12 Best Office Chairs for Heavy People

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Best office chair for heavy person

HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair with Knee-Tilt

Maximum Weight Capacity: 450lbs

Seat width: N/A

A few people avoid traditional gaming chair designs that have become so popular in the past few years. In the end, not everyone would like to sit in a seat which makes one feel like you’re sitting in an automobile race! If that’s the case, I’ll tell you it is possible to find alternatives for the style, particularly in the tall and large category. This office chair made by HON can be one. It combines an executive-style appearance with an mesh covering, and lot’s of cushioning in the backrest and butt areas to make an ideal office chair for big and tall people.

While it’s not as ergonomic like some of the other options however, the office chair more than makes more the most bang for your buck. This office chair won’t contour to your body shape, however, that doesn’t mean it’s comfortable in any way. Actually, it’s a chair is extremely comfortable and sturdy, which is perfect for those who have to be seated for hours on day and night doing office work, gaming or even just watching tv. But it will not keep your spine straight as the king and tank series. However, the lumbar support also leaves something to be wanted. It’s something to think about when you’re considering this.

Another thing I like in this office chair it’s construction quality. It is able to hold up to 450lbs, and due to the steel structure, it can do not sag even a little.

Then, HON had to cut costs in order to make sure that the chair will be profitable for them. And you are able to see this when you take a look at the tiny aspects. One thing they have done to lower expenses is to use less expensive wheels and less durable plastics beneath the chair itself. It’s a good thing that it doesn’t impact the durability of the seat itself, however, if you’re seeking a high-end product with a luxurious look across the entire bottom then avoid this option.


  • Elegant style that looks great in any room
  • Can hold up to weight of 450lbs
  • Although it’s isn’t the best ergonomic seat available, it more than compensates for it in sheer comfort


  • Coasters are quite affordable and you may need to replace them in a short time

Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair for Fat People

Weight Capacity: 400lbs

Seat width: N/A

Another office chair by HON in the category of tall and large I’ve found both pros and cons to this seat. If the negatives are an issue or not is dependent on what you are seeking when it comes to the perfect office chair. Although the cushioning made of foam in this chair is extremely comfortable, equally for those who are normal sized and big and tall folks, the other components and materials in the chair leave an impression to be wanted.

One of the primary reasons you should consider the chair in your living room or office is that it’s seat cushion is extremely dense, making the seat extremely comfortable. Many people find it greater comfort than mesh such as me. However, it is true that the seat cover can tear down quite easily. The cover could easily be broken by a cat therefore, I would not recommend this chair in the event that you owned one. Even in the absence of one, I think the cover could be damaged by wear and tear which leads my attention to the next thing i want to discuss.

The armrests on the chair are too fragile for me, and some customers have mentioned that they fall apart after a couple of months of usage. It’s true that you shouldn’t be expecting much from the price point, so if you’re looking for something that lasts longer than a year or two you might want to spend the money and purchase something that is a bit higher priced.


  • A comfortable seat cushion
  • The price tag is more easily accessible than the other options on this list


  • Chair’s design could be too sombre and subdued for certain users.
  • Cheap, filmsy armrests

Ficmax High-Back Executive Office Ergonomic Chair

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Seat width: N/A

An excellent option to replace the DXRacer gaming chairs above is a highly economical gaming chair that will really ensure you have the correct posture while playing an Xbox or computer. But, keep in mind that you’ll get what you pay for when you purchase this. A few users have complained about some issues with the hydraulic system. Some have also said that it isn’t the most suitable option for taller individuals. If you don’t mind the negatives and you’re looking for a chair that’s comfortable, you should think about this option, particularly in the case of the best gaming chair on the cheap.

When you first get the gaming chair, you will find that the style was influenced by DXRacer gaming chairs. To put it lightly, it’s an exact copy of the original design. It’s not a bad thing, but some people may prefer something more original or creative in terms of design, perhaps something similar to designs that come from COUGAR as well as Raidmax. This is again something that is more personal choice however it is something to be aware of.

What I really like about the chair is its vibrator feature which is located in its lumbar support. It’s a great small feature typically only found in higher-end office chairs and, if you can find a good sitting position on this chair you won’t need to settle for any other type of chair! Although I’d love this connector to have just larger and stronger but you don’t have to request that much in these price point.

