12 Best Office Chairs for Tailbone Pain

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Best Office Chair for Tailbone Pain (Coccyx Pain)

DRAGONN – Kneeling Office Comfortable Chair for Tailbone Pain



Chairs that kneel could help those who suffer of tailbone pain. For example, DRAGONN VIVO kneeling chair using angles the seat cushion downward, so your thighs are at an angle of 60-70 percent. When you sit in a normal office chair with a 90-degree seat the weight is distributed between your buttocks and back.

However, it is real that the kneeling chair lessens the load on your back and buttocks and distributes it to your knees and shins. The kneeling chairs like the DRAGONN, assist in shifting your weight to the forward direction that reduces the strain to your backbone. Moving your weight forward will stimulate your muscles in your core, and improves your posture.



As per VIVO that they have twice the cushion on their knee and seat cushions when compared to other cushions. This is just increasing the relief you feel and reduces the pain from your backbone. Additionally, the seat can be adjusted in height so that you’re sitting in a position where your head is aligned with the monitor’s screen.


  • A kneeling chair tilts your weight to the side, reducing stress to your backbone
  • The chair is equipped with the ability to adjust its height
  • It’s made of double the amount of cushioning to guarantee mobility and ease of movement
  • Intensity of abdominal muscles is increased, which encourages good posture
  • Casters are long-lasting and are suitable for carpet and hardwood flooring.


  • Some people prefer the idea of having an armrest

Sleekform Austing Kneeling Chair – Chairs for Tailbone Pain



It is the most popular chair with kneeling designs that enable people to sit comfortably in a straight posture, and equally distribute their weight throughout all human body. In turn the Coccyx pain kneeling chair improves your posture and aids in keeping your core healthy.

Its base made with the robust 20-ply Birchwood which is very durable when compared to other models that have 14 plies of Birchwood. This kneeling chair coccyx pain model is equipped with a maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds. The base design can be able to move. It’s reinforced by 3 crossbars.

In addition, it’s an maximum of 22″ in height. This ergonomic task chair with no arms is ideal for those who are between 5’2″ to 6’6″ tall. It’s also ideal for desks up to 29″ high. Another advantage of the office chair is the rocking motion, which helps support the user.



It is the best efficient chair for tailbone pain because it improves blood flow and reduces strain on muscles. In addition the seat and knee pads have 4″ thick memory foam padding. It molds to your body and reduces the strain on your muscles. The cover is made from a cloth.


  • 20 Ply Birchwood frame
  • Max weight capacity is 265 lbs.
  • Ideal for people who are of 5’2″ to 6’6″ tall
  • 4″ big memory foam padding
  • Waterproof and breathable cloth


  • None

HAG Capisco Adjustable Standing Desk Chair



A stunning and unique design for the saddle chair is HAG Capisco Adjustable Standing Desk Chair that is very comfortable to listen to podcasts, as well as doing more work within a shorter time.

Model’s body was created with comfort for humans as the highest priority. As you can see that the rear is designed to reflect the look of human anatomy , which supports it.

The chair is made to make sure that your legs can move without needing to cover them all the way at your knees. This is a fantastic feature that you will ever find in the form of office chairs.

If you’re finding it easy to adapt to the many and varied features we usually find in regular chairs pick the chair you like and be able take pleasure in the experience while feeling unique and comfortable on you tailbone.

The HAG Capisco Standing Desk chair is the perfect choice for tall people who have issues with the height of chairs. With this chair, you’ll receive the set of pieces made of only two parts, the backrest and the seat , with absolutely nothing else to be concerned about or change.

It has a seat height of 22.5” between 33” inches, with an 18.5 inches backrest. It can be used to ensure your feet are in the most elevated position and to lie at an angle, regardless of whether your feet touch with the earth.

At the bottom of the unit, you’ll see casters on wheels that are suitable to move across any surface which include softwood or hardwood carpet. It is fitted with a weight capacity of 250 pounds which makes it extremely durable. Be prepared to help your back while you’re charged with completing your day-to-day tasks!

HAG Capisco standing desk chair is an favorite that is mostly preferred by younger users. If you’re buying it for an older person, there are many other chairs with all of the features you’ll need instead.


  • Special chair
  • Ergonomic office chair
  • Suitable height
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Sturdy and cost-effective


  • It’s not a chair that is suitable for people who are elderly.
  • Armrests aren’t provided.

