How to Adjust Office Chairs

One of the most essential pieces of furniture in a good workstation is the office chair.This is because office chairs are designed specifically for a number of reasons, including providing the right comfort to perform their everyday duties. Therefore, when you invest in any office chair, you need a chair that is considered to be fully adjustable.

With that being said, here are some instructions that address how to adjust office chairs.

Factors to Consider When Buying a New Office Chair

Based on the previous information that you have read over the years, you may or may not have access to the most accurate information. In some cases, the information that you have read may even be outdated or completely incorrect. For instance, you cannot choose an office chair for the ‘average person’s height, weight or etc.. Instead, you need to focus on buying an office chairs based on its adjustability, particularly since your office chair should be designed to suit 90% of the overall population. Simply put, you need to buy a chair that is fully adjustable. Here are some of the key specifications that you must consider before making your investment.

  • When an individual sits down in an office chair, it must be easy to operate. For example, you must be able to adjust your chair properly without having to stand up and adjust it up or down.
  • The seat that you buy must be adjustable in at least 2 different ways. Therefore, you need to check and see if you can adjust your chair for tilt and for height.
  • The seat should not put any pressure on your back, knees or thighs.
  • Look for a seat that has been designed with a front edge. And, this front edge must be formed in a curve towards the floor.
  • The fabric in your office chair’s seat must be made of breathable and non-slippery fabric materials. You should avoid chair seats that’s made of slippery materials.
  • The backrest of your chair must be shaped in a design that always support your lower back.
  • You need make sure the office chair is designed with a stable five-point base.
  • Make sure that you are only investing in an office chair that is designed particularly for the type of flooring inside of your office space.
  • Your office chair must be made with a swivel mechanism.
  • Your armrests must be designed in a manner that can be adjusted to the height of your own elbow. When designed correctly, your arms will be made in 90 degree angle.
  • Only invest in an office chair that has armrests. This armrests, however, should be made in a form that allows you to move freely without any unnecessary constraints.

Office Chair Scheme

Adjusting the Arm Rest


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When you adjust your arm rest, you need to make sure that your shoulders are relaxed, at the height of your elbow and positioned at a 90 degree angle. If this adjustment is not made properly, you may be sitting in a position that forces you to slouch or sit too low for prolonged periods of time.

Over the years, there have been some controversial issues about buying an adjustable chair without an arm rest. One of the most notable concerns is not being able to sit close enough to the desk. On the other hand, some people do not want to sit for prolong times without having a place to rest your arms.

Adjust the Height of Your Office Chair


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Adjusting the height on your office chair is also an issue of concern that needs to be addressed. To make the appropriate adjustments, one of the first things that you should do is to stand in the front of your chair. And, from this position, adjust the highest point of the seat to fit just below your knee cap.


Adjust Height Knee


Once you have completed this part of the adjustment, sit in the seat, and then place your feet flat on the floor.


Adjust Height Feet On Floor


Adjust the Depth of the Seat


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It is also important to remember that office chairs can be designed differently. Simply put, the design of the office seat will determine what measure needs to be taken to adjust the depth of the seat. For instance, with some office seat designs, you should make sure that you have enough room to side the chair comfortably under the desk.

On the other hand, if the office chair is not designed with features to adjust the seat depth, you cannot make these adjustments.

Adjust the Tilt Tension and the Recline of the Tilt Tension


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According to information published by the founder of Humanics Ergonomics, Rani Lueder, the recline and tilt function on an office chair is a important part of relieving the load on your back and spine as you sit, Therefore, when you invest in an office chair, it is important that you chair has a tilt feature. These features can work in more than one way. For instance, you want to adjust the tension on your office chair so that it will not automatically spring back but stay firmly in place as you move back and forward.

Adjust the Office Chair for Lumbar Support


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To protect the natural curve of your spine, you need an office chair that is designed specifically for lumbar support. Therefore, when you invest in an office chair, you need to make sure that the chair is equipped with this special function. For instance, when your office chair has this feature, you can make these adjustments by dialing or tweaking the setting until the chair until your back is completely comfortable.

Certain chairs are more adjustable than those above, while certain chairs have less.

If you own an adjustable lumbar cushioning on the backrest, the form of the cushioning for the lumbar can be altered to make it more or less prominent. This allows for a better fit between the curve of the lower back as well as the chair’s low back support, thereby reducing lower back discomfort.

If you own a chair equipped with a synchro mechanism that locks or unlock the recline of your backrest. You must adjust the knob of tension (sometimes under the seat) to stop the backrest from sliding backwards and giving way.

What Changes Should I Make if my Desk is set at an Fixed Height?


When your chair is adjusted to your height, make sure you are able to sit at your desk comfortably and by putting your legs beneath.

  • If you are unable to get your legs underneath the workstation, or there is no space for them to allow them to move around easily, the workstation is too small for you. You shouldn’t use this workspace on a regular basis!
  • If you are able to sit comfortably, but you need to lift your arms to position them over the work surface, the workstation isn’t high enough. Adjust the height of the chair to ensure that your elbows are approximately equal to your work surface. Make use of a footrest if are unable to put your feet flat onto the floor.
  • The footrest must be adjustable and provide support for both feet. Maintain your feet level and firm upon the rest of your foot.




Different office chairs are designed with specific adjustable functions. In fact, some office chairs have more adjustable features than others. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you are investing in the best adjustable chair possible, you need to choose an office chair that is fully adjustable for ease in making changes to the settings. The price of these office chairs may a bit higher than chairs that you cannot adjust. So, it is very important that you do a thorough job of researching these and other factors before you make your decision to buy.

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