12 Best Chairs for Lower Back and Hip Pain

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Best office chairs for lower back and hip pain

AKRacing Office Series Onyx Executive Recliner Chair – Desk Chair to help with hip Pain

Weight limit: 330 lbs

The AKRacing Executive desk chair is another adjustable model of the best chair for hip pain at home. AKRacing is a reputable company with regard to desks chairs and office chairs since 2001. In addition, every model from this brand is unique to its particular spot.

This amazing product comes with four-dimensional adjustable arms that you can move the arms in and out, then move it upwards, downwards and back, or forward depending on what suits your needs best. It is a desk chair for neck pain, hip pain, or lower back pressure reduces body pain since the back of the seat can be reclined up to 180 degrees.

Reclining function is a form of stretching and exercise to help with hip pain relief. Due to the recline feature, the user can change their posture often, and this helps to ease pressure from the spinal cord to the buttock muscles.

It is a gaming chair for sore hips can also be equipped with “rock it” and “lock it” functions. It is possible to play with the chair by altering the flexibility of the chair to the preferred position and then close it so that you are able to easily complete your tasks with no pain.

Features & Benefits

  • The chair comes equipped with an aluminum frame which is more durable and sturdy than a base made of steel.
  • The seat is much more spacious, which can help even the most healthy of people.
  • An adjustable desk chair that prevents body pain and eases tension on the spine.
  • The large seat allows for adequate blood flow to prevent the sensation of numbness.


  • 1800 Reclining in the 1800s
  • A deep padded seat
  • Aluminum is a component of
  • Lockable tilting positions


  • A bit pricey
  • Not comfortable for those with short legs.

Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner – Office chair for hip pain

Weight limit: 139 lbs

This stylish recliner designed for hip pain adds to the elegance of your living space and offers the ability to provide peace and tranquility to ease hip pain. It is a living chair helps to reduce hip pain and offers peace since it’s made of poly-fiber which could look similar to leather but offers excellent comfortability.

The ease of use is evident in the entirety that this hip pain relief recliner such as:

  • It is equipped with an elevated back that helps support it. It also supports the lower back and lessens the spinal pressure that is used to treat hip pain.
  • The elegantly created chair is perfect for any home since it is in the primary black color, and adds the aesthetics of the room.
  • A tiny remote is included to this contemporary lounge chair hip pain diminution device to allow you to modify the comfort by using power to lift by just one click.
  • The recliner with upholstered power lift for older people features the signature design of Ashley Yandel. This design is ideal for people suffering from back pain and retirees.
  • Making use of engineering and art to create a dual-motor product that reclines by pressing one button, and the sofa transforms into a comfortable recliner to give you the most relaxing lounge experience.
  • The faux leather upholstery style provides you with the most comfortable experience at work or even after returning to your home after escaping the city’s chaos. The steel reinforced structure provides longevity to the max.
  • The high-end material used to make this item is a dense poly fiber that will give you the most comfortable feeling whenever you’re looking to unwind.
  • Additionally, the color of the material is suitable for any setting such as a bedroom, lounge and drawing room, for example.
  • The recliner was designed considering space it measures 65 inches long length after reclined fully. The sofa measures 35 inches in width, 40.5 inches deep, 42.5 inches tall, with the 20-inch seat height.
  • The sofa is a great way to use the space and provides the right level of comfort to every user.
  • The assembly of the sofa is efficient and simple. The manual for assembly comes along with the sofa, so it’s not a hassle to collect the components and then unwind.
  • The sofa is purchased directly from a trusted source. Ashley furniture is renowned for its top quality and long-lasting products so, purchase it with confidence.

We have recently compiled our list of the most comfortable recliners to treat tailbone and degenerative disc pain. We have also included this recliner in our exclusive review due to its unparalleled features.

Features & Benefits

  • It is equipped with the remote to relaxing with power lift and gives the living space with a stunning design.
  • The hip pain reducer chair offers deep seating and an adjustable headrest that is a pillow headrest.
  • The pillows headrest helps to reduce neck pain, reduces pressure on the spine.
  • The comfortable back assists in alleviating lower back and hip pain and provides an enjoyable performance.


  • One-touch remote for lounging
  • Stuffed pillow headrest
  • Lowers back and hip pain
  • Padded and deep seat


  • Insufficient footrest
  • Manual setup is not possible without power

Homcom Massage Recliner Chair with Footrest –  Work Chair for Lower Back

Weight limit: 352 lbs

HOMCOM Massage recliner chair is among the top recliners to relieve hip pain from home. It has a stylish style and comes with a wealth of features. This recliner is equipped with the added benefit of massaging however it does not sacrifice the quality or other features.

