Herman Miller Alternative: 10 Best Cheaper Office Chairs

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If you’re familiar with ergonomic chairs, you’ll know that Herman Miller is the best brand. Herman Miller’s name is like one of the Rolls Royce in office chairs.

In 1994 they’ve created chairs that are of the highest quality and more ergonomically efficient than other chairs available.

As you’ll see in our most recent Herman Miller review, these chairs are expensive price.

Our team of experts has asked: are there any rivals worth checking out?

Why the Aeron is Such a Great Chair?

The devil is always in the details. There’s an explanation for the reason that this best Herman Miller Aeron can be described as a relaxing chair.

8 Tension Zones


The Aeron has eight tension zones known by the name of 8Z Pellicle that extend all the way towards the back and seat. It’s an extremely tight-woven fabric that provides the perfect level of comfort and support to all the areas of your body which meet in closer proximity with your seat. This is one of the main reasons you’ll be able to sit within the Aeron chair for a prolonged period of time without feeling tense.

PostureFit S


Aeron is equipped with the most recent lumbar support called PostureFit S. It is comprised of two pads with a flexible structure that supports the lumbar region, and another one is designed to stabilize the sacrum. Together, they assist the spine to maintain an ideal posture in the S shape without changing the position of your lumbar support.

Adjustable Seat Angle and Tilt Limiter


Both features are designed to give you the ability to sit for a long time as well as recline. A tilt limitation feature lets you alter the amount of tilt when you recline, depending on the amount of pressure required to achieve it. Also, there’s a forward tilt feature which is an unusual feature for good ergonomic chair that actually lets you tilt your chair to 5°. This alleviates the stress on your upper body as you lean forward to write or putting things on your desk.

Pivoting Armrests


The armrests of Aeron chairs have been extremely comfortable and well cushioned. They also come with an angle that permits the user to move them to the side. That’s an important ergonomic characteristic that a lot of chairs that are lower quality do not feature.

High-contour waterfall seat


This Aeron chair features a prominent sloped edge to the seat, which eases pressure in the rear of the thighs, as well as in the region behind the knees. In turn, blood flow to lower limbs is not restricted.

Three Chair Sizes

Another advantage to The Herman Miller chair is that it comes in 3 sizes ensuring that anyone can choose the right dimension. If you’re 4’10” or 6’6” tall or weigh between 90 and 350 lbs., there’s an Aeron chair that’s ideal for you.

Caster Glide Options

The Aeron chair allows you to select from the standard casters which can be used on floors with carpet, and the casters designed for floors with hard floors.

What is the cost of Cheapest Herman Miller Chair?

On average, you will spend about $1,500 for a Herman Miller chair depending on its model and other features. Aeron chairs are available for purchase starting at $995 and going up to $1,895. Depending on which options you choose, the Embody will cost you between $1,495 to $1,895.

What are the Benefits of a Herman Miller Aeron Alternative?

It is Expensive to Buy Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron is an extremely comfortable chair that is well-constructed and uses its brand-new Pellicle 8Z material to relieve pressure points and provide the most comfortable sitting experience.

Yet, their modern style, as well as the latest features, are accompanied by an increase in price.

In general, the Aeron begins at $995 but it could be increased by $1,815.

A majority of people won’t be able to afford the feature. A majority of people are planning to spend anywhere between $300 and $800 on the most basic versions of office chairs.

If you’re not looking to spend that amount, there are plenty of top Aeron alternatives that don’t sacrifice the quality.

Not Everyone Is a Fan of Mesh Chairs

Although mesh chairs are popular among office chairs, they aren’t appropriate for everyone. Mesh back chairs are great for posture support and come with an elevated backrest as well as cooling airflow.

Many believe that it’s due to the fact that best mesh office chairs are not as comfortable as leatherbacks due to the lack of padding. With no padding in mesh backs, they could be quite uncomfortable for you to relax in. One of the primary benefits of using mesh backs is that they’re ideal to keep cool.

