12 Best Office Chairs Under 500$

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Best ergonomic office chairs under 500 dollars

AcRacing Office Series Onyx: Heavy Guys Ergonomic Office Chairs under $500



For those who are professional or casual player, you’ll be able discern that AKracing is among the top available for exceptionally durable and good ergonomic chairs. AKracing was the most popular portion of gaming chairs until the arrival of Onyx which is the office chair series.

With the biggest size, it has a large weight capacity, good ergonomics and a pleasing design it’s an all-inclusive package for everyone from novice to advanced.

Design. It is component of the heritage of gaming design but there are a few executive chair options offered. The black leather upholstery with racing like profiles plays a crucial role in both professional and entertainment aspects.

It also is available with two different options for upholstery, which are faux as well as genuine leather. The front chair fabrics are impervious to fire and tear and provide the best degree of protection from your child’s rough and furry habits that can be a little naughty.

However, it’s not filled in padding. The cold-cure mold-forming foam gives adequate firmness to any weight you put on your body. The comfort remains at the highest level, even during long, strenuous sessions of sitting.

If you’re in search of sturdy, long-term, and comfortable chairs, The AKracing Onyx will be a huge welcome.

The chair is specifically designed for heavy-weighted. Take a look at the specifications and dimensions. The 330 pounds of gas lift class 4 is higher than normal however the measurements suggest that it can easily fit anyone who is with a height of 6.1ft. With an backrest H37″ * W22.83″ and the seat measuring W23.13″ * D21.65″, this isn’t an overcrowded space for older body types.

There are many twists regarding ergonomics.

Likely the armrests are equipped with a 4-D design that displays an average motion of 2.95 centimeters in vertical direction. However, certain users have reported that they feel unstable, but chairs typically have the ability to combat this.

This chair is also less supportive since there’s only an adjustable lumbar cushion that is able to be adjusted to fit your back. Its neck cushions are a built-in bump that isn’t able to alter the position of the bump.


  • Superior durability and longevity
  • The larger dimensions increase the Horizon
  • Maximum weight is fantastic
  • Lockable tilt capabilities of 3-18 degrees and 180-degree recline
  • Fabrics that resist tears and fire
  • Sleek 360 degree swiveling that is smooth
  • Armrests in 4D


  • A little more costly than the specification sheet.

SteelCase Series 1: Comfortable Office Chair Under 500$



Steelcase is believed to be among the most expensive and most prestigious brands for professionals. But it’s true that there are Steelcase producing chairs like the Series1 which are less expensive and also more affordable. In the instance of this Series 1 chair, it doesn’t have the same features and adjustments however, its durability, quality are far superior to the norm.

Regarding design, the same basic form and straightforward profiling make it extremely flexible furniture that can be used in any type of configuration. In addition the wide range of colors available to select from, based on the design of your office.

Because it’s the cheapest chair in the Steelcase range, the block foam padding doesn’t seem to be a lot. For certain people, this might be enough but for those who enjoy large spaces, this may be a problem.

But the comfort level remains top of the line for moderate to long-term users.

Steelcase offers the same ergonomics program. However, the limited ability to adjust and other issues are an aspect of the above. The armrests are very well-designed in 4D but I feel that the size and shape of the armrests creates could be a challenge for people who have large and bulky arms.

However, the height and the adjustment of the seat also have their restrictions. Overall, however, the user experience is smooth for every types of users.

If you’re looking to know my thoughts about the intended audience for Series 1 is a rival for moderate to slim physical people. The chair is small and might not be appropriate for people with a large bodies. The ergonomic design and luxurious look make this chair a worthy candidate to be a contender in the title of the best 500 dollar office chair.


  • Absolutely completed
  • The basic layout that’s packed with incredible features
  • Decent ergonomics
  • It’s priced at an affordable price in comparison to the performance and reputation of this brand
  • It’s an excellent product that comes with a long-lasting warranty


  • Armrests with slim and adjustable pads.


Herman Miller Sayl – Adjustable Office Chair



Sayl Herman Miller chairs are a trusted office chair that everyone suffering from lower back pain needs. The chair is an ideal illustration of what you would expect an ergonomic chair should have; comfort and aesthetics, as well as an amazing design, and is well worth the cost.

Sayl chair reliable and used in a variety of offices, restaurants hotels, homes and offices. Bowery is a poly-cotton foam seat that creates an environment that is comfy to work in. Additionally, the seat is a good balance of comfort and design that people love.