Zenergy Ball Chair – Right Office Chair



Safco is an company established in 1996 within New Hope, Minnesota, USA. Safco is a manufacturer of office furniture and offers chairs tables, ergonomic desks and many more.

Zenergy Ball Chair is an strange-looking office chair by Safco. It is outfitted with an inflatable 17.5″ exercise ball as well as mesh covers. The goal of the chair is to help you sit properly. The spine is sure to be grateful for this. The design of this Zenergy Ball Chair can help ease pain in the coccyx. This fun-loving chair is equipped with four sturdy legs as well as stationary glides.




  • There is no strain on your coccyx – this chair won’t put stress on your tailbone.
  • Aids in maintaining a healthy posture – the chair encourages you to be straight, without slouching.
  • Stable – sturdy legs with stationary glides make this chair stable while keeping the floor scratch-free
  • Design is modern and stylish.


  • Not recommended for use during the day – this chair can be a great addition to your standard office chair. It is possible to switch between them throughout the day.
  • Don’t recommend it for large people – the seating area isn’t big enough to accommodate bigger people.
  • Costly – the price is really high for what you get
  • Two height options are available – it’s not for everyone.

Gaiam Classic Ball Chair – Soft Seat



The chair here is different from the other chairs previously discussed. It is used primarily by people suffering from back pain for fitness purposes. It is an inflatable ball chair filled with air. The seat is comfortable. This soft material is not putting too excessive stress onto your spine. In addition, it allows the user to move easily.

However, it is suggested for those who are taller than the height range of 5″ to 11″. If you’re taller, they will not be able to enjoy ball chairs. Although it weighs only 13 pounds, it can hold 300 pounds. There is a special method to use. It is important to fill the ball with air, allow it to sit for at least 24 hours, after which it will reduce the size of the ball to 50%, and then raise the volume of the ball until 52cm in height.




  • It’s great to support the back as well as the lumbar region.
  • It is a comfort for the sacrum and sacroiliac joints along with the coccyx.
  • In this manner, it is possible to ensure that this way, the weight distribution on the seat becomes equal.
  • It can be moved and can be used in many diverse applications.


  • The ball chair has neither back support nor headrest, as well as the armrest. This could be a problem for some individuals.
  • The chair isn’t going to last long.
  • Many customers have voiced their displeasure over the lack of inflation, and the frame is damaged.

Isokinetics Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair – The Best for correcting posture



The posture of the balance ball doesn’t put a large amount of stress to your lower back muscles. Balance balls to exercise are a fantastic alternative to alleviate the back and coccyx pain because it requires active sitting and maintaining balance. They stimulate your muscles, specifically the core, ensuring you’re in a straight and straight posture. Sitting in a slouch for too long or in an upright posture can lead to the build-up of pressure within a specific area. This can lead to discomfort within the body.

This Isokinetics Fitness Ball Chair comes with four positions that are adjusted for its legs as well as back. This allows you to change the recline height as well as the seat position. This lets you be in the perfect place as traditional chairs. It has four wheels mounted on casters that means you are able to move it around your workplace.



A few of the major advantages of the ball chairs are more affordable and the fitness ball is an excellent instrument for yoga or exercising. It could serve as a powerful reminder to exercise and stretch out during your breaks to maintain blood flow through your entire body specifically for those who suffer of coccyx pain.


  • Very affordable price
  • The chair has the ability to support 4 back positions and 4 height positions.
  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Your lower back is supported at all times by the back
  • Available in nine colors.


  • It may take some while to get comfortable with fitness ball chair.

Salli MultiAdjuster Ergonomic Saddle Seat



The Saddle Chair is a seat that was designed to resemble an actual saddle to be carried from the back of horses. It is more appropriate to use the term Saddle Stool. As opposed to chairs, these stools do not have a back or armrest.

Saddle chairs stand out due to their design – you’re 8″-12″ higher than you would be in ordinary chairs. This raises the hip angle and knees, which could be anywhere from 90deg. up between 135deg. For saddle chairs, you will also need an office with a higher.

These chairs can help improve your posture and help improve it over time. Saddle chairs significantly reduce back and neck pain. They maintain the spine in a regular curvature. Like sitting on the back of a kneeling chair, the riding-like sitting demands you to maintain your spine in a steady posture by using your abdominal and legs.

The saddle chair is usually used by dentists, surgeons and various other physicians. Recently, more office workers and surgeons are beginning to employ these chairs regularly. Anyone who suffers from injuries or bruises to their tailbone can benefit from a saddle chair with a divided seat.

