7 Best Herman Miller Chairs

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About Herman Miller

The Herman Miller Company was founded in 1905 and was later referred to as The Michigan Star Furniture Company. Since then, it’s been among the best or perhaps the most efficient manufacturing firms for office furniture around the world. It’s all done through continuous improvement and attention to every aspect.


Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) is sitting in the Herman Miller Aeron


With numerous prizes to their credit, there’s no doubt the fact that Herman Miller continues to push the boundaries of ergonomics for offices in addition to the health of its employees. In the year 2020, Herman Miller received yet another award for one of its unique designs, the Cosm Chair. They were given an iF Gold Award in the Office and Industry category at the iF World Design Awards 2020.

Best Herman Miller Chair

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman made by Herman Miller


Think about that. You finally have the opportunity to settle down to go to the movies you love and you’ve already got your soda and popcorn in the fridge. It’s exactly similar to being in a movie cinema, however, it’s quite difficult in re-creating the seat that you can find in your home. For instance, you can get the Eames chaise lounge and Ottoman sets made by Herman Miller can do just this.

Relax and unwind while enjoying your meal, and then enjoy your favourite movies or TV shows. It can be set in your office as well as your entertainment room, game room or your living room. In reality, it can be found in almost every room of the home. It’s stunning as well, with its wood grain and dark design it’s a must for anyone to own it Eames chaise lounge.

If you’re looking to get started it’s the perfect place to get your feet up and get your laptop working.

What are the reasons to get this?

Should you be suffering with back problems and you’re not comfortable on any couch, then you’ll be comfortable in the Eames. It is also possible to work your laptop in a comfy place on the ottoman or in conjunction with it.


  • The veneers that are used in the ottoman and the chair are sourced from forests sustainably managed
  • It recycles 24% materials. This makes 29% of the materials recyclable afterward
  • The headrest and backrest can be bent for additional convenience of use
  • Frame/shell composed from 7 layers of plywood. The plywood is finished by Walnut as well as Santos Palisander wood veneer
  • Built from 6 inches of high-urethane foams, which are then upholstered with the finest leather
  • The back and bottom supports, as well as the base swivel are made from die-cast aluminum.

Herman Miller Mirra 2



One word describes the Herman Miller Mirra 2: flexible. The Mirra 2 adjusts and responds to your needs when you are sitting in a chair. With its modern design and light weight, it allows for flexibility and agility making it the perfect choice to focus on your own or for productive collaborative work.

What we like with this model is that

Mirra 2 was initially designed to be a more affordable alternative to the famous Aeron chair. Herman Miller Mirra 2 works like its more expensive model but with the addition of its airflow and flexibility. Naturally, the price is definitely an benefit.

Aeron however, the most notable difference lies within its “butterfly” design of the backrest. It is constructed with tri-flex polymer that can be flexed as you move. One thing we like about this material is how easy cleaning it is. Simply clean it using a damp cloth at least once every few weeks and you’re done. The arms are cushioned and include four elements that are adjustable.

A lot of people see The Herman Miller Mirra 2 as the “poor man’s Aeron’. Although it’s not really an advertisement, it’s an amazing thing. This means you don’t have to dip into your pockets to purchase an inexpensive Herman Miller chair. Buy this chair if you’re looking for an affordable price.

Herman Miller Aeron



The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is the perfect combination of style, comfort and functionality. Many people see the Aeron as the absolute top of the line in ergonomic office chairs. It’s not surprising that Aeron is part of the Museum of Modern Arts New York. Aeron is the highest quality in office chairs available in the world.

We love the Aeron chair because

Built with Herman Miller’s own patent-pending mesh, the fabric of Aeron’s mesh chair is more comfortable than other mesh chairs. We personally consider it to be the finest mesh fabric, and the most comfortable we’ve come across up to now. Not only can it help you stay cool throughout the day, but the slight bounce from the mesh may help you feel more at ease.

In addition to its top fabric and stunning style, Aeron chairs are also distinguished by their exceptional fabric. Aeron chair is also equipped with PostureFit technology. This allows you to alter the tension of your backrest. This is an amazing feature as it allows users to adjust the back tension to suit their personal preferences. Furthermore, it lets users to raise or lower the height of the back support.

Aeron chair is among the adored Herman Miller chair. We can go on and on about the various features that are included in the Herman Miller Aeron chair, but we’re able to say that it is well worthy of it. In the market for an office chair that is reliable and dependable, make sure to buy Aeron chairs.

