12 Best Office Chairs for Sciatica Pain (New Models for 2021)

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What is Sciatica?

Sciatica can be a condition that’s caused due to the pinching and rupturing of the sciatic nerve, which is situated at the point between your buttock and the lower back. If it is pinched, pain can spread to the entire lower back, and even to your buttocks and your hips. More severe cases can even impact your legs.

Sciatica is more common among patients who have a herniated disc or bone spurs in the spine or spinal stenosis, which is the result of a narrowing in the spinal canal. While all of these are serious problems, treating sciatica is possible with no surgery and simply by stretching and exercise. Naturally, most severe instances may require surgical relief. A new chair isn’t going to harm, either.

Best Office Chair For Sciatica

Ergohuman High Back ChairMesh back 

This model is the ultimate in adjustable and customizability. It comes with the most durable quality of construction too. If you’re not averse to the style it’s a great choice for the best chair for sciatica.

You’ll get Lower lumbar support with this one that is separate from the backrest on the upper side. You can customize and adjust to your hearts content and find the exact sitting position you want. We also love that it’s self-adjusting. This means it adjusts itself as you move.

Alongside the great lumbar support to help deal with sciatica pain aside, the seat has a lot to offer as well. 3 tilt settings let you choose the perfect angle. You can choose between 90, 110 degrees or 135 degrees. The three options should satisfy all preferences in the majority of cases.

The seat is it’s a mesh seat though. Therefore, it could have been padded. The absence of padding can be compensated by the way that these armrests can be. They can be swiveled to find the ideal angle. They can be adjusted in height also. In addition, you can set them up independently.

One thing that could have caught your attention with this model was the headrest. The headrest is as if it’s a topping on all the amazing features. It is possible to adjust the height of the headrest too. However, there’s a caution. If you’re taller than 6’5” or smaller than 5’2” the headrest will not fit exactly.


  • The remarkable adjustability offers you many options to select the best place.
  • A good lumbar support and back support for back pain and improve posture. 
  • The comfortable and adjustable height of the headrest is designed to support your neck and nape.
  • Mesh backs are breathable and keeps your cool.


  • Seats with padding would have been more comfortable.
  • There are a few small pressure points along some of the sides.

Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair: Best ergonomic office chair for sciatica

Our top choice for the best chair is Herman Miller Aeron task chair made by one of the most renowned office furniture companies in the world.

A well-known icon among office chairs, the Aeron was updated at the end of 2017 by Herman Miller Company to fit contemporary workplaces perfectly.

A waterfall-edge design that is ergonomic and high-quality construction provide the highest level of support and comfort while promoting greater spine health.

It adapts to your body shape, improving your posture and less stiff joints, backaches, and discomfort.

Key Options:

  • The Herman Miller Aeron’s lumbar design offers support from your back towards your shoulders. It is a patent-pending PostureFit design that provides support to the spine’s base and helps to maintain a natural forward angle to avoid sliding.
  • It also has armrests with 3D design which are connected to the backrest, so you can move easily and keep good posture. It can be adjusted up and down, and pivots from left to right. There is also an option of upholstery for one of the traditional armrests or leather armrests.
  • Instead of the typical foam padding, the Herman Miller Aeron is covered with the soft, flexible and comfortable 8Z Pellicle mesh. It’s firm, not comfortable. The woven pellicle mesh is affixed to eight spots on the chair, helping keep your body cool and comfortable while permitting the natural circulation of air, vapor along with body heat.


  • Solid construction and modern design It are manufactured by one the top office furniture companies.
  • Comes in three sizes.
  • Various options for design and materials to suit your needs and budget.
  • 12-year guarantee. chair for people with scoliosis.
  • It comes completely assembled.


  • Mesh is not a popular choice by certain people.
  • A smaller range of colors.

Summary: It is said that the Herman Miller Company made the Aeron task chair with health in mind, making it the perfect chair for people who suffer from discomfort. Its unique design and design that provides you with peace of mind but also improves your spinal health is that it is Herman Miller Aeron has become the top-rated office chair for back pain all over the world.

Raynor Ergohuman High Back Mesh Office Chair

Considered to be an alternative to Herman Miller’s Aeron, the ErgoHuman Mesh High-Back Chair (ME7ERG) is our second-best choice for people suffering from sciatica.

This chair can meet the comfort and spine health requirements of all from executive level gamers to the average person thanks to its numerous adjustments.

