Top 12 Best Office Chairs for Pregnancy (2022 Review)

The best office chairs for pregnant women

Hbada Ergonomic Home Racing Style Office Chair – High-Back with Lumbar Support

Hbada Ergonomic Home Office Chair 165x300

Hbada’s primary comfortable home office chair has exploded in popularity. It’s a cut above the other brand names as well as office chairs in online sales and it’s easy to see the reason.

This seat’s ergonomic design means you can sit comfortably even if you’re pregnant. It will not push your belly into the seat and won’t hinder the circulation of your legs thanks to its flowing seat edge design.

What is the reason it works during the pregnancy?

The Hbada pregnancy chairs recline so that you allow your body to move back a little bit after you’ve been over the 3-month mark at which point your belly begins to expand.

The most important thing is that this pregnancy chair with back support includes an adjustable lumbar section. This is vital to your back as it will begin to feel the excess weight in the near future.

With breathable materials, it will not cause your body to sweat. This is a further important advantage for the chairs. The cushion is thick and high-density specifically designed for pregnancy appears to be designed for this purpose regardless of whether Hbada designed it an office chair for all types of users.

Other benefits are a smaller one, such as the ability to adjust the angle of your headrest. We aren’t a fan of headrests in pregnancy office chairs but we believe that the 30-degree angle ought to be sufficient to ensure your head remains in a straight line. In all the chair is praised for its ergonomic seating and is among the most office chairs that is ergonomic.

Main benefits

  • The adjustable lumbar support ideal for pregnant ladies
  • Adjustable headrest angle
  • Soft seatpan that won’t cause feet that are numb.
  • Breathable materials

Halter Executive Leather Office Chair with High Back

Halter Executive Leather Office Chair 179x300

If you’re looking for an comfortable pregnancy office chair, Halter could be a good choice. It comes with more cushioned and armrests that are padded, which is going help make this stressful time easier to manage.

What is the reason it works in pregnancy?

Like a real Executive office chair, it comes with 350lbs weight capacity so that you can comfortably sit on it to 9 months without it sagging. It has a spacious 30.7″ seatpan, which is perfect for the extra room it makes for your stomach.

With thick cushions, this chair is hefty. It weighs at least 50lbs so it’s not simple to move it from room to room on your own. However, if you use it in one location you will not see its greater weight as a negative.

Main benefits

  • Produced with a maximum weight capacity
  • The design is based on the leg rest base
  • Cushioning that is thicker
  • Trendy design
  • Easy assembly

Steelcase Leap Ergonomic Fabric Chair – All Day Comfort

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair 201x300

Steelcase Leap will be the perfect pregnant chair. It comes with an adjustable, elastic-backed backrest. It can move along with your body. The backrest has been awarded numerous design awards across the world and it can be used to benefit to help you during pregnancy. The backrest can move in tandem with your back, and you prefer it to move, not being stiff and transferring all the stress of sitting onto your spine.

What is the reason it works in pregnancy?

The backrest’s contoured design supports the natural curve of your spine. Perfect for pregnant women, this ergonomic office chair design is will help you feel a little more at ease until it’s time to step away from your desk.

It also has fully adjustable armrests. Although all office chairs for pregnancy focus on lumbar support, the Leap Chair has armrests that can be adjusted in all directions. They can take all the stress off your back and shoulders too. You can also adjust the armrests to be further or closer from your desk as your belly expands and you require a longer distance off from the office desk yourself.

Main benefits

  • Contoured backrest to provide additional support
  • Height-adjustable lumbar support (sold separately)
  • Created by using air pocket cushion seat cushions to provide additional comfort
  • Adjustable durable armrests
  • Ships fully assembled

Ticova Ergonomic High Back Office Chair – Unique Headrest & Quality Mesh

Ticova Ergonomic High Back Office Chair 170x300

The Ticova Ergonomic is a unique computer chair designed for pregnant women. You can adjust the headrest, lumbar support height, handrail height as well as tilt angles of as high as 140 degrees and resistance to vibrations to match your own personal preferences.

The chair is made of unique mesh and metal back. The PA nylon with the metal back has much greater dimensions than mesh chairs made of PP plastic.

Furthermore, the extremely durable and breathable net offers incredibly comfortable and flexible back support, allowing enjoyable sitting for hours without breaking a sweat.

As opposed to the thin, porous chairs of other brands such chairs, this chair’s exterior is constructed from 3-inch high-density foam, with the shape of a W and a waterfall edge. It provides the support area that increases and evenly distributes tension on your thighs and hip.

