Best Ikea Office Chair: 14 Models Review

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I’ve looked through everything I’ve analyzed, including chairs from IKEA and also the customer reviews and feedback and a myriad of other factors that IKEA chairs are ranked as the best chairs currently available in the market in accordance with the level of customer satisfaction.

List Of The Best Ikea Office Chairs:

IKEA Markus – Best Ikea Office Chair

It’s an IKEA Markus chair that has been in the market for a long time and is a top option for those who want one of the best Ikea desk chairs around without spending a lot (some chairs available can cause a huge strain on your finances).

There are not a lot of adjustments to Markus. It is, however, an extremely sturdy seat that provides a straight as well as comfortable sitting posture, along with a broad back and a headrest that is integrated. In addition, the back is made of mesh material to let the air circulate and provide an increased airflow, which is ideal for prolonged sitting.

This Markus is adjustable to tilt and backrest height. It is also secure to the ground as well as reclined. This allows you to have plenty of adjustments and, all in all, it’s a robust chair that is well-constructed considering the cost. Another of the most appealing attributes of this price is the IKEA product comes with a 10-year guarantee.


  • The cost is affordable given the high-quality service
  • Mesh back which is cooled
  • It has a 10-year guarantee


  • Not many features can be adjusted

IKEA Flintan Budget Office Chair

This is the best office chair at IKEA for those on a budget. The IKEA chair Flintan offers an affordable chair that offers back support for comfortable sessions at your desk. The height and tilt can be adjusted. The tilt can be locked and unlocked, and overall this chair feels like a quality solid construction, especially at this cost.

It has the disadvantage that armrests are fixed, however, so that you’re comfortable with fixed armrests it’s hard to find the perfect IKEA office chair at this cost.


  • Very sensible
  • Excellent build quality and cost
  • Tilt lock


  • It is not the most efficient back support

IKEA Alefjäll Swivel Office Chair

There are a variety of reasons why The Alefjäll office chair is worth spending the money on. The first is that the backrest, seat, and arms are stuffed with high-quality memory foam to provide lasting comfort when you work. It’s also upholstered in top-grain leather, which has been dyed throughout and then treated for durability.

Do not forget the molded eucalyptus frame as well as the steel base that has self-braking wheels. These are comparable to the best-built office chairs. Not to mention, nearly everything is adjustable including the depth, tilt and height.

One reviewer commented, “Love the color, style and the comfort of the chair It’s excellent to go with the office furniture that we purchased at Ikea and have received many compliments from family and friends!” Even if you’re thrilled with the golden brown shade furniture, it’s available in black and beige.


  • Easy to put together
  • Really comfortable and durable office chair


  • Seat angle is not adjustable

IKEA Långfjäll Conference Chair

The design is based on the shades of beige and white. This office chair is the right option for offices that require an elegant and contemporary style. The office chair has an adjustable feature that allows it to be adjusted to height and tilt.

It’s not a stretch to affirm the office chair has an ergonomic design that is stitched with care and curved lines. It promises users a comfortable and easy experience.

This brake feature of this office chair promises optimal positioning regardless of the way you stand or move. This office chair offers a perfect balance to allow you to adjust the chair to suit the shape of your body.

Additionally, it comes with built-in lumbar support and offers higher relief and back support. And lastly, it provides a comfortable seat that is constructed of the cold foam seat.


  • Simple, minimal design
  • Four color choices


  • The back doesn’t have a resizable feature

IKEA Järvfjället Swivel Office Chair

This redesigned model of the best office chair at IKEA has a few improvements that could be worth the price for certain. Many of them involve questions regarding adjustability, with Jarvfjallet incorporating its adjustable seat pan and adjustable lumbar support to provide better ergonomics.

The first is easily adjusted by using the lever located on the bottom. You can then move the seat pan forward to provide enough space. To give lumbar support, there’s a movable pad to support your back in the lumbar area. The headrest can also be adjusted, and you can choose to have it with or without armrests.

It’s around $30 or $20 more expensive than the Markus and other chairs, however, the enhancements make the chair to be more suited to your desires and style. The design of the chair is more attractive in comparison to the Markus and has a more modern design. Mesh backs are slim and tall with a frame and slightly rounded design. The chair can also be adjusted to recline.