The ErgoHuman ME7ERG is notable because it is among the few mesh chairs with a headrest and at an affordable cost. The majority of mesh office chair models with a headrest are usually sold with more expensive prices.

Key Options:

  • It comes with a unique adjustable lower lumbar support, separated from the backrest that is higher. It’s adjustable, so the lumbar support can adjust and move according to your preferences.
  • The Raynor ErgoHuman ME7ERG includes an adjustable height headrest which provides more support than standard headrests because it was made to be a perfect fit for your nape and head. However, if you’re less than 5″2 or above 6″5 The headrest is adjustable, but might not be able to fit equally.
  • These multiple-dimension armrests can also be fully adjustable to provide you with more support and more comfort. They can be moved back and forth , and pivot into and out. This assists in maintaining a good posture while moving from various locations.


  • Includes a headrest many ergonomically adjustments lifetime parts guarantee more economical alternative to Herman Miller Aeron.


  • It is difficult to put together.
  • Mesh can sag as time passes.
  • It has contact pressure points along the edge edges of the seat.
  • Aesthetics may not be appropriate for all.

Summary: A brief overview of the ErgoHuman High-Back Mesh Chair is a great option for those who are seeking a mesh chair that comes with an adjustable headrest, but is less expensive than Herman Miller Aeron. Its fully adjustable features offer an excellent spinal support as well as overall ease of use that will help you combat sciatica. But the construction quality is not as robust, and the dimensions are more suitable for those of average weight and height.

Herman Miller Embody Chair: Chairs Rated High for Ergonomics

With unique technologies and features, the Embody chair is another top-quality product from Herman Miller.

It was designed with the assistance of doctors and top designers, and the use of high-end components, it’s considered to be the best ergonomic office chair in the market. This comes with a significant price!

The Herman-Miller Embody was designed to conform to your body’s size.

It is built to last and has maximum flexibility that allows you to move around and change positions without difficulty and with ease while maintaining a the right posture and position.

Key Options:

  • The Herman Miller Embody is a standout for the “Pixelated Support” feature, which gives you the sensation of “floating” in a sitting position. The backrest and seat adapt to your movements. This can help alleviate your back pain because it reduces tension on your spine and encourages the natural flow of blood and movement.
  • It also has the backfit adjustment that lets you alter the backrest to be perfectly to the curves of your spine. After you have adjusted it to your preference the backrest will adjust to your movements, providing the same level of support when you change the positions.
  • It is a Herman Miller Embody, however does not have the key adjustment options that are crucial for ergonomic seating like lumbar support as well as armrest depth, pivot, as well as rear height. The absence of these adjustments makes it difficult to adjust to your preferences. However, it has adjustable tension settings and recline options as well as varying tilt that are locked into the desired position.


  • Solid, high-end design pixel support offers maximum health and comfort suitable for all kinds of individuals.
  • Shipped completely assembled.


  • Pricey limited adjustability.
  • Fewer options for upholstery.
  • Light colored fabrics can easily be stained.

Summary: Herman Miller Embody can be described as the most ergonomic chair that can give the best comfort, support as well as health advantages, specifically for those suffering from sciatica. But you may be dissatisfied with the comparatively limited adjustments for armrests and lumbar considering the cost, you’d want it to be nearly flawless.

Modway Articulate: Excellent Value

If you’re working on a tight budget, you may consider looking to Modway ergonomic mesh chair.

It’s among the most affordable office chairs in the market. It can get you comfortable and alleviate your back pain after working in a chair for long hours.

If you’re looking for a chair that has an estimated cost of less than $150 The Modway Articulate Mesh Chair features a sleek design, numerous ergonomic adjustments, and is available in various shades.

It’s true that it’s missing certain features in comparison to top-of-the-line models from high-end models, yet it could still be a decent value for price.

Key Options:

  • It comes with the back design with a mid-back which aims to provide greater support for those with lower backs. The backrest’s height is adjustable within 5 inches. There is also built-in lumbar support function, which however isn’t adjustable, but it can provide the proper support.
  • The Modway Ergonomic Mesh Articulate Chair’s seat is covered with the dense mesh fabric that permits natural airflow and provides users the back support. The seat is cushioned by the thickness of a cushion that is six inches.
  • The most well-respected design is its adjustable armrests which could be ideal for those who are between average and above average height. It also comes with 360-degree swivel and the ability to lock tilt as well as tension adjustments which will help you discover the most comfortable position for relieving sciatica.