Furthermore, Ticova’s sturdy armrests made of metal with bigger, more robust, and soft cushioning offer more comfort while relaxing your arms.

Main benefits

  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Unique mesh


  • Very weak reclining motion

MOOJIRS Ergonomic Dynamic Backrest Multi-Functions Office Chair

MOOJIRS Ergonomic Dynamic Backrest Chair 206x300

MOOJIRS Ergonomic is a great pregnancy chair for home and work. It is equipped with seven distinct features: 3D headrest 3D dynamic backrest 4D arms, seat height, seat depth and backrest height as well as tilt angle adjustments.

It’s designed with the most sophisticated ergonomics to instantly respond to your body’s movement and posture to provide optimal balance and support.

Through the 3D Dynamic Adjustment, pregnant ladies can adapt to different physical forms, because of the adjustable input angle, the backrest along with lumbar support.

The pregnancy office chair offers users the chance to sit comfortably for extended periods by increasing the area of contact between mesh and body . It also provides the feeling of wrapping and support.

However, the main drawback could be that backrest could be adjusted in a single step.

Main benefits

  • Affordable price
  • The most comfortable
  • Simple to establish
  • Move effortlessly
  • Attractive design


  • It is difficult adjustment of the backrest independently

Ergousit Ergonomic Soft HD Mesh Office Chair

Ergousit Ergonomic Chair 274x300

Ergousit Ergonomic is an ergonomic and comfortable pregnancy chair for work. The chair offers a full range of ergonomic backrest options, including pillows to support your spine, which contribute to alleviating back pain and back pain.

Its synchronized backrest tilt will increase angles between the thighs as well as your torso creating a pleasant sitting position that is ergonomic and comfortable. Ergousit workbenches can be more comfortable if we compare them with conventional computer chairs.

The backrest is made of the ability to breathe, which allows for excellent air circulation and an excellent feeling of sitting. Quality materials aid in letting the air circulate and keep your body cool while leaning back. This means you won’t sweat and will feel cool all day long.

This desk chair gives a large amount of comfort due to the unique design to support mothers’ backs and their posture.

However, it is important to note that the lumbar support is only for those with average frame sizes as it’s located quite low and can’t be altered.

Main benefits

  • It is easy to put together
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • High back


  • Very low lumbar support

Lorell High-Back Mesh Fabric Office Chair

Lorell High Back Mesh Chair 193x300

The Lorell High Back Office Chair can be purchased without hesitation as the company is providing the whole 5 years of guarantee on it. This is to be a fantastic and comfortable office chair for pregnant women. The primary reason is its easy adjustability system. you don’t have to go through any complicated procedure to adjust the chair to your own comfort. Also, it offers amazing back support for you.

Relieves back pain with a comfortable and supportive design.

The high-end mesh back and seat are both breathable and offer an abundance of comfort, you’ll not be suffering from sweaty backs after working long hours. The user-friendly design offers organic lumbar support to mold your body into this incredible chair. Its sturdy base system holds the weight of the chair and gives security for your needs as well as your baby.

The unique feature of Lorell’s High-Back Office Chair lies in its simple adjustment system. The strong arms of the chair adjust in width and height and you can tilt the arms however you like and sit in maximum comfort. The curvaceous height adjustment and stabilized levelers helps keep the chair at a constant level to give you the security you require. Its unique swivel feature allows you to glide effortlessly and select the things you need, without having to stand up from the chair.

Main benefits

  • Elegant Black Ergonomic Chair
  • Strong Tilt Lock
  • Guaranteed Durability


  • No Headrest

After the first trimesters over, mothers who are working should avoid sitting for long periods of time unless they are absolutely necessary. This chair from Lorell’s Office takes particular care to provide a easy-to-use adjusting system as well as an amazing swing.

WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series Ergonomic Sturdy Office Chair

WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series 284x300

WorkPro Quantum 9000 Ergonomic Chair definitely not the top pick, however, the latest features of this chair are worth it to write a full article on this amazing office chair. It’s the reason it’s our most popular pick of the day. From the fact that it offers high-quality comfort, to the easy installation process this chair will not let a single speck of doubt.

Soft Back-Support for Comfort

To pregnant women, no seat is more effective than this waterfall edge chair. The WorkPro office chair has a waterfall cushioned seat that eases the strain on your legs, and your back lumbar support supports the spinal region. The mesh fabric seat will keep your back comfy and dry throughout the day. The comfort you’ll experience from this particular chair will leave you saying “thank you” to the person who designed this fantastic office chair.

