Lazyboy office chair: 5 best & Alternatives

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The La-Z-Boy office chairs are among the most comfortable office chairs accessible.

If you’ve ever been sitting in a recliner by La-Z-Boy, you know how it comfy would feel to sit while at work or at your home office.

But choosing a perfect office chair can be a big challenge, especially given the variety of choices accessible through the internet at the sites.

Many thousands of office chairs are listed in the search results of potential sellers. It’s common to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options.

The following article will list several of the most loved cheap alternatives to the iconic La-Z-Boy chairs along with an in-depth buyer’s guide to ensure you’ll be aware of what differentiates these chairs apart from others and decide the style is best suited to your office layout.

Lazyboy office chair: Price Table

La-Z-Boy Hyland Executive Leather Office Chair

It is the Hyland Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair is among the best La-Z-Boy office chairs that are available.

It’s a fashionable coffee brown hue, and like most executive chairs on the list, sitting in this chair is as if you’re sitting on a cloud made from Memory Foam. It features a cushioned cushion which makes you believe it will put you in happiness as well as comfort.

In terms of design, especially in terms of aesthetics, Hyland Executive is a fashionable and attractive model. Hyland Executive has a lot to provide.

The La-Z-Boy Executive Office Chair comes furnished using brown leather that is a bonded leather fabric that oozes the look of an office.

It also comes with the appealing wood grain look that is also applied to the armrests as the base portion that is the base of the chair.

Furthermore, the La-Z-Boy office chairs also are built for long-term use. They are built with a purpose to endure. This Hyland Executive is a perfect illustration of their excellent craftsmanship. It’s a top choice to buy office chairs and one of my favorite chairs on this list.


  • Innovative layering technology for cushioning using ComfortCore Plus and Memory Foam
  • Modern lumbar support technology can be adjusted to each individual’s sitting style
  • An additional layer of padding and a padding system that reduces stress upon pressure point
  • Adjustable height and tilt
  • The Lumbar Breathability Systems
  • It is covered by a 10-year guarantee. This is quite impressive as an office chair


  • Armrests can’t be adjusted and stay in the same place.
  • The capacity to weigh the chair could limit the use of certain people; check out the following big chairs and tall chairs for more information

La-Z-Boy Bellamy Traditions Executive Office Chair

It’s the La-Z-Boy Bellamy Executive is another one of the best Lazy Boy office chairs in the market. It’s similar to Hyland however, it is distinguished by a few distinct features. The main difference between the La-Z-Boy Bellamy office chair and the Hyland is style.

Bellamy is softer. Bellamy is darker compared to Hyland. Hyland and its stitching and padding are different.

While it’s a distinction in a style that the executive chair is not lacking the high style and professionalism of its counterpart.

The Bellamy is still boasted its elegant design made of fine-grain wood on the armrests and its base.

It’s also made with premium leather which is made of bonded leather. Overall, it’s an excellent choice. The style and the materials are of top quality.

The Bellamy doesn’t have one significant feature that the Hyland has. It is equipped with Air Lumbar technology. It is basically the AIR Lumbar technology boosts the circulation of air through the chair making it more pleasant sitting feeling.

Although it’s real there is a reason why the Hyland La-Z-Boy has this nice feature. The Bellamy is the more economical option compared to others La-Z-Boy office chairs that could be a crucial element to consider when making your decision. Should price matter more than single feature then the Bellamy is probably the ideal choice that you can choose.


  • A technique for cushioning that is a step up in cushioning created with ComfortCore Plus and Memory Foam
  • It is made of top-quality bond leather and has a classy design and feel
  • New technology to the lumbar support technology that adjusts to the person’s sitting style
  • An additional layer of padding along with a padding system that reduces stress at pressure points
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty on this product
  • Adjustment of height and tilt can be adjusted.


  • Armrests do not adjust
  • The company isn’t big and isn’t tall certified. Weight capacities are restricted to 250 pounds
  • The Hyland Executive does not have an AIR Lumbar feature that is available with Hyland Executive.

La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Leather Office Chair

Another thing La-Z-Boy is great at is big and tall office chairs. The Delano by La-Z-Boy is suited to people who require extra support and a longer-lasting seating alternative. The Delano is a standout in three distinct categories: comfort, design and value.

This extravagant office chair is truly comfortable. It comes with fine leather that is bonded leather that is enclosed in an innovatively placed memory foam designed to conform to the natural curvatures that your physique.

The terms of design, the La-Z-Boy computer chair that has an exquisite wooden frame that gives it an elegant appearance as well as feel.

It’s an attractive option for any office as well as home office setup. Tall individuals are not likely to be disappointed by this choice.

