12 Best Massage Gaming Chairs

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Best Massage Gaming Chairs

Marvel Avengers USB Massage Office Gaming Chair


Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

Are you in search of ways to give your back a deluxe treatment? If so, purchase the gaming chair that requires you to connect an USB cable.

Of course, buying this Marvel Avengers Massage Gaming Chair will be an upgrade especially for pros.

Only the manufacturer can will guarantee top-quality materials and top-quality customer service.

What exactly is the significance of that? In of the seat or backrest, you will find high-density, molded, foam cushion that will keep your body comfortable for a long period of time.

In addition, the chair is also equipped with an encased steel frame that has 0.3mm additional thickness. It is resistant to corrosion, safe and can provide the best posture support.

It features top-quality retro leather designed to protect against stains and scratches and, making it simple to clean. In addition, the durable gas lift system is certified BIFMA for its ultra-stability and safety.

If you need to rest take a nap, turn the recline of your backrest at an angle of as high as 180 degrees and relax. The chair offers a customized support via the neck and the lumbar pillows.


  • Built to last for a long time
  • The frame of the steel is more robust
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Flexible on many fronts


  • Some users have found the armrests were uneven
  • It could take a while to put together

GYMAX Multi-Functional Massage Gaming Sofa


Maximum Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.

If you’re not a fan of the style of racing gaming chair, you can purchase the GYMAX Massage Gaming Sofa. It’s an faux leather chair with the capacity to hold up to 330 lbs.

It is a lumbar support pillow also doubles as an electric massager, which can ease discomfort in your lower back. It has two motors with vibrations along with eight massage modes the massager reduces discomfort and helps prevent it from happening.

It is the ultimate ergonomic design with an adjustable backrest and retractable footrest for that time when you’re just looking to lay back and relax. You can lie down on the back and relax your feet on the footrest and then watch your favorite television show.

The cushion is made of high-resilient, thick foam padding that allows for an enjoyable sitting position for long periods of time. It comes with a skin-friendly PU leather cover that is easy to wash. Additionally, it is built to last. The chair is made of sturdy material which can hold up to 330 lbs.

The gaming chair comes with additional storage bags along the sides. After you’ve finished gaming you can relax in the chair as a regular couch and watch television.


  • It is equipped with a powerful massager that is powered by electricity
  • Multi-functional It can be adjustable on a number of fronts
  • Uses premium foam material
  • The assembly is easy


  • The backrest could not be high enough

RIMIKING Massage Thick Padding Office Gaming Chair


Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

The RIMIKING Massage Gaming Chair has an extremely high-density body shape that uses just the right pressure that will protect you.

With its high elastic elasticity that the cushion will last for a long period of time. Additionally being durable, the chair comes with a sturdy solid steel frame that ensures it is sturdy and long-lasting.

It is an ergonomic design that starts by using the body-hugging winged design. The backrest and seat have thick padding that is comfortable even for long gaming sessions.

It’s easy to install since the product comes with easy-to-follow directions by the maker.

With so many impressive features, the gaming chair makes it possible wide utilize it.

For instance, you could make use of the 360-degree swivel or multi-directional caster wheels for motion in your gaming space.

The chair is able to provide a 90-to 110-degree backrest, which helps to ensure that you are comfortable after an long gaming session.

When you’re not playing computer games you might be doing something else, such as watching TV or working. If you’re not satisfied with the software, you can benefit from the 30 day refund assurance.


  • It is protected by an ergonomic design
  • Flexible on many fronts
  • Multi-functional It comes with a 30 day money-back assurance


  • We couldn’t locate any

Shiatsu Electric Full Body Massage Gaming Chair – Fully Assembled


Maximum Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.

Shiatsu Massage Chair is designed to imitate a real-life masseuse. The chair has a futuristic appearance that resembles the kind you see in a sci-fi film. Its appearance is like a dome and is sure to make an excellent feature for your living space. In actuality it’s backrest and seat are intentionally bent to fit the curve that your back.

