Herman Miller Aeron vs Mirra

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Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair & Mirra 2 Chair Full Review

In this article, we will take a look at 2 Herman Miller chairs:

  • Mirra 2 Chairs
  • Aeron Chairs

We decided on this test because of the numerous similarities. The two chairs are very similar in regards to adjustment, ergonomics design, and materials like other Herman Miller chairs.

We’ll not get into the in-depth details regarding the particular Herman Miller chair because we’ve already discussed this chair. Instead, we’ll be focusing on the major variations.

Both Aeron and the Mirra 2 are fantastic and extremely ergonomic chairs, but one is more popular due to the preferences of each individual and their individual preferences. Each chair has its own weaknesses and advantages. Without further delay, let’s get started by looking at Herman Miller Aeron vs Mirra 2 overview.

Herman Miller Aeron

Aeron incorporates many years of testing and experimentation and has built up the experience of customers in order to create a work chair that is more ergonomic and comfortable. This model was launched in 1994 and has since been developed to better support the posture of workers who work on their desks.

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Mirra 2 can move along with you as you sit, it adjusts with your physique. The chair is unique and comes with flexible surfaces that respond to the smallest movements. The office chair balances immediate comfort and ergonomically-designed ergonomics in one elegant style.

Video Menu Herman Miller Aeron & Mirra 2


Mirra 2

Table Comparing Aeron & Mirra


Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Mirra 2


8Z Pellicle mesh

Polymer mesh




Lumbar Support

Lumbar pad is adjustable in height

For chronic back pain, you may benefit from PostureFit

Adjustable height and tension

Adjustable Armrest

Armrests are stationary on the standard version

Optional armrests and 3D versions are available

4D armrests

Adjustable Seat Depth



Seat Height

Sizes: A: 15 – 19-inch

B: 16 – 20-inch

C: 16 – 20-inch

14.75 – 22.25-inch




Max User Weight

Sizes A: 300 lbs.

B & C: 350 lbs.

350 lbs.

After you Buy Aeron Chair will Receive:

  • Ergonomic assistance is provided in a variety of places
  • Adjustable armrests (optional is available as an accessory)
  • PostureFit is integrated
  • This mechanism tilts permits for the motion
  • Frame made from Graphite with a surface with satin-finished aluminum
  • This is available in three sizes (maximum weight of 159kg)
  • 8Z Pellicle mesh material
  • A high of 92% of the material can be recyclable.

After you Buy Mirra 2 Chair will Receive:

  • Utilizing PostureFit Technology
  • Light task chair and very ergonomic
  • A very responsive design
  • Tilt mechanism available making natural movement possible
  • Armrests that are able to be adjustable (optional/can become an alternative)
  • The highlights Butterfly and TriFlexback alternatives
  • Maximum weight limit 159 kg

Similarities Between Herman Miller Mirra 2 and Aeron

Purchase & Return Policies

Since they’re made by this same company, both chairs are backed by the same standards which include a 12-year guarantee which is a rarity in other manufacturers. Additionally, they offer a service on-site plan that is offered by the firm to fix their chair. Both have a return policy which is free of shipping and offers an entire refund in the event you aren’t happy with this chair.

High-Quality Building

Each chair is designed with exact specifications that are high-quality, adaptable, flexible and designed to be ergonomically suitable for use in offices. Every one of the specifications are designed to meet the requirements of the users. Both chairs are upgradeable using extra payment (you could also include lumbar support adjustments, armrest adjustments Tilt Limiteretc.)

The two chairs feature a polymer seating mesh that creates the illusion that you are floating in the surface of air. The chairs are comfortable and ergonomic, to put it lightly.

The back support of the Aeron and the Mirra 2 are designed to provide a natural, smooth feeling while maintaining your back posture. They “follow” the movements of your body when you change the posture of your body.

In addition, both chairs are made of environmentally-friendly materials.