Posturion High Back Chair – Traditional Office Chair for Tall



This chair made by Posturion could be the perfect office chair for a taller person. It’s comfortable solid, sturdy, and, more importantly, it’s ergonomically built, with a variety of back and lumbar support features. If you’re in the market for the perfect office chair that can aid in improving your posture, help you relax your back and ease your discomfort of the coccyx (tail bones), this is the office chair you need.

This office chair has a number of features that are designed to aid in correcting the posture of the user, assist in supporting their backs and help ease lower back and neck discomfort. It has the capability to alter your headrest’s height so that it can give neck and shoulder support. It also comes with a top-quality adjustable backrest. It also has ergonomically adjustable armrests for improved sitting posture and lumbar support. These all help relieve tension off your spine muscles and tail bone, which allows the muscles to heal and ease.

Additionally, the office chair reclines back almost 120 degrees. This lets you take needed breaks for rest and eases the pressure on your lower back and your tailbone. Of course, the chair can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing you to look at all things in your surroundings without having to twist or move your body.

Perhaps you are looking at that perfect office chair to help in reducing coccyx and your lower back pain, are hoping to improve your sitting posture while you work, or simply someone who is taller and requires an extremely comfortable and supportive chair. This Hi-Back Office Chair from Posturion is a great chair for you.

While it’s not classed as the strongest or the tallest office chair, it still can support the weight of 300lbs!

If you like this style, check The Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair as well.


  • Headrests that are adjusted to provide excellent support for neck muscles
  • Adjustable armrests that can be adjusted in 3D assist in maintaining the best sitting posture
  • Ergonomic backrests, as well as lumbar support help, take pressure off your spine, shoulders, and coccyx
  • Mesh office chair that breathes will keep you cool and dry during the summer heat.
  • The robust and well-constructed frame can support up to 300 pounds.
  • Simple to put together
  • 1-year for replacement warranty.


  • Lumbar support that cannot be adjusted

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair – Sturdy Office Chair



This is an renowned chair that its creator Herman Miller has been updating for more than 20 years of development. The design of the chair has been updated to reflect developments in research and improvements in posture while sitting. It provides excellent back support to those suffering from discomfort in the Coccyx. The office chair can be tilted to ensure it allows you to move the body while sitting and relieve pressure in the back as you are in a stationary sitting position.

The recline can be adjusted that comes with this office chair to your preference. You can maintain your posture throughout your sitting time with your office chair. The office chair has three sizes that can be adjusted to suit the body’s size and shape. The whole office chair was designed to assist in the prevention of back pain especially in the tail bone region. It’s ideal for treating coccyx pain, this has the PostureFit SL, which provides excellent support to the tail bone. The Chair’s mesh fabric allows breathable and comfortable sitting each time you sit down in the office chair. Three sizes offer the same comfort that this chair provides.

It’s also an excellent chair for those suffering from scoliosis.


  • Change the range of recline making use of the limiter for tilt that is included.
  • Two-dimensional adjustable arms that give elbow support
  • Warranty period of 12 years
  • Ideal for all people
  • Suitable for long periods of use
  • Up to 300 lbs. of weight capacity
  • Posturefit supports the spine


  • Cost

Steelcase Leap – Best Chair for Tailbone Pain Overall



A back strain can result in a great deal of strain while performing. It is important to select a seat with a cushion that fits the shape of your buttocks. In particular, this Steelcase Leap uses a dense foam cushion that has small air pockets in the foam, which conform to the body’s contours. This will assure you of remarkably solid and stable support all through the body and is dispersed through the cushion’s dense.

Additionally, it’s important to know that Leap also has flexible edges that are able to be bent downwards while sitting on upper part. This alleviates pressure points beneath your thighs and boosts circulation.

In addition to the seat cushion, posture is crucial to relieve tailbone pain. Because the coccyx is part of your back, it is essential to make sure you’re sitting well balanced and in a forward posture. The Leap includes its Natural Glide technology that slides forward when you recline your back.

The backrest is equipped with 3D LiveBack technology that mimics and adjusts to the movements in yours. In the final analysis, your lumbar area will be supported well as your back will stay within the curve that is S-shaped.