  • More adaptable than Markus
  • Available in black and white


  • More expensive

IKEA Trollberget Stool

The Trollberget from Ikea is a comfortable stool that will help to reduce fatigue and improve mobility at your desk while standing. The stool is designed to fill the gap between sitting and standing. It allows you to sit in different positions and alter the chair according to your needs effortlessly. It’s a great second seat in addition to the task chair.

IKEA Trollberget can be described as a very well-made IKEA stool. It is constructed of high-end quality materials as well as adjustable height features. It is also able to turn 360 degrees while sitting on the stool. The stool is designed to promote active sitting, which helps improve posture.

If you’re in an office that’s standing It is possible to take a short break to sit down on a chair. The chair can sit wherever you want. The height of the seat can be adjusted between 23 and 32 inches. If you’re small or have a narrow foot, you can take advantage of the foot ring or footrest to help support your legs.

In the case of feet rings, Trollberget offers an elegantly designed foot ring that can help be used to rest the feet. You may consider testing the ring before you purchase it.

The seating area can be comfortable to sit on and it is capable of moving around due to its spring-loaded seat. It’s been tested to hold the weight of 243lbs. There isn’t any weight limit set by IKEA.

This is an excellent alternative to a chair to work at a desk. If your desk can be moved automatically both upwards and downwards, it’s possible to pick the chairs rather than standing up for a long period of time.

It will help you improve your performance it can encourage active sitting and aid in improving the posture of your body. Overall, this stool is a cost-effective stool that can be used daily.


  • Ease of installation
  • Ideal for standing desk
  • Height is adjustable


  • Needs more of a tilt if used for long periods

IKEA Millberget Swivel Office Chair

Based on its 300+ reviews It’s clear that buyers believe it’s the Millberget swivel chair is Ikea’s most comfortable choice. It features an adjustable tilt tension mechanism, customizable heights as well as integrated lumbar support, not to mention foam-stuffed padding on the seat as well as the back and arms.

The faux leather upholstery is constructed out of a blend of cotton and polyester, while the five wheels come with safety casters that keep the chair in the right position while standing.

“Bought this to treat an arthritis problem that can make sitting at work a struggle.” One reviewer wrote.

“The angles are accurate while the height of the chair is easy to adjust. The armrests are of the proper level. It’s very comfortable and is an excellent purchase.” Another buyer wrote.

“This chair was simple to put together and it’s stunning! It’s now the mainstay of my home-based work.” One more opinion.


  • Easy to put together
  • Comfy for the 8-hour days


  • Chair uncomfortable for some people

IKEA Hattefjäll Swivel Office Chair

The hattefjäll office chair is the ultimate choice for office use at work or at home in its beige color. There are curving lines running on the chair’s frame which not only look attractive but also improve the comfort.

With its tilt-adjustment feature as well as the height adjustment feature, it promises more service. Furthermore, the 10-year warranty allows for rapid replacements and high quality for the cost. The chair has built-in lumbar support in this office chair which permits adjustment in seat depth.

The best aspect that comes with an office chair is the extra armrests, which offer proper tension relief for the shoulders and arms. The seat frame is constructed of steel, and the seat is constructed of polyurethane foam that promises higher endurance. In the stitching process, 100 percent polyester thread is utilized, which is a guarantee of strength and durability.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Sturdy and comfortable


  • Adjustable backrest sometimes stopped working

IKEA Matchspel Desk Gaming Chair

It is promoted as the gaming chair instead of being an office chair. But, it could be used as an office chair. Its design bears many resemblances with the Markus and the Jarvfjallet which are at the top of our list of top 14 of the best office chairs at IKEA.

The reference to gaming is subtle and comes in the form of thin racing stripes, either red or blue which means it will not appear strange in the office chair. It’s not costly, but to buy the Markus or Jarvfjallet are more sturdy chairs are more expensive and it’s probably worthwhile for savings because you like the color.


