How to Remove Casters and Replace Chair Wheels

Do the wheels behind the office chair scratching up your flooring? Perhaps the casters are becoming worn out? Nearly every office chair has wheels that can be removed and replaced. Below is the step-by-step procedure (with photographs) to help you replace chair wheels.

Replacing chair wheels

For you to replace the swing chair wheels use the following steps:

  1. Remove all the wheels from the desk chair
  2. Make sure to check the office chair caster type and size
  3. Buy and select new caster wheels
  4. Remove the entire set of chair wheels
  5. Install the latest office chair wheels

Keep reading for more details about the steps.

Remove chair casters

The removal of wheels off of the office chair will be an easy process. Most of the times, you don’t need to use any tools. When you do this, you’ll take just one caster wheel to discover the dimensions and kinds. Most (~95 %) of office chairs wheels are equipped with what’s known as a “grip stem caster”. The kind stem comprises a circular made of metal that has an elongated ring designed to resemble an alphabet “C” near the upper. The grip ring can expand and compress, and then secure the stem within its socket at the chair base. So it is possible to remove this type of caster typically requires only a firm pull.

Follow these steps to remove the wheels off the office chair :

  • Place on the office chair on its side.

Be sure to lay the office chair on its side so that you’re in a position to reach your caster wheels. Set the back of an office chair onto its back to permit access to the chair wheels

Lay Office Chair On Side

  • Take out your chair wheel (hands with gloves, as well as a towel)

Get an firmly grip the chair wheel and then pull away from the chair base. This should remove the caster from the socket. If you’re experiencing difficulty gripping the caster, use gloves or an old towel. When the chair wheel isn’t turning, it is possible that you are using an alternative stem type (threaded or fixed/welded).

Securely grip the one chair wheel after which pull away from the chair base

Remove Plastic Chair Wheel By Hand

Utilize gloves to gain better grip on wheel.

Remove Chair Wheels With Glove

Use an old towel for better grip on the chair wheel.

Remove Chair Wheels With Towel

  • When it’s stuck, using a screwdriver or pry bar

If you suspect that there’s a problem regarding your grip ring stem, but it’s actually stuck, use an enormous flat blade screwdriver to help pry the caster from the chair base socket. If you’re struggling to remove the caster from the chair wheel, try applying grease such as WD-40 or something similar to it to the caster stem and leave it for a few hours before trying to do it over again.

Use the flat blade screwdriver to pry the chair wheel out of its socket.

Remove Chair Wheel With Screwdriver

Check caster type and size

If a caster wheel is lifted off office chair base, you can determine the stem type and the size.

  • Verify stem type

Use the following pictures to determine the chair’s caster stem type. It’s an example of the grip ring stem is the most commonly used stem employed in office chair wheels. The determination of stem type is an essential factor in determining how when you replace chair wheels.

Stem TypeGrip Neck StemGrip Ring Stem CasterThreaded Stem Caster

  • Make a measurement of the stem size

Find the length and the diameter that corresponds to the grip ring stem. It is most likely to be 7/16″ diameter by 7/8″ length.

Take a measurement of the grip ring stem using calipers or tape.

Measure Grip Ring Stem

Select the new chair wheels

The majority of office chairs that you’ve bought always had the same dual-wheel casters however, there are superior alternatives available. A lot of the problems that come with these wheels can be resolved using the highest grade caster. The best all-purpose chair wheel for most applications is a single-piece, heavy-duty wheel caster which is suitable for be used on almost any floor.

Rollerblade Office Chair Wheel 1

Rollerblade Office Chair Wheel 2

They are the Rollerblade office chair wheels can be considered to be the most effective all-round casters used for chairs that can swivel.