However, there are many offices that contain an AC unit installed or you reside in a frigid climate such as Minneapolis. If then, the mesh style could make you feel colder than you’d like!

Furthermore, the mesh backs only offer some padding, and aren’t padded so that you are near the frame when you sit. If you opt for a cushioned fabric or a leather seat, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a thick and comfy cushion to rest on.

Aeron chairs are made of mesh on the backside as well as the seat cushion. This means that a person’s legs, back, buttocks, or thighs undersides could come in contact with the frames of the chairs. This makes the sitting process uncomfortable.

One Size Does Not Fit All with Herman Miller Aeron

Unfortunately, the Herman Miller Aeron chair has some limitations in terms of adjustment. The chairs don’t come with seat depth adjustment, seat width, or the capability to alter the back’s height. Instead, the Aeron chairs are available in three sizes, which include sizes A, B, and C which are suitable for small, medium and large.

Even if you’re having a specific size seat having a depth and width adjustment can enable users to determine the ideal seat location. Some individuals prefer to alter the depth to be further from the back, while others prefer to sit closer.

In addition, the Aeron might not be the best selection for a lot of people using the chair, regardless of whether they are family or the workplace that is with a shared. Three sizes aren’t as flexible as having an ergonomic chair with more adjustment options that can be “one size that is suitable for everyone”.

The ability to achieve your seat depth ensures that there isn’t a lot of space between the seats’ back and front of the knees of the individual. In addition, there’s no rear height adjustment which can be problematic for people who are taller.

A few people who are taller may think they’re not getting enough back support or posture if their back rest’s elevation isn’t sufficient.

Lack of Color Choices

The Herman Miller Aeron chairs have an extremely contemporary and sleek appearance, they’re not available in many shades. In terms of office decor, there are occasions where it’s advisable to add some interest by incorporating different shades.

Aeron provides four colors as well as neutral colors including graphite and minerals. Aeron uses an additional shade to the frame and basis. However, you’ll have only the option of black or silver.

Best Herman Miller Alternatives Office Chairs

Steelcase Amia Ergonomic Office Chair (from 849$)



Steelcase can be described as a top brand with chairs that are frequently described as Herman Miller’s chairs. The Steelcase Amia is a similar style of ease of use and support as The Aeron Chair as well as it is priced around 60% less than Aeron’s cost.

The most distinct feature that distinguishes this Amia Chair is its LiveLumbar support as well as its four-dimensional armrests, which are, at a minimum, better than the ones on Aeron chairs.

LiveLumbar is made up of the flexors in the Amia Back of the chair that have the ability be bent and moved with your back. This provides continuous support, without protruding. The slider lets you alter the portion of your back to be focused.

It’s the Amia armrests that are more flexible than the Aeron’s. They’re 4D and are superior to the Aeron’s arms because they are capable of moving in and out, which allows it to adjust to different lengths of arms.

The most significant flaw in Amia Chair relative to Herman Miller has to do with the absence of tilting forward to the seating. If you cannot find it and are looking the price is comparable, it isn’t there, this Amia chair is your best option to get the same comfort level that Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair for about 2/3 the cost.

To get a brief overview of the adjustability of Amia is able to adjust, you can view this short video:

Similarities with Aeron:

• Does come with adjustable lumbar support, but comfier

• Supported by a range kinds of bodies

• Lock and back tension control

• The gentle slope along the edge of the seat

• Offered in a range of colors and shades.

Differing from Aeron:

• Adjustable seat depth

• It does not mesh, but it makes it possible to use polyester fabrics as well as foam

• Does not tilt forward

• It comes with a more restricted recline angle

• Only available with one dimension

• Armrests with a design in 4D

• 1/3 less costly than Aeron Chair.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair (from 329$)



Are you in the market for an office chair that can support greater weight and is robust? This is Duramont Ergonomic Chair. Its described as durable and made of strong materials. It can hold a capacity of 335 lbs.

It’s a comfy office chair with a breathable mesh backrest, as well as integrated back support. It can also be adjusted according to your height with its easy pneumatic control.

