12 Best Drafting Chairs and Stools

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Best drafting chairs:

Harwick Evolve All Mesh Heavy Duty Drafting Chair

Harwick Ergonomic Adjustable Drafting Chair is rated as one of the top lumbar support drafting chairs in the market. Its thick padded cushions reduce muscle strain, and it’s fully adjustable seat mechanism is ideal for times when you need to work for a long time.

The tall users will appreciate tall users will love the adjustable back height as well as the chair’s ability to support up to 250 pounds. In a space with a hard floor or carpeted floors and you need to move it, the Harwick Evolve Chair comes with two wheel casters that allow for easy movement. In addition to the grey and black fabrics, you can select black leather to add an elegant look.

With seat height adjustability of 26-35 inches, this chair gives a great and comfortable sitting experience. This definitely merits a place at the top of the best drafting chairs shortlist. This adjustable tilt tension gives users the precise tilt angle for greater convenience. It is possible to alter your height of your armrest upwards either down or up to support your sitting posture. Harwick gives a 10-year, guarantee for security. Our perfectly optimized content is available here!

Flash Furniture Ergonomic with Mesh Back Support Drafting Chair

Flash Furniture The Mid-Back Ergonomic Drafting Chair is among the most durable chairs available. It is made of high-quality nylon. This ergonomic drafting chair boasts the appearance of an elegant gold-colored frame with curvaceous curves that give it an visual appeal.

You’ll be impressed by you will love the lumbar support you get from this chair for sitting for long periods working on your computer. The chair height can be adjustable from 24-32 inches. It also has an adjustable waterfall seat edge and mid-level backrest which helps improve lower circulation in the limbs.

The locking mechanism is synchronized and 2-to-1. It ensures an effortless backrest tilting, something that lets you recline and not feel like you’re about to be thrown over. Additionally, the padded armrests provide support for your upper legs. Contrary to other drafting chairs and other drafting chairs, this Flash Furniture chair has a air-conditioned curving mesh back that allows the people to feel relaxed as air moves.

Modway Edge Drafting Chair Gray

Modway Edge Drafting Chair comes with flip-up arms, this is ideal for those who work with their hands as artists and architects. It allows for unlimited movement because of its unique design, which is compatible together with drafting tables and therefore it’s among the best drafting chairs you can buy.

This chair comes with sufficient cushions made from foam. It also has a high glass cylinder and mesh back. It is possible to adjust the seat to 20.5-29 inches to reach the height you prefer.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh with Leather Soft Seat Drafting Chair

When it comes to people who are short, adjustable seating should be the primary consideration of your thoughts when choosing the right chair. For instance, if the chairs seat pan is too deep, it can create circulation issues as your legs are hanging and putting pressure to the soft side of your thighs.

Its Flash Furniture Mid-Back Drafting has an easy pneumatic adjustment level that allows users to alter it to the seat height as well as the seat depth. The user can also modify the chrome footrest so as to ensure that their feet are securely planted. This will give your body stability when sitting and increases circulation to your legs.

Personally, I like the way that Flash Furniture chair uses different kinds of materials to make the chair. In general, using only one kind of upholstery comes with advantages and disadvantages. This chair is upholstered in black faux leather seat with a thick foam padding to ease the strain on your buttocks and hips. Sometimes, the mesh upholstery on your seat may feel flimsy and uncomfortable. This seat cushions are made with curvature and an waterfall seat edge to increase circulation beneath your legs. It is, however, equipped with an open mesh cushion on the backrest that allows ventilation as well as cool air circulate through.


  • The footrest can reduce pressure and improve circulation to the legs
  • The tension of tilt can be altered to control how much resistance you experience when leaning back
  • Flip-up arms allow you to move closer to your desk to boost productivity
  • Mesh backs have lumbar support to relieve lower back pain
  • A height adjustable seat along with a foot ring for people of different sizes


  • No headrest option

Ergonomic Mid-Back Mesh Adjustable Drafting Chair with Foot Ring

For tall and big people, there are many things to take into consideration before buying a drafting chair. The weight capacity and the endurance of its parts, and the flexibility of the chair are just a few of the things that you must consider. It is a Chair ergonomic drafting chair is purposefully created its chair to accommodate users of all sizes.