Certain points of vibration are located in the back, while others are near the footrest as well as on the seat which can increase productivity by decreasing hip and other muscles pain.

This chair is ideal for back pain and hips has an angle-slanted rear, padded seat & headrest as well as a footrest that provides more comfort.

Homcom Massage Recliner is loaded with a variety of benefits, such as:

  • The most comfortable massage recliner chair made by HOMCOM for household and office usage is designed to provide the most perfect combination of class and comfort; the elegant design complements the look of your home.
  • Multiple points of vibration that count as high as 10 will offer you the most effective healing massage on your back in each spot.
  • Additionally, the heating function can help relieve muscles tension and will help relax the body after sitting in the chair.
  • The best material with the same softness as leather, and the slightly angled backrest with an extended footrest provides the best comfort possible in every way.
  • The round metal frame is a sign of the chair’s strength and stability, which can support the weight of 352lbs.
  • The chair is provided by the most trusted seller among the competition to ensure enough that authenticity product.

These exceptional features are what make this chair the ultimate recliner seat. Homcom recliner chair round frame made of metal is a support for the chair which increases the strength and stability of the chair.

Features & Benefits

  • The chair is stylishly constructed and will surely catch everyone’s interest.
  • It contains 10 points of massaging and vibrating in different locations.
  • It is equipped with an angled back design and a footrest for additional support.
  • The vibrational points relieve pressure and ease hip pain.
  • It also gives the neck as well as the lower back complete support to reduce pain.


  • Back support with angle back support
  • Ten vibration points
  • Footrest and massage recliner
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Not suitable for taller children
  • It is difficult to put together

Steelcase Leap Plus Chair 500 lb Weight – Best for Heavy People with Hip Pain

Designed for larger people, the Steelcase Leap Plus features an astonishing 500-pound weight capacity that makes it the toughest chair on this list.

Steelcase uses the “LiveBack” technology that offers incredible comfort and ergonomics in the iconic design. It will look great in the home office.

Let’s begin with all the things we are in love with regarding this chair:

  • Personalization. Steelcase lets you pick from 12 different colors for upholstery that include blue, coconut, jay and concord. You can also pick either platinum or black frame and base.
  • Spinal support. If you recline your chair, the spine is actually moving backward, whereas your lower spine is moved forward. The adjustment of this chair lets you precisely compensate for the reclined position.
  • Posture. This chair is great for keeping you at a level position to your desk and performing your work in a proper position.

If you’re worried about the environmental impact, you’ll be pleased to learn it’s true that the chair is made from 94% recycled material and is designed to have an exceptionally long time. It’s not uncommon to find a Steelcase chair still in use for 15 or 20 years following the time of purchasing it.

The majority of users are happy with the chair certain owners have complained that it does not have an headrest option. If this is a problem for you, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Duramont Office Chair – Best for Hip Pain Under $300

Another affordable office chair comes from the Duramont company, which manufactures office chairs overseas. It is one of the best chair for lower back and hip pain.

First of all, it looks expensive. The black-and-white design appears professional, however, it’s that adjustable parts that make chair buyers (and those with hip pain) — interested to know more.

With regards to adjustments this chair will:

  • Make adjustments to headrest height and angle.
  • Make adjustments to the lumbar support height and depth.
  • Adjust the height of armrests and distance from the seat.
  • The tension can be adjusted on the backrest tilt.

Also, naturally the total elevation of the chair can be adjusted.

The price is less than $300. The cost is the most appealing characteristic of this chair. We really appreciate that Duramont provides a 5-year warranty on its products. It can alleviate the concerns of those in the buying crowd who may think that it’s an unreliable chair.

One of the disadvantages to the chair is the fact that it doesn’t fully recline. The recline angle is small, making it hard to stretch in sitting.

Additionally, Duramont says its chair can be used with carpet, but users have complained that it’s not working as well. If you have carpet in your office it is likely that you will need to buy the chair mat.

Ticova Thick Seat Cushion Office Chair – Best Budget for Hip Pain

If you suffer from hip pain — and in a pinch, consider the Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair. This chair come with features that are ergonomic features that people with hip pain need and more, it’s also very professional and attractive for the type of chair for this cost.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that make up this chair:

  • Deep seat. This is crucial for people suffering from hip pain. Your thighs should sit parallel to the floor, and not slide across the front. There’s no need to fret about it when you have this chair.
  • A comfortable headrest. This isn’t the norm when it comes to headrests, however, Ticova’s features an upholstered headrest that is quite comfortable and efficient in providing support for your head.
  • Metal back. This is crucial in terms of durability and quality viewpoint. Together with an elastic mesh backing the body must be supported throughout the duration of work sitting.