  • This seat cushion has built-in air pockets that conform to your body.
  • This seat secured with a swivel edge to ease the pressure on your leg.
  • Users can modify the firmness of the support as well as the level of lumbar support
  • 3D LiveBack mimics and responds to your movement for customized support
  • The Leap’s Natural Glide system glides forward while you recline to ensure the most comfortable posture.


  • Some people might prefer a mesh backrest.

Steelcase Gesture Chair – Ergonomic chairs



If you’re looking to purchase an ergonomic chair that has a professional design, it will give you comfort when sitting for extended durations of time, we have tested with this Steelcase motion chair, and discovered it to be a great fit at the moment.

These ergonomic features collectively help you reduce back pain when you put yourself in a posture where your back rests upon the backrest. This height feels comfortable, and your feet are touching the ground.

The entire body’s structure is constructed from plastic and allows movement in all directions. It’s easy to make adjustments.

The most comfort to your back that will ease the pressure on the coccyx is made possible by Steelcase armrests that can be adjusted, adjustable seat depth, and adjustable height screws that are easily reached when sitting comfortably.

The ease of sitting is the main benefit of this chair. It promises skin-friendly fabric and the comfort of seat padding.

If you’re sitting on your couch to rest put your arms across armrests that are adjustable to allow for movement in 4D. The armrests are made from tough plastic.

There is a fact that the chair itself is made of plastic. However, the plastic used is sufficient to ensure the same level of comfort for areas that require flexibility such as the shoulder or pelvis. Furthermore, the components made of metal, such as tilting mechanisms and height levers are covered with plastic to give a wider perspective that is more visible.

It is possible to set the seat to seven different positions that you think your tailbone is more comfortable in standing. It allows it to be a suitable chair with other chairs we’re looking at.

You can select Steelcase gesture chair to address any back pain types as it will surely provide an elegant sitting experience that has its foundation in an attractive design and controllable features.


  • Fully assembled
  • All users
  • 100% polyester manufactured
  • Strong plastic
  • Built-in seat slide


  • Costly
  • The backrest isn’t locked.

Office Star Mesh – Adjustable Headrest Executive Chair



It’s an office chair with a mesh seat that gives you the proper support for your spine, lumbar bone, and tailbone. It is simple to tilt the chair to ensure that your spine stays in the right position. The blood circulation is also fluid. This not just reduces stress on your spine and lumbar bone, it can also help support your hands with arm rests that are cushioned and flip over.

The chair is sturdy enough and fashionable enough. It weighs 36 pounds and can accommodate any weight that is up to 250 pounds. The maximum seat height is 17.75″ and can extend the maximum height of 21.75″. Its fabric composed from 100% polyester. It needs assembly.


  • The curvature of the tilt as well as the lumbar cushioning helps keep the spine’s curve in a comfortable position
  • It is elegant in its design, particularly on the back, which aids in holding
  • Professional appearance which can be utilized in the homes and offices
  • Armrests are very comfortable and are able to support some weight, which helps the tailbone.
  • It’s easy to build.


  • This isn’t the best choice for a long duration
  • It’s nearly impossible to disassemble once you’ve put it together
  • The chair’s lumbar support is not adjustable.

What You Need to Know Before Buying the Best Office Chair for Tailbone Pain

It is crucial to comprehend the elements of the chair that are dependable to help support the back. Therefore, you’ll be able to trust them, and then choose the most effective choice to ensure a comfortable sitting posture that does not place pressure on the coccyx, which could result in a thighbone injury.

Below are the essential points you must be aware of before buying your best office chair for tailbone pain:


Make sure you take into consideration what the style of the chair looks like, and if it’s appropriate to your needs as well. We have presented above a range of different styles of seats which include modern chairs that can be described as comfortable office chairs, kneeling chairs and ball chairs. Each is unique and is able to treat various kinds of back pain or tailbone pains.

Thus, you are able to choose from them based on the reason for your tailbone pain and compare it with the support structure that is in the region.

Backrest Height

Since a backrest that is lengthy will serve the same role to support your backbone the same way like short backrests. Don’t be in a rush to get it. You’ll be receiving high backrests to assist in supporting your spine’s lumbar region.

Sitting in a comfortable position and pushing your body toward the end bone of your spine, or the coccyx can be beneficial to assist with tailbone pain relief. Be sure the seat you’re in provides enough room for sitting and doesn’t hinder or impact the line of the rock on your body.

Structure and Quality of the Construction

Look over the materials that offer support to the lower back or backbone. Since flexibility is crucial to regain tailbone flexibility, it’s suggested to select a material that allows movement and relaxation at the same time!