  • Affordable mesh seats and comfort.
  • Height adjustable as well as back and armrests.
  • Modern style.


  • The materials are not top-quality.
  • Lumbar support adjustment.
  • No headrest.
  • This product is best suited to people who are taller or have average height.

Summary: The price is less than $150. The Modway Articulate ergonomic mesh chair is a comfy chair that has ergonomic adjustments to ease your sciatica. Additionally, it looks nice at your workplace! Many reviews suggest that the material will get worn out faster than premium products available on the market.

Topsky Mesh: Long-term computer chair

The pricier office chairs are good for your wallet, but are not very great on your back. They are usually made of plastic, do not have the most basic ergonomic adjustments, and have uncomfortable or uncomfortable cushions.

This isn’t the case for this Topsky Mesh Computer Office Chair. Even with an office chair price of less than $200 it is possible to purchase a good chair that is perfectly suitable to long hours seated in front of a computer while working.

Topsky is renowned for its contemporary designs and designed for ergonomic home office furniture. The chair arrives in a solitary state, however you can choose to have it professionally assembled for a fee.

Key Options:

  • Its Topsky Mesh Computer Office Chair features a backrest made of high-density fabric that permits natural airflow and keeps your body cool throughout prolonged sitting. The seat, however it has a thick sponge cushion, which may not be as airy as the back.
  • It is distinct from other brands within its cost range because it’s among the very few mesh chairs that has the adjustable headrest. The headrest is separate from the backrest and allows an adjustable 3D size and angle to suit your height. The headrest also has an inbuilt clothes hanger on the back, to help keep your suit or jacket in good order.
  • It comes with a variety of adjustable features for ergonomics including cushioned armrests which can be adjusted up or down to accommodate your height but can’t be moved to the left or left or right. It also comes with the ability to lock a 360-degree swivel as well as a tilt adjustment to 145 degrees, giving you with natural support in the position you prefer. It also features adjustable lumbar support that can be moved either forward or backward.


  • Headrest included as well as clothes hanger.
  • A low price with many different options to adjust.
  • Armrests padded with padding.
  • Adjustable lumbar.


  • Headrest that is not strong enough to put together the seat is stiff and dense.
  • It is recommended to have a maximum weight of 220lbs.
  • Just one year warranty.

Summary: Topsky Mesh Computer Office Chair is an ideal option for those suffering from problems on a budget. It gives the support, comfort, and pain-reducing benefits of a standard ergo seat. However, the quality of components and other features is not able to be as premium brands. This is a fantastic chair to relieve neck discomfort!

Argomax Black High Back Desk

The Argomax Black High Back Desk Chair is another choice that proves that price doesn’t have to be a sign of poor quality.

This model, which costs about $250 — provides comfort and support for your spinal column, which can ease discomfort.

(The Argomax comes in another version, called the Argomax Mesh EM-EC002, that is more expensive, however it has an improved armrest and lumbar support features.)

Key Options:

  • It is constructed of high-performance nylon and the breathable glass fiber mesh which promotes natural airflow to provide a cooler sitting experience. The fabric is resistant to mold and washable. The fabric adds its sleek and contemporary style that is perfect with any office decor.
  • The Argomax comes with an intelligent base that is auto-adaptive that adjusts automatically to your weight and support up to 330lbsof weight, it is durable and worth the price for price.
  • Ergonomic adjustability which includes a built-in rotating headrest with the tilt and back adjustments 2D padded armrests along with seat height adjustments. They help to maintain proper posture, blood circulation and the health of your spine.
  • It’s got the only a single lever that can be used to adjust both the tilt and height of the chair. It also provides the ability to adjust the lumbar. Some reviews have stated that the lever with two-in-ones could be a bit difficult to operate.


  • Cheap durable and sturdy design with materials that are industry approved.
  • Headrest foam seat.
  • Long-lasting, at most 5 years.


  • Armrests can only be adjusted in 2D.
  • Foam padding isn’t comfortable and breathable for all narrow seats that restrict natural movement, making some uncomfortable.
  • They are also difficult to put together.

Summary: Argomax Black High Back Desk Chair Argomax black High-Back Desk Chair sturdy, ergonomic office chair that comes with a price that is affordable. It comes with adjustable features to improve spine health and posture for those suffering from sciatica. You may however be a little uncomfortable due to the thick foam seat and wavy armrest in 2D.

Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore Chair: For relief of lower back pain

The 60-5800T Commodore Chair is made by Comfort Products, a company that has a rich tradition that dates to 1919. It is famous for its products that promote health, productivity and design.

If you’re not interested in mesh chairs then the 60-5800T Commodore (also known as”the Commodore II Large and Tall Executive Office Chair) is the most classic solid black leather chair, which is loved by executives and managers.

However, it’s not just about looks! This Commodore is also renowned for its ergonomic features — such as the large capacity for seating, and a headrest with an adjustable height and tilt in addition to other features that makes it one of the top chairs available in the market to treat the lower back pain.

Key Options:

  • This chair that is heavy-duty features a chrome metal base that is strong enough to withstand more than 350 pounds. It comes with a large and tall backrest that has an integrated lumbar support covered in the luxurious black leather bonded to it. It provides good back support, comfort and a sturdy spine and helps to maintain proper posture.
  • But the leather upholstery will also limit the flow of natural air. It’s fine for office spaces that are air-conditioned or winter however it could be a problem for warmer temperatures.
  • The seat is specifically designed for tall and large individuals designed for tall and big people, it has wide-contoured seats that feature the leather wrapped 6.5″ foam padding to offer comfort and support for discomfort. Its seat height is adjustable from 19.5″ to 23.5″ (which could be too high for smaller users).
  • The Commodore chair comes full of ergonomic adjustments, that give you complete control over your preferred seating position. The chair also features the adjustable headrest with tilt lock, an adjustable tilt, the tilt lock and flexibility of 360 degrees swivel chair function.
  • The tall armrest of around 7.5″ isn’t adjustable. It can be extremely uncomfortable for those with smaller bodies and could be too high for certain desks.


  • Solid construction cushion that is comfortable, ideal in low back pain 360-degree swivel chair leather provides a classy appearance.


  • Costly not suitable for people with short legs.
  • High armrests fixed. It is difficult to put together.

Summary: This comfort products 60-5800T Commodore chair is the best chair for lower back pain due to its contoured and comfortable cushion, which is complemented by ergonomic adjustments. Its leather upholstery provides it with an elegant look. The robust construction is able to handle tall and large people, however, it might not be suitable for a shorter person.

Leap Ergonomic: Best Executive Chair Under $1000 for Sciatica

Offering a blend of ergonomic features with modern style and toughness, the Leap Ergonomic Chair is the best executive chair.

It is produced by Steelcase an established firm that has been in office furniture business since 1912.

The simplest version is available with a cost of about $800.

The features are customizable (such as the option of fabrics or leather upholstery) You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

When you include all the improvements it will cost you more than $1700. It comes with a lifetime warranty, which means this type model of seat is an investment for the long run.

Key Options:

  • Steelcase Leap Chair Steelcase Leap Chair is equipped with patent-pending LiveBack Technology it “mimics the motion of your spine and helps support your body while your move” this makes it one of the most effective choices available to treat sciatic pain.
  • If you choose to add the optional headrest or armrests, they allow you to move for width, height and depth as well as pivots, which provide maximum comfort and support to your neck, head shoulders and arms.
  • The adjustable height of the seat features a thin, but comfortable padding that conforms to your body when you sit. The front portion that sits on the back is elastic and allows natural motion for improved blood circulation, and decreases the possibility of numbness or discomfort.
  • The chair comes delivered completely assembled. It’s surprisingly small and will fit into every office space. It’s also stronger than many of its rivals since it is able to handle up to 400 pounds.
  • Other options for adding to its components include platinum or polished aluminum base and frame, a carpet wheels vs. hard surface and stool. It is also possible to buy it with leather upholstery instead of upholstery fabric.


  • Durable and sturdy build it is functional with ergonomic adjustments.
  • Modifiable.


  • Price range high.
  • No adjustable height for the back.
  • The Standard version is without armrests.

Summary: It is the Steelcase Leap combines useful ergonomic features with a solid built and modern design. It gives the best spinal support in an executive look. The standard model does not have certain essential components, and you’ll need to spend more money for additional options.

Office Star ProGrid: Chairs for Sciatica at an Affordable Price

If you’re looking to cut costs while still getting a banger of chair, this one from the team in Officer Star is the one you should get. It comes with every feature you require and is packed into a minimalist and elegant style.