With the industry’s longest warranty of 12 years, Aeron is a solid and comfortable chair. Aeron can be used by people who weigh up to 350lbs. With three sizes to pick from, the majority of customers can find a chair that will meet their requirements.

Herman Miller Cosm – Mid, High and Low Back



The Cosm is a seated chair that operates like its predecessor to its variant of Aeron chair, however, it is a simplified version of it. It was launched in 2018. Cosm was released in the year 2018 it was also the very first Herman Miller task chair with an automatic tilt. Instead of having to adjust complex settings, that the seat (and gravity) takes over the task. After one year since its debut, it earned the Time Magazine list as one of the top innovations of the year.

The Cosm chair is available in mid, high, and low back designs.

The tilting function is based upon weight and is adjusted according to the degree of recline users. When a person reclines backward, the frame gets stretched. The seat is tilted upwards and provides more force to the backrest.

Cosm Chair is made from flexible plastic frames that can be bent in order to assist you when you recline.

With its pricey cost, this model is ideal for the particular category of executives who work from home and also PC gamers. This is the type of people who will spend more money for fast results instead of more complicated. For instance, those who have more experience with ergonomic chairs might be able to find the lack of adjustments (and costly price) to be annoying.

In all cases, the buyer will receive an extremely durable office chair that’s comfortable, easy to use and great to relax the spine.

Herman Miller Cosm Specifications

  • Following a quick installation and easy assembly, the Cosm chair is set to move. Place it in the ground and then adjust the seat to match the height of your desk. After that, take an easy step back until you feel comfortable, and let the chair adjust itself independently. Auto-harmonic tilt for the seat pan: 1.2deg to 14deg and the backrest 94.1deg to 106.9deg
  • Lumbar supports: height-adjustable (7.5-8.7”)
  • Frame made of polymid that has the ability to breathe and has breathable suspension mesh for intercepting suspension (gapless transition between the backrest of the seats).
  • Armrests can be adjusted the height (1D) T-arms and fixed “leaf” arms (they act like a hammock, and is a hammock that cradles the forearms of your arms).

Herman Miller Cosm Advice

Gaming chair first came out in 2006 when they first appeared. The first designs appealed to the general public thanks to their basic features and bright colors. Cosm chairs employ the same approach.

Cosm chairs are distinctive due to their modern designs and colors and also modern elements.

They are trendy and vibrant chairs with auto-adjusting ergonomic features. The ideal Cosm model will appear on the front of Cosmopolitan or Style magazine. For corporate chairs employees, they can be shared. These chairs are ideal. They’re not adjustable and will help maintain the correct posture, regardless of the intent of the person using them. If you’re in good posture, your employees get more energy and improved concentration. The result is that productivity could increase.

Power users who work full-time must select the mid or high-back option for more full-body support.

If you are looking for a work as well as a gaming chair, the model with the adjustable T-arms give you enough help. For people who enjoy playing with their equipment (such for computer designers) the lack of control for the chair may create frustration.


  • Modern and sharp design
  • User-friendly ergonomics
  • Cool Mesh furniture that lets in air


  • Basic armrest adjustment
  • No manual tilting controls

Herman Miller Embody Chair – One of the Best Office Chair



Do you suffer from back pain that makes it difficult to complete your day productively? Do you find yourself having to constantly take a break from work in order to walk around because your office chair makes your back discomfort even worse? It might be worthwhile to consider having an Herman Miller Embody, my preferred choice for the best Herman Miller office chair for people suffering from back pain.

This backrest part of the Embody includes ribs as well as an extended spine in the middle. It is able to accommodate and follows the curvature of your spine. The support your spine receives from the second vertebrae could assist in keeping your focus and productivity, as well as flexibility throughout the day.

In addition, an adjustment for Backfit which is integrated inside the Embody can be adjusted to ensure that you can alter the backrest in a way which is more at ease for your spine. When you activate the Backfit adjustment, it will adjust according to how you move throughout the workday. If you can complete your work sitting in a chair or in an inclined posture, the backrest adjustment will provide the support the back that is exhausted requires.

Embody’s seat is made up of several layers of support, and there are four layers total. Each layer is made of a different substance and the sum is higher than its constituents. The layers ensure that airflow is optimal through the Embody chair, so sweat, as well as any other fluids, are able to flow effortlessly. The support layers within the seat can also detect the body’s shape and allow you to move your lower body, even when your pants are heavy.