Customers Say:

This chair is rated by many reviews from customers and the majority of them are positive. One of the best features aside from its weight capacity and sturdiness of the chair is the ergonomic style.

You are able to adjust the apex of the seat, but be aware that you can’t alter the seat’s thickness.

Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair (from 250$)

There’s no alternative office chair on the market at the moment which is as good as The Herman Miller Embody. We did find the Ticova which I believe to be quite similar to what you looking for. It is available at a cost of around 5% less than the Herman Miller price.

Although it’s not fitted with the matrix of pixels, it is created to each micro-movement but it comes with backrests that are elastic and is adjustable and so that it is an ideal fit to your back.

You also have the option of changing the lumbar support, including both the depth and height.

However, this isn’t the only thing. You can alter the tilt angle up to 140 degrees, and then make the device move in a circular movement.

Other characteristics in the seat that are not on the Herman-Miller Embody include mesh headrests, concave PU-padded armrests and the seat.

This seat is made up of 3″ (7.62 millimeters) thick high-density foam which was specifically designed to give the user a larger area of support as well as to lessen the strain on your hips.

Humanscale Diffrient World Office Chair (from 730$)



Another option is our fourth choice, which is the Diffrient World Chair by Humanscale. It’s a more premium model. It’s similar to the Mirra 2 in build quality so it’s a little different from the Aeron however it is at a lower price point. It is the Diffrient World Chair is backed by a very solid warranty and is almost fully assembled.

Diffrient World Chair with 4-way arms which offer additional adjustment over the Aeron. The World Chair is also equipped with a slider for the seat. World Chair also comes with a slide for the seat that offers seat depth adjustment. One aspect that differentiates the two chairs is their mechanisms. The Aeron has an ordinary mechanism, while the World Chair doesn’t. It’s an entirely different design. World Chair uses a weight-sensitive recline mechanism, which doesn’t use any knobs or levers to regulate the tension or to lock.

Our office has found the seat inside the Diffrient World to be more comfortable than its predecessor, the Aeron. Its mesh can provide greater flexibility, making it easier to sit in. It’s as well more comfortable for sitting in. World Chair was also designed with no frame in the front, on the sides that the seat. This means that you will not feel like you have a rigid frame like you will with other mesh chairs.

The final reason to select Diffrient World Diffrient World, instead of the Aeron one is that it is available with a broad range of upholstery and shades. The combination of the various options along with its minimalist and sleek style makes Diffrient World a nice choice for those who are creative or require a distinctive design. With 3 frames, as well as various mesh back colors and 64 options for upholstery, there’s a wide range of options that you can investigate.

Negative aspects

As with Mirra 2, The Diffrient World is one step lower in terms of quality, in comparison with Aeron. The Aeron is also equipped with an older recline system that might be appealing to people. In addition to that, The Diffrient World has a weight adjustable system that permits users to lock the chair or change the recline angles.

Aeron provides the possibility of the addition of adjustable lumbar support, which isn’t found in Diffrient World. Our team also discovered that the arms of Aeron are more comfortable than the arms available included in Diffrient World. The World’s arm has wide adjustments, which the Aeron isn’t equipped with. However, the Aeron’s arms have greater ranges, larger pads as well as soft padding.

Eurotech Seating Vera Office Chair (from 500$)



Our next choice of Aeron chair models is the cheap option. This chair, Eurotech Vera comes in at $500. If it’s fitted with the same adjustable capability and an identical adjustment system The Aeron is approximately 1,000$ more than that of the Vera. It is worth noting that the Vera is much less expensive price, yet it comes with similar warranty coverage comparable to similar to the Ergohuman chair. This is a great guarantee for a chair that is less than $400.

The Vera has the same number of adjustments as Aeron however with some distinct differences. The Vera features seat depth adjustment and arm width adjustment, while Aeron isn’t. However the Aeron has adjustable lumbar support options, Vera doesn’t. Vera isn’t equipped with its adjustable lumbar support system.