It comes with an weight capacity of 295 pounds and is made of some of the most durable and robust materials. The chair is constructed with 27.5-inch strong nylon with a steel frame that will last for an extended period of time. The larger people are more likely to have greater weight that they carry, and they’re more susceptible to back pain, especially if they’re sitting in poor posture throughout the day. This Chairman’s drafting chair uses a highly dense foam and fabric upholstery to reduce pressure when sitting down. We have found that the seat cushions to be very supportive but also extremely comfortable.

People who are taller tend to sweat more due to their an increased body mass, which means they are more likely to generate heat. This is why leather chairs aren’t suitable for large and tall individuals. The Chair drafting has a full-mesh back chair which allows air to flow through, keeping you cool throughout the day. The mesh material is flexible, allowing you to move easily around. It’s also skin-friendly and easy and comfortable to lean back on.


  • Adjustable height chair to be used in conjunction together standing and drafting tables
  • The seat cushion is padded with foam and has a waterfall edge for your the ultimate in comfort
  • Easy to put together and fast to set up
  • Mesh is soft and breathable.
  • It’s also skin-friendly
  • Can support up to 295 lbs


  • It comes with only one year of guarantee

Bieffe Drawing Chair – Drafting Chair Recommended for Artists

For those who are artists, there are some things you’re likely looking for in the perfect chair. While Bieffe’s drafting chair looks very simple, it’s actually quite appropriate for artists. The chair deliberately does not have armrests to allow users to be able to move freely with their arms. Most artists prefer working on a broad desk which means their arms aren’t limited. The absence of armrests allows you to move closer to your workstation as well as its slim design won’t take up much space in your studio.

Another factor that artists should be looking for is upkeep and care. When working with colors of paint it is important to avoid upholstery that is prone to staining. Fabric upholstery is able to absorb ink colors, paint and food spills. Its Bieffe drafting chair makes use of the birchwood of the Bieffe and has the base is chrome-plated and is impervious to staining. It’s easy to wipe off staining, and it’s robust, which means that the wood does not break.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the seat comes with a handy lever that lets you alter your height and width of the chair between 31 and 21 inches. This lets you work from any desk or on a surface that is elevated to create your art.


  • Birchwood material is very expensive looking
  • Wood that is extremely durable and of high quality workmanship
  • The seat can be adjusted in height between 21 and 31 inches
  • Affordable prices


  • There is no cushion in the chair
  • There is no headrest or lumbar support

Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair – Maximum Weight: 250 lbs

The first item we will cover is our Office Star Mesh Back Drafting Chair, our choice of the best drafting chair for standing desk users.

This breathable mesh back ensures air circulates throughout your work, which will help you avoid the sweaty feeling that tends to get accumulated after a long day on the mill.

In terms of comfort, the same backrest is also equipped with lumbar support to prevent back pain stiffness and soreness. As well being an adjustable footrest specifically designed to relieve pressure from a prolonged time of standing.

Add to that a low price, easy-to-use pneumatic height adjustment and extremely durable construction The Office Star Deluxe is well worthy of being to be placed in our top list.


  • The choice is between mesh material or vinyl
  • The large height adjustment range allows it to be ideal for users of all sizes
  • Heavy-duty nylon base provides ample stability and support


  • Assembly might be much more simple
  • Lacks lockable casters

Hylone Drafting Chair – Max Weight: 285 lbs

Another great option for those who are fans of high-quality ergonomic design is The Hylone Drawing Chair among the limited standing desk chairs to feature arms that flip up.

Yes, they don’t have that multi-directional adjustable armrests that you can get in an ordinary office chair, but this is still a great feature.

Of course, it is true that the Hylone isn’t a one-trick pony. Its breathable mesh back with lumbar support and a wide, comfortable mesh seat aid in removing tension and pain points when sitting as well as its heavy duty base supports an amazing 285 pounds.


  • Utilizes a commercial class-3 gas lift for secure, simple height adjustments
  • Dual-wheel casters made of nylon roll effortlessly and quietly across hardwood floors and carpet
  • Included is an adjustable foot rest


  • Pricey tag
  • Seat can be pressed down when sitting on it, and eventually lowers the height

The HON Volt Task Chair Armless – Max Weight Capacity 250 lbs

This HON Volt Armless Task Chair is a name that is renowned for its top quality chairs.