It’s a fantastic value also and, since it’s going is an big and tall office chair, the price will be definitely an advantage. The large as well as tall office chairs typically expensive on the whole. Although the Delano might appear expensive initially, once you examine the cost of some of the big and tall office chairs on the market, you’ll understand why it’s a great value.


  • Can hold a weight of up to 400 pounds.
  • ComfortCore Technology, paired with high-end Memory Foam
  • Large, multi-layered body cushion that provides the most comfortable and an ergonomic support
  • Options for height and tilt that can be adjustable
  • This is the High style of chestnut brown leather. It is a bonded leather which can be perfect to go with the chair
  • Our favorite team members’ big and tall office chairs


  • It doesn’t contain any of the AIR Lumbar Technology
  • It could be too big for certain people. capacity for weight is 400lbs. The La-Z-Boy standard office chairs are 250lbs
  • Armrests are not adjustable

La-Z-Boy Trafford Executive Leather Office Chair

The La-Z-Boy Trafford Big and Tall Office Chair is a great option in the field of big as well as tall style chairs.

Trafford is more expensive but, it comes with an additional feature that isn’t available on the Delano does not have – the Air Lumbar Breathability feature.

In essence, it lets more airflow through the lower and mid-upper back. This results in an even more comfortable sitting and reclining.

It’s a wonderful feature however it’s not necessary to shell out extra cash the feature isn’t necessary. The Delano is in essence the same chair without it.

The style of The La-Z-Boy Trafford differs slightly from the Delano as well.

For example, the Trafford is stylish and has Vino-colored Bonded leather placed on top of the most luxurious Memory Foam.

It also includes wood-finished, shining armrests and base as well as other models.

Although you will spend more money on the feature the La-Z-Boy executive chair is still a great alternative for big and tall chairs.


  • Capable of supporting the weight of up to 400 pounds
  • ComfortCore technology, paired with high-end Memory Foam
  • A cost-effective, layered, body pillow that provides comfort and offers superior ergonomic support
  • Options for height and tilt that can be altered
  • Armrests with padding and comfortable
  • AIR Inspiring Lumbar Breathability Technology


  • Expensive cost
  • Armrests do not adjust
  • Similar issue regarding capacity for weight like Delano chair. The Delano chair may be too big for some individuals

La-Z-Boy Edmonton Big/Tall Executive Office Chair

It is the La-Z-Boy Edmonton is identical to the Delano Lazy Boy office chair.

The big distinction is style and all it comes into the chair you think is most beautiful and also what you think is the price of the chair.

The two chairs are fantastic alternatives. The choice is simply it’s a matter of aesthetics and which you love the most.

The features are similar to the Delano specifically.

The Trafford is fitted with the same well-designed cushion layering system included in the stylish style of waterfall seat style.

The style is similar to the style of the Trafford is embellished with beautiful and secured leather along with frames made of wood.


  • A technique for cushioning and layering that is sophisticated and developed by using ComfortCore Plus and Memory Foam
  • Modern lumbar support technology that is able to adapt to any user’s sitting style
  • Layers of cushioning along with a padding system that reduces the stress on points of pressure.
  • Adjustable height and tilt


  • It’s nothing too different from Delano. It’s a matter of style opinions
  • The armrests won’t adjust like other La Z Boy models

Best La-Z-Boy Office Chair Alternatives

High-Back Executive Chair from AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics produces common household items such as mousepads and batteries. Also, they make the finest leather computer chairs you can buy too.

If you’re searching for low-cost La-Z-Boy alternatives, this desktop chair is at the top of your mind.

This AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair is an excellent high-end office chair and is perfect for those looking for the luxury office chair experience, but cannot afford the thousands in dollars.

It’s very comfortable and has the following features:

  • Black fully bonded leather which is decorated with PVC
  • Further padding at the rear of the seat to improve comfort
  • Adjustment of height and tilt can be adjusted
  • High back for the best support
  • It spins very easy

AIR Arlington Serta Smart Layers

Serta is a well-known name for its luxurious and comfortable mattresses. Imagine all the added comfort as well as the support of the Serta mattress and turn to the shape of an office chair; what do you get?

This chair is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. AIR Arlington Executive offers some of the highest comfort as well as comfortable ergonomic support in addition to comfort over all other office chairs on the market.

Smart AIR Layers has many nice options, like:

  • Lumbar support with Kinetic Air Technology that is shaped and is in line with how the shape of your lower back
  • Adjustment of height and tilt can be adjusted
  • Armrests that have padding
  • A thick ergo-layered full body cushion support system that offers a comfortable and peaceful sitting experience
  • Headrest support and high back to provide optimal posture support

LeatherPlus Chair from Boss Office Products

The Boss Office Heavy Duty Double Plush Office Chair was designed especially for big and tall person. While it’s designed specifically for those who are big and tall, however, other people may find it comfortable as well.