It’s not a secret that Shiatsu has the most comprehensive massage capabilities we’ve encountered. It comes with four airbags that are located on each side to relieve the pain in the waist and hip muscles. There are also four massage points located on the back. The thing that puts Shiatsu above the rest is their various massage techniques. The user can choose among five massage modes that include knocking or tapping, kneading air pressure. There are a variety of massage techniques used by professional masseuses.

It also comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that comes together with a convenient phone slot. Furthermore, the Shiatsu is fully assembled, meaning you don’t be required to think about difficult assembly.


  • The perfect choice for home theater or console gaming
  • The Shiatsu chair is modern and elegant design
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker allows you to fully immerse in the action
  • The chair comes with four airbags that allow for total body relaxation
  • It provides three distinct massage modes to mimic a real-life massage


  • It’s not equipped with legs or wheels, making it difficult to move around
  • It is not ideal for those who are heavier as it supports only up to 200lbs

Mecor Reclining High Back Massage Gaming Chair –

One of the best massage gaming chair


Maximum Weight Capacity: N/A

Are you interested in modifying your massage experience? The Mecor has a multi-functional massage feature that has six motors located between the lower back as well as the seat cushion. This provides full body massage assistance when sitting.

By using the remote control, you are able to adjust the massage according to your personal preferences. For instance, you can alter the intensity between low or high. Additionally, you can alter the duration of the massage between 30 minutes and up to 60 hours. You can even alter your heating feature. In the end, users can feel that they’re receiving real-world information rather than the gimmicky vibration.


  • The Mecor features a backrest that is heated for you to stay warm particularly in rooms that has AC units, or in the winter months
  • It’s got a lot of massage points to keep your lower back, thighs and upper back in a relaxed state
  • It also comes with an electronic remote that allows you to regulate the intensity as well as other massage settings
  • It appears to be an executive chair that is suitable for gaming as well as work
  • Adjustable seat height as well as recline the backrest


  • The armrests are a bit shorter
  • It doesn’t come with an footrest in contrast to similar gaming massage chairs

LENTIA High Back Massage Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair


Maximum Weight Capacity: N/A

The Lentia is an office chair that has a more advanced collection of massage functions in comparison to other massage chairs that have been mentioned so far. It features six distinct massage nodes that provide deeply-tissue massage therapy for the users. Some of these nodes can be in the mid-back and lower back of the chair and two of them are situated in the seat cushion. In this way, people can take pleasure in the benefits of a massage on their hips, back, and waist as well as under their leg muscles.

Furthermore, as you use the massage feature for longer periods it will start to get hotter. Research has proven that heat can ease tension and pain in muscles. The heat also helps reduce muscle spasms as well as increases the range of movement and flexibility.

For ease of use, can personalize the massage via a remote. The Lentia has five types of massages, and two levels of intensity. The intensity level comprises low or high power. The five modes are pulse, press, auto wave, normal, and auto.

Overall, we were impressed by the cushion that is padded and thick and the modern, sleek leather design. In terms of design and comfort, it’s difficult to match the features that Lentia executive massage chair offers.


  • It is Lentia is a massage for both the thigh and lumbar region
  • The vibrating features two intensities and five vibration modes to satisfy your requirements
  • It is made of soft leather as well as the thick foam padding all over the chair to provide all-day comfort
  • It includes a remote control for adjusting massage settings
  • Arms can flip out for the purpose of space-saving


  • Armrests can only be height adjustable

Blue Whale Racing Style Massage Ergonomic Gaming Chair



Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.

It is priced lower that is lower than other gaming chairs on this list and some really thrilling features and a stylish design this Blue Whale Gaming Chair is the best option when you look into it.


  • Comfortable padding. It is made up of the thick and soft sponge that is layered over a strong-duty nylon base and then wraps in a luxurious and soft PU leather.
  • High Weight Capacity. Blue Whale Gaming Chair can support weights of up to 350 pounds which is amazing when you compare it to other gaming chairs that are on this list.
  • A footrest as well as a massage. The chair has amazing ergonomic features this chair such as the massage pillow as well as the retractable footrest at the bottom of the seat.

One aspect I’m not a huge admirer of is that the cost is costly for the basic features. But, if you’re a lover of style and design, it’s an excellent gaming chair I’d suggest.