It’s also a great chair for people who are tall thanks to the wide seat. Regarding weight capacity, though, it is rated at a weight of 280 pounds.

There have been complaints from some users that they feel that the lumbar support is too supportive. For some, depending on their size, it might mean it feels as if it’s digging into your back.

Like the majority of budget chairs, which can be mass produced, it could have issues with quality control on parts.

In all the majority of users of this chair are satisfied with its comfort and well-constructed which makes it the ideal chair to use in the home office.

Ergoal One Ergonomic Breathable Mesh Office Chair – Editor’s Choice

If you’re in need of additional lumbar support and appreciate the airiness that comes with mesh office chairs take a to glance at Ergoal One.

The chair features an innovative design featuring a light mesh fabric that encompasses the entire chair all the way from seat all the way to headrest. However, the most distinctive aspect of this chair particularly for people who suffer from hip or lower-back pain is the self-adjusting lumbar support piece.

This part provides all-day support and ease throughout the day because it reacts to the force of your weight when you tilt back or leaning towards the forward direction.

Additionally, it comes with several additional ergonomic features, including seat depth adjustment of 3 inches and 3D adjustable armrests, and a robust pneumatic height adjustment mechanism. Also, it has the steep waterfall seat design that takes the strain off leg backs, allowing to have a more comfortable sitting position.

Many who work for more hours appreciate how comfortable and sturdy chair is. However, we’ve had some reservations regarding the durability of the armrests as well as compatibility of the wheel on carpeting.


  • A tall mesh backrest with great ventilation and a comfortable headrest
  • The seat depth can be adjusted and the waterfall design to reduce pressure
  • Self-adjusting lumbar support
  • Armrests that are 3D, height adjustment, and many more options for adjustability
  • Significant savings since this brand is direct to customer brand


  • Armrests appeared to be unstable for some customers
  • Lumbar support can’t be adjusted manually to alter the height

MOLENTS High Back Mesh Office Chair – BEST Value

If you are looking for the best quantity of hip support and comfort, but have to adhere to a smaller budget then the Molents High Back desk chair is worth a review.

The chair features an S-curve design which will support the natural curve of your spine and help you keep a balanced and healthy posture while sitting. This will relieve pressure on the hips due to sitting in a forward leaning position.

Alongside curves of backrest, there’s also an extra lumbar support piece that’s height adjustable and allows you to adjust your lower back support.

The Molents is also equipped with an adjustable backrest which allows you to recline and unwind.

The chair comes with a thick and comfortable seat cushion, too. It is also different from other chairs with curvature or contoured seat design that can cause more discomfort to hip pain sufferers, this seat is large and flat shape which makes it more comfortable for long stretches at work.


  • A comfortable padded seat with 2.2 inch depth adjustment
  • A tall mesh backrest that comes with headrest and an S-curve design to provide additional support
  • Flexible lumbar support and 3D adjustable armrests
  • Affordable alternative that offers similar features as other high-quality ergonomic chairs


  • A few customers have found the seat to be too firm.

Ergohuman High Back Mesh & Chrome Base Office Chair

Ergohuman Mesh Chair Ergohuman Mesh Chair is an chair which features mesh back, headrest and seat. Its breathable mesh offers air circulation along with enhanced support. It has many options for adjusting the support to meet your requirements. Its base chair is constructed from chrome/polypropylene and nylon casters to allow for smooth movement.

The overall design that makes up this chair has an ergonomic design. It is possible to adjust the components of the chair to make it more comfortable based on your preferences. The pneumatic cylinder allows for quick lifting and dropping on the chair. It is possible to tilt back and forth in the chair since the backrest has an adjustable tilt mechanism. You can also fix your position of tilt position on the backrest by using the mechanism for tilt locks.

You can also alter to adjust the tension in the backrest as well as also the seat mesh in this chair to improve your position as well as back support to prevent hip pain. The headrest as well as the armrests are also adjustable on the chair and are customizable to suit your needs. To provide lower back support, the chair comes with adjustable lumbar support. Its lumbar support is contoured and is height adjustable to ensure that people with different heights get the proper lower back support to prevent lower back pains.

