Foil on the Base


Some chairs have an unflattering back because they’re in a slump because their gas cylinder has settled further into the base. If, after a closer inspection, you discover that the column of the cylinder is extended over the base, you may use this method to raise the back that you can get your ergonomic task chair. The procedure is like this:

  • Take the base off the gas cylinder
  • Look for the aluminium sheets. Form it into a circular shape. The column can then be put into the hole that the column will be inserted in the bottom
  • The hole must be lined by an aluminum plate. This will minimize the size of the hole. Insert into the gas cylinder where it should not sink due to the effect of the aluminum base.



Use an Office Chair Mat


A formal ergonomic office chair can feel less comfortable if the casters slide into carpet. The fibers could also be trapped to casters and result in injury. If you’re trying to prevent the necessity to keep replacing office chair wheels replacement, it is advised to purchase mats for your floor. These mats will prevent the damage of the item since they protect carpets, as well as chair casters provide your chair taller.


Final Words


Task chairs that has low heights are a problem that is commonplace at the current time. It’s a good thing that it is fixable without having to buy a new chair.

Choose the option that works best for you, and then set the chair to its best. Making sure that your chair is of an proper height is important to increase safety and comfortable sitting posture.

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