It can be adjusted to 4 angles, ranging from 6-position armrest height and recline angle that can be adjusted to 5 angles seat depth and seat height. Simply adjust the angle, then sit back the position you prefer.

It’s a perfect blend of comfort and support. The unique backrest, made of elastomer, is excellent assistance. Additionally, it provides the best airflow and back comfort. It also is covered by a two-year warranty.


  • A comfortable seating
  • Breathable rubber elastomer backrest
  • 5-position set of adjustable depths and the 6-position adjustable armrest heights
  • 2 years of warranty


  • None.


SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair – Desk Chair Less 500$



The SIHOO Ergonomic Chairs offers an array of adjustment options, and it can be adjusted to the body’s dimensions and shape providing an amazing combination of support and comfort for less than $500.

The most distinctive feature is exclusive SIHOO’s breathable mesh chairs that promotes airflow. The robust wheels, which are made of top-quality components, glide smoothly making it ideal for any floor. They are sturdy and long-lasting.

You’ll also appreciate its modern ergonomic design that has numerous benefits. It offers a more relaxed and comfortable sitting position and helps protect your spine from being sedentary.

This product has earned praise from a variety of reviewers and users likes SIHOO’s high density foam cushion. The cushion is extremely durable and helps ease any pain around your buttocks. However, it is real that the chair leg is made from simple, elegant nylon material.

The modern chair’s lumbar support hugs the user’s back and waist in a gentle yet comfortable manner, which relieves the stress.

The adjustable headrest supports the head neck, cervical spine as well as shoulders. Contrary to other chairs, this chair is easy to build. It comes with the gloves and tools necessary to set up. Make sure to remember that the purchased item comes with guarantee for twelve months.

It is one of the best ergonomic chair, fashionable and priced at an extremely affordable cost.


  • Modern ergonomic design
  • Adjustable tilting and backrest
  • Breathable mesh, tough and smooth wheels
  • Installation is fast and easy
  • Remarkable cushion for rebound with fashionable chair leg
  • 1-year warranty


  • None.


Hbada Office Task Desk Chair



The Hbada desk task chair brings a great mix of black and white as well as a modern style that is able to be integrated with minimalist or modern interiors.

It is a chair that is unique and is worthy of a spot in this list due to its fashion (you can choose between black/white or all-black) and also the natural curve of the lower back, which alleviates back pain according to claims made by the company.

Similar to other office chairs, the Hbada chair is a space conserving option since the armrests are able to be placed upside-down to permit it to be placed underneath desks that are of any size.

Regarding the materials used, I can say that they are extremely soft and comfortable and come with a mesh back that prevents the user from over-stressing their chair. The base material is steel that gives strength as well as stability.

The support at 120 degrees and pneumatic adjustment together with the weight capacity of 250lbs is among the most sought-after selling features of this Hbada office chair.

The style is the most attractive feature especially when it comes to the black/white version which makes the chair look sleek and is the perfect match for those of a younger age.


Cedric Ergonomic Mesh Chair



The ergonomic office chair by Cedric is one of the most affordable chairs on this list and is substantially lower than the $500 mark.

But, it’s loaded with ergonomic features to be reckoned with.

It’s also adjustable. It’s not only a fully-adjustable chair (height and depth as well as tilt) and adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrests and even an adjustable headrest.

In the end all of the components in this chair are adjustable, so you are extremely exact in designing the chair to your particular requirements.

It also comes with an mesh seat to aid circulation and also a waterfall edge to ease leg pressure and tilt lock. It is a strong structure that could be capable of supporting up to 350lbs.

This chair actually has a substantial weight capacity considering how small and fragile this chair is, so it’s suitable for big and tall users too!


KLIM Esports – Chairs for Gaming and Office



A distinct office/gaming chair, this one is different from the chairs above, is significantly more comfortable and be a perfect fit. This makes it an ideal choice for serious gamers. However, the downside of the chair is the quality of comfort isn’t quite comparable to other chairs above. Some users have expressed disappointment that there are quality control issues with this model. The cost is also higher than what I would prefer.

The main reason to get this chair is because you want something that is suitable for office use. Gaming chairs took all over the globe three or four months ago and are getting more popular every day. They’re starting to be employed in offices because they’re beneficial for spinal health. However, while they’re a viable option, there’s one issue with these chairs they don’t have: ease of use. The issue will be discussed in the following section.