It’s the same brand that brought us the sturdy HON Exposure as well as the most popular HON Ignition range and, therefore, it was almost a guarantee that they’d be on this list sooner than later.

The Volt, HON has come up with a stunning-looking drafting chair, as smooth as it is striking and elegantly simple.

In terms of comfort, the ergonomic backrest and the extra-thick padded seat are finished in HON’s distinctive SofThread Leather seat to provide an unbeatable combination of luxurious softness and high support.

Combining this with adjustable backrest along with footrests, backrests, and the obvious seat height, and the Volt is more than worth its high price.


  • Synchro-tilt backrest promotes good posture and provides support
  • Five-star base for extra security
  • Arm rests are able to be raised and lower


  • Very little height adjustment range
  • The most expensive chair on this list

Eurotech Seating Apollo Swivel Drafting Chair

Its Apollo drafting stool is well constructed, extremely comfortable, and very adjustable.

It was created for those who frequently switch in between sitting or standing and is a perfect match with standing desks.

The stool features a stunning waterfall seat design that reduces the pressure on your legs and improves comfort and circulation of blood.

This seat is 20.5 inches in width and is upholstered with breathable mesh upholstery that keeps your body cool when you work. It is available with an initial height of 26.5″ and an maximal height of 36.5 inches.

In addition, it is worth noting that it is also possible to adjust the Apollo drafting stool’s backrest can be adjusted in height, while the swinging arms can be adjusted to the width as well as height.

The company that makes this product is operating since 1979. They provide a lifetime guarantee on the frame and the hardware and a five-year guarantee for the upholstery.

The general feeling that customers get when they purchase an Apollo feels like they’re receiving a great value for their money.

The only drawback some people pointed out has to do with the adjustable backrest being prone to lower by itself.


  • It provides great value for the money
  • It has a lifetime warranty


  • The backrest doesn’t stay in place

Kaleurrier Adjustable Drafting Stool – Lightweight Everyday Model

Its Kaleurrier drafting chair is an easy-to-use model that has a padded seat and faux leather upholstery.

It is easy to maintain and could be a good fit for salons, spas, therapy offices, schools, and even schools.

This seat can be adjusted to 19.7″ to 27.6 inches, which might not be suitable for the use of a standing desk however, the majority other functions are basically taken care of.

The main distinction that this unit has from other models of our selection is the absence of armrests as well as the absence of a backrest that is tiltable so that you can relax.

Poly and Bark Tremane Vegan Leather Drafting Chair

The chair is luxurious and looks. It is constructed from vegan leather, which is soft to the touch than faux or vinyl. Everything on it is cushioned. This includes a seat, backrest, and arms.

This backrest is slightly curled in the lumbar region, to provide you with additional support and many people agree that this small feature is a lifesaver.

This seat can be adjusted from 22.5 inches to the 30” mark, and you’ll also have the ability to alter your tension on the chair so that you can lean back a bit.

This chair is very stylish and most buyers are delighted about their purchases.

Four Things That You Should Beware of Before Purchasing the Drafting Chair

Seat Height

The first thing you should think about when searching for an ideal drafting chair is the seat height range.

This will typically be contingent of what height of your desk or counter you’ll use your stool with. In these cases, it is important to determine your table’s height that the table is and make sure that the stool you’re looking at has the seat height range that is between 8 and 12″ lower. If, for instance, you have a counter height is 42″ then you’ll need to choose the stool with the seat height range of 30-34″.

If you own an height adjustable desk, then you don’t need to be concerned how high the seat height is. It is easier to prioritize your needs on other aspects since you can set up your desk to complement the drafting stool. The only aspect to consider when you are in this position is to ensure that the stool isn’t too high for you to climb from comfortably.

This is also true for those who don’t use the stool at the counter or desk. This is typical for those who are photographers. Our studio is equipped with an drafting stool that could be used to allow the person filming the video an opportunity to take a break from standing but still in a position to take footage. The primary concern for this type of tool is that it is not high enough. The stool is low enough to be able to climb out and back without difficulty and with ease. It is also possible for your feet to be able to touch the ground making it easier to maneuver around the stool while sitting.