Its adjustable headrest, backrest and seat all of them are constructed from breathable mesh. The breathable mesh parts provide ventilation to the body and help keep your body cool. So you’ll not sweat in the chair even during summer. The chair can easily support heavy weight individuals thanks to the strength of the mesh.

The synchro-tilt mechanism that comes with it’s seat height adjustment makes sure that you sit in the correct position and enjoy the correct support in the chair regardless of whether you are sitting straight or recline. This mechanism can help prevent hip discomfort by encouraging proper posture.

The curved shape of lumbar support is designed with the human body’s shape in mind. It provides efficient support for the spine.

Ergohuman High Back Mesh Seat is suitable for:

Ergohuman High Back Mesh Chair is a complete mesh chair that is perfect for use during the summer heat. The contoured back is made for support back support for the lower back. If you suffer from lower back issues and want the lower back support chair for work all day long even when you’re not fully leaning on your backrests the chair is the best option for you.


  • The synchro-tilt mechanism helps maintain a good posture
  • It has adjustable headrest, backrest, lumbar support, and armrest
  • The majority of parts are constructed from breathable mesh for adequate ventilation
  • The cut-out lumbar support provides adequate support for the spine


  • Sharp objects could cause damage to the mesh easily
  • The mesh is weaker over time

BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back Armrest Desk Chair

The chair from BERLMAN isn’t equipped with certain of the top features that are offered by other chairs in this list, however, the chair is extremely well-received and has proved to be a fantastic chair for those suffering from hip pain.

This chair comes fitted with the tilt lock mechanism standard and the tension control knob that is used for altering the tilt tension. With a pneumatic adjustable seat height. The seat is adjustable to provide optimal comfort and to accommodate individuals of different heights.

This chair is a great choice for tall people. Its tall backrest would be perfect for those who are tall as well as a good option for those working at home or in an office. The high-back design offers the comfort you need to work throughout the day.

This is crucial as the majority of tall people who need to sit in chairs with narrow backrests aren’t being able to sit in the right posture, and they begin suffering back pain and hip pains. It is important to remember that back and hip pain can quickly become chronic if untreated for a long time.

If you sit at the desk long hours, typing, it puts an enormous strain on your shoulder and neck region. Letting your head on headrests will help reduce tension in your shoulders, neck and back. Regular breaks, and using your headrest frequently will help in reducing strain and enhance the quality of your work.

While the armrests are padded to provide comfortable elbows and arms when working and the flip-up design permits you to quickly reduce the armrests of your chair when you do not require these. This will remove some of the limitations that your workspace is subject to as well as allow you to utilize this feature in a variety of working situations. When the arms are turned down, it is easy to move the chair under your desk to save space.

The back of the chair has a breathable mesh on it that allows air to circulate and helps keep your back cool as you sit against the chair. The ability to breathe on the back is now incorporated into the crucial back region which keeps sweat at bay, which is essential in hot weather. Its breathable mesh also promotes good posture as you lay rear on your chair.

The chair isn’t equipped with adjustable lumbar support, so people with smaller heights may not be able customize their lumbar support for their needs.

BERLMAN The High Back Chair suitable for:

Due to the absence of adjustable lumbar support, this high backrest chair is ideal for taller people since those of shorter height may not receive adequate lumbar support from this chair.


  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs
  • The chair is fairly sturdy
  • Its back features the benefit of breathable mesh
  • The seat height can be adjustable
  • The curved back and breathable mesh promotes good posture


  • It’s not equipped with the latest adjustment features

2XHOME – Ergonomic Adjustable Rolling Saddle Stool

Twoxhome’s Ergonomic Office Chair is an original chair with a seat in the form of the saddle. The saddle-shaped stool features no headrest or armrests, but it does have an adjustable tilt backrest. The absence of armrests gives more space for the seating area. This means that you’ll feel less stress on your back which will reduce hip pain.

The chair isn’t equipped in with lumbar support, a mechanism that many office chairs have, but it’s a fantastic chair for hip pain due to its wide seat area. The greater seat area, when combined with no armrests makes for a wonderful balance for hips and lower back. Additionally, the saddle shape adds comfort for the spine as well as the back.

The seat and the backrest can be tilted, so you can alter it according to suit your preferences. We recommend keeping your backrest at an ideal position of 135° to ensure adequate spine support and general ease of use. The seat can be adjusted to provide the ideal hip support. The chair can be swiveled to allow you to shift and multitask among your desks in your work space.