The basic version of each chair offers the seat height adjustment along with standard tilt. Other features and adjustments are included when you purchase them: different kinds of backrests adjustable lumbar support, armrests adjustability along a tilt limiter.

These improvements are all added, making the chairs extravagant and expensive. They also offer more comfort and ensure that your body gets the proper support every time you’re sitting. If you’re seeking the most elegantly designed office chair that will help you improve your posture or reduce back pain that you suffer, it’s worthwhile to invest in these adjustments.

Back Support

The models Aeron and Mirra 2 within their basic versions have a typical S-shaped backrest, which does not have adjustable lumbar support. If you have more money than this, you may prefer an upgraded version that has adjustable lumbar support.

Aeron has two options to adjust the height of lumbar support or PostureFit SL backrests that allow you to alter the depth and height in lumbar support. Mirra 2 has one type that has adjustable lumbar support: height and depth that can be adjusted (at extra cost).

Differences Between Herman Miller Aeron vs. Mirra 2


Aeron is available in3 sizes: small (A), medium (B) and large (C). Mirra is available only in one dimension. Three sizes of Herman Miller Aeron chair allow it to be possible for different users to own a chair that is designed specifically for their height and weight. This allows for an extremely comfortable, supportive posture for their bodies. However, it is essential to select the appropriate size prior to purchasing.

The single size that is offered on the Mirra chair comes with a variety of adjustments to suit any user. This makes it possible for various people to enjoy the perfect sitting position with just the same chair to work from home. To make the necessary adjustments, you’ll need money.

When I look at the sizes of Aeron with Mirra 2 I can tell that the Mirra 2 is most similar to Aeron size B. It is therefore perfect for people of average height but due to it’s adjustable seat depth and wider seat and arms, it’s suitable for taller individuals as well. It is ideal for those with broad hips and legs that are long.

Backrest Design

The Mirra 2, as well as Aeron, come with comfortable and breathable backrests but their designs are distinct. Aeron features an upholstery comprised of a suspension fabric which is extremely flexible, yet breathable and comfortable. Mirra 2 comes with two different backrests. They are made from polymer and feature vents that let more air circulate and one appears of a thin layer, while the other one doesn’t include it.

All of these chairs are a good choice for people who sweat often, but they’re not suitable for all. Mirra 2 version without the fabric may feel hard or cold to some people. If you’re looking for something that’s more flexible or springy, go to the Aeron or opt for one of the Mirra 2 with fabric back (called Butterfly Suspension).

Seat Depth

Mirra 2 stands out because of the option to change the seat to adjust by the depth. Herman Miller Aeron even in its most expensive and modern model, does not come with the option. It’s an essential feature for tall individuals who have legs that are long as it permits them to adjust the seat to ensure adequate support for their legs.


The differences between Aeron and Mirra 2 armrests far outweigh their similarities. Aeron provides 3 types of arms. Mirra 2 has 2 kinds of arms.

The chair comes with armrests that have a fixed (non adjustable). If you’re on a more flexible budget I’d recommend making modifications. Aeron has adjustable armrests that can be adjusted in height, or three-dimensional arms (up or down, back and forward reverse and the right and left pivots).

Mirra 2 comes with armrests with 4D for an additional expense. They can be adjusted in the same way as Aeron’s arms. However, they also have width adjustment (inward and outward movement).

Width adjustment must be adjusted to allow for people with different sizes of hips. In contrast Aeron’s 3D armrests Aeron has a fixed length of the arm. This is an issue when you’re trying to find the perfect size for your needs. The Aeron features rounded arm pads as well as the Mirra has a waterfall front and has a wider space to put your hands.

Better Breathability

The main benefit we saw when we used one of the benefits we discovered in the Mirra 2 is that it is a more comfortable mesh seat.