The comfort of the chair is a crucial element for those who are considering buying this chair. It is likely to offer the most comfortable sitting experience in this position unless you’re extremely slim. It’s like that the dimensions of this model are completely distorted. As I said above, there have been complaints from people who have used the model of quality control issues in this model.


  • Gaming chair made with an inspiring design, it is a more ergonomic alternative to other models included in the list.
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs.


  • This is the most costly alternative
  • Not as comfortable that I’d want it to be
  • Quality Control issues.


Dowinx Ergonomic Gaming Chair



If you’re among those gaming chair aficionados out there Dowinx has designed a stunning chair which can be used for office chair purposes. It’s got all of the characteristics of a traditional gaming chair but it’s not as comfy when you sit in the chair. Its chair is adequate for most people in the market, It’s also an emphasis on details, but it’s just less comfortable than other choices that are available. It’s also very expensive for me.

If it comes to gaming chairs, people either love them or hate them. The model we have chosen is the top gaming chair that doesn’t feel like it’s too uncomfortable to sit on it. This makes it the ideal choice for those who need to sit for long periods of time. The attention to the smallest of things which go into the chair is astonishing. Its stitching design is well done, and the overall chair is very comfortable and well-constructed. The only issue is the casters, however, if you’re looking for the perfect office chair you probably won’t be able to move as many times.

The gaming chair design does bring one major drawback: it’s not as comfortable as the majority of alternatives previously mentioned. It may appear more ergonomic, and may even be able to keep your body in place, but in terms of comfort, I think it’s best to consider selecting one of the alternatives below or above. It’s not for everyone to feel uncomfortable. If you’re familiar with the comfort of a gaming chair, this might be the perfect option that you’re looking for!


  • Gaming chair created with an original design creates a more ergonomic model than other options that are on the list.
  • Build quality good


  • An expensive option
  • Not as comfortable that I’d want it to be.


Eurotech – Best Task Chair Under $500



The Swivel Back chair designed by Eurotech is an authentic testimony to the Eurotech promise of premium workmanship and high quality.

While the chair isn’t very distinctive, Eurotech is focused on comfort and elegance. It gives customers great value and is an ergonomic office chair with all the bells and whistles are required to get your job done quickly and easily.

The cushion that is large on the seat and its adjustable armrests and backrests will make sure you are comfortable and well-supported during the entire day. If you’re working on filing in front of the computer or working in front of an office computer, this chair will help you stay comfortable throughout the day.

Tilt Tension Control. You can choose whether you would like the chair going between two directions, or even supporting your body while the back of the chair is leaning towards the back.

Center Tilt. Certain chairs may be unstable because of off-center tilts, a constant tilt can help reduce the chance of accidents since you tilt the chair towards the middle, on the bottom of the wheel.

Tilt Lock. If you’re an avid fan of your chair at a specific angle this lock will ensure that you can keep your chair at the ideal angle to suit your needs. It also assists in keeping your chair steady, if you enjoy this type to sit.

Back Angle can be Adjusted. Backrests are completely separate in relation to the chair. This gives you the possibility of selecting the angle best for you, without altering the angle of your seat.

Adjustment of the Height in Back. Another advantage of having an individual backrest from the rest of the furniture is the ability to adjust the height of your backrest ergonomically to match the curve of is your spine. If you’re larger or shorter than typical person, this could be a significant factor to your satisfaction.

A Seat’s Height is Altered. As with other office chairs, your height of the seat is adjustable to meet your individual needs.

The Forward Tilt Feature of the Seat. The feature helps keep your pelvis upright and reduces pressure on your lower back, while also improves the posture of yours.

Adjustment of Angle of the Seat. If you’d want your chair to be tilted further forward, the angle of the seat adjustment allows you to keep it in the place that you are most comfortable in.

Adjustable Arms for Height and Width – provide comfort when performing any task the armrests are able to be moved from side to side or move downwards and upwards. When you need to remove them from the way you are going or support the arms of your body, this adjustment lets you select.

Extra-Thick Cushioning – provide the comfort you require first. This cushioning is extremely thick and also provides the best ergonomic support for your back as well as your lower part. The bottom is often ignored and this chair can be a great cushion for the bottom of your bum and the back.

Greenguard certified. These chairs are eco-friendly in all aspects of production.

Five-Year Warranties. It’s valid for all products, excluding cushioning and upholstery that are covered for two years.


  • Ergonomic Style that can be adjusted completely
  • Extra Thick Cushioning
  • Posterior Assistance
  • Seat Tilt
  • Adjustable Backrest Height
  • Fully adjustable armrests
  • Tilt Lock by using the Center Tilt
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Eco-Friendly


  • It’s not the most attractive chair.
  • The warranty only covers upholstery. It lasts for 2 years.