The Pixelated is another characteristic that stands out because it creates the illusion of floating thanks to an innovatively integrated matrix of pixels. What exactly is this? It’s because the back and seats that make up the Embody chair can detect even the smallest movements or the tiny movements that you’re not even aware you’re performing. The chair will then be able to accommodate any micro-movement.


  • According to Herman Miller, their team worked along with around 20 physicians and other experts from the fields of ergonomics, vision, physical therapy and biomechanics to create an Embody
  • The assistance for posture and alignment you get from the Embody’s hidden spine is superior to your standard ergonomic office chair
  • In addition to the Adjustment for Backfit as well as the pixelated support that is able to adjust to even tiny movements can help relieve back pain.
  • Weight Capacity: up to300lbs.


  • Chairs which are the most expensive Herman Miller has to offer.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair – Traditional Office Chair



Short-legged individuals (under 5 feet and 10 inches”) with pain in the sacral region, wrists and the lumbar back. It’s a great office chair for posture and is a great choice for people who prefer office chairs that have modern and elegant.

Herman Miller Sayl the chair is an exceptional style. It is available in a range of colors, meaning it’s perfect for any office. It’s also stunning as a desk chair at home.

Sayl Chair by Herman Miller doesn’t have standard frame or sharp edges. The backrest suspension can be adjusted to form of the user, providing comfort and support for those with different body shapes.

The base model that Sayl Chair offers three reclining positions, with an unadjustable seat depth (16”) and arms that cannot be adjusted (9.4 inches more than the seats). The backrest is designed to support the spine’s back and helps keep the pelvis in a most healthy and correct position, and assists in establishing the proper posture.

Sayl will be the most economical chair in the entire range of Herman Miller models Herman Miller Sayl Review

The other (and more expensive) version of Sayl is available with a range of options for modifications. The backrest can be reclined to three different settings, and you can also altering the angle of the seat and seat depth so your knees remain in the right place (at 90 °). Additionally, you can have a tilt forward that implies that the chair follows your movements as you lean forward during working.

The adjustable lumbar support can be set either higher or lower to conform to spinal curves naturally. It is also possible to adjust the armrest in four different ways: downwards and upwards as well as forwards and outwards and forward and backward and pivot between left to right.

Because of this extremely flexible feature each user will be able to determine the most comfortable posture for his forearms, which helps reduce the pressure on shoulders and wrist pain. The armrests in 4D can be extremely helpful for those who have to work for long hours typing or writing.


  • Most comfortable for short and average-sized individuals (up to 5’10”)
  • Back is flexible, and it adjusts according to its shape as well as its shape
  • It is available in two versions: basic, with reclined back and an adjustable seat height, and an advanced version that has the ability to adjust seat angles as well as an adjustable tilt forward lumbar support that moves between upwards and downwards, the ability to alter seat depth and 4D adjustable armrests
  • Sayl is an amazing contemporary design that comes with more than 20 colors to pick from!
  • It’s the cheapest Herman Miller chair among these three models
  • Weight Capacity: up to350lbs.


  • A bit uncomfortable and not as accommodating for taller individuals. The backrest isn’t very long therefore there’s no support for necks and shoulders.
  • Variations that have multiple adjustments are considerably more expensive than the basic ones.

Herman Miller Setu – Best Ergonomic Office Chair



The last Herman Miller office chair I would like to discuss is the Setu, which I think will be the most adaptable Herman Miller you can find.

Another chair constructed of dematerialized material the Setu is extremely light, with only 17lbs. However, it can support 300 pounds in maximum.

When Studio 7.5 within Herman Miller created the Setu with an office style that seemed more casual in the minds of. This isn’t an uninspiring piece of furniture here. The Setu is stylish in every way including the H-Alloy base that isn’t coated and its curly arms.

The characteristic feature that makes this Setu the most prominent is the Kinematic Spine. It combines polypropylene into two forms giving you more support for your any weight (even while reclined) and greater tension. The result is a piece that moves as your body moves and also is as if your body that is part from it.

This woven suspension constructed of Lyris 2-elastomer material makes the suspension light and air-free, allowing air to flow easily. The double-weaving method of the Lyris 2 material is interlocked to offer the greatest toughness and endurance. It also has a hint of sparkle that is certainly attractive.


  • The curvaceous and distinctive design of the Setu makes one of the more unique Herman Miller chairs by looks by itself
  • Setu is recyclable as can Mirra 2
  • Kinematic Scope is a premium design that allows for ease of use and adaptability.


  • Setu isn’t as customizable or less colorful than other Herman Miller chairs I’ve reviewed.

