11 Best Office Chair under 150$ (Best Budget Picks)

Are you operating on an extremely tight spending plan? Have you been disappointed, to date when you’ve been searching for a high-end, decent and cost-effective ergonomic office chair?

We totally comprehend the problem If you answered “yes” to one of these questions, you’ll be delighted by this review. The truth is that the value sector within the market is highly extremely competitive market, with a variety of companies offering a wide range of offerings.

There are so many possibilities to select from and could result in serious conditions that causes analytical and paralysis. We’ve scour the web for the best of the most economical comfortable office chairs. Our aim is to simplify your search and help in finding the perfect chair for you at a price that you can afford.

Best office chair under 150$:

OFM ESS-6060 Collection Leather – Basic Office Chair under 150$


OFM Racing Style SofThread Leather High Back Office Chair 581x1024

Image Price 300x103


If you’re searching for an item of furniture that can help you ease the stress of work and give excellent performance for your gaming needs, the OFM ESS-6060 is an excellent deal. This multi-purpose chair is one of the cheap computer chairs available on OFM’s selection and you’ll be able to feel this.

The chair is distinct from the crowd due to the diamond-shaped cushioning. OFM uses its trademark SofThread (bonded) leather all over the chair and hasn’t left any area that could create discomfort. However, the additional foam padding inside the seat as well as the backrest and the head space will definitely increase your comfort of usage.

Thus, regardless of whether you’re spending longer in your office or playing for a long period of time, the chair won’t be an issue to achieve your objectives.

OFM promotes it as an gaming and office ergonomic chair. But, in actuality, it’s more geared towards office setup as there is no sharp ergonomics to delight. The ESS-6060 features a required, yet smooth tilt of 120 degrees and the armrests are fixed, as the majority of office chairs pose such a mechanism. However, the armrests are cushioned and are padded with the same leather and foam to offer a needed arm and wrist brace.

The most significant difference is within the head area. The head support is fixed and is an interesting alternative to pricing limits.

A high-back chair with a fixed backrest is employed to give good support to people who are over 5.8ft. At lower levels, it can be difficult to attain a proper alignment with the sizes of the backrest which is why it’s easy to be frustrated when trying to find a comfortable sitting posture.

Furthermore, the backrest offers the advantage from integrated lumbar support giving you a natural S shape that will increase the endurance required to enjoy a comfortable sit.

OFM ESS-6060 allows for people to be completely involved in large dimensions, and also the capability to adjust to long distances. The 27 x 23 (D X W) inches of space for seating doesn’t satisfy the requirements of larger body models. In addition, the greater range 17.5 – 22.6 inches of adjustment for the seat gives the most flexibility of adjustment for taller males.

The weight limit remains at 250lbs, which is sufficient for the majority of users.

OfM’s ESS-6060 is an excellent $150 price bracket it is suitable for both office and gaming niches. Its durability high-quality padding, simple adjustment and cushioning support for cushions that can be added are excellent reasons to consider this top-performing general-purpose chair. 

The greater variety of height adjustments makes it an easy task for people who are taller to make this an best office chair under 150 dollars.


  • Excellent quality upholstery and stitching
  • Great aesthetics soars your decor norms
  • The most important component in this case
  • It’s doesn’t sound squeaky when you move it and tilt it
  • Majority often you can purchase extended span (5″) seats that can be adjusted.


  • No tilt lock.

AmazonBasics LeatherSoft Executive Chair – Best Budget Executive Chair


Amazon Basics Chair 737x1024

Image Price 300x103


Executive chairs use are guaranteed to reflect your personal style. But, sometimes the price makes it difficult to choose these alternatives to sit in. AmazonBasics created this extremely comfortable office chair under 150$ to give you the executive feel without the expense of costly brands.

The primary feature is the comfy seat cushion and highly polished finish. The seat is quite wide (almost 24-inches”) for bigger butts, and seat cushion is of a good size. The cushions the perfect balance of firmness and softness that allows you to enjoy the longest sitting time without pain in your butts or lower back pain.

Keep in mind that all upholstery is made from plastic, which isn’t as robust as leather, however, it is believed to be breathable.

An ergonomic design is simple. Armrests can be secured with cushions made of leather. Adjustability for the chair can be in-built 2-dimensional. A rocking back feature lets you enjoy the ability to tilt 360 degrees using the lock mechanism.