  • High back and headrest
  • Excellent value


  • It is not the strongest as other gaming chairs

IKEA Skruvsta Swivel Office Chair

The majority of office chairs have a seat as well as a back, but this particular one features an ergonomically shaped design that provides body-wide support when you work. The back is curved into arms, which is why reviewers say that you are able to “curl up various ways and remain at ease for many hours.”

The height can be adjusted, and 5 wheels are rubber-coated which means they are able to work on any kind of flooring. The upholstery is made of an elastomer-based blend, and the seat cushion is made of thick, soft foam.


  • Very comfortable and easy to assemble
  • Great price


  • Cushion is a bit on the flat side
  • Not very comfortable sitting for long hours

IKEA Renberget Swivel Office Chair

Renberget is a cheap IKEA desk chair. I believe it’s the mini version of the Millberget chair that I already mentioned.

IKEA Renberget chair is priced at $49 as of the moment of writing. The chair is equipped with features like that of the Millberget chair. It is possible to alter your seat height or recline it back using the lever situated underneath that seat. Additionally, tilt tension is there to select the amount of tension you want to have in the reclined position.

The issue that some people aren’t happy about is that it doesn’t have lumbar support on this chair and working for extended durations of time isn’t advised. Additionally, the fabric seat cushion padding is thin enough, and its polyurethane foam won’t hold the weight for a long duration, resulting in sore muscles.

For those who are taller than 6 feet, this chair isn’t the best option, since it has a seat depth is 16 and one-half inches. It’s not ideal for tall people.

This chair can be recommended to people who plan to spend just only a few hours at a desk and not for extended durations. Since it is an affordable price, you could look into the chair. However, I’d suggest that you expand your budget and choose the Millberget chair that has extra attributes that this chair doesn’t have.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Comfortable
  • Looks smart


  • Not the best option for taller people

IKEA Loberget/Blyskär Swivel Office Chair

Looking for a very affordable alternative that can still enhance your living space? Consider the BLYSKAR/LOBERGET swivel chair, which costs only $25. Apart from its ergonomic egg-shaped design it also has a swivel design.

This chair features adjustable height options (just spin the seat clockwise or counter-clockwise) and four wheels that have brakes that are pressure-sensitive. It’s made of a blend of polypropylene and steel making it durable and easy to clean of spills.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good value for money


  • The inner part of the height adjustment has a significant few degrees of wobble

IKEA Odger Office Chair

The IKEA Odger chair was available for sale at $99 as of the time of this writing.

I was awestruck by the simple and sleek design that is this chair. It is also equipped in an adjustable height. Its build is top-of-the-line. It’s simple to put in. It is also quite simple to install. The overall style is stunning. The design of the chair is amazing.

However, the only issue I do not like most about this chair is the fact that it comes with no casters wheels. There is no way to move about the room as it is not equipped with wheels.

I like to move around my space and move things around without standing every time. So, this chair isn’t the ideal option I’m looking for. If your living space isn’t huge and you don’t require to move around often, then this chair could be a great option to consider.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy, smooth, comfortable
  • Good price


  • Some people said it was oddly cold to sit and felt like sitting on concrete

IKEA Kullaberg Swivel Office Chair

With an overall score of 4.5 stars, The KULLABERG swivel chair is one of the most sought-after choices at Ikea. Why? It’s extremely adaptable because of the armless style, adjustable height, and the ability to pivot and its adjustable feet give a comfortable feeling on floors that are uneven.

The loop made of metal on the back can be utilized as a handle and the stability ring serves as an additional footrest. It’s an ideal choice for smaller offices in homes and the natural eucalyptus and the powder-coated steel can be matched with almost any style of color.

Also, there’s the matter of comfort. Because of the curving rear and seat reviewers have deemed the chair “an extremely comfortable chair that is comfortable for long durations of time” and it’s easy to include a cushion for an additional cushion. At $60, it’s no surprise that this chair is a top option for those who love it.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable and practical


  • If you are sitting on it for any length of time you will need to buy a couple of seat pads


The chairs mentioned in this article are among the best chairs currently on the market at the moment. I also read the reviews of customers as well. The majority of clients are happy with their services and their style.

If you are working long hours at your desk and you have to sit for 7 to 8 hours then choosing an ergonomic chair will be a more suitable option.

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