Another aspect to take into consideration is the type of footrests you like. Nearly all drafting stools come with some kind of footrest. If not your legs will be suspended in the air which can be uncomfortable and detrimental for circulation. There are three types of footrests to choose from including platform, teardrop and rings.

The most commonly used footrest is called the footring. It’s usually a metallic circle that is completely wrapped all around the chair. Some footrings feature height adjustment so that you can position it in the most appropriate position for your needs. The most practical footrings are an option for most situations.

An teardrop footrest is a U-shaped bar which is suspended from the bottom of the seat. Sometimes, they are connected with the seat and move only along with the seat. Other models include teardrop footrests that can rotate independently to the seat. The teardrop isn’t as flexible than the footring, however some like it because it is more comfortable.

The last option for footrests can be found on the platform. It can be made of either plastic or metal, and serves as both a step as well as the footrest. These types of products provide larger surfaces for your feet to rest on, however, they are not always the most suitable option for those who have to be always shifting their chair around the office because they’re heavier as the traditional footring.


Adjustability is another factor to think about. Drafting stools are typically less adjustable than comparable office chairs. Some customers are surprised by the inability to function on certain drafting chairs. This isn’t something we would like to occur. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a brand new purchased office chair and then immediately realizing that it’s not the way you expected it to be.

Before you begin looking at drafting stools take a moment to think about the functions that are important to you. Are you a taller person who really appreciates seat depth as well as the back height adjustment? Perhaps you’ll be doing work that is heavy and requires seat tilt or adjustable arm options. Whatever the purpose make sure you know what you want to be able to find chairs that will match your requirements, and avoid the ones that do not.


The kind of upholstery you choose is vital to consider. Certain upholsteries are excellent in certain areas, but not in other areas. Vinyls and Urethanes are ideal for industrial and factory use. They are also great for cleanrooms, laboratories and medical facilities due to their ease of clean. However, they’re probably not the best choice for office locations because they’re not as appealing visually.

Mesh is great for homes, offices as well as classrooms. They look great and are very comfortable to use. They’re not the best choice for industrial or factory areas as they aren’t easily cleaned and they can contain particles and other debris which isn’t the case when using vinyl or urethane.

Leather is the last upholstery we encounter in drafting chairs. It’s not the most durable material and isn’t as suitable to areas where urethane or vinyl do well. However, it has the most appealing appearance and luxurious aesthetics. This is appealing for people who live at home or working in executive offices who may prefer the drafting stool with the standing desk.

Final Line

There are a variety of drafting chairs. Different chairs are best suited to different scenarios. There is a wide variety of chairs available. The drafting stool market has grown to the point that it is possible to find nearly any kind of stool to suit your needs. That’s good as well as negative. It’s great to have a product to meet the needs of any person, however, it also means that there are a plethora of items that are often difficult to distinguish.

This list offers a nice mixture of various styles. This list is not just a selection of items we love, however, many of them are also items we have heard from our users as good alternatives. If you don’t see the right product for your needs in this list, be sure to check out our suggestions when looking for the best drafting chair. This will give you a solid foundation to help you find the best drafting chair for you.

Most Frequently Answered Questions:

What type of chair is ideally suitable for standing desks?

It all depends on your personal preferences. Although drafting chairs are best for lumbar support and getting a complete relaxation from standing in any way, standing desk stools are widely regarded as the ideal option for those looking to reap the advantages of active sitting when working at standing desks.

Are you able to make use of a drafting chair alongside a regular desk?

Technically, you can utilize the drafting chair with a regular desk and, in particular, in the event that it has a broad sufficient height adjustment range that makes it suitable for standing desks as well as regular desks. If you’re just occasionally working at a regular desk you’ll find more suitable options available.

Which is your most comfortable drafting chair?

Office Star’s Mesh-Back Drafting Chair won our attention to be the top comfortable drafting chair thanks to its lumbar support, mesh back as well as ergonomic features.

Are drafting chairs harmful to your back?

Ergonomic drafting chairs will be more comfortable for your back health than drafting stools because they offer adequate lumbar support and backrests which help you maintain a proper posture while working.

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