Our office found that Vera was the more comfortable chair over the Aeron during our testing. It is the reason that Vera was included on our top list of office chairs. The main element of this chair Vera must be its back support. Its mesh offers the perfect amount of stretch to allow users to unwind in this seat. The back has an elegant curve for your lumbar however, it allows you to utilize the whole back.

The seat also proved to be a hit in comparison with Aeron’s. The seat is cushioned with thick padding but without a rough edge. The foam can hold its shape well and provides sufficient assistance. It’s not as comfy as the seat on Akir. This is a good choice for those seeking mesh back chairs that have comfy and comfortable padding and also the additional rigidity.

Negative aspects

It’s worth noting it is that Vera is the inexpensive chair on our list and it’s not a surprise that it’s on the opposite end of the spectrum from that of the Aeron. If you’re looking for a premium chair with a contemporary and modern design then the Vera isn’t the perfect option.

The Vera requires a cost to put together. It will be necessary to put in the mechanism arm, as well as the backrest, the base along the wheel. There are a variety of screws. Take this into consideration the chair that is fully set up, like Aeron.

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair (from 419$)



Its name suggests that the SIDIZ T50 is a great option compared to Herman Miller’s collection of chairs in terms of ergonomics but at less cost. It is similar best Herman Miller Embody.

T50 is among the two chairs on our list with that unique forward tilt. By adjusting the position of a lever, one can tilt the cushion towards the side to permit forward leaning, without putting pressure upon your back, or hips. This is one of the primary features in the Aeron Chair, and the SIDIZ T50 has it.

Another feature we enjoyed at the time we considered Sidiz T50 was its seat depth adjustment. It also has a waterfall seat edge, it assures you that there’s no strain on your thighs from long periods of work.

The SIDIZ T50 which offers a similar degree of adjustment for the rearrest. The multi-limit tilting feature allows five different tilts. When combined with tension control, it’ll not feel like you’re in a fixed position.

In terms of lumbar support, the T50 can be found in two different versions with one having lumbar support with a dedicated unit, and one with no. A lot of owners have found the basic model to be adequate in terms of comfort, with one person stating that it’s similar to buying a Herman Miller Embody for 1/3 the price.

Explore the numerous ways you can modify the T50 in the following ways:

Similarities with Aeron:

• Seat tilt and tension are is adjustable

• Edge Seat for the Waterfall

• Adjustable lumbar support (available separately)

• 3D armrests

• Material that is sustainable

• Forward tilt support

Differing from Aeron:

• Adjustable seat depth

• Headrests are part of the default

• Fabric-covered seat

• 3x cheaper than Aeron

Ergohuman High Back Headrest Swivel Mesh (from 759$)



The Ergohuman chair is less costly than Herman models, yet it comes with almost all of the features you need in an ergonomic best office chair, including the ease of a headrest.

You can customize the chair in totality to ensure you have the most comfortable seating experience.

It has an adjustable headrest, backrest, armrests, seat height, and even seat depth.

Flexible lumbar support enables this chair to be perfectly moulded to any angle or shape you’d like it to offer superior both lower and upper back support.

The angle of the back can be set to three different settings. A tension knob lets you alter the resistance level to recline or assist you to sit straight in your chair.

It’s a fantastic Herman Miller Aeron alternative in this chair as the back and seat are made from a breathable mesh material.

It can help people feel comfortable when they are sitting in their chairs. This also guarantees that you are getting a steady flow of air in order to keep your cool and prevent the body cool and drying.

Make sure you are aware of the fact that this chair features a waterfall-edge design that helps to ease the stress on your thighs. This makes it the perfect choice for people who need to sit for prolonged durations at work.

The height of the headrest can be adjusted to give you excellent neck as well as head support.

The most impressive thing about this model is that it’s extremely robust and well-constructed. The components are of top quality and you can rest assured that you’ll receive a product that lasts for many years to come. It’s modern and stylish and will definitely give a new style to your office.


