Ficmax Gaming Chair Review

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Affiliated to Ficmax the chair is an upgraded version of their previous chairs and comes with some additional features. Ficmax is one of the most competitive high end gaming chair companies of the present.

They make a constant effort to be the best in their field and to expand the variety of products that they offer. Today and we’re sure you’ll agree, regardless of price, people are trying to extract every ounce worth of value out of every purchase.

Overall Rating: 4.5 



  • Construction that is solid and of high quality and long-term durability
  • The chair is among the highest quality and the most adaptable gaming/office chairs in its price range
  • There’s a range of attractive colors and designs to choose from


  • The position of the headrest as well as the small length of the footrest extension make this chair slightly uncomfortable for taller individuals
  • A combination of dense foam and polyurethane leather results in the chair becoming somewhat uncomfortable during long periods of usage
  • The massage lumbar feature doesn’t sufficient to meet the standards

Different Types of Ficmax Chair

  • The ergonomic XJZ-010 Ficmax massage gaming chair (available with a range of shades)
  • Ficmax Gaming Chair with leg rest

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Features

Here is a listing of the top characteristics that make Ficmax an ideal chair for gamers.


We often look at the design of gaming/office chairs first but if they don’t inspire us then we don’t spend any time on them. However, Ficmax has carefully integrated the attributes that make up its chairs to make them “People’s option”.

The gaming chair was created in order to stand out from the existing products available. It’s amazing! It’s a great product that is a success. The color scheme is similar to a standard racing gaming chair but, it’s unbeatable.

It also is adorned with a beautiful design. The comfortable chair is distinctive from other chairs because of its ergonomic design and appearance. The footrest, which is adjustable, removes the need for an additional stool for your feet to rest upon.


There is a range of colors available in relation to Ficmax Gaming chairs. Apart from that, the most popular combination of colors: blue, red and along with violet. Ficmax is the top brand in the market because of the color scheme and the highest degree of customer satisfaction.


Ficmax gaming chair has been coated in PVC leather. A robust and smooth substance PVC leather is used to safeguard the seat. In addition, it’s a strong material and the PU leather has remained its color for a longer duration.

It’s stain-resistant, and not likely to fade so the color lasts for a long duration, regardless of how frequently the gaming/office chair is used. This chair is made of a high density sponge that is extremely soft and will not change shape with time. It’s possible to expect an increase in relaxation and durability with this piece.

Reclining Ability

Ficmax massage gaming chair may seem like something you’d think of from the typical gaming chair however the vibrant upholstery on the backrest makes an important change that is really beautiful and gives the chair a sexually attractive feel. You can change the tilt and also the spin and rotation in the manner you’d like.

It comes as a backrest which measures 32.7 inches and pillows that offer massage to the lumbar and head massage. It is also adjustable from 90 degrees to 180 degrees with the greatest comfort. It could also be used for an office chair for its comfort and for long periods. Additionally, you can adjust the height you can sit on your chair according to your height.

Massage Lumbar Support

The benefit of using the lumbar support is it will aid in staying active and reduce strain amounts. Additionally, it comes with a lumbar pillow which contributes substantially to your ease of use. It is very flexible and retains the natural curve of the spine which can improve the comfort of the user.

The strain within the back can be eased through a combination of exercises, or by reducing back pain.

It provides its users the support and comfort that is required for lengthy gaming sessions. A massage feature built into the device permits users to utilize it as a USB-powered lumbar pillow to improve comfort and user-friendliness. But the massage provides much more than a vibration. It also offers an actual sense of comfort.

Are you tired of your streaming or job? That’s okay.

The chair is equipped with a USB port that connects to your PC system. This is the power source for the cushion in the lumbar area that is vibrating.

Connect the USB cord to the wall outlet, and then unwind and relax with a soothing massage.


Furthermore and with clean lines, the Ficmax gaming chair great example of the style of a racing gaming chair. While it might not appear evident initially, at first glance, this gaming chair is certainly stunning.

For clarity, it’s not uncommon to see the best gaming chairs that have crazy lines and colors and distinctive particularities. With a sturdy frame made by experts and a high-end design, the chair is of premium quality at the moment.

The base frame is secured by an extremely secure level and comes with sturdy moving casters. The structure of the frame is proof that the chair is safe. It makes use of gas springs to alter the height, which is sturdy and safe.

In addition, if required, it is suggested that the chair includes a steel frame. Its weight capacity is 300lbs.


It comes with two cushions that are made from PU leather. There’s also a back cushion, as well as a headrest cushion.



Additionally, it’s possible to alter your footrests by 180 degrees, which makes them more comfortable to use. It’s a bit exhausting, and you won’t need to stand up to sit down. Simply tilt your chair at a 180-degree angle, then lift the footrest, and you’re ready.

The most attractive feature of this gaming technology is its recline. It raises your leg at the same level as your heartbeat, producing an ethereal cloud-like feeling that’s comfy.