Another dimension is the height that can be adjusted. The chair can be adjusted from 18 inches to 21 inches, which can cover a broad variety of sizes.

It was made to give heavier and larger individuals a sense of relief. While wide seating chairs are priced higher and are costly the office chair has decent width and size. It’s able to fit individuals over 6 feet tall and has a maximum weight of 275 pounds.

With 22 x 23.6 inches in backrest width, this is a total winner when it comes down to dealing with big men. Also, the chrome polished base with nylon casters provides ease of movement on hard surfaces.

In actual fact it really is! Offers a wonderful value for those who enjoy executive. The highest quality fabrics, stitching, and finishing options, and a price less than 150 bucks definitely worth every penny.

In fact, because it’s part of the class of desk chairs that is budget-friendly the padding’s density and the cushion’s firmness aren’t reduced to provide the most comfortable experience for prolonged periods.


  • Stitching on this is gorgeous while the cushioning amazing
  • Offered in beautiful shades
  • Offers great comfort, without sagging or breaking
  • 275lbs of weight capacity
  • Rocking and swiveling functionality is quite
  • It was chrome-finished.


  • A bit heavier because of the base of metal
  • There are some who have problems in the process of assembly.

BestOffice Ergonomic Desk Chair – Best Office Chair Affordable Price


BestOffice Ergonomic Chair 615x1024

Image Price 300x103


It’s stylish that is upholstered in black leather. This gives an attractive look of the chairs. Its ergonomic chair is incredible in the price range compared to other products listed. This is a chair manufactured by BestOffice which is a premium seat that is well constructed and packed with cushions for greater ease of use.

The armrests were created to ease the burden that arms carry. The gas lifts are used in the chair. It will take only 10-15 minutes to put up and comes with all the tools and furniture, along with specific instructions.

It comes with an swivel that is 360 degrees to enable multi-tasking. It also has five-star casters which provide smooth rolling.


  • A solid base. It has a sturdy and durable base composed of steel which can offer incredible movement and consistency. It’s extremely sturdy and can support the maximum weight limit of 250lbs, which implies that a person with the average weight and the large weight limit could sit in it.
  • Mechanism for tilt and lock. The mechanism is tilt-lock and can be adjusted to 120 degrees, with its height adjustable. This means that the person can adjust the chair to suit the requirements of his job in complete safety.
  • Upholstery. It’s upholstered with top-quality fabric and leather, which provides an extended period of ease of use. It’s a large chair that comes with adjustable height options. The sophisticated locking mechanism of this chair makes sure that it straight.
  • Padded backrest. The padded cushion for backrest and seat provides maximum comfort. It will also help reduce back and leg discomfort. It’s possible to adapt to your posture.


  • Durable
  • BIFMA quality-certified
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Let release the burden of stress and hurt
  • Swivel chair.


  • Its seat padding is thin.

Hbada Recline Backrest Office Chair – One of The Best office Chair under 150$


Hbada Desk Chair 673x1024

Image Price 300x103


This model that is priced just $150 or less is provided through Hbada. The firm is famous for its premium chairs designed for gaming and workplace use. It gives you the most relaxation and comfort for your working session. The mesh back that is ventilated allows airflow, allowing heat to escape from the back, as well as providing users with cooling effect.

The frame comes with neck support, which gives the neck the maximum level of relaxation. The height-adjustable feature on this chair gives users to alter the height from 16.3″ and up to 19.5″ which is ideal for those who are less than 5’10” tall. It is one of the most durable and sturdy chairs.

It comes with padded cushion seat to relax and have the most comfort when doing. The ergonomic design with the curved back aids to improve the natural curve of your spine.


  • Thick padded ergonomic headrest. It is equipped with a thick, comfy and comfortable headrest which can ensure that your neck is secure in addition. The headrest and back of the chair create a solid and robust chair that will help you get through the long hours of working.
  • Armrests reclining. The back and arms of this chair have been designed so that you can recline the chair into the level needed to alleviate tension in both the arms and back. This allows the user to unwind while you work.
  • Universal casters. 5 stars nylon heavy duty casters come with 360-degree swivels that enable smooth rolling of the chair on the floor. These casters made from heavy-duty materials permit you to move the chair around without leaving marks on floors.
  • Base which is heavy-duty. The base that supports this ergonomic chair is made up of metal, ensuring mobility and durability. The Chair is BIFMA certified and has enough strength to support, it’s weight capacity of 225 lbs.