• Many modifications

• Lumbar support is adjustable

• Mesh seats and back

• Seats with edges that fall

• Sturdy, good quality chair

• Very easy to assemble


• Doesn’t recline far back

• Swiveling arms cannot be locked

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid (from 190$)



The next choices are my recommendations to The Space Seating AirGrid Chair. It’s a great alternative for those on a tight budget and who are looking for the lowest cost Herman Miller chairs replacement.

This chair features a simplistic design and can satisfy your requirements for comfort at work.

A few aspects that put this chair in the spotlight are its many adjustment options for ergonomics.

It has an adjustable tilt to enable the user to recline their chair up to 15deg.

It also features an pneumatic seat height adjusting mechanism and an adjustable arm height which lets the user completely tailor it to meet your needs.

It’s an excellent choice for people who wish to take advantage of AirGrid’s built-in lumbar support which perfectly conforms to your body shape, giving your body an posture when working throughout the day time.

This chair is constructed using mesh backs, it is well ventilated, and will stop your body from sweating and becoming hot during the hours you are working in your office.

The web-based backing comes with a durable foam cushion made from PU Leather for an even more relaxing sitting experience.

Despite the low price, this Space Seating is a good quality chair. It’s constructed with a strong nylon base, giving the chair great durability as well as appearance and experience. The assembly is easy and quick and takes about 10-15 minutes.


• A great price

• Adjustable armrests

• Great built-in lumbar support

• Pneumatic height adjustment

• Extremely simple to design

• Comfortable seat cushion.


• Limited recline angle

• Is not the best choice for those with smaller legs

• It’s not a waterfall-edged seat.

Ikea Markus Office Chair (from 399$)



Another option worth considering is called The Ikea Markus. It’s not an Aeron replica, nor is it a Herman Miller like chair. The Herman miller competitor has its own distinctive style and we’re guessing it’s being sold in the thousands.

It features an upholstered seat as well as an incredibly soft backrest. The backrest is more comfortable than the one from Herman Miller and yet it’s nevertheless sturdy, showing the flexibility of mesh.

The one thing you need to keep in mind with this chair is that it’s not necessarily one of the most comfy. It’s still an ideal choice for those who want a firmer, more comfortable surface.

What makes it a Herman Miller alternative?

It’s built with an ergonomic backrest. It’s possibly an affordable ergonomic chair that isn’t a direct Herman Miller knock-off. Its role as directly Herman Miller competitor, Ikea can provide an ergonomic backrest that will help your spine to relax after long days of work.

The chair does not come with adjustable armrests, which can be an issue for those who are tall or short.

There’s also not any adjustment for the backrest’s height for lumbar support and seat depth. But, as many have said, there’s no better chair to look at for this price.


• It’s able to accommodate the whole back due to its high backrest

• It’s designed to have an air-conditioned seating

• Warranty valid for 10 years.


• The product isn’t supplied with adjustable armrests

WorkPro Quantum 9000 Mesh Office Chair (399$)



Another highly sought-after Aeron replica model known as The Quantum chair. It is well-known for its adaptability to workplaces. It bears an exact resemblance of Aeron greater than. Its backrest and seat are constructed of mesh to allow for air circulation. As opposed to Aeron it also comes with seats that can be adjusted to their depth.

What makes it a Herman Miller alternative?

With the ability to adjust seat height, backrest and seat depth, it almost isn’t possible to think of an alternate office chair for back pain or an alternative office chair for carpal tunnel. It’s intended to last a minimum of 8 hours of sitting.

It’s unlikely to receive any invention prizes to compete with Aeron but it’s an option that has an extended warranty, which makes it an ideal long-term choice as compared to Elusion Chair. If you’re planning to buy an office chair for your home for use as a substitute to or as an Aeron alternatives, it might be the ideal choice.


• The backrest can be adjusted and seat completely

• It moves alongside your entire body

• 100% mesh-supported.


• You need rubber casters for hardwood


If you’re in search of an Aeron alternative, then I’m certain we’ve compiled the right options to help many of you find the right Aeron alternatives. In the case that none of these seem to work with you, then we’ve given you enough information to allow you to browse and locate the most appropriate options to replace an Aeron seat.

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