Best Fabric Gaming Chair – 12 Reviews

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Fabric gaming chairs have become increasingly sought-after because gamers are beginning to choose more breathable and higher quality materials to be their seat of choice.

Fabric gaming chairs are as comfy as leather PU since they have a soft feel and breathable fabric. The majority of fabric chairs also come with the same styles and adjustable features as PU leather counterparts, which makes them perfect and appropriate to use during marathon sessions.

Best Fabric Gaming Chairs (Table Price)

STEELCASE Gesture Fabric Gaming Chair

This Steelcase Gesture is the company’s highest-end desktop chair. It’s an outstanding chair that has the highest build quality, adjustability, and the most comfortable.

The majority of customers will pay the cost. If it’s within your budget, I would recommend that you consider it. The Gesture is a fantastic office fabric chair with a wide range of adjustment options as well as features that can be adjusted to relieve discomfort and pain caused by sitting for long hours.

One of the best advantages gamers are able to gain from Gesture is their 360-degree armrests. Their armrests can be adjustable to any degree and they can be adjusted in multiple directions at the same time.

This is a great feature for people who want to shift the position of their armrests towards the side or even higher to accommodate different interfaces. This is a fantastic option for gamers who wish to utilize two monitors, wide-display displays or even several computers. Furthermore, the caps that you place on armrests can be soft and don’t place any strain on your wrists, or arms.

In addition, it’s important to mention that Gesture is also equipped with an extremely flexible 3D LiveBack Technology. The flexors are situated within the backrest that bends and flexes in accordance with the movement of your body. They then adjust to the curves that your back. This means that you’ll get the fabric chair made to meet your needs.

Its fabric in Gesture has soft and extremely lightweight that allowing it to be breathable. There are many vivid fabric shades available and you are able to select a shade that matches your personal preferences.


  • 360-degree arms are ideal, especially for gamers who use multiple monitors or devices at the same time
  • 3D LiveBack Technology is an innovative system that recreates your movement giving you constant assistance
  • The seat Edge is flexible and allows blood flow to continue through the lower portion of your body. Decreasing the risk of developing pressure points
  • There is a wide range of fabric shades to suit your interior design
  • Adjustable seat depths allow you to accommodate different dimensions of persons


  • More expensive than other gaming chairs

AROZZI Primo WF-BKGD Fabric Office/Gaming Chair

Swedish label Arozzi’s top of the line Primo chair is available in light and dark fabric designs. The chair comes with four-dimensional arms as well as integrated lumbar support, and ultra-firm padding.

The design of the Primo chair is the primary draw. The downsides are high cost 2 year warranty that isn’t worth it, and hefty padding.

The Primo’s integrated lumbar may not be as deep. However, it’s also the case that it isn’t adjustable in the height. If you’re smaller than 5’9” the Primo could be uncomfortable. Positively, the wide flat seat can accommodate a wide range of body types.

Three technical issues exist. First, the lumbar which is included does not come with adjustable height capabilities. Secondly, the Primo seat’s padding density (70kg/m3) is the highest available. Thirdly, regardless of the price the seat is covered by a minimal 2-year warranty.


  • Features and design of premium quality
  • Integrated lumbar support
  • Classy minimalist designs


  • It is only available with a two-year guarantee
  • Highly robust padding

CORSAIR T3 Rush Fabric Gaming Chair 

It is very easy to construct and comes with armrests that can be adjusted up, downright, as well as left. The polyurethane fabric is soft and breathable.

This Corsair T3 is a premium gaming chair featuring the soft, breathable fabric, a cushion for the neck that is upholstered, and memory foam lumbar support to help users to keep their posture upright.

The chair is also fitted with smooth-rolling wheels which allow for seamless and quiet movement across the room and four-directional adjustable armrests that let users be able to adjust the seat so that they can sit in an ideal and comfortable seating position while gaming. However, the armrests do not come with padding.

It is a good gaming chair that comes with ventilation holes that are positioned within the headrest to keep it cool. It also has the capability to alter seat height that can reach 100 millimeters. The seat can hold that is up to 264lbs. It comes in four distinct colors. It is made of breathable polyurethane and is very easy to build.