  • Lumbar support
  • Height adjustable
  • Widen headrest
  • A comfortable seat.


  • Neck support doesn’t seem as good.

Modway Mesh backed Ergonomic Office Chair


Modway Mesh Chair 678x1024

Image Price 300x103


Improve the effectiveness by putting your body into the right position using the ergonomic chair of Modway. With a budget that’s sensible, it’s possible to buy a set of functional office chairs that will give the most comfort to you. The design appeals to people is due to its mesh backs that resemble human ribs. This makes it appear elegant. It’s not only beautiful in style, but offers many benefits. Backs made of mesh are ideal in allowing air to flow.

Furthermore, the chair was created with the efficiency of use. The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 331 lbs. when compared to other chairs that are on tables.

The most significant advantage of purchasing this chair is the fact that it has three adjustment levers to give customized support to each user. With no trouble, the user can change how high the seat is according to their requirements.


  • A tilt control. It is an ergonomic chair provides back tilt adjustment, as well as adjustability of tilt for the seat too. Both adjustments are made with two different controls built into the seating.
  • A single-touch height adjustment is done with the help of a lever that can be adjusted. It permits users to raise it to increase the height, then pull it back down to decrease the height to meet the needs of an experienced.
  • Armrests that can be adjusted in height can be added to change the angle of the arms to suit. While it’s not cushioned, however, it gives the most effective support over the course of the requirements.
  • Seat cushion. Shaped 6 inches of the finest seat cushion to provide complete peace and relaxation. The plush seat makes a perfect accessory to your everyday activities.


  • Multi-purpose chair
  • Versatile applications
  • Modern design
  • Slide across floors that have carpet using the five-star casters.
  • Mesh chair


  • Adjusting the height of an arm isn’t excellent.

Flash Furniture Mid-back Best Budget Office Chair


Flash Furniture Chair 646x1024

Image Price 300x103


This ergonomic chair, Flash Furniture mid back office chair provides the highest degree of comfort as you work in your job. The curve of the cross-section back offers support for your lumbar spine and is breathable for long-lasting sitting and when you’re heating up. Find high-back and mid-back drawing chairs. High-back chairs reduce tension in the lower section, while the mid-back chair keeps the upper part of the back in control.

The ideal drawing chair for people who work on larger surfaces like modelers or Visual art. The whole chair has a cascade design that helps reduce the heat that your legs generate, thus making it easier to work on overall.

Furthermore, they come with flip up armrests, height adjustment to ensure you’re at ease with your seating, and slant pressure for you to back in the chair. While there aren’t adjustable features, I found the executive office chair comfortable, and it was able to support my back nicely.

After a brief period of working, you’ll notice that you’re feeling stiff and tight. And, on the other hand, that mesh back is incredibly comfortable and allows air circulate, which is an excellent feature.


  • Simple assembly
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Comfortable mesh back


  • Requires better options to be flexible
  • There’s no headrest
  • Not recommended to individuals who are taller.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find an upholstered chair that has the mid-back at less than 150$. While it’s not the most comfortable for adjustments but it’s an excellent overall reward for the investment. It’s a ideal choice for anyone on budget, and also requires assistance in getting rid of the pain in their the back.

Boss Office Delux Fabric – Best Chair For Short Person


Boss Office Task Chair 635x1024

Image Price 300x103


The Office Deluxe Fabric Chair is a straightforward comfortable chair with adjustable armrests. It comes in three different tones. One thing missing from this chair is tilting capability, which means there’s no chance of reversing the chair. It doesn’t have any lumbar support you’ll get out of the Boss Office chair. The chair isn’t adjustable or positioned to accommodate people who may require an operation for their back.

A cushioned seating, as well as the cozy backrest on the Boss Office Deluxe chair, make it an extremely comfortable chair for you to lay back and relax on. The cushioned seat included in this Boss Office chair is part of the cascade-like design of the chair. This design is vital as it transports blood to your legs along the direction that encourages you to stay seated for longer periods.

This gas lift pneumatic which is included in this Boss Office chair permits you to reduce or raise this current chair’s dimensions, with its lowest point is 18.5 inches, the most prominent feature of the chair is 23.5 inches. The ergonomic armrests on this chair are also adjustable, however, the only thing you are able to modify is the one to raise or lower them.