In addition to the comfortable features, it has an added feature of comfort. It also includes a comfy as well as an extremely well padded retractable footrest to support the legs. It’s one of the best gaming/office chair with a footrest that is adjustable.

Most chairs don’t come with this feature, which means purchasers must purchase an additional stool as a footrest or utilize the alternatives already provided. The footrest can be conveniently hidden beneath the seat when not in use.


Additionally, the large seat assures you of ample as well as comfortably padded adjustable armrests. They have been curved so that your forearms can rest in a comfortable position. Therefore, computer gaming chairs like this one feature thicker armrests that can be adjusted to provide greater ease.

However, it is the Ficmax company that ensures that adjustable armrests are available in the entire collection of products. For this particular Ficmax Gaming Chair, the armrests can be adjusted downwards and upwards according to the needs of the person using it. The armrests are cushioned and provide the user comfort and relaxation.

However, the main difference is that it cannot be altered to either the left or right.


The headrests are adjustable to fit your preferences inside this gaming chair. In addition, it is equipped with a PU leather cushion that will ensure that your head and neck are properly protected. So it’s the best chair to support your neck and shoulders and ensure it is free of any pain.

However, individuals with different heights might have problems with head pillows that are fixed.

This feature increases its Ficmax high-back gaming сhair’s score and differentiates its design from the other chairs.

Swivel Chair Bases or Casters

The strong wheel made of nylon is used to make this gaming chair. They are so smooth that they’ve been tested over 1000 times to check their endurance. The quality material used to make these casters prevents the floors from being scratched.

This chair is equipped with a 360-degree motion mechanism. This chair allows you to move in various ways.


The components that can be adjusted and comprise this Ficmax Gaming Chair can be adjusted as the following: The parts that can be adjusted include neck and lumbar support pillows, armrests, seat height, and chair tilt mechanism.

The neck, as also lumbar support pillows can be adjustable vertically. However, as I’ve mentioned in the preceding section, they aren’t adjusted to increase or decrease height beyond the level at which they’re.

Apart from the fact that you’ll be capable of making small adjustments in pillows to make the chair slightly less uncomfortable. It is well-liked, but the truth is also a common feature of a gaming chair.

Set the armrests and seat height to match the desk’s size or height. You can also put them in place with the option of reclining the chair to the side if you want to take it off. The seat and armrests are adjusted to various sizes. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable sitting position at any desk of normal height.

The capability of moving the armrests forward or backward improves the comfort and ergonomic quality that comes with the chair but it’s not a feature that could damage your chair.

The chair which can recline to 180 degrees is appealing and lets you adjust it according to the needs that you have. Although the other components that can be adjusted are fairly standard, however, it’s not always clear whether the gaming chair is able to recline that far back.

Sturdy build

Although it’s not perfect, however, its Ficmax Gaming Chair stands out due to its outstanding appearance and quality.

An excellent quality to judge the quality of the chair is the manner in which it keeps its shape and feels over time. For instance, the Ficmax Gaming Chair does not disappoint in this respect. This chair is made of 4.8-inch dense memory foam that has high density. It remains smooth and comfortable throughout long gaming sessions.

The exterior of the Ficmax Gaming Chair is constructed from Polyurethane. Polyurethane leather is more prone to fade and wear than natural leather. However, it’s also cheaper.

The fabric of the chair remains soft and comfortable for an extended period of time even with the strain that comes with it. You’ll be delighted with the quality it has.

The chair comes with two support pillows, one of which is created to offer neck support as well as the other one to give lumbar support. As far as the pillows, they are able to serve their purpose and don’t need anything which is unique to the gaming chair of this price.

Elastic bands used in the adjustment of support pillows aren’t extremely durable but they are able to stretch after a duration.

The armrests, wheels and recliner for the backrest are durable and show no signs of wear following repeated use. The wheels themselves don’t lock however they are capable of staying in place in the event of a movement.

It’s crucial to note that there were instances of the piston in the mechanism adjustable height creating issues after just six months of usage. It’s a little disappointing, but when you consider the design quality generally this isn’t an issue that is major (especially as it’s covered by the warranty of a limited about a year).


The Ficmax Gaming Chair blows most other lower-cost computer gaming chairs over the top. If you’re searching for a chair that will be used for 3 to 5 years, then this chair will provide the most amazing ROI.

While it’s at the top portion of the market, the additional $30 is well worth it because of the solid construction quality all by itself. For $199, you’ll receive an extremely sturdy chair that is comfortable which can be adjusted, and durable.

Ficmax Gaming Chair Review: Buying Guide


Based on the FAQ pages on Ficmax they are currently shipping purchases in the United States with shipping to Canada and the EU to follow in the near future.

Ficmax provides free shipping to the United States and they state that their items are generally shipped within 3-5 business days.


The time to assemble the Ficmax Gaming Chair is approximately 17 minutes.