The unique office chair is constructed of extra-thick, plush padding and comes with the following features:

  • Solid frame, solid structure that can support up 350 pounds
  • It is made of bomber brown premium leather
  • Tilt and height can be altered
  • The high back and cushioned support for better posture and improve ergonomics

Leather Executive Chair for Big and Tall

Not the least on our list of the top alternatives to our La-Z-Boy office chairs is the Essentials Big and Tall Executive Leather Chair.

It is manufactured by the company called OFM Furniture, a well-known company in the office furniture world.

The chair is unique in the world of them and is highly rated by the buyers who have purchased the chair.

The Essentials Big and Tall has these attributes:

  • Elegant style
  • The soft padding, as well as the high back, provide the most comfortable posture support
  • A capacity of 400 pounds for the weight
  • Armrests that have padding
  • Tilt and height can be altered

La-Z-Boy Office Chairs Buying Guide

Benefits of La-Z-Boy office chairs

La-Z-Boy is a well-established and well-known name and they’ve been in the office chair market for a long time.

There are a lot of computer chair companies that aren’t operating long. In an aspect, purchasing from a trusted brand is usually the first option when it comes to buying that perfect office chair.

The company has been in operation for more than 100 years! It was founded in 1927 and now has over $1 billion in revenue. The point we’re trying to communicate is that with all their years of experience as well as the money to invest into their products. The company was built with the finest quality of craftsmanship, as well as the design and quality of the office chairs reflect that.

Although La-Z-Boy’s executive computers chairs aren’t for everyone (which is the reason we have added the alternatives) However, we’d advise our readers to at a minimum consider the possibility. In this article, I’ll review the primary reasons why these chairs on this list are a good choice for workplaces as well as homework spaces.

Features To Look For

Memory Foam Technology With ComfortCore® Plus

The La-Z-Boy office recliners on this list come with ComfortCore Plus, which includes Memory Foam technology. The foam is expertly installed into every chair giving the office chairs an extraordinary sitting experience.

The pieces of padding are evaluated ergonomically and are put in place so that they can create a perfect support system that will help your lumbar spine health and overall posture.

In addition, the foam is extremely comfortable. You won’t find other office chairs that offer similar comfort to the same degree as those. The designers of these office chairs didn’t miss a single beat. From the padding of the armrests and seat cushions to the high seat along with the ergonomically shaped lumbar style, each of the chairs that are at the top of this list is an outstanding comfort choice.

AIR Lumbar Improved Breathability

Only the select few La-Z-Boy’s desk chairs included in this list come with an AIR Lumbar with a heightened breathability design.

There’s an effective method and easy way to find the significance of this feature for you. You can ask yourself: “Do I run hot or do I run cold? ”

Contrary to the other common office chair materials such as mesh leather can be able to hold a significant amount of warmth.

This suggests that after a long period of sitting, chairs might become unbearably hot, particularly when you’re very hot.

If you’re cold, then it’s fine with the chair which doesn’t come with the air Lumbar function. However, when you’re feeling hot, you’ll be able for you to choose a leather office chair if you don’t choose one with the airflow feature that is a highlight in your seat’s back.

It’s not required If the body you are already warm in a natural way.

Which chairs have this option?

  • Hyland Executive Hyland Executive Office Chair
  • Trafford Office Chair

Increasing Circulation with Waterfall Seat Edges

The circulation and flow of blood are two crucial aspects to consider when choosing an ideal office chair. Have you ever thought about why you feel perpetual afternoon fatigue?

Are you tired of waging an endless battle against fatigue by drinking coffee? If yes you should be aware of the amazing feature known as Waterfall Seat Edge.

This is an easy solution to aid you in overcoming tiredness. These Waterfall seat edges are designed to increase circulation, helping to can reduce fatigue and can help prevent the famous “afternoon slump”.

Look at the direction your blood flows after sitting for a long amount of time. That’s right. In your bum!

The majority time, when sitting long hours for a period of time, blood vessels get clogged and aren’t flowing in the proper direction to the lower extremities.

This could cause fatigue you feel at specific times throughout each day. With this Waterfall seat edge, it’s possible that you don’t have to be concerned about it anymore.

Which chairs with Waterfall Edge feature?

  • Each included on this list


The guide ends with our best La-Z-Boy office chairs and top alternatives. As you will see, we are big admirers of the general comfort and style of these chairs, especially chairs in the executive chair category.

If you’re searching for something contemporary and ergonomic, like a mesh-style chair the choices listed here will not be on your list of choices.

If you’ve arrived at this page, I hope that we’ve provided you with some fantastic alternatives to choose from.

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