It’s not just about the most precise height adjustment and a comfortable chair in the position you prefer, the company also has a synchronized tilt lock system. The lock system is designed to control the annoying creaky noises which means that your workday will be tranquil and filled with ease. The most durable arm sets are adjustable in a single-step procedure. If you’re looking to have more freedom to enjoy a comfortable sitting position then you can alter or reduce the arms length according to your preferences.

Main benefits

  • Unique Comfortable Design
  • Downward Seat
  • Sturdy Office Chair


  • No Warranty

There’s a lower likelihood that you’ll ever have the need to have an insurance policy for your chair since it is a WorkPro Quantum Chair works amazingly and will not give you any reason to complain. The solid office chair with the help of its water-fall edge seat as well as its lumbar support makes certain that you don’t notice your pregnancy back pain while completing your work.

OFM Racing Style SofThread Leather High Back Office Chair

OFM Racing Style SofThread Leather High Back Office Chair 170x300

Women may want to buy a beautiful chair for their own. It’s normal to want something that appears expensive, and has a variety of adjustable features with proper comfort and relaxing sensation. However, is it difficult to find that perfect blend? But don’t worry, we’ve discovered OFM ESS  high back office chair which will meet your expectations.

Relieves back pain with a comfortable and supportive design.

The ultra-plush, contoured cushioning and soft, luxurious leather give the comfort you require when presenting facts and the vision of the company to convince clients to put their money into your business. We all know how difficult the mood swings during pregnant women can affect you. With the additional comfort that this chair offers you are able to enjoy it with a calm and cool disposition. Also, the extra-plush material seat gives your chair an elegant look as well. Aren’t you happy? The luxury of comfort.

Its high back office chair has a centered tilt , which is able to rotate it’s chair seat and back in an order, and also aids in moving things to the opposite end of the table when it’s impossible to sit. The adjustable headrest and armrests come with a cushioned seat to ensure comfort during long hours of work. With the headrest that is cushioned that allows you to relax on the seat for only 2 minutes to keep your body and mind fresh.

Main benefits

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Great Sturdiness
  • Plush Lumbar Cradling


  • Small Chair

Our top pick is ideal especially for pregnant women who have a lower height than 6 feet. This sturdy office chair is specially designed to provide you with a comfortable experience of relaxation and adjustability as you require during this particular stage. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee, which is one of the greatest benefits that you can avail with this incredible chair.

SIHOO Ergonomic Breathable Mesh Back Office Chair

SIHOO Ergonomic Chair 1 300x263

This is a new and excellent product that is this one is the SIHOO office chair with an head that is adjustable. In contrast to other chairs, the SIHOO office chair comes with particular dimensions of adjustment. Ergonomic design offers a chic appearance and shields your spine when you are pregnant and also.

Soft Back-Support for Comfort

Concerning the back support, this one comes with three different angles that will give you the comfort you need in various scenarios. For instance, if you’re doing work, relaxing or attending a long meeting, you can alter the backrest in any way you’d like. When you are pregnant and especially after 3 months of sitting comfortably, it can be something that is difficult however, you can accomplish it with ease thanks to the comfort as well as back support this chair offers.

An adjustable armrest is the main element of a comfortable chair that is suitable for pregnant women. When you use the office chair, you can elevate the armrest as much as 9 inches. The adjustable headrest, the chair height and the lumbar cushion are perfect to pregnant ladies as it provides peace and comfort to such an extent that you might forget you’re working. The back frame is the perfect one. We believe that it’s designed specifically especially for pregnant ladies for pleasant warmth.

Main benefits

  • Comfortable Seat
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Back Titling


  • Thin Cushion

You should give this office chair a try. Aside from the cost and the high-end materials and useful features are worth enough. One of the major disadvantages of this chair is its thin cushion. It can be uncomfortable if you’ve gained weight during pregnancy. But, you can change it when you begin to feel uncomfortable and then you’ll be able to enjoy all of the advanced capabilities.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Super Stable Office Chair

Duramont Ergonomic Chair 1 286x300

The very first thing you see at this Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable office chair, and you’ll be able to tell that it’s been designed for comfort, and only comfort. Which comfort is more important than that of the beautiful mom who is setting high standards for her profession and also taking good care of her child?

Relieves back pain with a comfortable and supportive design.