A few customers have complained that certain pieces of their chair arrived already assembled, causing confusion over screws they thought were missing, however, there were. This isn’t often the case but it’s something to look out for to avoid confusion while making the assembly.


To make a chair last a chair must possess all features of reliability. In spite of the black and purple color scheme, this chair is fashionable and elegant.

With the help of the finest sponge made of the finest quality, it will make you feel entirely comfortable and relaxed. The exterior of the product is a result of the leather made of PU, the item is waterproof, won’t fade, and is simple to maintain.

Support for Customers and Warranty

Ficmax Gaming Chairs are covered by a one-year guarantee. It is possible to join Ficmax and contact them via and receive a one-year extension of the warranty for free. Additionally, you can purchase a three – or five-year guarantee when you purchase via A-m-a-z-o-n.

Additionally, A-m-a-z-o-n also offers 2-7 days of free shipping 30 days of free returns & money-back customer support.

Return Policy

Ficmax provides a 30-day free return policy, provided you ensure that your chair can be returned with its original package and within “brand new and in pristine quality”. Return requests that don’t fall within the guidelines of the policy will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and could or might never be approved.

For Whom Is This Gaming Chair Intended?

If you’re among the gamers who are busy and active this might be the gaming chair that is perfect for you. It can assist in enhancing the quality of your gaming substantially and also help you avoid the fatigue that can be felt early and keep players playing for a long number of hours.

Not just for the serious player as well as those who want to relax and have fun by occasionally binge-watching, this is the ideal chair. With the incredible massage feature that is built in this chair, you will be able to profit from it to improve the pleasure.

With the capacity to move, it’s the ideal chair for people who love to relax and want to fulfill their obligation as American citizens. Also, it’s a great chair to have in your entertainment space for watching movies or taking time to unwind.

It’s also a great chair to be used at work and is every secretary’s and executive’s dream chair. Particularly thanks to the amazing features offered by Ficmax’s!

What’s Included?

In the event that you purchase the gaming chair, you will receive a beautiful chair with all the features included for a minimal price. Additionally, you get a USB-powered cushion for the lumbar that can be adjusted with massage modes to improve the comfort offered by this chair.

Summary of Features

The frame is constructed from high-end robust steel that is able to support the players’ weight and enhance the lifespan of the chair. The gaming chair is designed with longevity in mind. It is sure to provide you with plenty of enjoyable, long gaming hours.

Here’s a brief description of the features you can expect to see:

  • A vast seating area is accessible
  • Strong and durable frame
  • Great lumbar support
  • Neck support that can be adjusted as well as head support
  • Made from premium leather material
  • A very comfortable footrest
  • Armrests which are strong and durable
  • 360 degrees swivel capability
  • A dual-mode lumbar cushion for massaging
  • Rocking chair ability.

There’s an included headrest in the chair which can be adjusted in accordance with your preferences. This is perfect if you’re using the chair for different purposes for example, such as watching your favorite film.

The premium leather used to make covers for the chair is simple to keep clean and neat. The cover also has the ability to resist staining, maintaining its clean appearance.

With the broad, strong, robust and solid armrest, you’ll receive superior support for a better position. It will assist in preventing strain while engaging in sports and will provide support to the upper portion of your body.

In case you’re using the chair for gaming and you want to unwind, the footrest comes in handy. It is adaptable enough to be used in many different ways as well as at different settings and levels.

The backrest comes with a variety of options for recline to provide more effective back support and various applications. It is possible to achieve this using reclining capability from 90 degrees to 180 degrees, to accommodate different positions and applications.

It’s also possible to turn the chair to the full extent to increase its mobility. To increase flexibility, you’ll receive an extremely sturdy base with very durable wheels that come with this chair.

The huge seating of this gaming chair which is approximately 25 inches, provides ample room for the bigger gamers. This means that you don’t need to sit with your legs in a slouch to increase blood flow to your legs and ensure that you’re comfortable.

It appears to be that the gaming chair from Ficmax will only support the weight capacity of a maximum of 350 pounds that’s not sufficient.

Steps to Set Up Ficmax Gaming Chair

When you purchase a Ficmax gaming chair, there is no user manual for how to build it or where it is best placed. You can however check out this YouTube video below, which contains complete instructions on how to construct it.


Rimiking ergonomic gaming chair is equipped with many characteristics which make it a great replacement for the Ficmax gaming chair. It is also the lowest price, which is ideal for those on a budget that is extremely limited.

An alternative option can be a substitute for that the Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair which comes with a price tag that is higher and a wide range of options. However, it is smaller and the chair isn’t equipped with the same seating space as is the Ficmax gaming chair that we have looked at during our test.


Overall, the Ficmax Gaming Chair is a good chair for the price it’s at. It’s stylish and comfortable, as well as having all the essential attributes you’d expect in a gaming chair along with some other attributes.

We found out that Ficmax offers an unlimited warranty on its frame along with a 12-month limited warranty for the replacement parts. This isn’t too bad, we believe.

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