Full Herman Miller Sayl Review

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The first thing you’ll observe about The Herman Miller Sayl is its distinctive style. While it’s situated in the top tier of the market it’s not the highest quality in terms of comfort. It’s priced in the middle of the spectrum, but it’s the least expensive chair that gets top marks in our adjustability measure. It’s also incredibly simple to build. It’s a great chair, particularly if you love its modern style, but it’s not the best choice for everyone.

Herman Miller Sayl Review

Initial Impressions

It is no doubt that this chair is a step out of the park from a design perspective. It is the Sayl from Herman Miller that really is a standout among other chairs because of its distinctive style.

This is certainly an impressive feat. The design that was created in collaboration with The Golden Gate Bridge, provides the chair its distinctive, airy backrest. If you put that chair in the chairs in a bustling office it definitely stands from the rest.

It’s modern in a few ways. Additionally, the backrest is slanted. This makes it appear more inviting and comfortable chair. The red and black shades are the most sought-after colors.

There is a wide range of options that are available. For instance, you can choose different colors for the backrest, frame, and of course, the upholstery.

It includes grey white, blue as well. The majority of colors are extremely dark with white being the only exception.

While it’s striking the backrest which is bound to draw the attention of the majority of people, other aspects of the design by Herman Miller are equally impressive.

It’s a perfect balance of elegant and big.

Although I personally love the look, not sure that everyone will love it. It’s not an open secret that it’s unlikely to be a hit with all.


Although not many people consider task chairs with sophistication, this is the first that pops into thought when you see the Herman Miller Sayl chair. It’s an enjoyable experience, and it’s a thing of elegance with its natural, clean style.

The chair is more than simply something to admire. It’s full-featured and comparable to the top office chairs.

The model’s primary data are:

  • Product Dimensions: 26” x 24.5” x 37”
  • Chair Weight: 37 pounds
  • Seat Depth: 16”
  • Tilt Limiter: Three settings: 91, 101, or 124 degrees
  • 2.5” diameter casters (ideal for use on carpet)

Adjustability, Features and Comfort

The famous Herman Miller Sayl chair has a great level of adjustment and is both comfy and beautiful. It is capable of adjusting:

  • The height of the seat (15.5” to 20”)
  • The height of the armrests (the range here is from 6.7” to 10.8”)
  • The armrest angle
  • The arm width
  • The arm depth
  • The tilt tension
  • The angle of forwarding tilt
  • The tilt limiter
  • And the height of the lumbar support pad

This chair is distinguished by its spine support column which is among the only components of the design that is fixed in place and cannot easily be moved. The seatback functions similar to an elongated hammock and is much more comfortable compared to rubberized mesh. The seat cushion is well-padded and is extremely comfortable. It’s also available in a variety of colors.

3D Intelligent Back

This backrest is constructed of elastomer fibers that differ in tension and thickness. A lot of focus on detail and research into science went into the design of this product with the goal of achieving the perfect balance of ergonomic support and freedom. The intelligent 3D back allows you to move and stretch according to your own personal pace while also providing greater stability in critical regions like the spine. The back that isn’t framed as well as the Y-Tower are joined to create an attractive design and also improve the functionality of the chair as well as its stability.


Most offices, as well as home chairs, can tilt in all directions, which lets you move back until you are comfortable. However, recline isn’t as well-known as it might appear. In reality, it can increase our tendency to slump forward or lean inward to increase comfort.

Responsible Design

The most complex and advanced engineering techniques were used to create an amazing and comfortable mesh chair. With lesser materials, Sayl is designed with new ways to deliver the most effective support with a design that is the perfect mix of beauty, elegance and respect for the earth.


Then, we evaluate the quality of the construction, how long-lasting the Sayl ergonomic chair is constructed and the degree of durability it. I have calculated the score on the basis of our own experiences with each chair and looking through plenty of user reviews. The Sayl performs quite very well.

We did not see any noticeable signs of damage in the test. However, we noticed that the cushions on front adjustable armrests seem to show some signs of wear than other models. The height adjustment lever also feels rather fragile. We have read a few comments from customers that echoed the feeling. They noted that the back seat cushion padding and the armrest padding were beginning to tear or crack.

Assembly is Simple

To determine the quality of this measurement I examined the time it took to build each chair as well as the quality and precision of the instruction. Sayl was very excellent, with a top score. It’s nearly pre assembled and I was able to get the chair in under 5 minutes as you simply have to set it on top of the bottom of the frame. The instructions were straightforward and only required one step.

Dimensions and Specifications

The Herman Miller Sayl offered an ideal balance between sleek and chunky. Most office chairs choose one of the two. While it’s certainly advantageous to possess an office chair with a balanced design, it’s also not hard to realize that this could be a hindrance for some people.

The dimensions that the Sayl from Herman Miller can comfortably fit many people. However, taller or larger individuals may be difficult to sit on. The backrest is a design feature, and might appear narrow to certain individuals and might not offer enough support.

Pros and Cons of the Herman Miller Sayl


  • Unmatched neck and back support
  • Net-like backrest to aid in airflow
  • Designed and colored to suit your preferences


  • Insufficient durability for long-term use
  • Lack of adequate head and neck support
  • Costly

Herman Miller Sayl Review: Just What People Have to Say?

Сhair is absolutely top of the line and, with the price that is well worth the value Sayl offers I am happy to recommend anyone seeking to boost their productivity. If you want an extra flexible chair – this chair is the best option.

As an extremely premium chair with solid lumbar support, the Sayl is a good fit for standard office work. Its plastic-webbed back stays cool than cushions made of cloth.


Is the Herman Miller Sayl Covered by a Warranty?

Overall, the Herman Miller Sayl is quite impressive in regards to durability and build quality. However, the warranty will be well-received. The Herman Miller Sayl comes with 12 years of warranty. It’s an excellent deal, however, some rivals offer life-long warranties.

Herman Miller is a Good Brand of Office Chairs, Right?

Herman Miller is an established brand. They have more than 100 years in business and are definitely innovators in designing. They offer an array of chairs with distinctive styles. Take a look into the Embody Chair to view an impressive illustration of their concept for design.

If you’re an admirer of their distinctive style, it will depend on your personal desires. We do believe that they are a great brand to take a look at when looking to buy the perfect office chair. Particularly if, like me, you are an admirer of the traditional style.

Is the Herman Miller Sayl a Good Gaming Chair?

There’s no reason why it’s not there are better or more efficient alternatives readily available. Herman Miller has their own collection of gaming chairs. They also offer office chairs along with gaming chairs and a range of chairs actually.

If you’re looking for a chair that is guaranteed to give you comfort through long hours gaming sessions, we’d not suggest model Herman Miller Sayl. Instead, search for a chair made specifically for gaming such as KILLABEE Gaming Chairs.


Herman Miller is a brand that is known for its unique style. However, the best design cannot be enough without the comfort of high build quality.

Fortunately that it’s a good thing that this office chair offers much more than just a striking style. It’s comfortable, versatile and is adjustable in a range of ways. With ergonomically-designed features as well as a variety of colors Herman Miller Sayl looks like the complete package.

There are a few issues that could arise. The chair has adjustable features, however, isn’t the most suitable choice for those who are taller.

All things considered, I’ve given the Sayl by Herman-Miller an extremely favorable assessment. It’s incredibly easy and fast to put together and has numerous amazing options, and the amazing design is simply stunning.

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