There’s a second thing that I’m required to discuss about the gaming chair, and it is related to the hydraulic base I’ve already mentioned. There have been some complaints with it following a couple of weeks, however, it appears the Ficmax customer support isn’t very effective in solving the problem. However, not everyone has experienced issues with the base, or the customer support, however, so be aware of this if you’re considering buying an inexpensive gaming chair on the cheap.


  • A great alternative in place of DXRacer chairs
  • A lot less expensive than the choices that were the first on this list Amazing vibrating feature


  • A shaky hydraulic system is an acknowledged issue with this chair
  • The manufacturer has poor customer service.
  • Carbon copies of popular gaming chairs on the market

DXRacer King – Tall office chair

Max weight capacity: 254lbs

Seat width: N/A

The ergonomic office chairs for fat people I’d like to highlight is a different DXRacer chair that is The King Series. It’s a bit cheaper and is suitable for those looking for something durable, but doesn’t necessarily require 450lbs of weight capacity.

Although it’s true that the King Series isn’t quite as sturdy as the Titan but it still has plenty to provide. It comes with a lower weight capacity of 254lbs (which is nevertheless enough) and DXRacer classifies it as an “XL” chair for big and tall users.

As with all DXRacer chairs the construction quality is excellent and the chair has a highly-adjustable, ergonomic design. The armrests can be adjusted in a variety of sizes in addition to the seat height as well as the lumbar support.

Furmax Gaming Chair High Back

Max weight capacity 310lbs

Widespread of seat: 20.9″

The Furmax Gaming Chair with High Back features striking black and turquoise design that looks stunning in an gaming set-up. While it may appear a bit out of place in an office however, it’ll give you the convenience and ergonomic support you’ve been searching for.

What is it that makes the chair ideal suitable for fat people is the padded bucket seat that provides ample space and additional cushioning to provide the ultimate comfort. This chair’s weight capacity is also pretty impressive, with 310 pounds however, it’s not as big than some of the chairs I’ve discussed to date.

It also features an adjustable footrest that flips out it is a great option that allows you to put your feet up and relax with the style you prefer. The chair includes an adjustable headrest as well as lumbar support cushion for more ergonomic support.

Maxnomic NEEDforSEAT XL for Heavy People

Weight capacity: 375lbs

Seat width: 22.8”

Maxnomic is another premium gaming chair manufacturer and a very close competitor to DXRacer. Their chairs feature top quality construction and ergonomic features like four-dimensional armrests.

They’re XL Series is the perfect ergonomic gaming chair for fat people since it’s made specifically for those who are heavier. This chair’s weight capacity, at 375lbs is lower than the others gaming chairs, but it will be sufficient.

In addition, it compensates for the less weight capacity with features like an adjustable height of eight positions, a unique “finger rest” technology and ultra-comfy upholstered oval quilting.

Posturion Ergonomic High Back Big and Tall Office Chair

Weight capacity: 300lbs

Seat width: N/A

This chair is specifically designed for the average-to-high person and has a weight limit of 300lbs. However, due to the high back, it is a chair is suitable for tall people who are not necessarily overweight. If you’re tall, and you’re looking to ease back pain then this chair is the best choice for you.

This Posturion High Back Chair comes with the adjustable lumbar support that is set within it’s back of the chair. If you’re about 6’2” your lower back will be aligned to that lumbar support perfectly, and this chair will be the perfect suit for you! However, if you’re smaller than 6′, then you should probably not choose this chair as it’s specifically designed to accommodate tall people, but not heavy people, so you’re better off having a seat on one of the other entries.

The seat can also be configured to provide fully reclined to 120 degrees and tilt lock mechanism, in case you’d prefer to fully recline your backrest while taking an hour or two of rest as an escape from work.

A waterfall-like edge on the seat can also assist reduce the discomfort in your thighs and can help reduce the numbness that can be felt in your legs and feet. The waterfall seat design is the base of a comfortable ergonomic office chair!

While working at home, it’s vital that neck muscles do not become exhausted. The headrest can be height adjustable to suit those needs of individuals of all sizes with comfort ratings from people as short to 5’5” and even as tall as 6’2″.

