Herman Miller Size Chart & Model Comparison

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Are you considering the purchase of a Herman Miller Aeron chair to improve the appearance of your workplace? A smart choice. But, you’re aware it’s true that the Aeron chair is available in three sizes, right? In this article, I’ll break down the entire Herman Miller Aeron chair and provide you with the most precise size information.

Herman Miller Aeron Chairs Size Chart

Let’s talk about the design and style of this Herman Miller Aeron chair. The stunning chair comes in three sizes that cater to a variety of individuals. Its three sizes are sizes A, B, and C. In simpler terms, they can be classified into three categories that are smaller, medium, and large. Check out the picture below to find out how to calculate the dimensions of the chair:


Size A (small)

Size B (medium)

Size C (large)





Seat Height

14.75 – 19″

16 – 20.5″

16 – 20.5″









It is crucial to remember that it’s only sized A with a shorter seat height in order to accommodate shorter legs.

Herman Miller did an impressive job in making it easy for customers to find the ideal measurement. Its Herman Miller Aeron size chart below will help you find the right size determined by your weight as well as the size of your height and weight. The vertical axis indicates your height and the horizontal axis represents your weight. For an overall idea of your weight look at the below chart:

What Is The Size Of My Aeron Chair?

It’s easy to figure out the size of the Herman Miller Aeron chair that is just in the front before you. There is an elongated lip of plastic which runs from the top of the chair and is where you’ll find the Herman Miller logo. Put your finger on the lip and then place it inside it. There will be numerous bumps, which indicate the size of the lip.

  • 1 bump: Size A
  • 2 bumps: Size B
  • 3 bumps: Size C

The particular chair is described as an Aeron size B as it has 2 bumps (dots) below the lips.

What Is The Process For Adjusting An Aeron Chair?

Remove your weight off of the chair and pull the lever up. At the appropriate height, your feet should be parallel to the floor. To increase tension: While seated the knob must rotate forward (clockwise toward plus sign).

What Is The Procedure For Locking My Aeron Chair?

The tilt lock feature can be activated by sitting on the chair and pushing back slightly. For the chair to be locked in place, raise the tilt lock lever to the up position. It is crucial to keep in mind this feature isn’t available on all chairs. Be sure that a chair is equipped with this feature before attempting to switch on the feature.

What Is The Lifespan Of An Aeron Chair?

A good office chair is considered to be an investment that will last for a long time as a piece of equipment in your car or home. Aeron will be sure that it will last for 12 years, however, the majority of people keep them longer. Even though used Aeron chairs tend to be less expensive however they’re not more durable than a brand new chair but they last for quite a long time. It’s a good investment!

How Do The Aeron Classic And New Aeron Differ?

While both Aeron Classic, as well as the New Aeron, differ slightly in dimensions and weight/height specifications, but, they share numerous additional features that have been upgraded in the latest versions. The creator of the first Aeron, Don Chadwick, was called back to alter the design in 2016, the results were incredible.

Tilt Mechanism

The most recent Aeron has a more flexible “Leaf spring” that allows immediate tilting back on the chair. The previous model needed pressure a few seconds before being capable of tilting.

Back Membrane

The web membrane that Aeron chairs are famous for has been given an upgrade with the latest Aeron. Aeron has also increased the tensile force of the 8Z Pellicle which is the transparent fabric that protects a portion of the rear of the chair.

They’ve also designed it in such a way that specific parts of the fabric can push back a bit or more the back of various areas. The 8Z name is because it has eight zones that have the ability to adjust tension. Classic Aeron featured generally uniform tension.

Back Support

It’s a version of the New Aeron that introduced a much more precise sacrum and lumbar support to the lower back. The support is known as PostureFit SL. It allows small adjustments for back support that tries to mimic how the spine of a person sits when in an upright position. It’s important to know the fact that it’s an additional option for the New Aeron, as it allows you to purchase the basic lumbar support pad which is identical to Aeron Classic.


The team at Herman Miller modified the balance of the chair. They reduced the tilt mechanism and created an easier-to-balance point for the chair which allows it to be more upright and focusing. This is also an aid in creating a smoother tilt mechanism that’s easy to observe on the most recent version versus the first.


The original Aeron Classic was basically only available in matte black. In the present, Herman Miller has added many different colors which include: Graphite (like the original) and Mineral (gray). It is also possible to use polished aluminum on the base, instead of graphite. Herman Miller will sometimes refer to the black-on-aluminum style under the title”The Executive”

What Exactly is Aeron Special Gaming Edition?

In 2020, Herman Miller added a special version of Aeron. Its collection was created specifically for gamers. The chair which is pure matte black comes with an improved quantity of forwarding seat angle which allows gamers to move forward toward their gaming sessions. It’s basically the same chair as Aeron. It’s gorgeous and the matte black design, it’s certain to attract attention.

What Features Are Available To Customize For The Aeron?


Aeron can be used with two types of casters that are designed to be based on the floor on which you’ll place the caster. It is possible to purchase carpet casters or multi-surface casters (which have a more quiet mover). We recommend you purchase the office chair mat with the Aeron because it protects carpets and floors from wear over time.

Arm Pads

The initial Aeron Classic came with standard arm pads made out of the material rubber. They are extremely comfortable and very durable. You can change to a leather arm pad at around $100 if you prefer the comfort that comes from genuine leather.

Adjustable Height VS Fully Adjustable Arms

You can choose between arms that only adjust in the height of the user and purchase arms that adjust forward and backward, and also pivot out and in (see the picture further below). From my experience, I recommend choosing arms that have fully adjustable arms, they provide an additional bit of flexibility that allows the chair to be adjusted to fit your body like it were an ideal fitting.

Angle And Tilt Of The Seat

The tilt function included on every Aeron lets you alter how much effort is needed to rotate (recline) the chair in the opposite direction.

If you want to upgrade, you can also add a tilt limiter which can allow you to regulate the tilt is when completely upright and fully reclined. Aeron’s seat angle adjustment upgrade allows users to adjust their seat angle by 5 degrees depending on whether they want to be able to sit forward in their chair (gamers tend to prefer this style of the chair as well).

Back Support

This is the main improvement I’d suggest to most Herman Miller Aeron buyers. The regular lumbar support adds a horizontal pad that is able to be put on the aft side of the chair to offer greater lumbar support. However, the most exciting feature is with using the Posturefit SL accessory.

This is the component of the chair that was completely redesigned from the beginning as well as being an entirely New Aeron version of the chair. It’s a second back support solution, featuring two pads that support the sacrum and the lumbar area of your back. This allows you to adjust your chair to be affixed to an arc of your back.

Do I Require Footrest?

Perhaps. The only issue I have encountered with Aerons is that they are equipped with very hard plastic lips placed to be in contact with the lower leg. I’ve found that a footrest can help the lipless near to the legs, and helps alleviate any discomfort that may result from long sitting periods. In the end, the lip isn’t that crucial. I’d suggest trying Aeron first to determine how the lip made of plastic affects you in any way prior to you purchasing this footrest.


Here is the complete Herman Miller Aeron chair size chart and model comparison. We hope that our simple-to-read article will help you choose the appropriate dimensions for office spaces. In the end, is the Aeron chair is one of the best office chairs you can purchase. Have fun!

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