The first is the mesh high back that is breathable. The mesh ensures that your back will breathe while you sit in the chair. Or, if you feel somewhat relaxed at work after a long, productive session of work, perhaps you would like to lean back a little. No matter what position you pick this one, it will ensure your back will breathe.

There is also an adjustable armrest. It is possible to twist and turn it, and then fix it to the position you want. This will ensure that while you’re in work, that you will not be suffering from wrist or hand cramps. discomfort.

The seats can be adjusted also and offer greater comfort. One thing we like is that you can adjust the seat’s depth to ease the pressure in your buttocks. The design even has a inclined edge. This ensures that it doesn’t cut off circulation and cause sciatica pain.

In addition, it comes with all the features you would expect to make it the good chair for the office. The 360-degree swivel offers flexibility of movement. In addition, the height adjustments let you adjust to the seating position up or down in accordance with your preferences.


  • The adjustable seat depth that reduces backpressure.
  • 360 swivel gives you full motion.
  • It is adjustable seat height so you can achieve the ideal seating position.
  • Excellent lumbar support gives you proper posture.
  • Mesh high backs give your back a chance to breathe.


  • Its assembly instructions are a tad little difficult to follow.

Steelcase Gesture Graphite Chair

Steelcase is among the top brands in the industry. They did not get to this point with cheap products. Their line-up is filled with top-quality and durable chairs. this is a great option for anyone suffering with sciatica.

Let’s take a look at the most important aspects first. With this model you will get an excellent backrest. It will fit the natural contours of your back, and offer the user a neutral and comfortable support. It will maintain your posture as it was designed to be and that’s exactly what you’d like for sciatica.

Other aspects are equally amazing. There’s adjustability all the entire range in this case. It is possible to adjust the seat depth, height and also the armrests are adjustable. The armrest is adjustable, and finding it in the right height is an issue of turning and twisting it to adjust it to your preferences.

The adjuster for heights is pneumatic. It is easy to adjust by turning the lever. Everything is fine and fine. The real value of this particular model lies in the seat design. It is equipped with air pockets which reduce tension on your knees. This is beneficial to treat health issues and enhancing blood circulation.

It’s also not hurt by to mention that it’s one of the most attractive chairs on the list. It’s true that this is purely subjective. The sleek and elegant style with the two-tone finish gives it an elegant look. The only issue we have is that it doesn’t come with mesh back.


  • Seat with air pockets to relieve the strain on your thighs.
  • Adjustable hand rests, seat height helps you to ensure that you are in the right seating position.
  • A great back support will help you to maintain a good posture when sitting.
  • A stunningly elegant design that will make any room look more attractive.


  • It doesn’t have mesh back.

Flash Furniture: Chairs to help with sciatica

Easy to use, comfortable and flexible. Three terms we’d like to apply to this particular piece from the folks on Flash Furniture. It is truly unique. You should get this if are looking for a chair that does the job.

What makes this such a good treatment for patients suffering from sciatica? It has one of the top lumbar supports. In addition, it comes with an extremely comfortable and comfortable seat that includes a waterfall-like design that has the tilt and tension lock. Lumbar support is an essential feature that you should have in order to manage sciatica pain. It’s also adjustable, so you can adjust it exactly how you want it.

This waterfall seat design will relieve pressure from your thighs, and provide additional ease. Are you getting the idea already? This is one comfy little chair. Why tackle just one issue with sciatica when you can also stop things such as back pain? This is exactly what this chair is ideal for.

You might also have observed that it has mesh back. This has some inherent advantages. Your back is able to breathe! Let us know if this is familiar. You’ve worked for several hours. When you wake up, you’re sweaty on your back.

It’s likely because your chair isn’t air-conditioned. This isn’t just uncomfortable, but it can also be a way of accepting having a sweaty back in the workplace. Oh my! This model comes from Flash furniture is able to handle everything. We would have loved to have seen seat depth adjustment though.


  • Mesh backs that make it breathable even when sitting all day long hours.
  • Amazing lumbar support that will help you achieve the best posture.
  • Teardrop seat design eliminates tension from your legs.
  • A durable build that will last for a long time.


  • The seat depth can’t be changed.

Choosing the Best Office Chair for Sciatica

If you are looking to purchase an office chair to help with your sciatica pain, you have many options and features to think about prior to buying. Follow this guide to help you make the most informed purchase.