All of these features work all together in order for support the body all ways it needs to:

  • Neck
  • Back
  • Arm
  • Thigh/leg

Pros Excellent to balance rest and work as the seat completely reclines for breaks between working projects. This makes it more convenient to schedule the time to unwind at your desk after you’ve been busy for a long time.


  • Affordable price for decent quality and a fantastic mix of value and quality.
  • Highly recommended by those who work from home due to its ability to relieve neck and back discomfort. (Which is the second most common discomforts for people employed from homes particularly when they work for long periods of time.)


  • The seat padding could cause pain in your buttocks and thighs when used during long periods of time.
  • Base is not strong and prone to break in the event of continuous, intense use.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office – Chair for Heavy People

Weight capacity: 335lbs

Seat width: N/A

Its Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair is more adjustable than any chair of its kind and has a maximum weight of 335lbs.

Thanks to mesh material as the backing it isn’t likely to get hot in this comfy, ergonomic chair. It’s also the case that no one is the most at ease sweating, which is an enormous benefit of this chair.

While the weight limit is lower than the average of other chairs listed Duramont’s ergonomic adjustable Office Chair compensates for this by being adjustable. One of the most important aspects of comfort is sitting position.

Its Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair lets you modify your seating experience at your desk to the extent you want. The headrests can be adjusted in the height and angle and also the lumbar support’s height and depth.

This provides maximum cushioning, specifically designed for you!

The height of the armrest and the distance to the seat will give your arms the support they need.

The ergonomic office chair is also covered under a 5-year guarantee, which guarantees you that your chair is durable. If you aren’t satisfied with the chair and want to return it, send the chair back in 90 days to receive an entire refund!

A common frequently asked question regarding the chair in Amazon is the exact depth of the seat it self. It is important for people to ensure that they are getting something that is both solid and comfortable for sitting on. Its seat is 4.5″ thick and is cozy to lounge on the chair getting an overall score that is 4.4 stars.

Customers are also able to reduce back pain at their desk with this chair. While people with a weight of 400lbs are not within their weight capacity of this chair and over 6’5” can find it a comfortable seat for sitting in.


  • The smooth gliding wheels are ideal for tile or moving throughout an office space
  • Ideal to work from your home, with a few Amazon reviews which recommend peace of mind even at the conclusion of a long workday!
  • Customer service that is responsive to the seller via the Amazon messaging center
  • It is easy to put together; buyers of this chair are able to build it within 15 minutes


  • Reported complaints of uncomfortable foam padding inside the seat.
  • It is prone to breaking down due to continuous use after the warranty has expired. (Most users notice that things are breaking within four months, while the warranty will cover three months of warranty.)

Herman Miller Aeron Size C Heavy Duty

Weight capacity: 350lbs

Seat width: N/A

Nearly last, but certainly not last (in cost or quality) is the Herman Miller Aeron. It is one of the best office seat for elegance simple, quality, and simplicity. Aeron is similar to the DXRacer is available with three different sizes.

The largest (size C) is an excellent alternative for those who weigh more than 300 pounds, or anyone who has difficulty sitting at a comfortable level in ergonomic seats.

According to Herman Miller company recommendations, Aeron chair size C is made for those who are taller than 6’6” tall and 350 pounds.

Herman Miller Aeron is one of the most expensive computer chairs, however, let’s face it. You pay for what you get. You are able to completely customize your Aeron chair by selecting:

  • Color of frame body
  • Size
  • Backrest style (standard backrest, and with adjustable lumbar support or adjustable sacral/lumbar support)
  • Type of tilt (standard or a higher-end that has a 5-degree forward tilt)
  • Armrests (non-adjustable adjustable, height-adjustable or 3D)
  • Armpads (PU foam, leather)
  • Casters (carpet or floor)

With executive-level customization, you can design your very own Herman Miller Aeron chair, exactly how you’d like it.

You can be certain that you’ll have a top-quality chair to lounge in, one that will last for many years.

However, even if you opt for a basic version, you’ll need to budget at minimum $800! The more advanced models (with adjustable arms and backs) may exceed $1000!

Even though this chair is expensive and not all people are able to pay for it, I decided to include it on this list because the people who have the money to afford it love the quality in terms of durability, comfort, and durability. If you’re looking for a cheaper option but don’t wish to sacrifice quality, then you should read this article for alternatives that are cheap to Herman Miller.