Rollerblade Office Chair Wheel 3

The most significant aspects to take into account when choosing the most recent chair wheels comprise:

  • All flooring is secure floor types (hardwood and tile, laminate, etc. )
  • Frame constructed of steel to provide the capacity of 500plus lbs.
  • Ball bearings within the swivel as well as wheel to ensure smooth and easy wheel rolling
  • Swivel and silent rolling
  • Materials that can last for many years of usage
  • It is covered by a warranty

What happens when your office is covered with luxurious, thick carpet? Great question It’s a tough one, as chair wheels weren’t designed to operate within thick carpet. There isn’t the optimal caster for this type of flooring. The best option is to select an extra-large caster which is bigger by wheel size. A caster with a 3″ wheel diameter will perform better than one with a 2″ wheel diameter through thick carpet. Also, think about making use of the floor mat to enhance mobility. That’s about the only scenario where we’d recommend a chair mat. In other scenarios apart from the plush carpet, chair mats are unnecessary and could be dangerous.

To conduct a thorough analysis of chair caster wheel kinds, check at the following article.

If you prefer to avoid all the study and investigation, check on the rollerblade office chair wheels. They’re deemed as the best solid all-round caster that is used in office chairs.

Is it possible that they will fit my chair?

If you’ve checked the size and shape of the caster stem in our step above. You can be sure that they’ll be able to fit on your chair. Make sure that the chair wheels that you buy are of the dimension and shape you’ve established earlier.

Removing the remaining chair wheels

After you’ve received the brand new bought set of casters, take off all your old caster wheels using the procedure we detailed.

Remove all the plastic chair wheels using our method.

Put on the brand-new wheels

Replace the chair wheels with the caster stem all the way to the chair base socket. This process is applicable to the common grip ring stem type, and in the final stage in the process where it is possible to replace chair wheels.

Set up the most recent office chair wheels.

Install Rollerblade Chair Wheels

It’s possible you have the stem dimensions are in line with your chair base, but you are having trouble putting it in. It could be due to your grip ring on the top of the stem. The rings are designed to be compressed and is the thing that keeps it in place once it is inserted into the chair base. So, if the stem is able to fit into the socket, but isn’t able to reach beyond the grip ring, try the next procedure:

  1. Apply a thin layer of lubricant or WD-40 directly on the grip ring
  2. Then press the grip ring with some pliers

Caster Wheel Maintenance

Caster wheels enable people to move their workstations and chairs after they have been aligned and pushed. To make sure they function and perform, it is crucial be focused upon periodic cleaning.

Maintain Caster Wheels

Check caster wheels regularly

Check and test the wheels frequently to identify any potential issues or problems. To accomplish this, turn either or both of the table or chair over and check that all nuts and bolts are securely attached. Take note of worn tread on wheels and take extra care to wash your wheels when you spot dirt and other particles. A build-up of particles, like hair and dirt, could hinder the performance of your wheel and its mobility.

Inspect Caster Wheels

If your wheels have been damaged, replace them with new wheels immediately, and also make sure that the bolts have been tightly tightened. Lubricating the wheels with lubrication can enhance the performance and increase the lifespan that comes with the wheels. To get the most effective results, grease your wheels every 6 months and keep an eye out for loose bolts or broken parts. It is possible to employ a damp cloth to cleanse your caster wheels free of dirt. A routine maintenance program will ensure that your office or desk chair caster wheels will function effectively.


Can you remove caster wheels of Office Chair?

A majority of office chairs have wheels that you can pull off for regular maintenance and replace these wheels. Although you could remove the wheels off the office chair, ensure that you do it in a timely manner. This is because removing caster wheels can take some time, and you may need a tool that will assist you put back those casters.

How Do You Remove a Broken Caster?

You can take off the damaged caster by pulling off the rear of it. If you’re not able to remove it then you can try using a screwdriver as well as an instrument to push the bottom of the wheel onto your chair while you push your wheel and out.

Video: Replacing Office Chair Casters


You are now conscious of the primary aspects to remove office chair wheels and replace the wheels with fresh ones. The wheels are the main element in the function of your chair. Therefore, you should not do something reckless in this regard.

If you find that the wheel requires repairs, don’t put it off and keep it to think about the next tomorrow. The overall function of your office chair is diminished if you don’t replace it. Also, it’s much easier and less time-consuming to finish removal and replacement of the chair process instead of suffering the discomfort of a injured office chair.

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