Also, take a look at the high-quality of your chair’s design. The majority of chairs have aluminum and steel mechanisms to tilt that can be exposed to the elements, and at other times covered in sheets of plastic.

Select a chair that has a structure that is durable and strong. You can test the strength of plastic by putting it through the weight limit that is specified within the specifications of the item. The higher your weight capacity, the stronger is the plastic’s capacity to handle heavy loads.

Lumbar Adjustments

It is crucial to remember that the strength and durability of your lower lumbar area that is offered to the user of the chair because the tailbones are located close to the lumbar area. So it must be comfortable, strong and adjustable, and, overall, be a good spot to sit in the chair.

Most chairs are equipped with the support of plastic behind the back of the seat, near the lumbar area, to make sure that it keeps your back securely to allow you to sit comfortably. It is also possible to conclude that the ease you feel when you experience tailbone pain when sitting on chairs is simply an effect of better lumbar support.

A model with the capability of locking the lumbar’s height and also allowing for adjustable positions is the most suitable option to pick from the options available.

Best Office Chair for Tailbone Pain: Frequently Asked Questions

A regular chair can help reduce tailbone pain, right?

A normal table also known as a dining table isn’t efficient as an office chair as it doesn’t offer the same features available with chairs that are ergonomic office chairs.

You must put additional pillows on chairs close to or of the lumbar area when sitting in a normal seat. The stiffness of the wood in the back may make the backbone feel the shock and, consequently, be less able to absorb.

What kind of support does an office chair provide for the tailbone joint?

Office chairs are different from regular chairs due to the height adjustment as well as recline tilting, overstuffing as well as tilting. All of these elements are able to ease the pressure on the spine. This helps it stand exactly just right and lessens the strain on the coccyx and the tailbone joint.

Why is my tailbone hurting when I sit in an office chair?

There are a variety of causes which can result in your tailbone being injured when in a chair. Trauma or fracture to the coccyx can cause chronic pain.

The most commonly mentioned causes of tailbone pain are:

  • A direct, strong strike to the tailbone, such as being struck by a ball during contact sports, hitting the tailbone or being hit by a fall
  • Experimenting with a long-term strain on your backbone, such as the strain of cycling, sitting and rowing.
  • The birth of a baby can create a lot of strain on the backbone. When the baby is born, the head could come into touch with tailbone which could cause injuries to the bone and other structures.
  • Other causes include bone tumors, spurs and cysts as well as nerve root compression the local infection.

If these triggers cause injuries or fractures of the tailbone. Sitting down or standing up may cause discomfort.

What are the best ways to sit with a tailbone injury?

If you’ve sustained an injury to your backbone, the pain will typically go away completely without treatment in a few months or even weeks. You can lessen the discomfort by leaning forward while your sit. This relieves the pressure on your coccyx and shifts your weight in the direction of your back. But, make sure to get up frequently to avoid putting too much strain on your backbone.

Since your tailbone is the most important part of your spine, make sure your back is properly supported. Your back should rest on the backrest in order to put the least amount of pressure you can on your spinal column. You could lay down with a wedge (V-shaped) cushion or doughnut-shaped pillow to lessen the pressure on your coccyx.

Be aware that sitting for extended durations of time could result in tailbone pain, while walking helps relieve this. So, ensure that you make frequent breaks to ensure you’re not overly sedentary.

Coccyx pain can be relieved with kneeling chairs?

The kneeling chair is a fantastic alternative for those suffering from coccyx pain. Seat pans slope downwards, moving your weight up. This, in turn, reduces the tension on your lower back and Coccyx. It shifts the weight to the lower part of your back when you are sitting on the flat surface of your chair, specifically when you’re sitting in the seat. A kneeling chair also requires some muscles to help support your body weight, which takes some of the weight your spine will be required to take on.

Also, kneeling chairs tend to have padding that relieves tension on your hips and your tailbone. Many even come with memory foam, which is specifically designed to match the contour of your body.

An Easy Way to Relieve Coccyx Pain

Final Thoughts

After reading this article you’re probably aware of the benefits of having one of the best office chair for tailbone pain. Consider the features and costs of the chairs and think about your needs first.

If you choose to select any of these chairs on the above list, you’ll be happy that you did since i’ve laid out the advantages and disadvantages. Now it’s your turn to choose one, and then work to recover from this pain. Best of luck to you.

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