  • Amazon reviews that claim an Aeron has been sitting on their desk for eight or more years!
  • Comfortable foam arm rests covered in leather.
  • Fully customizable, you are able to select every aspect that comes with the chair


  • One of the priciest ergonomic seats available!
  • There are reports of poor customer service from the seller’s company, which is especially disappointing considering the expectations that accompany an expensive price

KBEST Big and Tall Heavy Duty High Back Office Executive Chair

Weight capacity: 400lbs

Seat width: N/A

KBEST is a reputable brand of office chairs. They are well-known for their high-quality office chairs and offering top-quality customer service. This KBEST High Back big and tall office chair is an excellent executive office chair from KBEST.


Its office chair is quite wide and taller than regular office chairs available at present. It is adjustable in its lumbar support. I consider this to be one of the most important features of every office chair. This lumbar support can be adjusted by turning the lumbar knob, which lets you alter the amount of pressure that is applied for your spine.

The huge and broad seating cushion can provide an enjoyable sitting experience for people who are tall. If you’re an extremely tall and large person it is not necessary to be concerned about ease of sitting, since you’ll be able to sit comfortably.

The most important thing to consider for anyone who is big and tall guy is the weight limit of an office chair. The chair comes with an weight capacity of 400 pounds. I’m sure this will be enough to accommodate the majority of all the big and tall guys out there.

Its height on this chair can be adjusted. So if you are tall there is nothing to be concerned about. Its tilt mechanism chair is very well-constructed. It allows you to sit down and relax since you are able to control the tilt according to your preference.

The quality of the leather furniture, seat cushions, as well as the frame is excellent. You will be in a position to comprehend the difference after taking a seat for the very first time. The chair is very solid and stable.

In addition, this big and tall chair is protected to an entire year under warranty of the manufacturer. If anything goes wrong during this period they’ll fix your issue. I’ve seen all reviews from customers as well. Users who have used this chair for long periods of time are extremely satisfied with the durability, comfortability and ergonomic attributes of the chair.

Its solid and durable structure ensures a smooth work experience.

What are the reasons to consider using this chair?

As I’ve seen it I believe that this chair is extremely comfortable and relaxing chair for big and tall males. If you’re a tall guy, you’ll be able to relax on it for hours and not feel exhausted.

Installation for this chair is simple. However, since the quality of the construction is important and the chair weighs more there is a possibility that you’ll need an additional person to assist during the installation process. However, the process is easy.

In addition, pressing the handle for height adjustment will stop the chair from sagging completely. I discovered this feature of the chair to be quite impressive.

This chair includes everything is required by a person who weighs a lot. Its weight limit is on point as well as its ergonomic features are great and, perhaps more importantly, this chair is also reasonably priced. Therefore, I highly suggest this chair without doubt.

Cooler Master Ergo L High Back Ergonomic Chair – 440-pound weight capacity

Weight capacity: 440lbs

Seat width: N/A

Cooler Master manufactures some of the most amazing and top-quality office chairs available today for larger people. The Ergo L Cooler Master High Back Ergonomic Office Chair is not an exception. This is among their best chairs.

The cost for this chair is about 493 dollars at present. The chair could be priced too high but I believe it’s worth the cost due to its features and high-end features.


The amazing thing about the chair can be found in the fact that its weight limit of this chair is the weight limit of 440 pounds. Are you shocked?! This capacity will be sufficient for 99.99 percent of the big and tall guys out all over the globe.

The materials utilized to make the chair are highest quality. It is impossible to have the chance to criticize the quality of construction used in this chair. Its ergonomic design and premium quality made of PU material are truly impressive.

This chair is ideal for sitting for long periods of time since it offers lumbar support. The backrest is completely adjustable and can be locked in 3 different recline positions.

Backrests are breathable and is engineered to provide you with an extra support by reducing the strain on your neck and back. The headrest, armrests and the size of the chair can also be adjusted.

Its back is able to be repositioned at 120°. It is equipped with every ergonomic adjustable features you could imagine. Additionally, the manufacturer gives two years of guarantee.

Why should you think about using this chair?

