How To Disassemble Office Chair (5 steps & Tips)

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There are several reasons why you have to disassemble an office chair. It could be because you need oil for the parts. Be sure to maintain metal parts lubricated on a regular basis can prevent the development of damage.

Another reason to check is that you can verify that your metal parts are all tightly screwed in order to not sound like they are squeaking. It’s possible for you to carry out minor adjustments to better suit your needs. Maybe you have to move to a new office in which case fitting a large and heavy chair in a car could be a challenge.

Whatever your reason needs to be disassembling an office chair, there are some things to consider like tips and tricks to keep in mind. This article will help you understand the different ways for you to disassemble most office chairs.

How to Disassemble Office Chair

Remove Wheels/Casters

It can be a little difficult to finish the job when your chair moves around whenever you trigger it. The best way to stop the movement of your chair is to disengage the wheels from the legs.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Pry bar
  • Screwdriver


  • Make sure that you switch the office chair upside down to allow access to wheels.
  • Grab the legs on the chair with one hand, and hold the caster with the other hand.
  • Get rid of the casters. If it isn’t moving, use the pry bar.
  • The nail-pulling part should be placed onto the pry bar between the caster and the chair leg. Push the pry bar handle downwards to pull away, releasing the caster wheel.

Then follow this same procedure for each wheel until the chair isn’t able to move anymore. Once you’re finished using all the wheels, remove the star base.

Remove Star Base

To eliminate your office chair base, you’ll require a hammer and a piece of wood as well as assistance. Turn your chair and let your helper hold it in place while they put the wood on top of the gas lift. After that, gently hit the wood with the hammer and make every effort possible to keep from hitting using your gas lift. Keep doing this until you feel the pressure in the lower part is released.

It is possible to remove the chair base is also sometimes beneficial for replacing worn-out parts. Instead of purchasing a brand new chair, you can take off the base, and then replace it with the most recent and budget-friendly chairs or an alternative chair which is not utilized, but with its base.

Along with getting your chair restored to a more comfortable condition, you’ll also be able to help contribute to an environment that’s more environmentally sustainable.

Remove Armrest

The next step to take care of: removing the armrests. It is crucial to determine if the armrests can be removed to ensure that they don’t harm the chair. A majority of ergonomic chairs have removable armrests which are integrated into the construction. If that is true for the chair then you need to look into what armrests are connected to the chair.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Allen wrench or screwdriver.


  • Start by removing the bolts from the chair using a screwdriver in addition to the Allen wrench.
  • Get rid of the dishes.
  • Remove all the pieces you’ve taken into a bag or box and set it in your chair.
  • Take your armrests from the slots of the chair.

(These steps may vary depending on the kind of armrests that you’ve put in the chair. )

Remove Gas Lift Cylinder (Optional)

In the event that your office chair is equipped with a gas cylinder, then it is relatively easy to get rid of one. You’ll need an adjustable wrench/spanner or screwdriver and mallet. With the wrench, you can remove the bolts that secure the piece in place under the chair.

After you have removed the bolts, remove part of the upper part and set it aside. Get help from a trusted friend or keep the gas cylinder upright position by yourself.

Simply lightly strike your gas cylinder with the rubber mallet and gradually increase the force following every stroke. Continue this procedure until the gas lift directly comes out. Alternately you could make your own rubber mallet and then repeat the whole process.

Wear gloves to protect yourself. Sometimes, gas cylinders won’t allow you to get out. They require an exact device, which is usually part of your chair. It is also possible to purchase the device for yourself.

Remove Headrest

If your chair comes with headrests, it’s the ideal time to eliminate it. It’s possible that there’s a snap or screw mechanism which holds it in position. When it’s a snap mechanism ensure that you use the mechanism with the utmost caution and pull without a lot of force.

It’s not a great option to damage your chair. If the screw mechanism is there, simply remove it from the backrest.

Remove Seat

Next step, you must eliminate the chair seat. This is due to it is the chair body usually detaches into two pieces, which include the seat and the back. The back is easily removed by moving it around and maybe taking out a couple of screws.

Once you’ve removed your back, you can remove the screws under the seat and then gently pull it away from the legs.

Disassemble an Office Chair: Things to Consider

No matter the motive you choose to remove or dismantle your chair it is essential to be cautious so that you do not damage the chair. Be aware of this when disassembling different components of your computer chair or specifically your office chair.

  • Don’t take apart anything that’s not necessary. Such as office chairs are made up of several sections. This permits you to take them apart in reverse order after they have been put together. But, it’s better to avoid removing everything in one go. Do not remove the mesh that is on the back of your office chair because it needs to stay in the correct position.
  • Be aware of how things connect and disconnect. If your chair was designed from scratch, then you’ll need to determine the amount of components you must put back to prevent damage to the chair. Certain brands offer office chair disassembly manuals in conjunction the products they sell.
  • Things you should not remove. The majority of chairs might not require removing the backrest, perhaps even removing it by removing the barrel. To avoid harm from occurring to your chair ensure that you remove it as little in the amount that is needed. Always read the instruction from the manufacturer to determine which components of the seat pan can and cannot be removed when disassembling.
  • Choose the right tools required for disassembling. In the majority of cases, you’ll need tools to disassemble office chairs. It is necessary to have perforated pipe screws as well as a rubber hammer to use if the barrel must be removed from the chair. The screwdriver could be needed to remove other parts such as armrests chairs seats or seat pad. Make sure to carry all the tools needed to take apart your chairs.
  • It is sometimes challenging to get rid of the chair cylinder. It’s important to use the chair cautiously when removing it to avoid damage to any part. Since each chair is governed by specific rules, ensure that you start at the beginning and then follow the steps down the stream.


Is it harmful to disassemble my chair?

When you’re putting an excessive amount of pressure on the components of the chair during the process of disassembling an office chair, this isn’t something to worry about.

If you own a piece of office furniture comprised of multiple parts that are joined by a snap mechanism and you must make use of the appropriate amount of pressure to remove or place the pieces. It is likely that you won’t cause any harm.

In the event that tools are required, make sure to use the appropriate tools. This is to protect yourself from damage or stripping screws which could lead to the risk of a catastrophe.

Is it possible to disassemble it myself?

Yes, it is possible to do this on your own, but it’s not simple. For certain actions, it’s beneficial to have someone else help you set on to the base. A hand of another person could assist with certain steps.

How dangerous is the gas cylinder?

It’s certainly likely. The gas lift is filled with highly compressed gas. This can cause an explosion in the case of damage. Be sure to utilize a wood or rubber mallet and not a hammer. Remember to be soft with the cylinder.

Most chairs can be dismantled and moved without needing to take out the chair’s cylinder.

Is it better to take the wheels off one at a time?

It’s not likely to make any significant impact, but it’s not going to make a huge difference either. If you’re on your own, removing one wheel at a go is much more efficient and safer.

The small hardware is hard to keep track of. What can I do?

Place the items in a bag as you dismantle your chair. It will make it easier to follow the removal procedure as well as locate the components needed to assemble the chair and back.


This is a simple brief article which explains how to disassemble an office chair. As you will see, there is no difficulty in the whole procedure. All you require is time and the right set of tools. Make sure you complete each step as carefully as you can to be sure that you don’t damage the chair’s most important component.

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