  • It is extremely simple to build
  • Memory foam that provides lumbar support
  • The fabric is a soft and breathable polyurethane fabric


  • Armrests aren’t cushioned

AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Fabric Gaming Chair

Core Series EX provides comfortable, durable support without flashy tricks. It offers a simple office style in eight fabric styles. Each is equipped with prosumer-friendly features and a five-year guarantee.

Most expensive fabric chairs come with high-end features. The Core EX has prosumer ones. These include 3D armrests and the regular (not multi-function) tilt. This allows you to be able to move within the seat bucket. However, it doesn’t mean restricting the angles.

The fabric is similar to the other brands. The fabric is soft, breathable, and strong. Additionally, as its padding (55 kilograms/m3 of density) is significantly softer and more flexible than other chairs.

To gather feedback, I reached out to Youtuber Dave’s Techaway. He did a Core EX unboxing and review in January 2021. He decided to go with Core EX for two reasons. The first is that it’s the perfect size for his height of 6’1”, 220-pounds. The product also comes with an assurance of five years.

The user is taking it on for around 30 hours per week and is talking about the product. “The build quality is amazing. Within one year of use, it’s still as good as fresh. This padding is maintained as it gets. It’s still very comfortable to wear. ”


  • Cool, comfortable seating
  • 8 2-tone fabric styles
  • Superb durability


  • The chair is lower padding than the luxurious chairs
  • It’s an acronym for lumbar support pillow often moves around
  • 3D armrests aren’t as flexible

OKEYSEN Fabric Gaming Chair

It’s the Okeysen gaming chair. It features a retractable footrest, as well as an adjustable headrest and lumbar support. It also has an additional-large seat cushion and the ability to adjust armrests.

It’s extremely soft as well as an ergonomic chair available in four different colours. It also has an adjustable lumbar pillow that is removable for those who do not suffer from any back issues.

The seat is surrounded by the appearance of a water arc that can aid in the circulation of blood flow to the legs. It’s also 4.7-inches thick to give you extra comfort. It’s upholstered with a breathable fabric top. It also has smooth, quiet caster wheels to ensure an easier movement through the room. However, It can’t be locked and adjusted to the desired position.

But, it is able to recline and comes with an adjustable seat height which can be adjusted by 4 inches. Additionally, it comes with a rocking function that makes it very unique. Furthermore, its strong steel frame allows it to support up to 300lbs.

Its armrests can be adjusted easily and, because it has a retractable footrest, users will be capable of sitting in a comfortable position and unwinding their feet whenever they want to unwind from a job or gaming.


  • Retractable footrest
  • Breathable fabric surface
  • Adjustable armrests


  • The mechanism for tilting does not have the ability to lock

STEELCASE Leap Plus Fabric Gaming Chair

Steelcase Leap Plus provides you with the same comfort and adjustability that you’d anticipate from a larger seat area, as well as an even more durable construction that can hold up to 500lbs.

The hunt for a top-quality, ergonomic chair for heavy users can be difficult. However, the Steelcase Leap Plus is a perfect solution that is able to support an enormous amount of weight while still offering a number of ergonomic features.

The chair is able to support up to 500lbs, which could be a significant amount even for top-quality chairs.

In terms of ergonomics, It’s similar to other Steelcase chairs with a variety of options for adjustments and the ability to adjust.

Leap Plus has many adjustments like an automatic synchro-tilt with 4D armrests and a 5 position tilt locking recline, 3D LiveBack support as well as an adjustable height and the depth of lumbar support.

The feature synchro-tilt is an excellent feature for gamers who like to recline their backs while gaming. It can be achieved by reclining in the seat pan by one degree every time the backrest is lowered.

This helps keep your back straight and also ensures that your posture is in the right place while your recline. Additionally, it allows you to stay near to your desk, which allows you to work in an upright position.

For frequent users of the back, lower support will likely to be more vital. Being overweight could increase the risk of back injury or back pain that is long-lasting. The height and depth of the support allow users to adjust their back support to ensure it is perfectly sized.