Hon Ignition 2.0 – Best Reclining Chair under $500



Ignition Task Chairs range from HON is vast. With an chair that is able to fulfill your requirements and within your price starting point, the cost is not more than 500 dollars. The chairs are offered in various dimensions and shades that means you are able to choose the one that works the best fit for your needs.

Certain models come with the ability to stretch four ways in order to shape your back. While other models come with full seating that is upholstered to provide you with a comfortable and soft feel.

The tilt adjusts and locks, creating solid. In addition, the various back heights ensure that you have the right dimension.

The auto in-synchronized tilt and the high back make this the best recliner.

All Ignition mesh office chair models include the following features. Some of the more expensive models have additional options:

360 Degrees Swivel. The chair moves as you move it. When you turn it around, the chair is going to follow.

Central Tilt. When you tilt away from the center it will feel more secure as you back and lean. Your risk of injury is significantly decreased due to the feature.

independent Back Angle. By altering your back without taking off the chair. You are able to lean back while keeping your feet secure on the floor. This can reduce the risk of injury.

Hydraulic Chair Height Adjustment. The chair is adjustable in line with the height and size of the person taking advantage of the chair. If you’re tall or short, it’s possible that the chair will be adjusted meet your requirements quickly and effectively.

Its Seat Depth can be Adjusted. It’s not easy having an chair that is able to support your body in the correct method. This is an especially useful feature for adults or children with smaller thighs, who may have trouble reaching the backrest of numerous office chairs.

Seat Glide Mechanism. When you lean back, the seat moves forward, maintaining your body in a relaxed position as you unwind.

Synchro Tilt. When the user leans back and the seat moves ahead, your backrest pivots in a slant to ensure that you get adequate back support, even if you’re lying on your back. This is the main feature for this type of model.

Tilt Lock is especially beneficial for those who want to relax and unwind for a while, but it’s also a great option for those who prefer to sit a bit in the back or forward when performing. This feature allows you to keep the chair in the best position to sit.

Tilt Tension. This feature means that you choose whether it is easy or difficult to let you allow the chair in its movement forwards and backs. This will ensure greater stability as you move through every day.


  • Center Tilt
  • Synchro-Tilt
  • Tilt-Lock
  • Tilt-Tension
  • Seat Depth Adjustment and Glide Mechanism
  • Independent Back Angle
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • There are a variety of options offered


  • It’s not cheap, but it will last for a longer period…
  • The warranty is valid only for 300lbs.
  • There are too many options.


Duorest Ergonomic Office Chair



It’s the most fashionable and elegant design that’s the perfect style to add to the design of your office. It is equipped with three backrests that can be moved in three directions, such as Z, X, as well as Z.

This helps you in keeping your back stable while remaining elastic. A person can help reduce the tension and tilt of every individual and the armrests are fully removable and aid in the work based on height.

It has a fantastic weight capacity of almost 400 pounds. We tried it out personally and the chair did an excellent job of handling it easily. Its edges are extremely secure and won’t cause any issues when you decide to make use of it in a way that is adaptable and in line to your routine.

If you are spending a lot of time sitting in your office chair, it is crucial to make sure that your back is properly supported. Leaning forward to make it work constantly can lead to the spine to wrinkle. This can cause various health issues in the near future.

The Duorest Gold Ergonomic Office Chair which comes with Twin Backrests has been shrewdly created to address this particular problem. This unique ergonomic office chair is set with two backrests. Each can be adjusted independently to give support to all backs.

The model is also equipped with a variety of additional features that can be altered, like an immense and fully covered headrest. You can change the height as well as an angle for the backrest. This allows you to adjust your head and neck with complete comfort.

You can also adjust how high your armrests are so that they are able to support your wrists and your elbows. This helps to reduce the burden that you carry around for prolonged durations. It is true that you can utilize armrests to ease pain in your muscles, but it’s also possible to take off the armrests at any time you’d like.

While it is true that this chair is awash with abundant cushioning, you’ll be shocked to discover it isn’t easy at first. When the chair is fully installed, the cushioning will ensure that it is shaped to the body’s shape. But it’s possible to feel uncomfortable in the beginning.