Naturally, the ergonomics of the chair are essential. The ideal chair will have these features:

  • A movable lower back support. It is usually a curved plastic sheet that wraps around your back. It is able to move between up and down.
  • Recliners. Reclining is a great way to assist you in stretching your lower back whilst sitting and easily adjust. It’s also nice to take a break and unwind!
  • Adjustable armrests with adjustable. A majority of chairs today have a swivel that is 360 degrees to enable users to use their mouse and keyboard at the best way which reduces the risk of developing carpal tunnel.

The more expensive chairs come with the full back support and ultra-comfortable headrests.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar is a different term for “lower back.” Therefore, everything that can support the lower part of your back can be referred to as lumbar support.

Choose a chair with the adjustable lumbar support option because every person has their own needs.

Concerning sciatica pain, some kind of lumbar support is critically important.

In general, lumbar support is controlled through a knob. other chairs just mold their mesh back in a manner which provides enough back support. back support.


Luckily, the majority of chairs available that are available today adjust to all the proper areas: armrests, height and back supports. The more expensive models come with more precise adjustments, such as 360 degrees adjustable armrests, or fully adjustable back supports.

The adjustments are made through knobs usually situated under the chair’s seat. Some models, however, have realized that it’s easier to have paddles or knobs underneath the armrests, which regulate things like the height.

Comfort (seat comfort and back comfort)

Naturally, everyone wants the office chair that is comfortable. If there wasn’t, we’d probably be fine sitting on a piece of stone.

Here’s what to look at in the realm of ease of use:

  • Mesh backing.
  • Mesh isn’t just amazingly comfortable, but it also lets you to let your spine breathe and keeps you cool.
  • Memory foam.
  • The most effective chairs incorporate the use of memory foam inside the seat to allow the user to gradually relax into a comfortable, secure posture.
  • Armrests with cushioned cushions. There are many chairs available that have metal or plastic arms. You require a chair with an armrest that is comfortable and will make typing more comfortable.

Build Quality

The quality of the materials is crucial because any chair, no matter how expensive and budget-friendly will eventually get worn out. It is a challenge to determine the quality of the product beyond reading reviews from customers.

There are a few alternatives:

  • Find out about the products that are listed in the description of a product.
  • Choose the chair that has the most plastic-free material, because it will wear out the most quickly.
  • Price does matter. The less expensive you buy you will find that the material is also less expensive. Find something that is priced somewhere between affordable and costly.


Office chairs differ significantly in cost, with the lowest priced models starting at $200, while the highest-priced models reaching $2,000.

It’s true that you’re purchasing more expensive and most likely a prettier chair when you’re on the upper price range However, you’ll still be able to get the office chair that works for your needs and is reasonably priced.

Be sure to stick to your budget and do as many times as you can locate a high-quality piece of furniture that doesn’t only eases pain from sciatica pain, but also is attractive inside your workplace.


What type of chair is the best for sciatica?

A reclined chair and provide solid lumbar support is the best choice for those suffering from sciatica. Although a chair will not help relieve the back pain — only stretching and exercise can help but it will stop the pain from becoming worse. Naturally, you’ll need a chair that is durable and is able to support you in your chair for the duration of the day.

How do you sit in your office chair with sciatica?

Begin by placing both feet flat on the ground and do not cross your legs! Keep your knees and hips bent at a relaxed 45-degree angle. If your chair is equipped with wheels and swivels it is important to utilize them when you work at your desk, in contrast to continuously twisting your spine various directions.

Which position is the best to treat sciatica pain?

When it comes to sitting, there’s no way to relieve your sciatica. Physical activity and stretching is the only way to treat it, however good posture can prevent the pain from getting worse. Keep your posture straight, place your feet on the ground and place your knees and hips in 45 degrees.

In terms of sleeping lying on your back, this is considered to be the ideal position for people who suffer from sciatica. A small cushion under your lower back and/or hips can ease any tension around the ligaments, as well as around your sciatic nerve.

Are mesh chairs suitable for sciatica?

In our review of our review of the Quantum Pro 9000 last year we named it the “most robustly constructed” Mesh mid back office chair for its price range. It turns out that the chair is excellent in reducing sciatica pain with its highly prominent waterfall edge on the seat along with an adjustable seat depth, among other options.

Do seat cushions aid in sciatica?

The cushion can be pleasant, though initially it may feel a bit odd until it is adjusted to your individual comfort. … The cushion relieves tension on your sciatic nerve and, when rotated to ensure that the cutout is located in the middle at the back of the chair, it alleviates tension on your coccyx.

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