Additionally, the flexors on the backrest will pivot automatically when you change positions, offering the support that you need throughout the day.


  • Up to 500 pounds in support
  • Fabric is light and breathable
  • 3D LiveBack gives you constant assistance for hips as well as the lower back
  • Numerous adjustability options
  • Steelcase comes with an unbeatable 12-year warranty


  • The design that is the chair isn’t exclusive

AROZZI Vernazza Soft Fabric Gaming Chair

Arozzi Vernazza Soft fabric is a great alternative for larger gamers who aren’t ready to spend a lot of money on an expensive gaming chair. It features the race seat design, with a huge backrest and a 320-pound weight capacity. Its steel frame and five-star aluminum base are sturdy and adjustable to fit the taller people.

There are four colors available. The purchasers can choose from Light as in addition to Dark Grey, Blue, or Ash. All colors are made from Arozzi’s soft fabric and include cervical as well as lumbar pillows embossed with the logo of the business.

It’s more affordable than some equivalents, but the Arozzi Vernazza doesn’t come cheap. But, it’s a choice to consider for gamers who want the largest gaming chair with a high weight capacity.


  • Fabric has been evaluated to ISO quality standards for tear and strength
  • 3D armrests make sure the arms of your well-supported and in a comfortable position
  • A large neck cushion that can be adjusted in height and a broad lumbar pillow
  • A soft fabric made of a material that’s soft and warm, but still breathable
  • Supports up to 320lbs and is a wide-width device


  • Certain people may want an integrated lumbar support

DOWINX Ultra Breathable Fabric Gaming Chair

The Dowinx Base is highly resistant to external forces and can support up to 330lbs, even Utilizing the Tilt Mechanism (Up to 370lbs) for reclining and rocking. Because of the use of Security Sgs Class IV Hydraulic Gas Lift as well as heavy duty base, it provides a guarantee for the chair to support the weight.

Five 60mm nylon casters are able to rotate 360 degrees to ensure that the Chair can move effortlessly.

This is because it’s a breathable fabric It allows you to keep cool in the summer but not get too cold in winter. It can help reduce sweaty and strenuous back and the waist. Its fabric is extremely durable and knitted fabric It is not easy to scratch.

It also feels great against the skin. Additionally, the lumbar pillow that is removable with massager helps relieve fatigue. The perfect option for those who work long hours.

Multitasking chair that was designed with the concept of creating a stylish area, with a design that doesn’t harm the atmosphere and reduces stress. This chair can be used in your home or office, in public places and in any scene.

These chairs are sold directly by the manufacturer. The chair you purchase is covered by a one-year parts warranty replacement. 24/7 Customer Services Team provides support. You can use it with security.


  • A high-density foam cushion gives relief from the pressure of the coccyx beneath the thighs and around the hips
  • Soft and highly breathable fabric ensures that users are comfortable and cool
  • It’s equipped with the ability to have a retractable footrest to alleviate pain or pressure on your lower extremities
  • A wide lumbar pillow and headrest pillow maintain good posture
  • The backrest comes with 3 tilt locking options and is able to recline to 170 degrees


  • The chair may feel stiff like other high-end chairs

GTRACING High Back Fabric Gaming Chair

It’s a great option for those who need an easy-to-change seat. It comes with an adjustable headrest and a lower back cushion.

This Gtracing Gaming Chair delivers maximum comfort for experienced PC gamers because of its ergonomic design and soft fabric surface. Its gaming chair is built on solid metal frames that have to support 300 pounds of weight capacity.

It has a seat cushion to provide lumbar support. Its gaming chair features thick padding over the rear seat and also the headrest cushion, which is removable by users. The chair is also equipped with adjustable armrests and has a cushion that is high density to provide comfy seating. However, its armrests do not have padding.

Available in five colors, the Gtracing gaming chair is sure to keep gamers relaxed throughout your gaming sessions. With casters that are easy to roll that offer incredible versatility and ease of use.