Let’s take a closer look at the factors that create the chair comfortable and how it will provide important back support. The back of the chair is made comprised of breathable mesh. It will give you extra comfort for your back and keep you from that uncomfortable sweaty sensation by allowing cool air to circulate around its mesh. The lumbar support is also included for relief from back pains.

Without the ability to adjust and adjustability, we doubt that any chair can be considered to meet the requirements of being the best office chair for pregnancy. This is the reason why this office chair in our list has a stellar reputation for adjustability. It also has more options of adjustment than the other offered on the market. With the armrest’s height and distance from your seat height, and the tilt of the backrest, this chair offers all of the options so that you can choose the most comfortable angle and position that you and your child prefer.

Main benefits

  • 5 Years of Warranty
  • Super Stable
  • Are equipped with Roller Blade Wheels


  • Firmer Cushion

If you want to buy a long-lasting office chair, you can benefit from the comfort it brings during your maternity leave. Simply visit the store and add the chair to your shopping cart. The office chair is a winner in terms of comfort and the durability it offers, and also fantastic adjustment options.

Amazon Basics Executive 360-Degree Swivel Office Chair

Amazon Basics Executive Chair 176x300

Amazon Basics office desk chair may be the one that you’ll need to have to enjoy throughout the day. The leather that is used for this chair is a high-quality polyurethane, which is evidence that this is that it is the best office chair for pregnancy that you can get at a fair cost.

Soft Back-Support for Comfort

When you’re looking for your best office chair for the pregnant stage, the first thing you should consider is the level of comfort it can provide. Because comfort is the primary reason to move from your old office chair to the new one. The Amazon chair comes with an padded seat and high-back, that will give you an extremely pleasant feeling of comfort throughout the day.

Because pregnant women can’t afford to stand for long periods of time in the chair, repeatedly and again, they’ll require the office chair that can swivel significantly. Amazon office chair offers 360-degree swing and pneumatic seat adjustments to ensure you are able to take items from different corners of the office without requirement to leave the comfortable chair.

Main benefits

  • Easy To Assemble
  • Maximize Relaxation
  • Smooth Rolling Casters


  • Squeaks

If you purchase costly office chairs just because of the benefits, then there is no need to pay extra for this. The Amazon chair offers many adjustable features with a small amount of money out of your pockets. However, when it comes to quality, you have to compromise since it’s for only one year or a few months.

The Buying Guide

This is where our selection of best office chairs for pregnancy is over. We’ve tried our best to locate and study what are the best office chairs for pregnancy and then introduce you to the eight best gems to assist you further we have prepared to guide you in selecting the perfect and the best for you. The buying guide contains certain things and aspects that you should look for in order to find the perfect chair that can help you get the comfort you require during this wonderful period. Let’s take a look.

Adjustable Armrests

This is crucial due to the fact that pregnant ladies feel the need to alter their seating posture at different times throughout the day. Adjustable arm sets allow you to alter the settings of your chair to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Pick a chair that allows the most adjustment for arm sets.

Fantastic Back Support

If you’re currently in this period of pregnancy, it is important to be aware of the significance of this feature in your chair. The chair needs to be equipped with strong back support to hold your weight comfortably while providing the necessary relaxation. Look for an item with an air-tight mesh back and broad back frame, which is guaranteed to care for both you and your baby.


The final but certainly not least important aspect is durability. It is not a good idea to purchase a chair that performs well but lasts only about two or three months. Examine the durability of the product the warranty it comes with, as well as the customer service of the company. If you have issues following the purchase the warranty and policies of the company will be in place to assist you.


What is the best way to sit for pregnancy?

  • Make sure you sit up with your back aligned and shoulders back. Your buttocks should be in contact with the back of your chair.
  • Relax and sit with the help of back support (such as a small, rolled-up towel, or the back roll) to the curvature that your spine curves. Pillows for pregnancy are available in a variety of stores.

Are kneeling chairs suitable for pregnant women?

Utilizing a kneeling chair can help improve posture by allowing the pelvis to rotate and bringing the spine back to its natural posture. Sitting up straight in a dining table will aid your back better than lying on a sofa or a soft sofa.

Can sitting position hurt baby?

Your posture and how you use your body can influence the position of your baby within the uterus. While it is not a concern at first, later on, it can influence the position in which the baby’s pelvis is placed prior to the beginning of labor.

Final words

A great pregnancy office chair is always flexible, light and built to support the weight of a greater amount. You can be sure that all the chairs listed above are constructed with sturdy materials. They also come with a great warranty program so you can trust the chairs after your baby has been born.

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