You will enjoy comfortable and adequate support with the padding that is thick that is placed on both the seat as well as the backrest. Its upholstery is composed from PU leather. The five-wheel base with the star-shaped shape allows you to easily move around at work.

2xhome Ergonomic Flexible Rolling Chair suitable for:

This chair that has a tiltable seat and a tiltable backrest can be used for both home and office use. The saddle-shaped stool is able to find its spot in hospitals and labs whether in the physician’s office or as side stool for bed.


  • It also has a larger seat space for hip ease
  • The backrest, as well as the seat, are covered with large PUC padding
  • The assembly process is simple


  • The chair does not come with an headrest and a backrest.

AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Office Chair

It is the AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair is an excellent ergonomic chair that is comfortable and easy for sitting in. It is in the category of heavy-duty furniture and is quite durable in comparison to other large and tall chairs of the same class.

This isn’t an ideal office chair, but a good heavy-duty chair. This chair being heavy-duty, can support the weight capacity of 500 lbs.

The padding that is placed on the armrests offers great relaxation when you put your elbows on it while you work. There isn’t any chance of scratching on your elbows thanks to the soft padding. In contrast to other chairs here, armrests do not have height adjustment. This means that you won’t be the perfect chair even if you’re not of an appropriate height.

With the cushioned seat, you have an extremely soft sitting surface that significantly reduces the stress you may feel while sitting or performing long hours. The comfortable and soft seat assists in reducing hip as well as lower back pain.

While it’s comfortable, the chair isn’t as airy as mesh chairs. However, so it is possible that you sweat substantial amounts, particularly during hot days.

Its padded seat edge that goes just under the things gives an additional level of comfort for the thigh region and eases the leg pain and tiredness. A padded seat edge is much beneficial if you sit in a bent position with legs, resting your feet on your toes, or crossing your legs in that same position.

It also has a cushioned neck as well as lumbar support, which is an advantage. The overall design encourages an ideal posture that keeps your upper back in a straight position and helps reduce the strain on your muscles from desk job.

AmazonBasics Tall and Big Chair is suitable for:

The armrests that are padded offer great comfort while working at your desk and sitting your elbows and arms on it. This makes it a perfect option for editors, writers or programmers who need to work for hours working. It is perfect for desk work and computer use. Because it does not have height adjustment on the armrests, you would have to be at the right height to be able to sit in the chair and use the comfy armrests.


  • It is equipped with it’s weight capacity of 500 lbs.
  • A waterfall seat edge on the seat helps reduce leg fatigue
  • It is equipped with lumbar support
  • Its back cushion is comfortable
  • It has an adjustable pneumatic device


  • The chair isn’t an easy thing to put together

What is the best sitting position for Hip Pain?

If you are sitting in a proper posture to avoid hip pain and stiffness, proper posture can also aid in recovering from painful hip pain over time.

Lay down your feet on the floor keep them in a straight line, ensure that the pelvis is not sagging laterally, but in a straight line and maintain your spine straight. This posture can reduce the pressure in your hip and greatly improve the overall well-being and back health.

Sitting with your feet correctly aligned, pelvis aligned and your spine straight can help improve the health of your spine.

The hip muscles can become weak from the constant straining of the hip muscles. This is caused by the recurring motion known as hip adduction. It occurs when you sit with your chair legs cross-legged. Sitting in a crooked position or leaning to one side could result in hip flexion. This can place a lot of stress on your hips, and hip pain can get worse.

When sitting to sit, you should avoid slouching or sitting on your feet with legs crossed. Additionally, the hip must not be lower than your knees. Do not leave your feet hanging in the chair. If your feet aren’t able to reach the floor, you can use the footstool.

If sitting is causing you additional problems because you don’t have an ergonomic office chair, go to a standing desk.


These were of our best office chairs for hip pain. If you’re looking for high-end office chairs and don’t have any issues with their prices then you must consider the HOMCOM Massage Recliner Chair because it can help relieve the hip pain quicker because it vibrates and massages points.

If you are looking for the chair for Buttock Pain with unique budget features Then the Duramont Office Chair is the right choice for you. It is a chair features every beneficial quality and comes with the adjustable back seat for a low cost.

You may be searching for the top overall chair. If so it is you should consider the Steelcase Leap Plus Chair for hip osteoarthritis is the best choice for you because it comes with all of the top features and provides a huge number of advantages, and is it is among the best office chair for tight hip flexors. Amia is also an Ideal chair to use for SI Joint Pain relief.

This article should have will help you in deciding on your best office chair for lower back and hip pain so that you can improve your productivity and lead an uninjured life!

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