The chair can be rotated 360deg as well as recline from 90 degrees to 170 deg. The seat is height adjustable between 15.75 to 19.68 inches. It’s a simple chair to construct, it’ll just take 20 min to put all together.


  • It is extremely simple to build
  • A removable headrest and an upper-back pillow
  • 300-pound weight capacity


  • There isn’t padding over the armrests

AROZZI Torretta XL Premium Soft Fabric Office/Gaming Chair

Arozzi Torretta XL is among the top options for those seeking a cheap gaming chair with fabric. I went with the XL model because I believe there’s greater storage capacity. You can get the most. But, it is important to be aware that you can buy the standard version, which costs less.

It not only has great features such as 3D armrests, however, but it’s also quite a large chair. If you’re a big person, then this chair might be your ideal choice. Weight capacity: 260 lbs.
Yet, Arozzi is more like a less expensive manufacturer. They strive to keep costs as affordable as they can, however, their products are not of the top quality.


  • Very comfy
  • Handles can be changed
  • Neck and the back are well supported
  • It is very simple to put together


  • Plastics that cover metal components are not of good quality
  • A bit expensive

NOUHAUS Velvet Fabric Gaming Chair

135deg synchro-tilt fingertip with locks on it, padded flip-up arms for a 5-year warranty on rollerblade wheels. Weight capacity: 250lbs.

If the typical look that is common to gaming chairs is a little too extravagant for your tastes the Nouhaus is a fantastic choice. In contrast to conventional gaming chairs, the style is more refined than choosing a more sensible corporate appearance.

The most notable feature of the Nouhaus chair is its cushioned arms that fold down. If you’ve thought “I wish the arms of my chair might disappear from time to time” This is the chair to buy. One customer mentioned how flip-up armrests can help him save space in his small room.

The sides of Nouhaus are covered with an elastic-mesh and PU leather, which is further complemented with white pipes. The primary contact surface of the backrest and the seat features a large mix of high-density foam along with Micro Velvet fabric. What is the outcome? It’s a soft and smooth surface that doesn’t sweat as PU leather chairs do.

In the realm of a sub $200 gaming chair The Nouhaus is extremely robust and can stand up to the pressures of continual utilization. But, the lack of a neck pillow and lumbar pillow is a pity.

There’s a curvature of 2 inches to the backrest which gives you a feeling like lumbar support. However, for the majority of people, it may not be enough. Also, it does not recline however it can tilt or move up one hundred and thirty-five degrees.


  • It was simple and quick to build. (The one issue was getting the casters inside. )
    The Casters are built with rollerblade wheels that be rolled over carpet in a flexible manner but are quiet and don’t cause damage to floors made from wood
  • Armrests are raised completely towards the side in the upward direction
  • The chair raises higher than most chairs I’ve looked at
  • This chair’s frame and cushions are sturdy and constructed well
  • This chair is extremely comfy. The cushions may be a bit softer but I can sit in a comfortable position for long periods of time while suffering from back pain that is constant
  • The chair is gorgeous and looks more than it is. The piping is nicely executed, while the sewing is clean with a uniform stitch.
  • The assembly instructions are easy for you to understand


  • Cushions might be a bit larger and soft
    Casters aren’t easy to insert. I needed to repeatedly tap my feet to push them into position. (I’m small and petite So a larger and stronger person might not experience the same issues as I did. )

X ROCKER 5129101 Speaker Fabric Gaming Chair

Two speakers and a subwoofer, flip-up arms, foldable, compatible with other X Rocker chairs, compatible with most smart devices and media and gaming systems. Weight capacity: 275 lbs.

In contrast to other chairs on our lineup which are made specifically for gamers on PCs, the X Rocker 5129101 is a fabric gaming chair that’s best for your family room so that it can accommodate the console gaming.

The X Rocker is a hybrid type of gaming chair that combines a swing chair and an incline chair as well as a recliner. The armrests can be turned upwards so that they are out of their position when not in use.

The center portion which is the backrest together with the seat is covered in mesh, while the outer parts are covered with Microfiber Suede. Although the fabric is soft but also breathable.

A reminder to know that this faux suede cover can also be an ideal hair magnet for pets.