The Boss Office chair is an amazing chair worth buying even if your don’t require the most basic necessities. It’s also cost-effective, so you won’t have to dip too far into your budget to purchase it.


  • Amazing build quality
  • Breathable Tweed Fabric
  • Let you support heavyweights
  • 6 years guarantee.


  • It is impossible to tilt this chair.

Furmax Ribbed Office Desk Chair


Furmax Desk Chair

Image Price 300x103


If you’re working for long hours or just a few hours, Furmax guarantees comfort due to its incredible attributes. These characteristics include faux leathers, adjustable rotating components, and multi-purpose.


  • Moving furniture base Swivel
  • Color Black
  • Material– Faux Leather
  • Dimensions of the item are 27.56 and 18.5 7.87 inches. 7.87 inches
  • Item weight– 27.1 pounds

If you sit down and take a look into the spine’s curvature, Furmax, it is something that’s not commonplace. It’s a amazing design that is very comfortable and embraces it’s natural curve of the spine. There’s more.

A majority of buyers have been raving about this chair’s firmness and comfort. Additionally, customers were impressed by the unique design of the back which is ribbed to add an extra advantage to their interior. Undoubtedly, Furmax is an excellent purchase that has surpassed expectations.

There’s more information about this chair for those who are modest and enjoy the advantages of a comfortable office chair. It’s also a fantastic office setup doesn’t have to appear attractive. Buy yours today!


  • Ultimate in comfort. Furmax is a high-quality product with PUR leather upholstery that is easy to clean and durable. In addition unlike many office chairs, this best computer chair comes with extra cushions which are 3.15 inches.
  • Strong. While easy to clean, the faux leather is waterproof and won’t get fading fast. The feet of the 5-star range are durable and offer ample assistance for the 285 pounds maximum weight capacity and the rolling wheels allow for easy mobility.
  • The sophisticated style. The combination of back ribbed stitched with faux leather provides an appearance to the chairs. Additionally, you can place the chair in various locations other than the office, such as the reception area, gaming areas or conference room.


  • It creates the sound of a snarling. After using this chair for long periods of time you might hear a snarling sound because of the imperfections within the structure.

GTRACING GT099 Gaming Chair


GTRACING Gaming Chair 626x1024

Image Price 300x103


In this gaming chair, the three aspects that we evaluated when selecting the best gaming chairs under $150 were adjustability, comfort and size. The GTRACING GT099 Gaming chair was the top performer across every category. The comfort level is exceptional. Ergonomic design promotes good posture and helps ease stiffness and soreness that people often experience after a prolonged gaming session.

With regard to adjustability, GT099 Gaming Chair is not just comfy, soft arms cushioned with three different positions and the backrest can be adjusted up to 170 degrees. It is the perfect choice those who want to relax after a long and tiring day.

Furthermore, the massive weight capacity and dimensions mean that even the biggest gamers will feel comfortable and will be able to take a break in what we believe to be the top all-round gaming chair at this price to date.


Dimensions (W x D x H): 20.86″ x 21.26″ x 51.97″

Maximum Weight: 300 pounds


  • Frame composed of solid metal and supportive molded foam ensure lasting durability
  • Three gas lifting cylinders that allow for simple height adjustment
  • The product includes padding foam lumbar support and a headrest cushion.


  • Assembly could last up to 2 hours
  • Color options are limited in comparison to other chairs.

Vitesse Ergonomic Gaming Chair


VITESSE Ergonomic Gaming Chair 651x1024

Image Price 300x103


If you like the comfort and health benefits of the ergonomic office chair but you prefer something more active to play in, the Vitesse Ergonomic Gaming Chair might be the best option to make. The ergonomic design is specifically designed to assist in maintaining an ideal posture as well as reducing stress and discomfort during the long hours of gaming, making it a great choice to ensure you don’t allow your Wasteland 3 session to ruin your overall health.


Dimensions  (W x D x H): 25.2″ x 11″ x 33.5″

Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 pounds.


  • The most advanced gas lift device that permits easy seat height adjustment
  • Backrest reclines 90deg – 180deg
  • 1-year warranty, with repair or replacement if needed.


  • Seat padding is limited
  • The wheels might be hard and difficult for them to be moved.