  • Double backrests
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Armrests that can be removed


  • The heavy is moving


Leather Chair by Regiccer



If you’re in search of the best choice for someone who is overweight, this chair is one of those chairs that are comfortable, which cost under 500$. It is a chair that is very comfortable for those who are heavy. Leather used to make the office chair is amazing and high-quality. This combination of the thick cowhide, which is flexible as well as ergonomically improved, and ample seating makes this the perfect choice for me and is suitable for those who are large and tall.

However, if you want a chair that will keep them comfortable for lengthy durations, this is an ideal chair to put in place for prolonged use, so I’d suggest you examine it in case you’re in search of this type of chair.

In case you’re fond of intricate plans or gatherings option is perfect for those who don’t. It’s not an expensive task to alter and repair this capping. A straightforward guidebook will walk you through the steps to put it in. The whole process only takes just a couple of minutes.

Absolutely this chair is the ideal choice when you’re looking for an affordable job. It provides your office with a stunning design and offers long-lasting comfort that doesn’t strain the budget. Additionally, it’s built to last for many years, which means that you won’t need to fret about replacing it anytime in the near future.

If you’ve ever had an office chair before you, you’ll see what thick chair pads are. This is because it was made for people who weigh 300lbs and have massive leg muscles. In any situation, you don’t need to weigh that much to appreciate the parts of the chair.

In reality, the chair back is large and can be used by people who may not be normal. The armrests are large enough, and the result is a chair that is comfortable to the point that, it is probable that you’ll sleep as you lean back one inch!


  • Extremely comfy
  • Gorgeous style


  • The weight might be a bit heavy


Ergonomic Office Chair: What to Look for

Before we look at the chairs, it is recommended to review some of the most crucial aspects to keep in mind prior to buying the fresh chair. In the event of a mishap, it will be a regrettable decision purchasing a chair which isn’t in line with the requirements you want and also your personal preferences.


Ergonomic comfort is probably the most important aspect of office chairs and should be not ignored prior to pouring on your hard-earned money. Ergonomics are directly linked or connected with chair comfortable. The most essential aspects include back support, lumbar, and neck support.

Lumbar support

Numerous brands claim they have taken this feature into their own however, they have not fully implemented the process to increase efficiency. This feature is designed to assist in supporting your back, no matter your posture or angles.

Back Support back support

Ergonomic chair should superbly improve your back. People who suffer from back pain have to be supported and also some relaxation. A chair with backrests that are reclined will offer the right amount of relaxation for joints and back muscles.

Shoulder and Neck Support

Make sure you choose an adjustable, solid and comfortable headrest with no hesitation. It helps to ease tension in your body and ease your shoulders and neck.

Comfort and Breathability

A properly constructed ergonomic chair will be able to keep your body cool and comfortable throughout the daytime. Chairs that feature mesh backs are great to stay cool, and foam cushions and strong frames will guarantee that you’re comfy and secure.

Build Quality

A lot of people think that it is true that the build quality is compromised in chairs that cost less than $500. However, I’m pleased to report that this isn’t true. The companies have improved their skills and are now creating chairs that last for this cost. The majority of office chairs above will easily last for quite a while provided that you don’t exceed the weight limit. The quality of the chair’s construction is contingent on the quality of the steel used in making the office chair, which is good on the whole of chairs..


Adjustability is essential for people who are big and tall or have other body shapes than the majority people. Things like 4D armrests that can be adjusted, adjustable backrests lumbar support and more are things that are appreciated not only by large and tall people as well by all other individuals. Certain office chairs also give you the option of fully recline to sit on the ground.

Factors that Affect Stability

The majority of people choose an extremely sturdy chair due to the fact that it decreases the chance of injuries. Choose a chair that has an adjustable central tilt and the tilt lock as well as tension adjustments in case you want an extra robust chair.

Quality Materials

It’s not only important to choose a chair made from the material you like but, it’s equally crucial to consider things such as the breathability, the environmental friendliness and overall quality of the materials used to make your chair.

Last Thoughts to Find the Best Office Chair Under 500$

Are you stuck of the ideal chair to meet your needs? We’ve listed 12 comfortable office chairs for under $500. These chairs will give you the greatest comfort and ease while working hard and can help you remain focused.

Likely many among these best office chairs under 300$ are also lightweight. You can observe a lack of toughness among our options. In the present, we have you can find the best office chairs under 200$ are affordable. This is a decent alternative. If you’re in a tight budget, you should consider any of these best office chairs under 100$. They’re light and affordable.

Then, select a chair that can fulfill all of your requirements and is designed to specifically address pose you with a variety of challenges and minimize the risk posed from sitting all day.

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