The greatest feature you can avail of as one of the best features of X Rocker is its immersive wireless sound system, which has the ability to control bass and volume.

With two speakers concealed within the headrest and the subwoofer’s rumbling which is extremely loud in its rear end, users will enjoy incredible audio quality that is actually felt. One of Genshin Impact’s fans remarked that he truly feels like he’s living in Teyvat due to the feature.

For those thinking of making use of this X Rocker, just be aware that the seat height cannot be adjusted. Some people with heights as high as six feet two inches have said that it fits well however when you’re taller, it’s likely that your legs cramped up while sitting.


  • Easy to build
  • Simple to utilize
  • The chair totally lets you be a part of the game
  • The audio quality is excellent as is the seat, which makes it comfortable
  • Cozy seating
  • Good Lumbar


  • This is more pink than RED
  • The cord they offer to connect you to the television chair is very short

Fabric gaming chairs: Pros and Cons

Before purchasing a fabric gaming chair, there are a few things to be aware of. These are the main characteristics that you should know about fabric upholstery and how it is different from the PU leather.


This is an area in which fabric outdoes the competition. Even though certain types of PU leather are equipped with micro perforations to facilitate the circulation of air, it’s not as spectacular in comparison to the fabric.

Because the fabric is made up of weaved material, it has tiny openings that allow air to move across and through. PU leather is impermeable to air. This means that heat stays within it.


The leather made from PU has a higher degree of durability when it comes to everyday use. However, it has the tendency to flake after a couple of years. Fabric isn’t too far off in terms of toughness and doesn’t be damaged or flake. Both are susceptible to being cut and punctured by cute animals.


The PUR leather is soft however it could adhere to the skin. The sensation of fabric depends on the type and quality of fabric. Fabrics that are not of good quality fabric can appear rough and could cause irritation to the skin.


The leather PU is composed of plastics which require hundreds of years of biodegradation. This is also the case for synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon. If you’re seeking a green fabric upholstery, linen is a great option.


The synthetic and the PU fabrics can both cause the skin to cause irritated. There is an unpleasant chemical scent that can cause irritation if you have sensitization to smell. In this situation, natural fabrics like linen are better.


Both PU leather and fabric can modify the style and color. It appears lively and luxurious, especially with a colored pipe. In addition, fabric gaming chairs look elegant.

Protection From Staining and Spills

The PU leather can be nearly impervious to spills and staining, it is fact that it’s simple to clean and stain resistant. Fabrics are rough, and therefore are more likely to be stained.

Synthetic fibers, while not able to withstand water-based stains, contain oil. This means that oil-based stains are more difficult to eliminate.

Care and Maintenance

It is more difficult to keep a fabric gaming chair clean when compared to other types of upholstery. This is particularly true if you have a pet. It is vital to make use of an air cleaner or lint remover, as well as a cleaning agent. For PU leather, all you have to do is clean it frequently.

Brief Summary

To provide a brief overview, here are the benefits and disadvantages of fabric gaming chairs.


  • Great breathability
  • It will not break
  • Decent durability
  • It could be smooth and soft depending on the quality
  • Elegant and sophisticated


  • The skin may be damaged or scratched
  • Low-quality fabric can be rough and easily smudged
  • A lot more challenging to remove stain

Cleaning Fabric Upholstery

Most fabric chairs come with specific instructions on how to clean their upholstery. If not you can follow these steps.

It is the first thing to do using the brush attachment of your vacuum to rid yourself of any debris that is floating around. After that, you should ask the manufacturer what kind of cleaner you should use.

  • Water-Based Cleaners – rub the foam cleanser into the fabric. Let it sit for a few minutes. Apply the cleanser to the stain. Cleanse with a damp cloth. Let air dry. Alternately, employ dishwashing detergent and water.
  • Non-water-based cleaners – place dry cleaner on the towels. Rub the stain lightly. Make use of a damp cloth to remove the leftovers.

If you spill something, make sure you clean the liquid away using a clean cloth or paper towel. Avoid rubbing the spill onto the fabric.

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