While the Aeron is an airy, cool feel, you’ll be able to notice a noticeable difference when while sitting in Mirra 2. When you have buttons inside your back pockets, it is important to be aware when in the Mirra 2. There are buttons that can get stuck between. So, you might not have an option other than to take it off or let it fall off by itself while you’re sitting.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that it’s apparent it is the case that Aeron appears to be a little warmer in certain places of its hind. The back portion of the back that lies where lumbar support and the back support is situated could become extremely hot, especially on an afternoon that is humid and hot. It could be because it’s the only spot that doesn’t have the pellicle membrane that is used to keep you cool in the other parts of your chair.

Seat Too Firm

Both chairs are popular for their solid seats. This is a great thing because the seat rests comfortably on your back. But the Aeron is more comfortable to sit on. Both chairs feature a mesh seat, but the seat of the Mirra 2 could be too difficult for some – It’s too stiff. There are some who may feel discomfort in their buttocks following using the Mirra 2 during long periods of time.

Price of Herman Miller Office Chairs

If you’re using the Herman Miller Product is can be concluded that you’re from a high-end base. However, there are some questions that could be asked regarding the ambiguous costs associated with these products. Based on my personal experiences, I am in a position to say that there’s no sacrifice in the quality of these products.

If you’re looking for a long-term partner in your job and are seeking an honest supplier, these products will fulfill your requirements.

The price of Aeron begins at $995.00 and can be increased to $1895.00 in accordance with the extra choices and options you select to add to Aeron. Aeron is among the most costly chairs available as well as has an extremely loyal client base because of its genuine worth. With all the features it has to offer costs a reasonable price.

Mirra 2 is the lower end of the product range. It is the most affordable version of the chair can be bought at $795.00. Should you decide to go to purchase the entire set, you’ll be paying around $1250.

Herman Miller Aeron vs Herman Miller Mirra 2

Herman Miller Aeron – What We Like:

  • Design is ergonomic and durable
  • Fantastic back support
  • Health tech for the spine postural and spinal alignment
  • 3 sizes available
  • 8Z Pellicle soft mesh
  • Tilt Limiter.

Herman Miller Aeron – What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited armrests width can be adjusted
  • There isn’t a seat depth adjustment
  • High cost
  • More aesthetic choices.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 – What We Like:

  • Design and durability, as well as ergonomics
  • Good back support
  • Tilt Limiter
  • There are a variety of ways to personalize the appearance
  • The armrests are flexible
  • You can alter your seat depth.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 – What We Don’t Like:

  • The armrests might be too wide
  • The seat may be more robust or firm
  • Triflex may be rough in the rear.

What is the Best Chair?

I think we believe that two chairs were made almost identical. Mirra 2 could be a better alternative if your budget isn’t a sufficient amount for an Aeron chair. Both chairs are comfortable, the Aeron can provide more comfort and back support for those with back and lumbar discomfort. I’ve observed that Aeron is more flexible and adaptable, butMirra 2 is more solid. In addition, the Aeron is lighter in comparison to the Mirra 2.

The Herman Miller Aeron ergonomic chair is indeed an iconic office chair because of the amazing back support it can give those who suffer with back or lumbar discomfort. In terms of fashion, it’s more stylish than the Mirra 2, with its slimmer and sleeker design that appears more contemporary and trendy.

This makes it a preferred option for those who are young and do not have any back problem…yet. Mirra 2 can still offer good back support for those who are active and young, it’s a fantastic bargain.

Final Thoughts about Herman Miller Brand

In the end, I believe that Aeron is an excellent option. Aeron is more popular for those over 50 or having back or lumbar problems for a long time. While a lot of young people would like the Herman Miller Aeron chair, most of the time it’s not within your budget. In the present.

Mirra 2 is a great alternative as well as the best office chair. Both the chairs are made from Herman Miller, the Mirra 2 perhaps has the most similar style like the Aeron. It’s the most sought-after alternative in comparison to the Aeron when your weight isn’t quite on the heavier side.

Which chair is best for you? All it boils down to is the things you value most!

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