Von Racer High Back Massage Footrest Gaming Chair


Maximum Weight Capacity: N/A

VON RACER is among the best gaming chair manufacturers in the market, without doubt. Its massage gaming chair with a footrest is reasonably priced, however, when it comes to build quality and specs, it’s an excellent chair. I’d highly recommend placing it on your top list.


  • Easy Assembly. One of the most appealing features that the chair is, the ease of assembly and construction that VON RACER users are provided with. This is difficult for some gaming chairs.
  • Flat Wide Seat. For maximum comfort the gaming chair from VON RACER has flat, wide seat with soft and comfy padding for those who play long hours.
  • Lumbar Massager. The massager that is used within this chair is probably the most effective in terms of both quality and efficiency among this collection of massage gaming chairs.
  • Ergonomic design. The entire design is a perfect gaming chair from the swivel free slide wheels, to the comfortable and soft headrest is ergonomic and very comfortable.

Personally, I believe that this massage chair from VON RACER is a fantastic gaming chair in regards to quality and features in addition. Additionally, it’s either not very costly, which is fantastic. I would suggest you think about the gaming chair thoroughly when looking for one.

Gtplayer Massage Swivel PC Gaming Chair


Maximum Weight Capacity: N/A

Gtplayer is among the leaders in the field of ergonomic gaming chairs. In keeping with their history and advancing their product line, they’ve created Gtplayer’s ergonomic massage along with their footrest gaming chair. At this price, it’s an excellent choice and should definitely look for it.


  • Footrest that retracts with this chair. Gtplayer allows you to sit down and rest your feet on the retractable footrest so you can enjoy your game for many hours to be.
  • Elegant Design. The style for this chair is pretty appealing to me. It is sleek, well-constructed and elegant.
  • Massage lumbar support. It additionally features the adjustable massage pillow that can be employed for massage your back whenever you feel uncomfortable sitting.
  • Reclining capabilities. With the capability to recline 90 – 180 degrees, the possibilities are limitless for this ergonomic chair made by Gtplayer.

The cost on the gaming chair is lower than many of the other models similar to it, which is a plus. There are however more options for adjustment than you would expect. If you’re able to ignore that, the affordable cost really makes this chair an absolute must-have for cheap gamers who are looking for the most comfortable experience.

Killabee High Back Massage Retractable Footrest Chair


Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Next gaming chair review on the list is the KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair, which is right on top because of being a great chair with a variety of features as well as a durable build quality.

Its weight capacity is 250 lbs that is sufficient for the majority of people, although those with larger bodies may have to think about this. Some of the features that make this distinct include the remarkable lumbar support and head pillow that naturally conform around your body, and offer the optimal support exactly where you require it, regardless of whether you previously had back pain.

It is in the lumbar region that the majority of the massage begins. The USB massager inside is designed to get circulation flowing and alleviate all back pain or fatigue that you may be suffering from. It’s also very relaxing for those who enjoy the feel of an back massage.

It is fitted with top-quality castors and rotates 360 degrees making it possible to use this chair with maximum flexibility. If you’re always switching between screens, this is a beneficial feature since it allows users to effortlessly change their center of attention and still be at ease within your chair.

It is possible to recline from 90 to 175 degrees, as well. This means you can change your seating place when watching a movie or engaging in an intense racing game but that’s no issue for the KILLABEE it can adjust and ensure you are comfortable whatever position you’re at.

There’s even an retractable footrest for those who prefer to sit up. The company has considered every aspect.


  • Reclining and rotating easily
  • One year guarantee on parts
  • It is easy to use
  • High-quality and durable metal frame


  • The chair doesn’t give the best massage across all parts of the back

Remaxe High-Back Racing Massage Lumbar Pillow Gaming Chair


Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

It’s a good thing that the Remaxe Gaming Chair makes it to our list as our “budget option” however it comes with incredible features and is therefore not only a cheaper alternative.

A number of the features are like the two models previously mentioned. It has, for instance, the basic 360 degree swivel, castor wheels, and an USB electric massager that focuses on the lumbar region. The design is fairly basic, yet it is also economical.