Cooler master Ergo L is a durable chair. It’s designed to stand up to prolonged hours of usage. Additionally, this chair’s weight capacity is 444 pounds. This is a huge amount.

This chair is one of the best chairs for people of larger sizes. It is worthy of being in the top of our top 3 list. Since the price is a bit higher, I have to reduce it slightly on the list. But, as I stated earlier, I think it is worth the price due to the quality as well as the added weight capacity, ultra comfortability and ergonomic characteristics that come with this chair.

You’ll be amazed when you sit on the chair first time. It is extremely comfortable. The chair is extremely sturdy too. The assembly process is simple. It is possible to do it effortlessly and completely on your own.

If you’re a huge guy with a desk job , or you enjoy games for hours at your desk, think about purchasing this chair.

Bowery Fully Adjustable Management Office Chair

Weight capacity: 350lbs

Seat width: N/A

The Bowery fully adjustable chair is produced by a firm called Laura Davidson. The company is famous for its office furniture. When I first came across the chair on Amazon I assumed it was something similar to a Herman Miller Sayl Chair.

When I look further then I realize Laura Davidson is making this Bowery chair. The chair has a similar look to many Herman Miller Sayl chairs.

But it is true that this chair is great adjustable features as well as a stunning contemporary style.

The chair is priced at $339.99 as of the moment of writing this post. But, I would advise you to verify the current prices on Amazon.


This contemporary chair is characterized by a distinctively flexible backrest. The backrest is constructed of an Elastomer-based material It’s a type of polymer that has a rubber-like elasticity.

The Backrest is air-conditioned and won’t make you sweat during a hot summer day. The backrest’s breathable fabric keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Seating is made of poly-cotton foam. Poly-cotton is a blend of cotton and polyester and can be more durable in comparison to pure cotton. The cushiony foam lets you relax and enjoy a comfortable shift.

The chair comes with four adjustable settings that will fit the majority of people. The height can be adjusted, seat depth, reclining position and armrest. The reclining lock feature provides four different angles for locking.

This chair is in six different colors to suit the environment you work in. The weight capacity is set as high as 350 lbs, and the height is adjustable between 17” and 21 inches.

It is important to keep in mind is that this chair does not have a headrests, even though the chair is certainly comfortable. If you’re in search of the headrest, this may not be a suitable option for you.

What are the reasons to consider using this chair?

This chair features a contemporary style and an original appearance. It is also available in a middle price. The best worth from this chair is because of the characteristics and comfort it gives.

I liked this chair when I first saw it. I’ve also seen YouTubers sporting this chair. It’s highly recommended chair to anyone who is looking for a comfy modern chair.


What is the maximum weight that an Office Chair Support?

Every chair on our list have various sizes, and above the size limits, every office chair that is sold today comes with specific weight and height limitations. The chairs on this list are made as the best office chairs for heavy people and are limited to 300lbs up to 500lbs. But each chair will have the maximum weight limit the chair can support, and will be listed in the product description.

What are the strictest weight limits on the office chair?

Maximum weight limit information that the manufacturer offers refers to that of the static weight capacity. Most commonly, office chairs that hold an volume of static weight are capable of holding less than half the weight that is static.

This means that when the office chair has the capacity to carry 800 pounds in static weight and it has the capacity to hold under 400 pounds of dynamic weight capacity. Manufacturers strongly recommend adhering to the weight limitations for an office chair and get an optimal experience.


I hope that you find this article useful. Finding the ideal office chair isn’t easy due to the many choices that are available.

If you’re in search of best office chairs for heavy people, then this list is the perfect choice, you will not be disappointed with one of these.

I made every effort to include chairs in all different styles and price ranges. You’ll definitely discover something that will be the best one for you. Be aware that selecting the best chair isn’t always easy.

It’s all a matter of your personal preferences. I’d highly recommend testing them first in a store, in order to choose one that matches your body shape.

Remember that picking the right office chair can be a significant investment particularly when you’re heavier.

Because office chairs for heavier people tend to be larger, they’ll cost a little more. Additionally, if you’re extremely heavy you’ll need be aware that your weight will cause wear and tear on the chair faster.

If you are able invest a bit more in the beginning for a high-quality chair which will last will save you money over the long haul.

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