LUCKWIND Reclining Gaming Chair Footrest


LUCKWIND Reclining Gaming Chair 1024x1024

Image Price 300x103


In the next section, we’ll examine this model that we’ll call The LUCKWIND Recline Gaming Chair with Footrest. This is an enormous frame gaming chair, whose main attraction is the massage feature which is integrated into the lumbar support. This makes it an ideal alternative for those players that begins to feel stiffness and tension in the lower back area after during a lengthy game. However, what we like most about this model is its size.

This size by itself shows that it’s built to be able to handle those who are taller than 6 feet with 335 pounds of weight capacity is the biggest of the chairs on the list. In light of that, if seeking the highest height and large chair for those who are on a budget, the LUCKWIND must at least be considered.


Dimensions (W x D x H): 26.8″ x 26.8″ x 48.5″

Max Weight: 330 pounds


  • It also comes with the footrest which slides underneath the seat when not being used.
  • Cushioned memory foam seating is protected with breathable mesh for extra comfort
  • 90-135deg Silent Reclining Feature.


  • Many complain that armrests don’t provide the most stability
  • The chair is equipped with an extremely limited adjustment range in comparison with other chairs.

Factors of Selection

In this area of the market, basic functionality is the norm, and we’ve set the bar very low. As you will see from the title the basic functions are at the high-end, but a great ergonomic chair has to do more than that. It should be comfortable, attractive and not at risk of falling apart time when you sit in its use. Everything else is an advantage.

In order to achieve this, we made our criteria for selection fairly simple. We searched for chairs that be compatible with the majority of interior styles, offered sufficient comfort and also had the essentials of ergonomic design covered.

Chairs that have surpassed the standard of offering warranties that extend beyond the standard 30-day and 90-day periods or by incorporating modern features, like large tilt/recline options and also adjustable ergonomic features and better materials or manufacturing quality than the standard achieved high places on our ranking.

Assembly is necessary

Instead of making it a point to mention it every time we discuss the chairs that we’ve examined, I’ll just say at the introduction that chairs in this review will be delivered to your door in a huge box, that is not fully assembled.

Although the amount of time required to construct each chair is unique, it could take from 30 to 40 minutes to put it together especially if doing it yourself.

It is possible to cut between 10 and 15 minutes off the construction time if have someone on hand to help you. The procedure will be simpler since certain components are heavy and difficult to lift with only two hands.

Among Ergonomic Chairs under $150 and 100$, Which is the Best?

This section of the office furniture market is a lively, bustling market filled with names you’ve heard of as well as businesses you’ve not known about all trying to grab your attention and money.

It was the norm that, when you started looking at furniture that was available there would be just three or four designs to choose from, and that was it. These days you have a lot more options. The amount of choices available is overwhelming and it’s hard to discern the confusion and pick the furniture you’re looking for.

The point is “best” can mean various things to different individuals, so the most important issue would be “which affordable office chair is right for you”?

I’ve spent lots of time sorting the grain from the chaff and have made two top-ten lists with something that can be adapted to different tastes and preferences. Each list is for the markets I looked at.

There were some really surprising things on both lists. Even if you aren’t a fan of our top picks, there’s an excellent chance that the new office chair is somewhere on this list. This is what we want to achieve at the very least!

Prior to making any final decision before making a final choice, I’d like to invite readers to put this review aside and consider what features are most relevant to their chair. Then, go over our top picks further to determine if one particular model stands out.

I wish you the best of success with your search. I hope that helped make it easier for you to find the information you’re seeking!


How do I choose the best office desk chairs?

There are a variety of best office desk chairs I’ve added the most well-known 11 ergonomic chairs in our review. It is possible to pick an office chair according to your needs.

Office chairs that cost a lot are they worth it?

In reality, you can save funds by investing in an higher-end office chair that will last for ten decades or more, opposed with the $100 office chair you will need to replace frequently.

Is it a good idea to invest in an office chair?

You must definitely buy a good office chair as they provide a variety of options, including tilting them. Some chairs come with back adjustable headrest.

What is the best price for an office chair?

The price of purchasing the office chair depends on your needs since the cheapest chairs are on the market, and provide the finest features.

Should I get a new office chair?

If you are a worker for long hours then yes, you must purchase new office chair at once, anyway it’s better than an old office chair. They provide lumbar support which makes you not have hip or lower back pain.

Final Thoughts

This listing of 11 best office chairs under 150$ is done. The reviews that are authentic should suffice to choose the best chairs that fit within your budget and with your own preference. I and our experts have also suggested a fantastic product that can ensure you don’t spend long hours doing study.

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