Its retractable footrest and head pillow are available as an option and add a bit of flexibility to the chair. You can decide if you’d prefer to keep your feet elevated or utilize your headrest to relax.

In addition, there’s an excellent recline feature which allows you to tilt the chair between 90 and 180 degrees based on what you require for your gaming as well as the location of your display as well as the need to relax and recline or not.

Remaxe features a cushion with a thicker layer for some additional comfort. One thing that makes it distinct is the cushioning included on the armrests, that is more substantial than other alternatives and provides an extra cushioning feeling for the chair.

Its weight capacity of the chair is pounded which is enough for the majority of people to sit in the chair without any issues in any way. It comes with a one year warranty on parts however, it comes with a lifetime guarantee on the frame. So you are assured that it’s made to last and will last for a long time when properly cared for.

If you’re looking to spend just a bit less, but still have a good capacity and a lot of features such as this massage gaming chair is an excellent option.


  • A great value for the money
  • Removable and adjustable foot and head rests that can be adjusted and retractable
  • 360 degree swivel
  • 300 pounds capacity
  • Armrests that are cushioned


  • Very loud when adjusting or leaning

Ficmax Reclining Massage Lumbar Support Office Gaming Chair


Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

This is not just an excellent choice for the best massage gaming chairs, it’s easy to be enthralled after just one glance. The white and black design and the material PU leather make it appear stunning and can be incorporated into virtually any design also.

There are some similarities to other products that are on the list, as a lot of them have similar design principles. The chair comes with the massage back pillow along with a head cushion as well as the retractable footrest. These adjustable features are fantastic and allow for an incredible amount of personalization in the way you wish to make use of this chair in your living room or even in the office.

The chair comes with four positions for hydraulics to pick from on this chair that allow you to select the ideal height and comfort degree for your personal requirements. Like other models listed, it has a massage function is built into the lower back portion to provide a lumbar support massage for those who require it.

In the chair, the cushioning is extremely comfortable with 4.8-inch dense high-density memory foam giving a comfy, adjustable feel that can adapt to the shape that your physique. The chair can be used by individuals who weigh between 300 pounds.

If aesthetics aren’t important to you, then you may have the option of an equivalent chair for a little less. But, there’s no reason not to purchase the chair that is beautiful and the design that it offers Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair provides is sought-after by a large number of people. It’s certainly an massage chair for gaming that can be proud of. And it will look great in every YouTube videos you may watch below.


  • Looks fantastic
  • Excellent padding
  • Reclines and also has adjustable sections that can be adjusted
  • Retractable footrest
  • Good capacity


  • The cost is higher due to its appearance


How do I keep my massage gaming chair?

It is important that the surfaces are clear so, every couple of months you can apply the PU Spray for protection or cleaning products. Apply it using damp cloths and it is intended to maintain the finish clean and with its shiny finish. Beware of anything that comes in touch with chair If you’re concerned that it could cause damage to the surface as it can be extremely difficult to fix.

There are massage gaming chairs for kids?

If you are unable to find gaming chairs equipped with massage features designed for kids, they can utilize adult-style models. This is especially beneficial for teens and older kids. Just make sure that youngsters are properly supervised.

What type of health restriction can restrict the use of a massage gaming chair?

We’ve mentioned before, gaming chairs can be very beneficial to certain individuals backs. But, if you’re suffering from an illness, you should talk to a doctor or a medical professional before using any type form of massage chair or select any treatment option to treat your back. In addition, many people suggest that you limit your use of these chairs for 15 minutes (with an active massage function on) otherwise you could be at risk of back problems becoming more severe.

Best Massage Gaming Chairs-Bottom Line

By using one of these best massage gaming chairs, you can enjoy a completely engaging gaming chair. You can buy one from these gaming chairs above or opt to purchase a different model.

Be sure to review the full description of every product in order to be aware of the risks you’re taking on.

The gaming chair is designed to help make gaming easy and more enjoyable for you. If you experience discomfort or fatigue and pain, the massage function can help you out.

The best part is that you don’t need to leave your chair to get a relaxing massage. For the majority the chairs you need to do is connect a plug by using an USB cable.

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