Is it Worth it to Buy Herman Miller Chairs?

Herman Miller is by far the most reliable office chair brand in existence. It is a name which comes with a surprisingly expensive price for their whole assortment of office chairs. But are Herman Miller chairs worth it?

If you’re unsure whether to invest in Herman Miller office chairs, I hope this article can convince you why it is worth it.

Built to the Highest Standards

If you’re in search of durable and long-lasting quality, then go for Herman Miller. From their elastomer-based materials that stretch, to their Pellicle 8Z material that lets air circulate and form pressure zones on the chair. The majority of chairs have solid bases made of metal that are smoothed to create a contemporary professional look.

Right Posture

The Herman Miller Embody was specially designed for people who suffer from back discomfort. However, every chair from this collection has an element that provides lumbar support, often several options. The way that the upholstery of the seat adjusts to the body’s movements and that’s the PostureFit backrests that will not only reduce your discomfort and improve your posture with this Herman Miller chair.

There’s no reason to be an all-work, not play-oriented as Herman Miller knows that. This is why no matter whether you’re sitting or lying straight this collection of office chairs promotes your comfort. A luxurious seat material and the soft and breathable fabric backing raise your comfort to an even higher quality.

Great Warranty

Herman Miller isn’t among the brands with the option of a two-year or one-year guarantee. Instead, for the majority of office chairs, you’re covered for 12 years. If you purchase Herman Miller, you can keep the exact chair for a decade or more.

Assembly not Required

It’s not easy to purchase an expensive item from the internet and then wait for it to be delivered and you open the package only to discover an array of parts with loose screws and hard-to-follow instructions.

It’s not the case when you buy Herman Miller chairs. Most of their office chairs come pre-assembled so it’s just a matter of unpacking the box, remove the chair, and place it in the space you prefer. It will be ready for be used in the same amount of time without any fumbling mounting, screwing or hammering required.


To close this piece I thought I’d go through a list of frequently asked-for questions concerning Herman Miller chairs. I hope this list will aid you in conquering any final hurdles that you might face before you decide to purchase the Herman Miller chair.

Herman Miller Chairs are made in what country?

The Herman Miller Company has grown over the years and now employs 8,000 employees in offices and warehouses across the United States. Their headquarters have not moved from their hometown in Zeeland, Michigan.

Can Herman Miller chairs be used for gaming?

One of those Herman Miller chairs I’ve discussed today is perfect as gaming chairs. While they’re not specifically designed for gaming, their fantastic features for postural support, recline adjustment and comfortable seating, plush cushions and lumbar support will make getting into the game and staying there much easier.

Furthermore, there are many of the most popular Twitch streamers, like Tyler1 and Shroud who utilize their Herman Miller Aeron for all their streams. This means that the users appreciate the quality offered through Herman Miller chairs.

Furthermore, Herman Miller has just recently signed a deal with Logitech to develop gamer’s editions of The Herman Miller Embody as well as the Herman Miller Aeron Chair.

Can Herman Miller chairs be used for long periods of time?

You’re prone to working for hours, usually longer than you have to. Do you consider you would like an Herman Miller chair suit you?

Absolutely. If your job is more challenging than the average office worker’s work then it is recommended that the Mirra 2 is a good option. If you’re looking for a comfortable chair choose one of the SetuHerman Miller Embody can support your spine by integrating, which allows you to perform more in the office.

What would you recommend for someone who is 6 ‘ tall?

In fact, most chairs are designed to provide complete back support and will adjust or follow the contours that the back follows.

A few most appealing aspects of Herman Miller’s entire range of seating is the fact that it has something to suit everyone. If you’re looking to ease the pain within your lower back or you are at home all day long and require more help, Herman Miller has you covered. If you’re searching for a comfortable chair to work from home and internet browsing, or using a laptop, there’s a chair designed to be suited to the same needs.

Every chair comes with the “best” or primary feature however, it’s your choice to select the option that is right for you!

We stand by our choices and believe that any of these top Herman Miller chairs you see here will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Is it possible to remove an armrest?

The answer is that they should not be taken off by the user. Only an Herman Miller Service Technician is competent to use this chair. They’re not designed to be removed and later put back for the person using them.

Final Note

It’s likely that you are already aware of the Herman Miller chair is the best one for you, as well as which you should purchase. It’s a top ergonomic office chair and I know that it is high. So, making the right choice is crucial. But I really hope that with this advice, you’ll make the correct decision!

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